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Name of Cemetery:   Hilton Cemetery
Read By: Janet PETERS Ordway & Elaine Frey
Date Read:  May 2004 - Audited May 2005
Typed By:  Elaine Frey
Location: North side of U. S. Route 6 just west of the intersection with County Route T328
Other comments:  We started at the bottom of the hill nearest to Route 6, reading each terrace from left to right
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
          Upper Section on the left side of drive - 
          From bottom to top - reading left to right
Rockwell G. Eugene 3-10-1922 9-5-2002   Same Marker as Nora R.
Rockwell Nora R. 1-19-1926      
Welch Richard L. 8-11-1918     
Comfort Phillip R., Jr.   1950    
Yanchak Laura Jean   1-30-1990    
Hulslander Ralph W. 8-22-1932 7-21-1993   Same Marker as Darlene
Hulslander Darlene A. 7-15-1933      
Hampton Brittany 11-30-1986 12-6-1986   d/o Arthur & Cindy Hulslander Hampton
Gray George F. 8-25-1931 8-26-1994    
Rumsey Amanda L. 7-5-1978 2-6-1982    
Carman Sarah N.   8-16-1926    
Carsell Martha Carman 1907 1983    
Ward Robert L. 6-29-1923 6-25-1984   WW II Flagholder - On Back of Marker - Robert L. Ward SM 3 US Navy WW II
Ward Rowene Mingos 2-8-1925     m. 6-2-1946 - Same Marker as Robert L.
Mingos Max Alba 1903 1986   Same Marker as Rebecca McKean Mingos
Mingos Rebecca McKean 1894 1977   A great-great grandniece of Thomas McKean - a signer of the Declaration of Independence
Bond Shirley Ann 2-2-1937 6-26-1998   Same Marker as Leslie E.
Bond Leslie E. 3-21-1925     m. 3-26-1963
        Unmarked Grave with Flowers 
Rockwell Earl K. 2-25-1932 12-4-1998   Same Marker as Shirley
Rockwell Shirley A. 1-17-1938     m. 6-28-1959
Porter Pauline L. 12-28-1926     Same Maarker as Harry m. 9-1-1947
Porter Harry A. 1-15-1923 11-30-1991   WW 1941-45
Galla Kenneth G. 11-12-1922 11-28-1989   WW 1941-45
Galla Edna L. 11-15-1920 12-2-1990   Ladies of American Legion
McDonald Bono Wayne 12-4-1979 12-27-1996   Beloved Son & Brother - FFA
Simmons Edna U. 11-29-1910 3-23-1994   Same Marker as Alvin W.
Simmons Alvin W. 9-13-1907 8-21-1999    
Baldwin Alfred D. 1-26-1939     Same Marker as Margaret B.
Baldwin Margaret B. 11-19-1939      
Barrett Joseph K. 11-28-1934 7-29-1996   NY Penn Firemans Assoc. Flagholder
Barrett Janice E. 6-18-1935     Same Marker as Joseph K.
        Information on old list, not on ours 
? Sall   9-12-1845 48y7m5d slate stone mostly pealed off
Beach Simmeons S       no dates in front of Jesse
Eisenhart Lucy Woleslagle 12-15-1892  MAR 1980    

Published on Tri-Counties Site on 6/15/2005
By Joyce M. Tice