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Luther's Mills Cemetery

Burlington Township, 
Bradford County, Pennsylvania
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Name of Cemetery:    Luther's Mills or Lane Cemetery
Read By:  Ken Chapman, Jr., Kevin Chapman, Marolyn Cole, Lynn Tinsley and Pat Raymond
Date Read:   July 28. 1999
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Burlington Twp, West side of County Route T 552 North of the intersection of Route T 547 off Rte 6
Other comments: Clean, well kept, many stones are hard to read because of age and weather.

View at left is of Luther's Mills from the Cemetery which is on a hill overlooking the village - by JMT
Photos by Joyce M. Tice April 1999

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See also - Bradford County Cemetery Addresses

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Albro Mary E.   Dec.14.1855 18-7-4 d/o Joseph & Mary Albro
Alexander Sara E. May 29.1856 Feb.14.1911   w/o Wayland L. Lane 
Alexander Anthony M.   Nov.10.1841 7-1-26 s/o Amos & Polly Alexander
Alexander Amos   Jun.22.1836 27-5-13  
Alexander Jackson Sep.25.1828 Jun.14.1894   Co. A 207 Regt. Pa Vol.
Alexander C. G.       Co. E 141st Pa Inf. GAR Marker
Bailey Eleanor   Mar.26.1875 76-7-21  
Bailey Mandaney   Jan.1.1854 22-0-7 w/o W. M. Bailey
Bailey Mandana Oct.2.1853 Jan.31.1882   d/o Milton & Mandana Bailey
Bailey George Isaac 1872 1909    
Bailey Andrew Burton 1853 1923    
Beach Eliza J.   Oct.7.1851 5-5-24 d/o Freeman J. & Rebecca Beach
Beardsley Jennie K.   Mar.27.1877 34 yrs In her 34th year
Beardsley Philo Jul.16.1827      
Beardsley Cornelia Mar.25.1832 Jan.19.1890   w/o Philo Beardsley
Belcher Robert Ray Apr.12.1963 Apr.12.1963    
Bennett Lillie M. 1861 1942    
Bennett Orin  1865 1935    
Bennett Robert 1889 1937    
Bennett Mary 1914 1914    
Betts Silas   Jan.1.1889 73-10-28  
Betts Rebecca Apr.21.1818 Mar.17.1899   w/o Silas Betts d/o Henry & Catharine Wilhelm
Bostwick Philo N. May 2.1927 74-0-4  
Bostwick Derinda Apr.21.1903 52-9-20 w/o Philo N. Bostwick (Derinda Luther)
Bostwick Grace M. Mar.17.1908 21-9-27  
Briggs Emma A. Apr.2.1862 Jun.1.1890   w/o John A. Briggs
Burdick Mary A. 1848 1893   w/o B. K. Luther
Burns Philander P. Aug.29.1839 Feb.27.1891    
Burns Lucy E. Feb.11.1839 Mar. 4.1891   w/o Philander Burns
Burns Darwin Feb.22.1878 May 8.1898   s/o P.P. & Lucy E. Burns
Burns Philander P.       Sargt. Co A 207 Regt. (Govt. Stone) GAR Marker
Burns Arthur G. 1867 1942    
Burns Orry   Sep.29.1861 63-7-23  
Burns Letitia   Mar.29.1873 71-11-1 w/o Orry Burns
Burns Guy W.   Jan.7.1862 0-1-20 s/o P. P. & Lucy Burns
Burns Lovett W.   Oct.11.1863   s/o H.O. & Ruth L. (age buried, child)
Burns H. O. Nov.4.1885     Small stone next to large one
Burns H. O. Mar.10.1833 Apr.10.1891    
Burns Ruth   Nov.25.1878 42 yrs w/o H. O.
Burns Cephus   Oct.6.1838 1-5-8 s/o Cory & Letitia Burns
Burns Lucinda       Rest of stone buried
Calkins Kathron   Sep.6.1907 1-8-11 d/o C. & A. Calkins
Campbell Delmer V. 1860 1928    
Campbell Julia L. 1859 1925   w/o Delmer Campbell (Julia L. Moscrip)
Campbell Homer C. 1860 1937    
Campbell Herbert D. 1888 1976    
Campbell Anna J. 1886 1956   w/o Herbert D. Campbell
Campbell Elenor   Jan.29.1875 87 yrs w/o Cephus Campbell
Campbell James H.   May 28.1851 1-0-2 s/o James & Ana C.
Campbell James    Nov.16.1851 37 yrs  
Campbell Elsiha C.   Nov.6.1851 2-1-3 d/o Daniel & Jane Campbell
Campbell George W.   Apr.26.1864 2-4-9 s/o A.B. & Ruth M. Campbell
Campbell Josephus   Apr.1.1874 55-4-2  
Campbell Asenath   Sep.16.1905 82-4-2 w/o Josephus Campbell
Campbell Ida 1846 1910   w/o I. M. Campbell
Campbell Isaac M.   Mar.12.1872 27-2-20 s/o Josephus & Asenath
Campbell Ann Elizabeth   Oct.7.185?7   d/o Davis E. & Nancy Campbell -Stone broken
Campbell Luramo Jul.27.1875 Feb.27.1880   d/o C. D & Sarah M.
Campbell Mary   Aug.4.1870 1-7-23  
