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Photos of Granville Center Cemetery 
by Joyce M. Tice October 31, 1999

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Name of Cemetery:    Granville Center Cemetery, Granville Center, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Read By:  Timothy A. Drake
Date Read:   13-Jun-2000
Typed By:   Timothy A. Drake
Location:  Route 514 - Behind the Red Oldest House in Granville Center, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Other comments: Special thanks are due to Ruth McIntire, Granville resident and historian, who has cared for the Granville Center Cemetery and its records. She has researched the families of those buried in the cemetery.
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Card Elmer E.   9/22/1861   son of Martin Card & Phoebe Wilcox
          no marker: Case,John
          no marker: Case,Emeline,11/1924,wife
          no marker:Case,Nellie,10/29/1929
Case Samuel R. 1/3/1849 06/30/1910   Civil war Vet
Case Mary E. 10/25/1854 2/15/1894   wife
Case Rodney       son 
Casteline Irving E. 8/14/1864 19?    
Catlin Philemon J. 9/22/1838 8/6/1898   born in Odessa,NY,Civil War Vet
Catlin Marion 2/13/18? 06/13/1921   wife,nee Bailey
Churchill Lafayette 6/22/1828 05/28/1919    
Churchill Susan 2/27/1830 02/22/1922   wife,nee Vroman
Churchill Mary Mona   10/22/1854   infant daughter
Clark Noah W. 8/22/1823 09/29/1915   Civil War Vet
Clark Sarah 4/27/1837 10/15/1885   wife
Clark Marilla J.   8/16/1851   daughter
Clark Minerva 4/18/1879      
Clark Tyra Holcomb 1881 1902   wife of Sid Clark
Clark Rev. Woodard 08/26/1901 11/25/1968    
Clark Laura 07/22/1902 04/29/1980   wife,nee Taylor
Clark Robert W. 1933 1935   son
Close  Andrew J.   12/21/1902 71y,9m  
Close  Delia A. 7/11/1830 04/18/1919   wife
Close  Sibyll L. 1/1862     daughter
Close  Sibyll M. 1800 5/3/1892 92y,5m wife of Nathaniel Close
          no marker: Cooke,Oscar,husband of Eliza Bailey washburn
          no marker:Coon,Howard,1922-1923,infant son of William & Lena Coon
Crain Margaret 1897 1977   daughter of Hugh & Stella Baird
Clifton Jefferson   9/20/1862 29y,8m,8d  
Clifton George W.   10/22/1862 2y son of Jefferson & Reba 
Clifton Laura V.   6/2/1862   daughter of Jefferson & Reba
          no marker: Cole,Katie,nee Walborn
Crayton Herbert 11/11/1842 04/12/1919    
Crayton Esther W. 3/26/1843 10/28/1898   wife
Crayton Walter   12/11/1889 22y,3m,8d  
Curtis Matilda D.   7/2/1856   wife of Theodore Curtis
          marker-'Wife?' --Daily,Lyman plot
Darrow Frank E. 1871 05/31/1937    
Darrow Bertha E. 1873 1938   nee Selleck
Davis David   2/1/1872 81y,5m  
Delancey Robert A. 1899 1918   A=Aaron,lived with Bessie,daughter of Ritner & Ida Vroman
Dickinson Benjamin        
Dickinson Christian       wife 
Dickinson Abel        
Dickinson Charles 1824 1880    
Dickinson Minerva 1835 1918   wife,nee Case
          no marker:Dickinson,Mary,1901-1915,niece of Odessa Dickinson Storrs
Dodge Mable 1886 1911    
          no marker:Dunbar,Ellsworth
          no marker:Dunbar,Lula,wife
Eddy George A. 1854 1921    
Eddy Etta M. 1866     wife,nee Larcom
Eddy Dewey 1898 12/04/1914   son
Eddy Bertha 1895 04/11/1914   daughter
English Paul R. 1887 1949    
English Helen 1890 11/27/1934   wife,nee Selleck
English Ruth Thelma 09/02/1910 10/06/1914   daughter
          no marker:Figart,John Charles,1877-1941
          no marker:Figart,Elsie Manley,1881-1963
Finch Joseph   3/10/1861 65y  
Finch Esther   11/24/1854 63y,5m,24d wife  
Finney Melena E. 1818- 11/03/1909   mother'
Fleming Luella   1/14/1891 2y,5m daughter of Charles & Lettie Fleming
Foote Olive A. 1848 1910   mother'
Foster Hiram R. 2/8/1837 06/23/1904   Civil War Vet
Foster Julia A. 1/7/1843 05/09/1926   wife
Foster Clara       daughter
Fowler L.D.   6/16/1882 71y,1m,11d  
Fowler Minerva   4/27/1893 78y,9d  
Franklin B. 2/6/1816 10/14/1902    
Franklin Maria 3/4/1827 04/29/1905   wife
Fuller Orrin A. 2/2/1830 2/11/1879    
Fuller Emily 3/16/1833 07/21/1911   wife
Fuller Lillie 4/23/1854 04/22/1972   daughter
Gee James   8/26/1875 55y,6m  
Gee Mehitable 5/7/1824 08/30/1910   wife, daughter of Julius & Sally Bailey
Gee Carlinda 5/17/1848 10/07/1920   wife of Julius Gee
Gee Samuel    02/14/1918   Civil War Vet
Genung Benjamin 08/31/1903 04/21/1905    
Gilbert Orville C. 11/21/1848 12/27/1925    
Gilbert Emiline   4/17/1881   wife, nee Morrison
Gilbert Margaret T. 1848 03/18/1920    
          no marker: Gleockler,?,son of Adam Gleockler
Graham Margaret 1845 1915    
Graham Mary Ann   12/18/1901 64y  
Granger G.Edward 1856 03/20/1920   Egbert'
Granger Caroline 1850 1930?   wife
Grenell Lindrof 1873 1939    
Grenell Jennie Bower 1873 1942   wife
Grenell Lynn Thomas 1902   38y  
Grenell ?       baby
          no marker:Grenell,Volney L.,6/1/1897-5/6/1956,WWI Vet
Griffin Benjamin Darius A.   3/16/1891 61y,1m,8d  
Griffin Caroline L. Cole   6/25/1886 51y,9m,18d  
Griffin Lucenda   1871   daughter
Griffin Caleb P.        
Griffin Julia   5/6/1885 78y,1m,10d wife  
Griffin     1/28/1899   infant

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 09/16/2000
By Joyce M. Tice