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Keene Summit Cemetery began in 1860 with burials of Keen children.  (The name was Keen until eventually an "e" was added on the end.)  It is on a hilltop in the northern part of Standing Stone Twp. on Keene Summit Road, State Route 1023, which connects Rt. 6 on the south (between Rummerfield and Wysox) with the 4-corners of Mercur on the north.  Driving Rt. 6 East from the traffic light at the intersection in Wysox, it is 4.5 miles to Keene Summit Road on the left.  Driving Rt. 6 West from Wyalusing or Rummerfield, it is .6 mile on the right after the Standing Stone Township Building.  The cemetery is 2.8 miles north of Rt. 6.
The first half of this list is left of the center lane, and the second half of the list is the right-hand side.  A blank line indicates the next row.
In the comments column, words within quote marks are inscribed on the stone.  Words within brackets is information added by the transcriber.

Recorded and submitted by Joan Kintner 2004

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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Inscription / Relationship / Comments
Emery Jacob H.     [Unmarked. 26 Apr 1862 - 24 Dec 1927, s/o David R. & Mary C. Emery in this cemetery] 
Emery Carrie A.     [Unmarked. d. 2 July 1897 age 35, 1st w/o Jacob H. and d/o Joseph Warren & Electa (Allis) Parks in Rome Cem.]
Emery Cora     [Unmarked. (Baker) d. 6 Nov 1953, 2nd w/o Jacob H. Emery]
Emery Mary     [Unmarked. 24 June 1893 - 28 June 1894, d/o Jacob H. & Carrie] 
Emery dau.     [Unmarked. d. 2 March 1895, age 21 days, d/o Jacob H. & Carrie]
Mann William S. 1855 1937 [William & Sarah were parents of Charles L. Mann in this cemetery]
Mann Sarah E. 1861 1936 [wife of William S.; d/o John & Mary (Teeter) Frutchey in this cemetery]
Schoonover Theophilus Aug 3, 1819 Apr 25, 1887 [s/o Rodolphus bur. Standing Stone Cem. and brother of Charity Hankinson in this cemetery]
Schoonover Sarah Maria Apr 4, 1825 May 14, 1900 "Sarah Maria Crown his wife" [Crawn. d/o Peter & Catherine (Griggs) Cron bur. Standing Stone Cem.]
Schoonover Estella June 4, 1863 Oct 30, 1894 [dau. W/o Fred Gardner. She d. 2 mo. after birth of dau. Lillian who became 1st w/o David H. Emery s/o Jacob H. & Carrie.] 
Frutchey Louisa E.   July 21, 1895 "aged 42y,5m,7d" [=b. 14 Feb. 1853] "wife of D. H. Allen". [d/o John D. & Mary C. (Teeter) Frutchey in this cem.]
Frutchey John D. Apr 8, 1823 May 15, 1896 [s/o John D. & Sarah (Detrick) Frutchey of Middle Smithfield Twp., Monroe Co. PA.] 
Frutchey Mary C. Apr 29, 1830 July 22, 1901 "wife" [d/o Isaac Teeter of Smithfield Twp., Monroe Co. PA. Mary & John were parents of Louisa Allen, Catherine McNamara, Martha Green, Sarah Mann & 1st Mrs. Aaron Keen, in this cem.]
Dixon Sterling Feb 10, 1834 Aug 5, 1911 [s/o George & Clarissa (Scott) Dixson; bro. of Elias Dixson in this cemetery]
Dixon Mary Elizabeth Nov 3, 1837 Sept 10, 1924 "Keene" "Wife" [d/o William & Elizabeth (Huff) Keen, sis/o John A. & Peter Keen & Sarah Ann Crawn, in this cem.] 
Chapman Wm. 1893 1957 [bro. of Hattie Park buried next to him]
Park Hattie C. 1885 1937 [Hattie Louise Chapman, 2nd w/o Charles H. Park and sis/o William Chapman beside her] 
Park Charles H. 1867 1921 [Charles Henry b. March 6, s/o Hugh & Caroline (Walker) Park in this cem.]
McNamara Cornelius 1859 1946 [d. Dec. 7]
McNamara Catherine 1859 1946 [d. Oct. 19, d/o John & Mary (Teeter) Frutchey in this cem.]
