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Durrell Cemetery, Asylum Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Durell Cemetery 

Village of Durrell, Asylum Township, Bradford County PA

The Cemetery was read by Dick McCracken and submitted to Tri-Counties by him

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Photo by Dick McCracken

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Name of Cemetery:    Durell Cemetery
Read By:  Dick McCracken
Date Read:   30-May-2000
Typed By:   Dick McCracken
Location:  On SR 2024, 0.5 Mi SW of junction of Route PA 187, Durell, Asylum Twp, Bradford Co, PA
Other comments:
Benjamin John L. 31 May 1815 4 Aug 1891    
Benjamin Mary   4 Apr 1893   his wife. Same stone as John L. Benjamin
Benjamin F. L. 1870 1892    
Benjamin Polly 1883 1935   his wife. Same stone as F.L. Benjamin
Benjamin John 1892 1967   Same stone as F.L. Benjamin
Benjamin Minnie       no dates. Same stone and side as John Benjamin
Benjamin George 2 Aug 1896 12-Mar-1957   PA; F3, USN; WWI. Govt flat granite stone. WWI f/h
Rafferty Arlena Jo 03-Jul-61 11-Nov-1961    
Vanderpool Sophrona        
Vanderpool Enos        
  Baby       Probably Vanderpool
Benjamin James 1892 28 Jan 1894   children of Adelbert & dellila. Hand made, beveled and engraved.
Benjamin Berson 27 Dec 1899 21-Sep-1901   same as immed above
Benjamin Delila 1871 1938    
Benjamin Adelbert 1863 1950    
Benjamin William W. 13 Nov 1889 5-May-1972   PA Pvt, USA; WWI;WWI f/h
Stempel David A., Sr. 04-Oct-15 10-Apr-1989   Pvt, USA; WWII; WWII f/h
Stempel Dorothy E. 1920     Note: still living as of date of this recording.
Benjamin May F. 1880 1966    
Benjamin Fred F. 1879 1932   The last 4 stones are identical in appearance
Johnson Eli   16-Apr-1917 67y  
Johnson Sarah 5 Oct 1858 5-Nov-1931   his wife. Same stone as Eli Johnson
Johnson Polly   6 Sep 1881 3y,28d d/o Eli & Sarah Johnson
Johnson Charles   4 Nov 1886 10y,8m s/o Eli & Sarah Johnson
Ackley Arthur 15 Nov 1883 1-Feb-1920   PA; CWT, USN; WWI; govt flat marble. WWI f/h
Grenier George 1889 1977    
Grenier Nellie 1897 1995    
Benjamin Nathan, Sr. 1885 1966    
Benjamin Maude 1892 1964   Same stone, same side as Nathan Benjamin, Sr.
Benjamin Florence 1913 1928   Same stone as Nathan Benjamin, Sr.
Benjamin Rachel 1911 1929   Same stone, same side as Florence Benjamin
Ackley George W. 1858 1937    
Ackley Bertha L. 1860 1940   his wife. Same stone as George W. Ackley
Ackley Rhoda J. 1 Apr 1887 13-Feb-1901   Yeas 1901 in dod split on stone as: 19& 01
Ackley Freddie 11 Dec 1891 15 Dec 1891   Same stone as Rhoda J. Ackley
Ackley Bertha NORTHRUP 30 Nov 1860     w/o George Ackley
Benjamin Wm        
Chilson John w. 1858 1946    
Chilson Hattie S. 1877 1954    
Weaver         flat granite stone, placed on a cinder block. Five small concrete slabs, whitwashed, one with Ollie penciled on it. Enclosed within four "W" cornerstones.
Blowers Ralph M. 1879 1932    
Benjamin Noble   15 Sep 1897 7y,10m,3d s/o Samuel & Rosie Benjamin
Benjamin Richard 12 Dec 1845      
Benjamin Hetty 23 Dec 1849 28-Aug-1903   w/o Richard Benjamin. Same stone as. h/s H.B.
Barnes George M. 1861 1918   h/s George. This and the next 6 entries are on a large Barnes family stone. First three on front
Ellis Nellie R. 1872 1907   h/s Nellie R. Ellis
Ellis Wilmot 1872 1947   h/s Wilmot Ellis
Barnes Gershum C. 1836 1918   h/s Father. This and next three on back of Barnes family stone.
Barnes Sarah A. 1836 1909   his wife (Gershum C.). h/s Mother
Barnes John W. 1859 1876   h/s John
Barnes Francis O. 1866 1891   h/s Francis.
Burnett Henry   1901    
Burnett Elizabeth   1897   Same stone as Henry Burnett
