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Name of Cemetery:   Hilton Cemetery
Read By: Janet PETERS Ordway & Elaine Frey
Date Read:  May 2004 - Audited May 2005
Typed By:  Elaine Frey
Location: North side of U. S. Route 6 just west of the intersection with County Route T328
Other comments:  We started at the bottom of the hill nearest to Route 6, reading each terrace from left to right
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Row 8          
Palmer Monroe 1887 1954    
Palmer Cora 1869 1951   Flagholder - Rebecca
  Daughter       Nothing else on this Marker
McKeel Harold 1921 1933    
Davis John W. 6-6-1844 4-30-1924   Same Marker as Martha B.
Davis Martha B. 8-10-1844 2-7-1899   His Wife
Kellogg W. L.   1-22-1901 78y2m11d Same Marker as Sally
Kellogg Sally   6-18-1892 77y1m  
Kellogg Eliza  1820 1899   Same Marker as Samuel S.
Kellogg Samuel S. 1818 11-30-1891 73y  
        Top of the Hill from Back to Front 
        Mostly read Left to Right - Rows not very straight 
Ruggles Nora 1870 1955    
Ruggles Julia S. 1-20-1893 3-7-1902   d/o Fred & Nora
Rockwell  Loretta    1-7-1876 3m17d d/o B. E. & Emma
Rockwell Esther Lorettie   10-7-1875 10weeks d/o B. E. & Emma - Same Marker as B. L., Abbey Pierce, B. E., & Emma
Rockwell B. L.   4-30-1892 74y  
Rockwell Abbey Pierce   9-30-1886 65y w/o B. L. Rockwell
Rockwell B. E. 1847 1931    
Rockwell Emma C. 1847 1932   His Wife
McKean James S. 8-24-1819 6-28-1852   Same Marker as Sarah
McKean Sarah 5-3-1820 8-10-1894   His Wife
Godard  Priscilla M.   3-2-1886 64y His Wife
Godard E. A. 8-9-1819     GAR Flagholder - Same marker as Priscilla M.
VanNoy Harriet R. 11-2-1841 11-18-1883   His Wife
VanNoy John J. 9-14-1834 3-30-1895   Same Marker as Harriet R.
Rockwell Emma A. Ross   6-18-1884 39y w/o J. L. Rockwell
Darrow  Amos G.   11-2-1888 78y Same Marker as Nancy
Darrow Nancy M.   11-22-1882 72y w/o A. G.
Patrick Simeon S. 2-19-1801 2-20-1889   Same Marker as Lydia
Patrick Lydia 9-10-1805 1-31-1889   His Wife
Sherman Elizabeth 1825 1905    
Rockwell Joseph L. 1843 1928    
Rockwell Ada B. Wyncoop 1857 1923    
Kellogg George W. 4-1-1829 5-9-1876   top broken off
Darrow Stephen H. 5-22-1836 3-29-1900   second husband
Darrow Margaret R. 2-10-1835 12-30-1914   Same Marker as George Kellogg & Stephen Darrow
Morehouse Annie Bell   7-6-1877 14y5m23d d/o Joseph P. & Minerva
Wheeler Wm. McKean   7-21-1841 5y2m16d s/o Johnathan & Amanda
A.B.M.       footstone
Blake Wm. Henry   2-14-1860 2y9m7d s/o John & Bridget
Kellogg Sally   9-19-1860 73y1m16d w/o Solomon
Morehouse Hannah E.   7-13-1859   broken stone - illegible
Morehouse Joseph P.   7-7-1873 ?73y badly worn - GAR Flagholder
McAlister Calphurnia   10-7-1852 15y8m29d d/o Wm. & Marian
        Fieldstone Marker - No Name 
McAlister Susan   10-5-1815 ?21d c/o - same Marker as Chancey I. & Infant Dau.
McAlister Chancey   12-27-1816 1m illegible
McAlister Infant Daughter   8-22-1816 2d  
Kelly Sally   1-2-1845 64y w/o James
Kellogg ?   7-26-1853   d/o Harmon & Sally - top missing
Hamilton Delphene E.   12-1-1863 2m26d d/o David & Polly
Loper Rebecca   10-28-1860 90y10m w/o Uriah Loper
Loper Uriah   6-23-1843 78y11m23d  
Beach Susan   1-28-1853 37y7m29d w/o Benjamin - d/o Miles S. & Sophia Speary
Pratt James D.       baby - don of ? Pratt - illegible
Pratt Baby       illegible
Pratt Amelia   7-27-1837 55y3m19d w/o Beriah
Pratt Marinda E.   6-9-1881 58y6m8d Same Marker as Amelia, Beriah, Pamelia, & Simeon S.