McNamara John 1878 1896 [s/o Cornelius & Catherine]
Stephens George A. Dec 12, 1812 Mar 27, 1894 [married Ellen Maria Vought 24 Dec 1835]
Stephens Ellen M. Aug 16, 1816   "wife" [d. 4 Jan. 1910, d/o David & Ellen (Huyck) Vought; sis/o John Vought in this cem.] 
Bidlack Leonard O. May 7, 1925 Dec 20, 1980 "S1 U.S. Navy, World War II"
Clark Pearl Aaron Sept 22, 1897 Dec 31, 1902 "son" [of Frank & Cora] 
Clark Frank E. 1868 1933 [s/o Edward & Margaret Elizabeth (Barnes) Clark in Camptown Cem.]
Clark Cora 1873 1947 [w/o Frank; d/o Aaron Keen Sr. & 1st wf Elizabeth (Frutchey); sis/o Norman Keene & Aaron Jr., in this cem.]
Hankinson William Dec 16, 1810 May 25, 1891 [William & Charity were parents of Jacob S. & O.P. Hankinson and Martha Smith in this cem.]
Hankinson Charity March 16, 1816 July 10, 1889 "wife" [sis/o Theophilus Schoonover in this cemetery]
Bidlack Alice Betty May 8, 1923 Jan. 20, 1998 "Alice Betty Clark Bidlack" [Betty was w/o Leonard Orie Bidlack and d/o Earl Clark & 1st wife Alice in this cem.] 
Mann Charles 1882 1945 [d.Jan. 23, s/o William & Sarah (Frutchey) Mann in this cem.]
Mann Myrtle     [Unmarked, Myrtle (Walker) d. 1979, w/o Charles Mann in this cem.]
Keene Norman 1875 1958 [24 Nov 1875 - 19 Aug 1958, s/o Aaron Keen Sr. & 1st wf Elizabeth and b/o Cora Clark and Aaron Keen Jr. in this cem.]
Keen Aaron E.   Oct 21, 1917 aged 65y,3m,12d" [=b. 9 July 1852, s/o John A. & Sarah (Daugherty) Keen in this cem.]
Keen Laura   Dec 17, 1944 "wife, aged 80y,11m,14d" [=b.3 Jan 1864, (Brown) 3rd w/o Aaron Sr. and sis of 2nd wf Mary in this cem.]
Keen Mary   Feb 11, 1899 "wife, aged 38y,2m,16d" [=b.25 Nov 1860, 2nd w/o Aaron Sr. and d/o John W. Brown] 
Keen Elizabeth   May 12, 1895 "wife, aged 40y,8m,19d" [=b.24 Aug 1854, 1st w/o Aaron Sr. and d/o John & Mary (Teeter) Frutchey in this cem.] 
Keen Aaron E., Jr. 1877 1937 [s/o Aaron Sr. & 1st wf Elizabeth in this cemetery]
Keen Edna M. 1887 1963 "wife" [Edna Woodmansee]
Keen infant son   1909 [only child of Aaron Jr. & Edna]
Hankinson O. P. 1843 1922 [Obediah d. May 28, s/o Wm. & Charity and b/o Jacob S. Hankinson & Martha Smith in this cem.]
Hankinson Addie M. 1844 1892 "Addie M. Knapp, wife" 
Cook Thomas J. July 12, 1840 Sept 3, 1906 "Co.G, 57th Pa. Vol." [s/o Joseph & Mary Cook in Rome Cem. Uncle of Mary L. (Beeman) Huff Becraft in this cem.]
Cook Leoma A. Huff Jan 5, 1850 Oct 12, 1926 "wife" [d/o John & Harriet (Van Ness) Huff in Standing Stone Cem.]
Cook Jennie M. March 8, 1884 Aug 4, 1902 "dau."
Cook Daniel I. Jan 2, 1882 July 3, 1909 "son"
Dixson Elias   March 1, 1873 "aged 45y,15d" [=b.15 Feb 1828. He d. in Benezette, Elk Co. PA. b/o Sterling Dixon in this cem.] 
Dixson Lucretia   May 23, 1909 "wife" "age 84" [d/o David & Abigail Virjason/Vargason in Standing Stone Cem.]
