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Hornbrook  Cemetery

Sheshequin Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

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Photos of Horton  Cemetery by Joyce M. Tice October 3, 1999

Cemetery Read September / October 1999 by Pat Raymond and Ken and Kevin Chapman


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Name of Cemetery:    Hornbrook Cemetery - Sheshequin Township
Read By:  Ken & Kevin Chapman and Pat Raymond
Date Read:   September. 1999
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Cross bridge to Sheshequin, turn right.  The cemetery is on road #08194 south of the intersection of roads #08137 and #08138
Other comments: *Cenotaph means marker or monument to someone who is buried elsewhere
Sackett Ruth Jul.3.1937 Jun.19.1976   Ruth Jennings Sackett
Sackett William S. 1889 1957    
Sackett Anna M. 1896 1958   Same stone as William S. Sackett
Schlosser Carrie E. 1865 1902   w/o Henry Schlosser
Schlosser Caleb 1811 1867   Caleb Ingerson Schlosser
Schlosser Electa 1821 1907   w/o Caleb Schlosser
Schlosser Hillman 1842 1865   s/o Caleb & Electa Schlosser - Co H 51 PA Vol GAR Marker
Schlosser Theodore 1846 1929   Theodore Wickizer Schlosser
Schlosser Emily 1849 1919   w/o Theodore Wickizer Schlosser
Schmeckenbecher Gertrude M. Apr. 1.1906      
Schmeckenbecher Paul W. Sep.12.1908 Feb.3.1998   US Army WW II WW II Marker & flag
Sell Phaon J. 1860 1910    
Sell Phaon J. 1860 1908    
Sell Marion A. 1860 1894    
Sell Edwin P. 1881 1883    
Sherman John S. May 1.1850 Sep.22.1907   GAR Marker & flag
Sherman Henrietta L. Sep.30.1844      
Sherwood Sarah  May 6.1858 Jan.12.1933   "One child Louise" (Sarah Sherwood Blair
Sherwood James Aug.27.1811 Dec.6.1898   s/o Solman Sherwood - Born in Bridgeport Conn.
Sherwood Eliza M. Hill Nov.29.1822 Dec.3.1894   w/o James Married April 30. 1850 - Mother of Edmund, Sarah & Mary
Sherwood Eliza M. Hill Nov.29.1822 Dec.3.1894   Married to James Sherwood April 30. 1850-Mother of three children, Edmund, Sarah & Mary
Sherwood James Aug.27.1811 Dec.6.1898   s/o Salmon Sherwood-Born in Bridgeport, Conn.
Shores S.H. Feb.9.1815 Jun.1.1883    
Shores J.S.        
Shores J.M.        
Shores Louise F. 1907 1931    
Shores Anna E. Dec.17.1837 Apr.2.1904   w/o Andrew DeSmith 
Shores Hiram J. 1860 1922    
Shores Cynthia 1866 1931    
Shores Horton Dec.2.1832 Sep.10.1901    
Shores Laura J.Post Apr.17.1842 Oct.11.1923   w/o Horton Shores
Shores Aaron   Jun.8.1845 5-3-10 s/o Lewis Shores - Drowned June 8. 1845
Shores James   Mar.5.1837 68-1-0  
Shores Elizabeth   Oct.8.1853 73-6-9 w/o James Shores
Shores Floyd G. 1876 1950    
Shores Cora P. 1879 1936    
Shores Ethel L. 1914      
Shores Walter H. 1903 1957    
Shores Horton 1870 1938   "Father"
Shores Christine H. 1875 1934   "Mother"
Shores Robert James 1927 1988    
Shores James Robert 1952 1978    
Shores Harold L. 1907 1975    
Shores Katherine E. 1908 1984    
Shores Anna H. 1877 1920    
Shores Abraham 1867 1946    
Shores Sarah  Apr.10.1810 Jul.8.1894   w/o William Horton 
Shores  Jemima  1815 1893   w/o Lewis B. Gillett
Shores  Elmer   Sep.25.1847 29-2-17  
Shores  Emory   Mar.5.1870 8-7-14 s/o A.J. & Mary Shores
Shores  Maria   Dec.18.1873 31 yr w/o Coryell Shores
Shores  Bertie   Apr.23.1872 9-2-0 d/o Isaac & Catherine Shores
Shores  Isaac Jayne 1845 1922    
Shores  Catherine  1851 1920   Catherine Crouley
Shores  George W. Feb.12.1830 Jan.22.1913   Co. E 13 Pa Militia
Shores  Stephen Feb.14.1801 Aug.31.1877    