Pratt Beriah   11-11-1853 73y7m2d GAR Flagholder
Pratt Pamelia   11-24-1843 35y8m26d  
Pratt Simeon S.   5-5-1852 39y5m3d  
Stiles Stephen H. 9-23-1814 3-9-1893 Same Marker as Rebecca
Stiles Rebecca 1-18-1817 12-30-1852   His Wife
Stiles Stephen A.   7-1-1872 6m9d s/o N. S. & J. L. - Our Darling Boy
Stiles Newton S.   2-3-1874 29y8m15d  
Prouty Edgar A.   12-23-1858 15y10m1d s/o Jonathan & Jane
Patrick Chester 1841 1917    
Patrick Ephraim B. 8-27-1838 3-18-1857   s/o Simmons & Lydia
          Unmarked Marker
Ferris  Elizabeth   12-13-1850 78y7m20d d/o Jehiel
Ferris  Perigan     1y1m s/o Jehiel & Elizabeth
Ferris  Jehiel   6-29-1833 88y9m5d  
Ferris  Abigal   5-22-1813 65y8d w/o Jehiel
Beach Margaret    8-20-1867 78y6m2d w/o Jesse
Beach Jesse   5-26-1871 83y3m23d
Calkins A. Odessa   10-30-1835 6y7m25d d/o Moses & Ereline
Loomis Louisa M.   11-7-1876 39y d/o Ira P. Ballard
Beach Lucinda M.   2-26-1860 35y2m15d w/o Daniel P. Beach
Beach Alonzo D.   11-2-1865 21y5m13d GAR Flagholder
Beach Susan   6-2-1841 2y9m16d d/o Ebenezer & Sally
Beach Ebenezer 12-30-1810 8-31-1848    
Beach Malvina M. 9-1-1852 19y1m26d   d/o Jessie & Margaret
Beach Freddie J.   11-11-1829 6m s/o Myron & Eliza
Beach Eliza J.   8-21-1872 29y2m18d w/o Myron
Beach Myron 1834 1901    
Claflin Fanny   4-22-1870 68y1m19d w/o Robert
Claflin Robert   12-16-1869 65y   
Merry Truman   4-24-1857 80y9m  
Merry Olive   4-5-1836 55y w/o Truman 
Scott Harriet C.   11-7-1834 39y w/o Wm. Scott
Pratt Rosetta 7-13-1789 3-19-1829   w/o Calvin
Loomis Delphene   12-11-1849 16y21d d/o Alvin & Minerva
Stone missing from base          possibly Calvin b. 3-2-1784 d. 3-29-1827
Pratt Alonzo 10-9-1817 6-3-1854   s/o Calvin & Rosetta
Calkins  Clarissa Loomis 8-1-1791 7-15-1864   w/o Joel Calkin
Calkin Joel A.   8-17-1867 81y5m17d GAR Flagholder
Calkin Laura   2-20-1842 56y8m4d w/o Joel Calkin
Calkin  Betsey   11-5-1816 8y4m18d d/o Joel & Laura
Calkins Horace M. 1820 1903    
Calkin Oliver   9-13-1848 43y11m1d Same Marker as Laura
Calkin  Laura   3-9-1834 25y6m26d His Wife
Calkins Miss M. D.       d/o Oliver & Julia (stone reset, date and age covered)
Calkin Moses   5-25-1837 80y3m17d Rev. War
Calkin Thankful   7-3-1837 77y2m24d His Wife - Same Marker as Moses
Calkins O. P.   9-30-1854 38y16d  
Calkins Perry   2-8-1856 1y5m4d s/o O.P. & Elizabeth
Calkins Luella J.   7-11-1876 27y9m10d w/o M. B. - Same Marker as Julia
Calkins Julia A.   10-6-1876 63y5m20d w/o Oliver
Loomis Lydia  11-5-1804 1-26-1854   w/o Eley - d/o Elisha Rich
Loomis Eley 7-3-1804 1-8-1872   s/o Daniel Loomis
Loomis Orrin   8-17-1834 27y2m s/o Daniel & Mary
Loomis Mary D. Godard   4-22-1836 49y2m d/o Ezra & Mary Godard - w/o Daniel Loomis
Loomis Daniel   2-11-1846 69y9m s/o Abijah & Mary
Loomis Alvin 3-9-1803   date buried
Loomis Minerva   9-20-1880   subsequently w/o Dyer Incho
Fosburgh Martha   1-19-1874 41y7m14d w/o James P.