Vought John Apr 7, 1822 Dec 28, 1898 [s/o David & Ellen (Huyck) Vought; bro. of Ellen Stephens in this cem.]
Vought Esther J.  March 27, 1825 March 12, 1912 "Esther J. Horton, wife" [d/o William & Esther (Cowell) Horton]
Emery Jacob   Dec 29, 1887 "aged 72y,11m,7d" [= b.22 Jan 1815, s/o Geo.& Elizabeth (Keen) Emery of Sussex Co. NJ; f/o Phoebe Hankinson & b/o David R. Emery in this cem.] 
Schoonover Bartly 1856 1924 [b.May 16 d.March 20, s/o Theophilus & Sarah Maria (Crawn) Schoonover and sis/o Estella, in this cem.]
Schoonover May B. 1856 1907 [May M. Brown b.Jan.27 d.Sept.13, w/o Bartley and d/o Ulysses F. & Mary (White) Brown in this cem.]
Clark Earl K. 1904 1971 [s/o Frank & Cora (Keen) Clark in this cemetery]
Clark Anna J. 1917 2004 [Anna Janette (Cashdollar), 2nd w/o Earl. Janet 19 Aug. 1917 - 3 June 2004]
Clark Alice LeValley 1904 1923 "Alice LeValley Clark" [1st w/o Earl in this cemetery]
Clark William F. Jan 9, 1943 Sept 30, 1980 [s/o Earl & Anna Janette in this cemetery]
Mingle Freddie A.   Oct 11, 1887 "age 1y,7m, son of C.M. and M.Mingle" [s/o Clarence Mahlon & Margaret Rachel (Crawn) Mingle in Ulster Cem.]
Green Dorothy C. 1924 1925  
Colegrove Manley G. July 20, 1919 March 18, 1945 "Pa. PFC 39 Inf. 9 Div. W.W.II" [s/o Howard & Inez Daisy (Hankinson) Colegrove; b/o Beatrice Colegrove & Daisy Edwards in this cem.] 
Edwards Daisy 1908 1941 [d/o Howard & Inez Daisy (Hankinson) Colegrove; sis/o Manley & Beatrice Colegrove in this cem.]
Colegrove Beatrice R. 1906 1922 [d/o Howard & Inez Daisy (Hankinson) Colegrove; granddau. of Jacob S. & Phoebe (Emery) Hankinson in this cem.]
Green James C. Dec 2, 1869   [d. late 1930's, possibly Dec. 1938??]
Green Martha D. Sept 29, 1866   "wife" [d.23 Oct 1942, d/o John & Mary (Teeter) Frutchey and sis/o Louisa Allen, Sarah Mann, Catherine McNamara & 1st Mrs. Aaron Keen in this cem.] 
Green Leo E. Jan 14, 1904 June 20, 1904 "son"
Kinner Asa M. 1827 1919 "Co.H, 11th Reg. Pa. Cav." [vet rec. says b. 1837, d. 15 Jan 1919] 
Kinner Frances     [Unmarked. w/o Asa. b. Feb.1826, d. 25 Nov. 1911. 85th birthday party Feb.1911]
Kinner Charles     [Unmarked. d. 6 Aug 1947, age 48, s/o Lincoln & Lillie (Frisbie) Kinner; grandson of Asa Kinner in this cem.]
Keen Infant son   April 19, 1881 "of J.A. & Sarah Keen, aged 4 days"
Keen Infant dau.   June 8, 1875 "of J.A. & Sarah Keen"
Keen Chauncey E.   Mar 2, 1871 "son of J.A. & Sarah Keen, aged 11 months, 10 days" [=b. 20 March 1870]
Keen Eliza   Sept 16, 1860 "dau. of J.A. & Sarah Keen, aged 7 months, 11 days" [=b. 5 Feb. 1860]
Keen Rosie Bell   Sept 13, 1860 "dau. of J.A. & Sarah Keen, aged 4y, 3m, 18d" [=b. 26 May 1856]
Keen John A. Jan 30, 1820 Feb 20, 1903 [s/o Wm & Elizabeth (Huff) Keen, f/o Aaron Sr. and John A. Jr., Henrietta Stephens, Ada Park and Emma Van Ness, b/o Mary Dixon, in this cem.]