VanSickle Mary Eliza   26 Jul 1893 56y,11m,1d w/o James Vansickle
VanSickle Willie H.   26 Jun 1885 11m,13d s/o J.&M.E. VanSickle
Redford Girtrude   20 Oct 1899 2mo,&d d/o John & Lorette Redford. The age at death is correctly entered, 2mo, &d
Mann John B. 10 Oct 1832 10-Dec-1910   f/s Father. Co A, 5th U.S. Arty. GAR f/h
Mann Mary M. 24 Jan 1850 16-Jul-1904   his wife. f/s Mother. Same stone as John B. Mann
Martin Louise Barton 1870 1917   Stone has "Mother". In the Mann lot
Fenner Orlando 1845 1919   Father
Fenner Lucy J. 1851 1901   Mother. Plastic plate on concrete.
McNeal Francis D. 7 Nov 1846     No date of death
McNeal Victoria U. BENNETT 14 Mar 1842 3-Feb-1910   his wife. h/s Mother. On same stone as Francis D. McNeal.
Bennett John   19 May 1891 87y  
Bennett Harriett TUTTLE   7 Sep 1887 81y w/o John Bennett. h/s Mother
Chilson Albert 1842 1918   Co C, 141 PA Inft. Vol. County marble stone. GAR f/h
Chilson Francis 20 Mar 1844 15 Jun 1898   Co D, 141 & Co I, 57 PA Vol. County granite stone. GAR f/h
Miller Sylvester W. 25 Jan 1825 16 Dec 1899   f/s Father. Co C, 12 Regt, NY Vol. GAR f/h
Miller Mahala 25 Oct 1828 1-Feb-1916   his wife. f/s Mother. On same stone as Sylvester W. Miller
Unknown         A h/s with a distinct MOSA on top
Johnson Reachel   6 Dec 1899 59y,4m,16d w/o Samuel Cowl
Cowl Ernest 1860 4 May 1899 39y s/o Samuel & Reachel Cowl
Johnson Spory 4 Sep 1844 15 Jun 1893   w/o Henry Hileman (the "E" in Hileman is small and raised, like an "M" in Wm.)
Johnson Charles   25 Jun 1864 49y Co G, 49 PA Reg. Vol. Buried at City Point, VA. GAR f/h
Benjamin Polly   13 Jul 1877 63y w/o Charles Johnson. Same stone as Charles Johnson
Hatch Carl L. 30-Apr-24 11-Jul-1991   Tec 4, USA; WWII. Govt flat granite stone. WWII f/h.
Hatch Howard L. 1927 1975    
Hatch Leonard W. 1858 1936   Same stone as Howard L. Hatch
Hatch Nellie B. 1888 1988   Same stone, same side as Leonard W. Hatch
Sheets     18-Aug-1964   Baby Boy
Gowin Bobby Lee   3-Dec-1954    
Benjamin Charles E. 19 Apr 1896 6-Oct-1954   PA. Mech & Co, Trans Corps. WWI. Govt flat grantie. WWI f/h. This and next 2 are on same base.
Benjamin Lora H. 1913 1973    
Benjamin Alma STROPE 1902 1930    
Benjamin James F. 1949 1957    
Wood Florence L. 1909      
Wood Edward H. 1910 1972   Same stone as Florence L. Wood
Wood John W. 1881 1962    
Wood Mary L. 1886 1970   Same base and John W. Wood
Wood David R. 11-Aug-15 4-Aug-1945   PA Co A, 402 Eng. Combat Bn; WWII; govt flat marble stone; WWII f/h
Wood Myrtle L. 1919 1931    
Johnson Paul U. 1928 1998    
Johnson William H. 1882 1930    
Johnson Lillie P. 1887 1984   Same stone as William H. Johnson
Boyle Harry 1890 1942   Pvt, Co A, 72nd Eng; VFW f/h
Corner John 1853 1915    
Corner Jane 1857     his wife. Same stone as John Corner
Ackley Emma HEATH 1857 1927    
Fenner Arthur 9 Oct 1881 22-Aug-1959    
Fenner Jennie JOHNSON 7 Sep 1881 d 22 Jan 1912   w/o Arthur Fenner
Fenner Ruby C. 6 Dec 1889 24-Jan-1942   Mother
Salsman Fannie BENJAMIN 1926      
Acla Martin F. 1898 11-Apr-1905    
Acla Atla 1903 1964    
Acla William H.   5-May-1916 91y h/s Father
Acla Catherine   10-Apr-1911 75y w/o William Acla. h/s Mother
Acla Eliza MILLER 1856 1931    
Stroud Carrie B. 1887 1962    
Acla Ulysses E. 1856 1930    
Vargeson Jesse D. 31 Jan 1839     Co D, 141 Regt PA Vol. GAR f/h
Vargeson Mary ACLA 18 Jul 1829     Same stone as Jesse D. Vargeson. No death date for either.
Johnston Clark B. 9 May 1884 16-Jan-1957   PA; Pvt, 24 Co, Coast Arty. Govt flat marble stone; WWI f/h
Benjamin Franklin W. 1900 1958    
Benjamin Phebe E. 1906 1982   Same stone as Franklin W. Benjamin

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 06/17/2000
By Joyce M. Tice