Shores  Dianna Oct.4.1804 Dec.8.1887   w/o Stephen Shores
Shores  S.H. Feb.9.1815 Jun.1.1883   Same stone - Eve Ann, J. A. & J. M.
Shores  Eve Ann Jun.28.1818 Oct.11.1877   w/o S.H. Shores
Shores  J. A. & J. M.   1864   s/o S.H. & E. A. Shores - Killed in the war 1864
Slife Daniel 1849 1923    
Slife Maria 1849 1935   Same stone as Daniel Slife
Smith Wealtha A. Aug.7.1847 Sep.12.1928   w/o Eubulus H. Brigham
Smith Melissa E. 1842 1915   w/o George W. Horton 
Smith Miller Dec.28.1825 Feb.16.1902    
Smith Jane Sep.16.1826 Nov.23.1904   w/o Miller Smith
Smith Truman M. Sep.30.1817 Aug.29.1868   s/o Miller & Jane Smith
Smith Harry P. 1824 1903    
Smith Abigail 1827 1905    
Smith Clark Oct.2.1834 Aug.1.1906    
Smith Patience A. Jul.15.1838 May 5.1905   w/o Clark Smith
Smith John M. 1837      
Smith Sarah 1844     w/o J.M. Smith
Smith Clark   Nov.17.1832    
Smith Jay   Jun.22.1845 18-0-10 s/o John M. & Rachel Smith
Smith Jesse   Dec.23.1843 77 yr  
Smith Jane   Mar.15.1844 77 yr w/o Jesse Smith
Smith Mercy   Aug.9.1822 78 yr w/o James Smith -Also w/o Wm. Coolbough
Smith Orrin D.   Jan.23.1849 11m2d s/o Curlis & Elizabeth Smith
Smith Ethlen   Jun.19.1850 5 mo d/o Guy & Lucinda Smith
Smith Ulysses M.   Jul.17.1859 16-6-3 s/o G. & L. Smith
Smith Lucinda   Dec.28.1872 53-2-1 w/o G. Smith
Smith John M. 1837      
Smith Sarah Smith 1844 1931   w/o John M. Smith
Smith Anna M. Oct.16.1930 Dec.1998   w/o Charles L. Smith
Smith Charles L. Feb.11.1927     Married Aug. 16. 1952
Smith Ruby E. Aug.28.1905 Aug.7.1979    
Smith George L. Jun.21.1899 May 5.1952    
Smith Maude F. Feb.12.1900 Apr.29.1981    
Smith Theodore H. Aug.26.1925 Nov.1.1989   "Should Have Gone Fishing"
Smith Betty D. Oct.27.1924      
Smith John M.   Jul.14.1864 75-6-20  
Smith Rachel   Mar.7.1872 80-11-? w/o John Smith (Days unreadable)
Smith George   Aug.9.1901 83-6-14  
Smith Matilda   Mar.15.1878 57-5-28 w/o George Smith
Smith Amelia   Mar.16.1851 3-5-6 d/o John B. & Lucinda Smith
Smith Delilah  Sep.16.1842 Dec.31.1906   w/o Horace H. Johnson
Smith John B. Dec.6.1812 Sep.21.1881    
Smith Lucinda Apr.15.1815 May 15.1877   w/o John B. Smith
Smith Theodore G. Sep.9.1843 Nov.29.1922    
Smith Hortense R. Oct.23.1855 Mar.22.1930   w/o Theodore G. Smith (Hortense R. Horton)
Smith Addie P.  1847 1928   w/o William Fanning
Smith Catharine   Jun.7.1857 8-11-15 d/o George & Matilda Smith
Smith Benj. Aug.19.1809 Aug.3.1891    
Smith Eliza Nov.4.1809 Jun.1.1890    
Smith Lawrence   Jul.5.1865 21-7-7 s/o Eliza & Benj. Smith - Co. C 82 Pa Vet. Vol. GAR Marker & flag
Smith Benjamin M.   Sep.6.1865 16yr s/o Eliza & Benj. Smith 
Snyder William H. Apr.17.1844 Jul.23.1881    
Snyder Lucretia Aug.1.1816     w/o Wm. H. Snyder
Spoo.veyburgh Daniel   Oct.21.1818 17-9-26 s/o Michael & Betsey Spoo.veyburgh
Thompson John   Mar.14.1839 16-11-0 s/o Jonathon & Mary Thompson
Thompson Mary   Jun.30.1838 42-1-18 w/o Jonathon Thompson
Thompson Roberta 1910 1975    
Thompson Charles W. 1908 1956    
Todd Rebeca B.  Sep.9.1828 Jun.18.1918   w/o Jacob Feister
Tower Katherine Aug.19.1908      
Towner Thresa  1828 1900   Thresa Gerould
Towner Joseph 1828 1914    
Towner Cora Ruby Jun.25.1904 Oct.14.1905   d/o M.D. & E.B. Towner
Towner Philander M. Jun.3.1842 Aug.14.1887   Co. G 50th Reg. Pa Vol. - GAR Marker & flag
Towner Ida M. May 24.1847 Dec.31.1898    
Towner Miles D. 1870 1966    
Towner Emma B. 1869 1945    
Townsend Sarah E. Apr.7.1821 Nov.18.1891   w/o Ensley W. Gillett 
Turnois Jacob 1907 1993    