Keen Sarah C. Jan 19, 1835 Feb 25, 1909 "wife" [d/o Theodore & Maria (Crawn) Daugherty, sis/o Esther and Francis Daugherty, in this cem.]
Keen William   Sept 9, 1880 [b.4 April1796; age 88y,5m,5d wrong on g.s., should be 84y,5m,5d. s/o John & Margaret Keen of Stillwater Twp., Sussex Co. NJ] 
Keen Elizabeth   April 10, 1883 "wife" "aged 88y,6m,10d" [=b. 30 Sept. 1794; d/o Peter & Sarah (Hendershot) Huff of Sussex Co. NJ. Wm & Elizabeth's children in this cem. are John A & Peter Keen, Sarah Crawn & Mary Dixon] 
Keen Peter   May 15, 1895 "aged 65y, 15d" [=b.30 Apr 1830, s/o Wm & Elizabeth Huff Keen, b/o John Keen Sr. & Mary Dixon, in this cem. Wife Sarah (Barnes) bur. Tioga Point Cem.] 
Keen Cassie A.   July 2, 1892 "aged 30y,8m,27d" [=b.5 Oct 1861] "wife of H. Hadsel" [d/o Peter & Sarah A. (Barnes) Keen] 
Hadsel Floyd H.   Jan 8, 1887 "aged 28 days, son of H. & C. Hadsel"
Keen Isadore     "aged 1y,8m, dau. of Peter & Sarah Keen" [no date]
Gregg Euphemia     [blank field stone at left of Edwin L. Gregg marks wife Euphemia (Crawn) Barnes Gregg, b.1806, d. 16 Apr 1896] 
Gregg E. L.     [field stone with name only. b. 28 Feb 1807 England, d. 8 Apr 1878, 2nd h/o Euphemia (Crawn) Barnes]
Keen John A., Jr. Aug 23, 1861 July 4, 1942 [s/o John & Sarah (Daugherty) Keen, b/o Aaron Keen Sr., Henrietta Stephens, Ada Park & Emma Van Ness and f/o Dorothy Schoonover, in this cem. Wife Florence (Moore) McCabe Keene Wilmot is in Rome Cem.]
Emery Esther A.     "wife of George Emery, aged 37y,7m" [no date. d/o Theodore & Maria (Crawn) Daugherty and sis/o Francis Daugherty & Sarah Keen, in this cem.]
Crawn James   Dec 8, 1883 "age 72y" [s/o Peter & Euphemia (Huff) Cron/Crawn of Stillwater Twp., Sussex Co. NJ. Uncle of Simon Cron in this cem.]
Crawn Sarah Ann   March 21, 1898 "wife" "age 77y" [d/o William & Elizabeth (Huff) Keen and sis/o John A. Sr. & Peter Keen and Mary E. Dixon, in this cem.]
Crawn Thomas   Sept 24, 1876 "son" "aged 26y,4m,21d" [=b. 3 May 1850] 
Crawn Robert   Nov 25, 1871 [son] "aged 25y,11m" [=b. 25 Dec 1845. No stone now]
Crawn Lester     [Unmarked. s/o Thomas. b. 3 Apr 1865, d. 24 Nov 1942 per death certificate]
Schoonover Paul A. Oct 2, 1914 Apr 23, 1991 [s/o Cleveland & Ferne (Newell) Schoonover in Standing Stone Cem. Great-grandson of Theophilus & Sarah Maria (Crawn) Schoonover in this cem.]
Schoonover Dorothy Keene Dec 31, 1916 July 31, 2003 [w/o Paul Schoonover and d/o John A. Keen Jr., in this cem.] 
Schoonover baby girl   1964 [d/o Ronald & Sandra Schoonover; granddau. of Paul & Dorothy in this cem.]
Platt Jonnie K.   Nov 2, 1882 "age 7y,6m,16d" [=b, 16 Apr 1875] "son of Anson & Jane Platt". [grandson of Theodore & Maria (Crawn) Daugherty in this cem.]
