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Photos of Granville Center Cemetery 
by Joyce M. Tice October 31, 1999

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Name of Cemetery:    Granville Center Cemetery, Granville Center, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Read By:  Timothy A. Drake
Date Read:   13-Jun-2000
Typed By:   Timothy A. Drake
Location:  Route 514 - Behind the Red Oldest House in Granville Center, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Other comments: Special thanks are due to Ruth McIntire, Granville resident and historian, who has cared for the Granville Center Cemetery and its records. She has researched the families of those buried in the cemetery.
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Madden Samuel 1871 10/24/1913    
Madden Marion E. 5/6/1875 11/04/1917   nee Bunyan
Manley Rev.Ernest E. 1858 1948    
Manley Ella A. 1862 03/31/1937   wife,nee McElroy
          no marker:Manley,Taylor,9/30/1883-9/30/1962
          no marker:Manley,Elnora,5/12/1888-2/4/192?
          no marker:Manley,Eleanor,7/21/1897-7/14/1970,wife,nee Clark
          no marker: Manley,C.Manville,1926-1927,son
          no marker:Manley,Walter,1871-1917
          no marker:Manley,Lucy K.,1869-1917,nee Kittle
Manroe Burt        
Manroe Kate 1871 04/13/1919    
Manroe Claud C. 4/25/1890 01/15/1908   son
Manroe Daniel M.        
Manroe Rachel   5/4/1873 72y,5m,3d wife  
Manroe Lurinda   7/13/1850 16y,8,11d daughter
Manroe Daniel   12/24/1849 19y,11m  
May Leland D. 1860 1922    
May Sarah Belle 1864 1937   nee Catlin,sister of Cora D.(Catlin)Wright
McElroy Wallace 11/3/1837 10/05/1913    
McElroy Helen B. 5/23/1835 05/28/1913   nee Bassett
McFadden Theodore 6/2/1841 2/25/1892    
McFadden Julia E. Babb 11/8/1849 10/19/1887   wife
McKean Isaac 1847 1933    
McKean Emma P. 4/15/1840 Mar-32   wife
McKean James H. 9/7/1891 05/01/1911    
McKean Weltha A. 11/2/1892 05/01/1911    
McKean Norman C. 10/17/1840 5/5/1899   Civil War Vet
McKean Minerva 1/16/1836 1/7/1893   wife,nee Tuttle
Meeker Arthur 1847 1927    
Meeker Martha J. 1851 1943   wife
Miles Charles        
Miles Ritner 2/4/1833 01/29/1914    
Miles Jennie Ritner 6/9/1836 05/09/1911   wife
Miles Emma   5/2/1864 7y,23d Our Little Emma'
Miller Fremont 6/27/1856      
Miller Elizabeth  8/12/1861 04/21/1913   wife
Miller Paul   11/29/1898 6y,3m,19d  
Miller Jonathan T. 1/9/1813 3/18/1883    
Miller Laurie       daughter of Howard & Abbie Shedden
Miller Buddy       son of Laurie
Mills Helen 1860 1929   nee Innes
          no marker:Montgomery,Floyd,7y,buried 9/16/1901,son of Henry of Elmira,NY
Morrison Amos 1872 01/01/1921    
Morrison Lenora 1872 12/30/1952    
Morrison Ralph 1910 01/29/1911    
Morrison James B.   2/24/1873 77y born in Ireland
Morrison John   5/4/1850 75y born in Ireland
Morrison ?       wife of John or James
Morrison John 1830 2/7/1880 50y,5m,5d  
Morrison Orlivia 1835 1922   wife 
Morrison Rebecca 1863 1948    
Morrison Derec 1867 1902    
Morrison Rebekah   12/25/1877 77y,5m wife of William
Mott Cynthia 8/25/1825 02/25/1903   wife of A.M. Mott
Mott Milton   10/11/1833 6y,8m,23d son of AM ad Cynthia
Mott Abram   3/3/1850   infant son of AM & Cynthia
Mott Devys 12/23/1852 07/31/1912    
Mott Isadora 3/10/1855 03/29/1936   wife,nee Taylor
Mott John V. 06/18/1933 11/05/1907    
Newland Joseph   3/31/1851 74y  
Newland Lorenda   12/2/1890 78y  
Newland Frances Miriam 3/5/1858   1y daughter of Austin & Lorenda 
Newland John H.   9/2/1851 23y11m,6d son of Austin & Lorenda  

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 09/16/2000
By Joyce M. Tice