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Hornbrook  Cemetery

Sheshequin Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

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Photos of Horton  Cemetery by Joyce M. Tice October 3, 1999

Cemetery Read September / October 1999 by Pat Raymond and Ken and Kevin Chapman


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Name of Cemetery:    Hornbrook Cemetery - Sheshequin Township
Read By:  Ken & Kevin Chapman and Pat Raymond
Date Read:   September. 1999
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Cross bridge to Sheshequin, turn right.  The cemetery is on road #08194 south of the intersection of roads #08137 and #08138
Other comments: *Cenotaph means marker or monument to someone who is buried elsewhere
Ingerson Lucinda   May 3.1871 43-8-28 w/o George Ingerson 2nd w/o J.R. Horton
Ingerson George   Feb.15.1856 43-?-25  
Jennings Ruth Jul.3.1937 Jun.19.1976   Ruth Jennings Sackett
Johnson Homer 1907 1962    
Johnson Edward B. 1873 1960    
Johnson Eunice E. 1873 1933   w/o Edward B.
Johnson Ludora M. 1918 1972   "Mother"
Johnson Lee Charles Jul.8.1950 Feb.9.1993   Sps. US Army Vietnam Marker & flag
Johnson Eunice G. 1880 1962    
Johnson Bert S. 1881 1952    
Johnson Horace H. Nov.14.1838 Oct.31.1910   Co. D. NY Vol. GAR Marker & flag
Johnson Delilah Smith Sep.16.1842 Dec.31.1906   w/o Horace H. Johnson
Johnson William L. May 17.1874 May 27.1912    
Johnson Cassie E.   Feb.21.1869 3-11-19 d/o Har??? H. & Delilah Johnson
Jones Alice 1900 1901    
Jones Ellen Moore 1845 1908   w/o Wm. H. Jones
Jones William H. May 12.1842 Apr.29.1921   Co. G. 176 N.Y. Inf. Vol.
Jones Carrie V. 1869 1922    
Jones Rachael C. Place   Feb.8.1851? 58-11-20 w/o E.D. Jones (1851 (1) may be wrong)
Jones Willie   Jul.22.1872 0-4-24 s/o Esbone & Elizabeth Jones
Keck Calvin T. 1893 1965   WW II Marker & Flag
Keck Ada F. 1898 1967    
Keck Marie E. 1925      
Keller Lucinda 1863 1898   w/o R.E. Keller
Kilmer Salama J. Apr.27.1825 Apr.30.1888   Second wife of W. B. Horton 
Kilmer Lillian Mar.7.1868 Mar.11.1905   w/o Fred H. Kilmer
Kilmer Clara E. Feb.14.1859 Oct.28.1908   w/o Edward W. Miller
Kilmer Auril A. Jul.17.1837 Jul.10.1899   w/o Jeremiah Kilmer
Kilmer Jeremiah Apr.25.1831 Jun.30.1926    
Kilmer Henry C. Sep.15.1863 Jun.7.1912    
Kilmer Eliza Post Jun.1.1868 Oct.9.1951   w/o Henry C. Kilmer
Kilmer Ella G.   Sep.30.1875 6 mo. d/o Jeremiah & Aurelia Kilmer
Kilmer Jeremiah Oct.3.1796 Nov.19.1884    
Kilmer Saloma   Sep.3.1853 85 yr w/o George Kilmer
Kilmer Christina   Apr.17.1869 73 yr w/o Jeremiah Kilmer
Kilmer Josiah   Jul.29.1885 64yr  
Kilmer Selina Apr.20.1836 Feb.14.1914   w/o Josiah Kilmer
Kilmer Vienna    Feb.18.1902 78 yr w/o Darwin T. Gillett
Kirkwood Margaret H. 1835 1914    
Kirkwood Katherine Hunter 1873 1923    
Knapp Winfield F. 1879 1955   "Father"
Knapp Lulu Webb 1890 1948   "Mother"
Lake Thomas Sep.11.1948 Feb.24.1974   PA BM3 US Navy Vietnam - Vietnam marker & flag
Lake Virginia L. May 21.1925 Nov.2.1992    
Lancaster Parker T. 1896 1970    
Lancaster Marguerite G. 1897 1987    
Lawerence Burton Mar.5.1879 Mar.8.1895   s/o Charles Lawerence
Lawrence Burton Mar.5.1879 Mar.8.1895   s/o Charles Lawrence