Platt Newton   Oct 12, 1887 "son, age 15y" [s/o Anson & Jane (Daugherty) Platt in Wysox Cem. Grandson of Theodore & Maria (Crawn) Daugherty in this cem.]
Platt Susie S.   Feb 10, 1888 "aged 5y,5m" [=b. 10 Sept 1882] "dau. of Anson & Jane Platt" 
Emery David R.   Aug 1, 1879 "aged 50y,3m,3d" [=b. 28 Apr 1829, b/o Jacob Emery, f/o Jacob H. Emery and father-in-law of Esther Emery in this cem.]
Emery Mary C.   Aug 28, 1880 "wife" [2nd wf] "aged 49y,2m,17d" [=b.11 June 1831 (Hendershot). m/o Jacob H. Emery in this cem.]
Emery Infant daughter   March 1873  
Beach Charles C. Feb 28, 1848 March 17, 1911 "Pvt., Co. E, 161 NY Inf" [s/o Benjamin & Susan (Speary) Beach of Troy/W.Burlington] 
Daugherty Theodore Oct 27, 1809 March 25, 1897 [Theodore & Maria were parents of Esther Emery, Sarah Keen and Francis Daugherty, in this cem.]
Daugherty Maria Sept 11, 1811 July 14, 1898 "wife" [d/o Abram & Sarah (Huff) Crawn. Sarah "Cron" in Standing Stone Cem., Abram d. later in Stillwater Twp., Sussex Co. NJ]
Daugherty Francis March 2, 1846 July 6, 1875 [son. Widow Elizabeth (Wood) m.2nd Robert Teel and is in Mercur Cem.]
Stephens William H. Sept 28, 1836 Feb 27, 1897 "Co.L, 2nd Regt. Pa. Vol." [s/o George A. & Ellen (Vought) Stephens and f/o Sara S. Van Ness in this cem.]
Stephens Henrietta Keene April 24, 1854 Dec 19, 1923 "wife" [d/o John A. & Sarah C. (Daugherty) Keen and sis/o Aaron Sr. & John Jr. Keen, Ada Park & Emma Van Ness, in this cem.]
Stephens Melvin C. Oct 15, 1880 Oct 30, 1908 [son. RR employee killed by train]
Van Ness John F. 1886 1964 [s/o Byron & Susan (Fulford) Van Ness in Standing Stone Cem.]
Van Ness Sara S. 1891 1955 [w/o John F.; d/o William H. & Henrietta (Keene) Stephens in this cem.]
Hankinson Jacob S. Dec 9, 1844 Dec 15, 1918 "Co.G, 1 NY Vet. Cav." [s/o William & Charity (Schoonover) Hankinson and b/o O.P. Hankinson & Martha Smith, in this cem.]
Hankinson Phoebe A. Aug 17, 1847 June 21, 1901 "wife" [d/o Jacob Emery (in this cem.), by 1st wife Susan]
Hankinson Charity M. 1880 1882 [d/o Jacob S. & Phoebe A. in this cemetery]
Hankinson Charles E.     [Unmarked. s/o Jacob & Phoebe in this cem. Dates said to be 1873 - 1929] 
Park J. Elbert 1857 1924 [s/o Isaac Austin & Melissa Ann (Meracle) Park of Herrick Twp.]
Park Ada E. 1865 1926 [w/o Elbert; d/o John & Sarah (Daugherty) Keen and sis/o John Jr. & Aaron Sr. Keen, Henrietta Stephens & Emma Van Ness, in this cem.]
Park Infant son   1896 [s/o Elbert & Ada]
Brown Ulysses F. March 17, 1830 Nov 13, 1909 "Enlisted Sept 13, 1864 in 50 NY Eng's, discharged June 13, 1865 in NY Eng's" 
Brown Mary T. White Sept 25, 1830 Dec 5, 1908 "wife". [She & Ulysses were parents of Howard S. & Orlando W. Brown and May Schoonover in this cem..] 
Park Hugh   Dec 20, 1899 "age 75y" [b.25 Aug 1825 in Scotland, s/o William & Margaret Park] 
Park Caroline C.   March 16, 1883 [(Walker) w/o Hugh] "age 60 y" [b.16 Sept 1822 Broome Co. NY. She & Hugh were parents of William & Charles Park in this cem.]