Campbell Charles D.   May 8.1894 60-3-5 Co. C. 158 N.Y. GAR Marker
Campbell Sarah  1838 1923   w/o Charles Campbell (Sarah Harvey)
Campbell Anna Apr.17.1851 Jul.9.1910    
Clark Melissa A. Jan.23.1820 Apr.15.1874   w/o Mortimer Knapp 
Clark Stanton 1812 1890    
Clark Lyda 1818 1909   w/o Stanton Clark
Clark William  1852 1875    
Clark Aurilla       d/o Joseph & Lydia Clark
Clark John T.   Sep.6.1840 20-2-1  
Clark Billings   Mar.2.1836 43-11-28 s/o John T. & Cynthia Clark
Clark Lura   Nov.16.1828 1-10-0 d/o Cephas & Sally Clark
Clark Sally   Jan.2.1843 40-8-21 w/o Cephas Clark
Clark John T.   Aug.26.1839 0-4-4 s/o Cephas & Sally Clark
Clark William    Mar.2.1856 63 yrs 1812 Marker & Flag
Clark Martha J.   Feb.3.1863 67-7-2 w/o William Clark
Clark Benj. M. Mar.30.1822     Co F 6th Pa Res.
Clark Amanda D. Mar.20.1829 Apr.3.1887   w/o Benjamin Clark (Amanda D. Luther)
Crandall Martha E. 1858     w/o Wesley McNeal
Daniels Clarence    Mar.29.1850 1 mo. inf. s/o John V. & Hester Ann Daniels
Daniels Eugene   Apr.10.185? 5-9-0 s/o John V. & Hester Ann Daniels
Daniels Hester Ann   Jan.9.1856 41-2 -3 w/o J. V. Daniels
Dodge Chester       Co. F 52nd Pa Inf. GAR Marker
Douglass Melvin 1837 1895   Corp. Co E 141st Inf. GAR Marker
Dull Louisa   -----26.1849   w/o Joseph Dull
Earl Eva May 8.1863 Aug.9.1950    
Earl Delbert 1862 1932    
Earl Frank 1853 1908    
Earl Carrie 1872 1935    
Fletcher Wilson J. 1854 1930    
Fletcher Elsie A. 1861 19-    
Fletcher Myrtie D. 1881 1923    
Foster Lloyd M. 1896 1950   WW I Flag
Foster Marvin 1871 1962    
Foster Ella 1875 1967    
Frutchey Martha J.   Jul.29.1890 63 yrs w/o Martin Frutchey
Gates Sarah    Aug.22.1847 29-3-23 w/o C. Gates d/o Wm & Nancy Knapp
Gates John H.C. 1842 1865   s/o F. B. & S. A. Gates
Gates     1856   Their inf. Son
Gorham Lucy   Jan.28.1867 26-8-0 d/o J.B. & Emily C. Gorham
Granger Horace   Apr.1.1857 2-8-2 s/o Elijah & Laura Ann Granger
Granger Maary Adalaid   May 28.1857 1-4-25 d/o Elijah & Laura Ann Granger
Granger Franklin  Jun.1.1844 Mar.19.1916   Co E 141 Reg. P. V. Inf.
Granger Emma E. Aug.26.1854 Dec.30.1894   w/o Frank Granger
Granger H. B. Jun.30.1881 Jan.31.1883   s/o Frank & Emma Granger
Granger (?) James Nelson   Feb.19.1852 36 yrs No surname, but on Granger lot
Green Rebecca   Sep.11.1838 32-8-5 w/o Samuel Green
Haight George S. Apr. 20.1871 Apr. 6.1924    
Haight Morris O. Jun. 25.1901 Jan.12.1902   s/o George & Lellie
Haight George S. 1873 1924    
Haight Lellie D. 1870 1955   w/o George S.
Hainsworth Chrismas   Jul.30.1887 75 yrs  
Hall Sarah E. May 18.1845     w/o Henry Kendall
Hall Benjamin F. 1845 1916   Co D 45 Regt. Pa. Vol.
Hall Annie 1865 1936   w/o Benjamin F.
Hall Gurdon Sep. 1894 Oct. 1894    
Hall Nancy 1907 1928    
Hall John Mar.9.1785 Jul.25.1871    
Hall Nancy Mar.4.1786 Dec.10.1858   w/o John Hall
Hall P.   Mar.3.1897 74 yrs  
Hall Laura   Nov.21.1889 64-8-17 w/o P. Hall
Hall Nancy Oct.16.1857 Jun.24.1861   c/o Philander & Laura Hall
Hall Orlanda W. Nov.2.1846 Oct.8.1864   c/o Philander & Laura Hall
Hall Florence G.   Apr.5.1871 0-1-5 d/o Stephen & Sarah Hall
Hall Grant Jun.13.1864 Jan.4.1925    
Harris Kezia E.   Dec.16.1881 39-1-24 w/o J. H. Harris
Harvey Adoline   Jan.5.1852 3-10-0 d/o Samuel & Drusilla Harvey
Harvey Sarah  1838 1923   w/o Charles Campbell
Heath Rillie Dec.19.1898     d/o B. M. & ED Heath
Heath Alton Aug.22.1924 Sep.1.1924    
Heath Burton M. Jun.7.1862 Oct.30.1900    
Heath Clark D. Jun.17.1868 Apr.3.1935    
Heath William S. Sep.14.1829 Jan.1.1905    
Heath Mary A. Apr.9.1831 Feb.25.1907   w/o William S. Heath
Heath Pearl E. 1906      
Heath Arthur W. 1905 1990    
Hiney Lewis May 17.1834 May 18.1908    
Hiney Joe   Aug.6.1915 66 yrs.  
Holmes Ella J. Weller   Dec.20.1890 29-10-24 w/o Henry L. Holmes
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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By Joyce M. Tice
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