Leggett Ada C. 1926 1985   Right next to stone of Frank W. Caravetta
Lent Eugenia 1911 1992    
Leonard Rene       No dates
Leonard Maude       No dates
Leonard Corey       No dates
Lovelace Katherine    Dec.11.1818 25-10-2 w/o Marvin Lovelace
Lovelace Elizabeth   Nov.25.1878 50-7-25 w/o Marvin Lovelace
Lovelace Betsey   Jan.8.1866 67y 13d w/o Alanson Lovelace
Lovelace Sergant S.J.   Dec.27.1862 31-2-3 s/o A. & B. Lovelace //Died at Harpers Ferry Hosp. Va.
Lovelace Polly   Apr.29.1848 11-3-4 d/o A. & B. Lovelace
Lovelace Alanson   Nov.26.1872 74 yr  
Lovelace Elizabeth   Nov.25.1878 50-7-25 w/o Marvin Lovelace
Lovelace Katherine   Dec.11.1818 25-10-2 w/o Marvin Lovelace
Magargel Grace Nov.29.1862      
Magargel Phoebe Marie Feb.23.1901 Aug.21.1908   d/o J.B. & Grace Magargel
Mahler Catherine G. Jul.20.1822 Mar.27.1915   b. Geneva, Switzerland/d. Sheshequin w/o Wm. J. Delpurch
Mahler Mrs. Fanny Dec.15.1799 Feb.7.1857   Born Surianam S. America//d. Sheshequin, PA
Mahler J. George Jun.14.1792 Apr.10.1863   Born Surianam S. America//d. Sheshequin, PA
Martin E. Ross   Jul.25.1952    
Martin Brice E. Jan.25.1923 Apr.27.1999   S.Sgt. US Marine Corps WW II Marker & flag
Martin Marie T. Mar.15.1921 Oct.14.1989   Ack US Marine Corps WW II
Martin Ethel Vought 1886 1940   Ethel Vought Martin
Mathers Jack L. Apr.5.1938 Apr.26.1995   Married Aug. 23. 1957
Mathers Margie L. Nov.5.1936     w/o Jack L. Mathers
McMahon J.P. 1838 1897    
McMahon Ellen 1842 1924    
Middaugh Anthony   Nov.11.1856 70-10-12  
Middaugh William G. Feb.1.1875 Feb.7.1906    
Middaugh Mary A. Apr.4.1841 Oct.8.1895   w/o William Middaugh
Middaugh Kathern Jun.20.1878 Mar.28.1898   d/o William & Mary Middaugh
Middaugh William Oct.2.1836 Jan.17.1913   Pvt. Co. G 29 Res.
Middaugh Sarah  Jun.20.1803 Sep.29.1895    
Middaugh Moses E. 1857 1944    
Miller Clara E. Feb.14.1859 Oct.28.1908   w/o Edward W. Miller
Miller Lina  1881 1934    
Mills Arthur D. 1892 1969    
Mills Ethel R. 1892 1975    
Minier Thomas J.   Jul.28.1813 1-3-2 s/o Thomas & Matilda Minier
Moore Ellen  1845 1908   w/o Wm. H. Jones
Morris J. D. 1842 1909   Co. E 15 N.Y. Eng.
Morris Mary A. 1843 1907   w/o J. D. Morris
Morris Edward S. 1870 1920    
Morris Myra 1869 1951   w/o Edward S. Morris
Morris Loretta Oct.30.1872 Jun.14.1891   d/o J.D. & Mary A. Morris
Morris Baby        
Newell Eva  1855 1897   w/o Joel Horton 
Newell Abel   Apr.9.1837 87 yr  
Newell Sally R.   Apr.6.1831 74 yr w/o A. Newell
Newell Katherine K. 1833 1914    
Newell Sylvie   Jun.4.1873 32-5-4 w/o George Fink
Newell William   Aug.23.1851 16-3-19 s/o Stephen & Catherine Newell
Newell John   Nov.16.1842 15 yr s/o Stephen & Catherine Newell
Newell David Oct.4.1825      
Newell Sally Ann Jul.6.1829 Jun.18.1907   w/o David Newell
Newell Georgie D. Oct.23.1873 Dec.1.1880   s/o D. & Sally Newell
Newell Loretta E. Aug.8.1850 Sep.6.1863   d/o D. & S. Newell
Newell Stephen 1800 Aug.17.1885    
Newell Catherine 1803 Mar.10.1897   w/o Stephen Newell
Newell Elisha J. Jan.26.1829 Feb.5.1897    
Newell George   Oct.25.1840 2-7-0 s/o ? & C. Newell
Newell Mariah   May 15.1825 2yr d/o Stephen & Catherine Newell
Nichols Sally R. Mar.24.1816     w/o H. W. Hughs 