Park Catherine C. 1861 1887 "dau."
Brown Howard S. 1856 1932 [d. Dec 14, s/o Uylsses & Mary (White) Brown and b/o Orlando Brown & May Schoonover in this cem..]
Brown Annie L.   Apr 14, 1886 "wife" "age 24y" [d/o Isaac & Amret Huff in Standing Stone Cem.]
Brown Infant son      
Huff Mary L. Apr 21, 1867 Jan 6, 1914 "wife of G.W.Becraft" [on g.s. of 1st hus. Daniel Huff; d/o Henry Dayton & Anna (Cook) Beeman in Rome Cem. Niece of Thomas J. Cook in this cem.] 
Huff Daniel A.   Nov 15, 1887 "aged 23y,4m,14d" [=b.1 July 1864, s/o John & Harriet (Van Ness) Huff in Standing Stone Cem.; b/o Leoma Ann Cook in this cem.]
Huff Infant son      
Huff John O. Nov 22, 1837 Feb 17, 1887 "Co.E, 9th Reg. NJ Vol." [s/o Wm. C. & Mary Catherine (Losey) Huff of Sussex Co. NJ; nephew of Elizabeth (Huff) Keen in this cem.]
Huff Mary A. Jan 1, 1843   "wife" [d. 10 July 1920, d/o James & Sarah Ann (Keen) Crawn in this cem.]
Huff Mahlon     [Unmarked. s/o John O. & Mary A., d. 10 April 1939, age 69]
Smith Silas A.   July 15, 1886 "aged 49y,8m,26d" [=b.19 Oct 1836] "Batt. A, 1 Pa. Light At. Vol."
Smith Martha   Aug 15, 1910 "wife" "aged 71y,6m,13d" [=b. 2 Feb 1839, d/o William & Charity (Schoonover) Hankinson & sis/o O.P. & Jacob in this cem.]
Brown Orlando W. 1855 1940 "Co. M, 9th Vol. S.A." [s/o Ulysses & Mary (White) Brown & b/o Howard S. Brown & May Schoonover in this cem.]
Brown Susan E. 1855 1934 [Susan Esseltine, w/o Orlando Brown]
Brown Ulysses H. Sept. ? 1885 Aug 6, 1887 "son" [of Orlando & Susan]
Brown Charles A. 1879 1942 [d. June 10, age 63, s/o Orlando & Susan]
Pennell Elias Sept 21, 1845 May 6, 1897 [s/o John & Elizabeth]
Pennell John March 7, 1812 Sept 7, 1887  
Pennell Elizabeth Feb 3, 1823 Sept 21, 1905 "wife"
Van Ness Fred C. 1872 1933 [d.June 11, s/o John Jason Van Ness & 2nd wife Mary Jane (Blanchard) Hendershot].
Van Ness Emma K. 1874 1954 [b.Feb.7, d.Feb.3, d/o John & Sarah (Daugherty) Keen and sis/o John Jr. & Aaron Sr. Keen, Henrietta Stephens & Ada Park in this cem.] 
Van Ness Mary L. 1898 1908 [d/o Fred & Emma]
Park Katie B.   Feb 14, 1888 "aged 10m, dau. of William & Lillie Park"
Park Fred R. 1896 1971 [s/o William E. & Lillie (Morehouse) Park]
Park William E. 1857 1930 [s/o Hugh & Caroline (Walker) Park and b/o Charles Park in this cem.]
Park Lillie M. 1868 1938 [b.Apr 8, d.Sept.16, d/o Minerva (Vosburg) & 1st hus. Joseph P. Morehouse]
Park Claude H. 1905 1907 [son]
Cron Simon Dec 16, 1818 Oct 20, 1889 [s/o Jacob & Anna ("Nancy" Charlotte Van Horn) Cron of Sussex Co. NJ; nephew of James Crawn in this cem.]
Cron Christen Sept 25, 1818   "wife" [d. 10 Feb 1900. Christine Decker & Simon Cron marr. 23 Jan 1841 in Sussex Co. NJ]
Cron William     [Unmarked. d. 18 May 1921 age 72, s/o Simon & Christine]
Cron Mary Jane     [Unmarked. d. 27 June 1921 age 62, widow of William]

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