DeWitt Lutilda   11-17-1871 21y6m15d d/o James & Margaret
DeWitt Margaret Lewis   10-28-1884 68y w/o James 
DeWitt James   5-25-1886 85y  
DeWitt Elizabeth   8-8-1856 82y2m w/o Paul DeWitt
DeWitt Paul   4-21-1840   Rev. War
DeWitt Lyman   9-10-1838 34y4m24d  
DeWitt Lutilda   12-14-1848 32y5m26d d/o Paul & Elizabeth
DeWitt Lyman B.   12-31-1861 26y7d GAR Flagholder - Co F 11 Reg't Pa Cav
DeWitt Arthur A.   1-22-1865 19y8m s/o L. B. & Maria
Adams Susan    8-26-1887 77y5m13d w/o Harrison
Hiden Eben   4-16-1848 43y9m16d  
McAlaster Anna M.   2-21-1855 81y  
Woodard Ellen B.   12-21-1848 21y1m27d d/o Hiram & Nancy
Woodard Hiram G.   12-16-1847 45y2m22d  
Godard Mary S.   9-8-1874   w/o G. W.
Godard Julitte       w/o Clinton D. Godard
Godard Clinton D.   6-3-1857 27y9m8d  
Godard Ezra   5-12-1865 76y6m GAR Flagholder - Same Marker as Betsy
Godard Betsy   3-4-1875   w/o Ezra - DAR
DeWitt George   8-10-1875 76y25d  
DeWitt Elizabeth 5-18-1814 5-26-1881    
Smiley Helen Loomis   5-13-1880 29y w/o W. R. Smiley
Smiley Helen   5-30-1880   Only Child
Loomis Ezra 11-17-1815 10-2-1892   Same Marker as Harriet, Gertie E., & Arthur E.
Loomis Harriet 12-5-1817 2-13-1897   His Wife
Loomis Gertie E.   7-6-1879 31y c/o Ezra & Harriet
Loomis Arthur E.   8-27-1862 5y c/o Ezra & Harriet
Williams Mary M. 2-21-1801 6-30-1859   Mother
Ward Clinton R. 3-6-1856 3-29-1866   Their Son
Ward Hiram G. 1856      
Ward Ransom H. 2-19-1814 6-7-1888   Same Marker as Eliza D. Godard & Clinton R.
Ward Eliza D. Godard 10-19-1819 2-8-1902   His Wife
Leonard Elmer E. 9-10-1865   s/o B.F. & Charlotte E.
Leonard B. F. 8-27-1830      
Leonard Charlotte E. 12-16-1830 9-20-1897   His Wife
Leonard Elmer E. 4-17-1863 9-10-1865    
Leonard Wilber M. 3-8-1868 3-8-1875    
Lincoln Edgar 7-9-1851 7-29-1869  
Harrison Aaron 7-29-1788 5-8-1860    
Rockwell Achsa   2-17-1859   reset in cement covering age
Rockwell Lucinda F.   1-31-1881   wife of A.P.
Rockwell Alvord P. 10-24-1821 6-12-1910    
Rockwell Mary U. 6-9-1841 4-16-1921    
Farnsworth Martha   2-19-1883    
Upham George   3-15-1870    
Upham Leonard   6-8-1880   Same Marker as Caroline
Upham Caroline   10-5-1899   w/o Leonard
Leonard Noah       This is a family plot - fenced in (1860 on Gate) - in very bad repair - looks as if it has no upkeep
Leonard Lucinda Q. 1805 1894    
Leonard Noah   12-9-1875   Broken Marker
Leonard Eliza Ann   9-27-1810 35y3m28d  
Leonard Tilly 7-9-1838 65y1m26d  
Leonard Sarah   5-18-1946   w/o Tilly
Hilton Joseph   10-7-1873 70y11m7d Same Marker as Harriett
Hilton Harriett 4-4-1875 78y7m4d w/o Joseph
Shattuck George W.   9-12-1872 63y6m2d Broken Marker
Rockwell Orlando 4-24-1830 12-12-1909   Same Marker as Mary
Rockwell Mary E. 12-14-1836 2-9-1922    
Rockwell Louise   11-25-1867   d/o O.W. & Mary E.
Hosley Emily   12-8-1870   Stone flat & broken

Published on Tri-Counties Site on 6/15/2005
By Joyce M. Tice