Turnois Nancy  1916 1990    
Tuttle Porter   Aug.13.1815 4 yr s/o Albert & Delight Tuttle
Tuttle Josiah   Jun.21.1830 56 yr  
Tuttle Austin C.   Mar.31.1864 21-4-2 s/o Wm. & Permelia - d. Baltimore, Maryland
Tuttle William Mar.20.1813 May 20.1889    
Tuttle Permelia Mar.4.1818 Feb.26.1892   w/o William Tuttle
Tuttle Augustus   Mar.28.1855   s/o William & Permelia Tuttle
Vann Henry   Dec.31.1893 58-10-0  
Vann Mary A.   Feb.11.1885 50-6-0  
VanScoten Mattie 1875 1950    
Vansice Moses B. 1838 1919   Co. D N.Y. Cav. Vol. Gar Marker & flag
Vansice Rachel U. 1848 1928    
Vansice Flora  1867 1916   Flora Vansice Faulkner
VanSice Peter   Dec.12.1883 48-9-7  
Verbeck Sarah Smith 1869 1921    
Verbeck Charles John 1864 1926    
Verguson Reed 1846 1913   Sm.stone Reed Co. I 50 NY Eng.
Verguson Esbon Jones 1848 1888    
Verguson Emma C. Owen 1849 1937   Reed, Esbon & Emma on same stone
Vernon Emily T. Sep.30.1896 Jan.13.1994    
Vought Carl W. 1910 1926    
Vought Sumner 1884 1971    
Vought Mabel G. 1886 1980    
Vought Emerson W. 1883 1916    
Vought Edward M. 1851 1929    
Vought Sara A. 1861 1937   w/o Edward M. Vought (Sara A. Horton)
Vought Ralph T. 1903 1907    
Vought William E. 1881 1895    
Vought Joseph M. 1842 1916    
Vought Elizabeth 1845 1923   (Elizabeth Horton)
Vought Robbie   May 27.1876 7 wks s/o J.M. & E.C. Vought
Vought Robert H. 1885 1956    
Vought Alice L. 1882 1952    
Vought C. Francis 1910 1990   WW II Marker & flag
Vought Doris V. 1917      
Vought Emerson W. 1885 1916    
Vought Maude A. 1884 1985    
Vought Frank M. Jul.24.1847 Feb.14.1920    
Vought Maretta J. Aug.22.1851 Nov.30.1908   w/o Frank M. Vought
Vought Ruth Anne Jan.21.1875 Jan.18.1880    
Vought Ethel 1886 1940   Ethel Vought Martin
Vought Wallace   Jun.10.1867 1m 10d s/o J.M. & E.C. Vought
Wanck John N. 1864 1941    
Wanck Julia E. 1867 1942    
Wanck Mahlon J. Jul.28.1911 Mar.25.1966    
Wanck L. Geraldine Jun. 2.1917      
Webb Cyrenus Apr.27.1841 Mar.3.1917   Co D 1st N.Y. C. Vol.
Webb Eliza 1855 1922   w/o Cyrenus Webb
Webb Mary Alice 1906 1908    
Webb Lina Miller 1881 1934    
Webb Cyrenius 1841 1917    
Webb Eliza 1855 1922   w/o Cyrenius Webb
Webb Lina Miller 1881 1934    
Webb (?) Marie A.       No information-no surname-Near Webb stones
Welch Ron Mar.3.1918 Mar.21.1989    
Welch Fran Oct.15.1917      
Welch Wayne R. Sep.30.1941 Apr.7.1970   PA CS3 US Coast Guard VietNam
Welch Jerry R. Apr.10.1944 Sep.6.1990   SN US Navy VietNam
Weller Ida   Jul.20.1903 14 yr d/o Noble & Nora Weller
Weller Thomas 1818 1900    
Weller Caroline 1823 1905    
Welytok Joyce Ann 1936 1985    
Welytok Paul Jr. 1933      
Whyte Robert J. Feb.18.1892 Jul.16.1975   Pvt. U.S. Army WW I Marker & flag
Whyte Helen J. Apr.9.1894 Dec.3.1977    
Winner Matthew H. 1909 1985    
Winner Bervenia S. 1912 1996    
Winship Elizabeth   Jun.9.1809 42 yr w/o Timothy Winship
Wright Anna 1845 1929   w/o Elmer D. Horton
Yetts James P. 1876 1930    
Yetts Georgia L. 1888 1956    
Yoder Nancy Welch 1938 1978    
Young Amy J.   Sep.20.1861 2y 4d d/o Isaac L. & M. C. Young.
Young Reuben E.   Nov.10.1893 78-8-21  
Young Emily   Mar.22.1885 69-5-6 Same stone as Reuben E. Young
Young Isaac L.   Jul.11.1929   Pvt. Co. A 35 Reg't Inf. -GAR Marker & flag
Young Sarah C.   Apr.22.1923 79 yr w/o Isaac L. Young
Young Mary G.   May 25.1870   w/o Isaac L. Young (Can't read age)
Zeese Eleanor Oct.18.1920     Eleanor Gillette Zeese
  Eugenia       No other Information

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By Joyce M. Tice