Nickeson Walter J. 1875 1950    
Nickeson Marion A. 1891 1963    
Nickeson Clair E. 1924      
Nickeson Joyce 1929 1999    
Nickeson Howard H. 1900 1972    
Nickeson Frances C. 1901 1981   Same stone as Howard H. Nickeson
Nickeson Arthur 1915 1980    
Nickeson Shirley 1917      
Nickeson Donald E. Feb.24.1922      
Nickeson Marian Hill Mar.19.1923 Aug.20.1987    
Onan Elizabeth   Jul.11.1815 85 yr  
Parsons C. Francis Dec.26.1897 Mar.6.1976   C. Frances Shores Parsons
Parsons George  Oct.10.1895 Jun.4.1969   George Lewis Parsons
Patterson Mary Apr.24.1886 Jan.20.1912   w/o L. J. Culver
Patterson Abram Feb.9.1805 Dec.29.1875    
Patterson Caroline Nov.14.1806 Sep.26.1887   w/o Abram Patterson
Peck Rev.Luther Mar.9.1827 Oct.31.1894   "Mizpah"
Peck Lucy Lyman Dec.13.1845 May 15.1908    
Peck Laura   Mar.8.1902 30 yr "Beloved Wife of Edward B. Johnson"
Peck Frankie Lutie       "In Memory of Frankie Lutie and Eddie Infant s/o Luther & Lucy Peck"
Peck Eddie       "In Memory of Frankie Lutie and Eddie Infant s/o Luther & Lucy Peck"
Peck Edward G. 1926 1929   "Gettie" Small stone next to others
Peck W. L. 1875      
Peck Alice 1879 1920   (Alice Gillette Peck)
Peck Edward G. 1905 1969    
Peck Doris F. 1909 1990    
Pesse Marguerite 1780 Jul.7.1863   w/o Francis Joseph//born at St. Damiano Italy - Died at Sheshequin
Pesse Francois Joseph 1770 Mar.27.1833   Born at Tours France - Died at Sheshequin
Pesse Adelaide Oct.12.1802 Mar.18.1873   w/o Andre Delpuegh - Born Turin Italy - Died at Towanda
Pipher Lemuel A. 1888 1934    
Pipher Pansy H. 1883 1953   w/o Lemuel A. Pipher
Pipher Harriett B. 1912 1996    
Pipher Garnard A. 1911 1970    
Pipher Miriam J. 1938      
Pipher Dale R. 1938 1971    
Place Rachael C.    Feb.8.1851? 58-11-20 w/o E.D. Jones (1851 (1) may be wrong)
Post Eliza Jun.1.1868 Oct.9.1951   w/o Henry C. Kilmer
Post Lawrence H. 1827 1914    
Post Mary E. 1840 1920    
Post Rodney M. 1863 1925    
Post Cora B. 1898 1976    
Post Howard T. May 17.1890 Jun.5.1961   N.Y. Sgt. Co. B 17 BN US Guards WW I
Post Laura J.  Apr.17.1842     w/o Horton Shores
Pratt Myra B. 1876 1933    
Pratt Myra B. 1876 1933    
Ransom Reuben W. Jun.1.1855 Jan.9.1936    
Ransom Eliza E. Aug.14.1857 Dec.2.1917   w/o Reuben W. Ransom
Rea Little Robert Jul.18.1912 Jan.3.1913   s/o Joseph & Marion Rea
Reynders Charles 1855 1927    
Reynders Caroline Culver 1861 1941   w/o Charles Reynders (Caroline Culver)
Reynders Louise 1892 1955    
Reynders Mary 1894 1941    
Richards Roland 1921 1995   WW II Veteran WW II Marker & Flag
Robinson Harry P. 1884 1910    
Robinson Emily A. 1844 1936    
Robinson Leander 1844 1933    
Robinson Melissa E. 1868 1947    
Robinson Fred O. 1875 1961    
Robinson Eddie E. Aug.15.1881 Apr.13.1973    
Robinson Llewellyn 1869 1952    
Robinson Mary E. 1875 1960    
Rogers Susan 1857      
Rogers Gilbert DeBell 1897 1917   "Her Son" Same stone as Susan Rogers
Rose Hannah Jun.3.1839 53-8-17 w/o Laurence Rose
Rubert Charles C. Apr.28.1956 Mar.27.1971   "Chuckie"
Ruger Gerald S. Sep.12.1932      
Ruger Nancy M. Sep.18.1939      
Rundel John H.   Jul.23.1856 19-2-16 s/o John & Mary Rundel

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 10/11/99
By Joyce M. Tice