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Luther's Mills Cemetery, Burlington Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
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Luther's Mills Cemetery

Burlington Township, 
Bradford County, Pennsylvania
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Name of Cemetery:    Luther's Mills or Lane Cemetery
Read By:  Ken Chapman, Jr., Kevin Chapman, Marolyn Cole, Lynn Tinsley and Pat Raymond
Date Read:   July 28. 1999
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Burlington Twp, West side of County Route T 552 North of the intersection of Route T 547 off Rte 6
Other comments: Clean, well kept, many stones are hard to read because of age and weather.

View at left is of Luther's Mills from the Cemetery which is on a hill overlooking the village - by JMT
Photos by Joyce M. Tice April 1999

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Riley Infant son Jun.19.1860 Aug.5.1860   s/o W. C. & P. S. Riley
Riley William G. Aug.13.1826 Dec.4.1872    
Riley Permelia S. Jan.7.1840 Dec.17.1903   w/o William G. Riley
Robbins Charles L. Sr. Sep.4.1933 Mar.17.1993   Korean War Marker 1950-1953
Robbins Doris M. Aug.21.1940      
Roberson Elsina C.   Apr.30.1852 0-5-24 d/o Isaac & Aminda
Roberson James W.   Mar.20.1852 6-5-19  
Robinson Richard   Nov.23.1867 7-3-29 s/o Isaac & Aminda
Robinson A.V. Aug.24.1816 Oct.13.1878    
Robinson Celindia   ?? 12.1902 83 yr  
Rosengrant James S.   May 24.1902   US Navy
Rosengrant Polly   Sep.30.1885 52 yr w/o J. S. Rosengrant
Rundell Susan A. May 9.1835 Feb.8.1921   w/o Clark B. Wheeler 
Shaner Brian Richard Jan.28.1972 Jan.11.1987   SON
Sinclair Walter D June 4.1855 Nov. 4.1882    
Sinclair Lura A. July 4.1857 Sep. 8.1909   w/o Walter D. Sinclair (Lura A. Wilcox)
Slater William A.   Mar.6.1816 6-10-12 s/o Asa & Lucinda Slater
Slater Asa Mar.31.1814 Nov.22.1885    
Slater Lucinda Oct.2.1822 Aug.26.1908    
Slocum George W. 1931 1991    
Slocum M. June 1933      
Soper I. D. Sep. 3.1828 Mar.15.1899   Father & Mother - Co B 207 P.V. GAR Marker
Soper Charlotte Jun. 3.1831 Sep.13.1895   w/o I.D. Soper
Soper Hezekiah   Apr.1.1844 74-4-10  
Soper (?) Horatio H. 1863 1989   No surname, on Soper plot
Soper (?)         Stone unreadable
Strope Wallace S. 1894 1937    
Strope Maude D. 1896 1916    
Strope Clarence D. 1871 1938    
Strope Sarah E. 1872 1941    
Strope Francis G.   Aug.20.1928   s/o Henry A. & Dorothy I.
Strope David A. May 20.1831 Dec. 4.1910    
Strope Mary A. Aug. 7.1833 Apr. 8.1907   w/o David A. Strope
Strope Mabel Dec.22.1898 Apr.24.1981    
Strope Florence S. 1893 1986    
Strope Nathaniel A. 1891 1936    
Strope Marvin H. 1916 1929    
Strope Levi J. 1879 1930    
Strope Aurilla 1898 1976    
Strope Della L.   Dec.12.1888 12-2-29 d/o H. W. & Amanda Strope
Tesdel Kezia   Nov.7.1843 88 yrs w/o Ephraim Tesdel
Travis Jeremiah Sr. Jan.25.1785 Feb.16.1868    
Travis Sally Dec. 3.1843 55-2-24 w/o Jeremiah Travis Sr.
Travis Jeremiah Jr. Apr.18.1823 Jun. 1.1901   GAR Marker
Travis Jane M. Jan.15.1833 Jan. 2.1896   w/o Jeremiah Travis Jr.
Travis Sally   Dec.3.1843 55-2-24 w/o Jeremiah Travis
Travis Harriet   Mar.31.1858 26-1-10 w/o S. L. Travis
Travis Noell H.   May 19.1860 6-9-7 s/o Harriet & S. L.
Travis Miron W.   Apr.6.1856 10-13 s/o Zury & Fanny Travis
Travis Harriet E.   Dec.10.1851 2-1-2 d/o Zury & Fanny Travis
Vosburgh Lucinda   Mar.17.1856   w/o J.E. Vosburgh
Vosburgh J.E.   Nov.5.1856 62-11-21 Stone broken
Vosburgh Henrietta       w/o Henry V. Rest of stone is buried
Walborn Helen Jan.16.1862 Mar.14.1892   w/o James Walborn
Wandell Jennie A. 1909 1936    
Watkins Alexander   Apr.21.1864 47-0-26  
Watkins Wm.   Dec.1833 50 yrs  
Watkins Hannah   Oct.22.1867 77-5-0 w/o Wm. Watkins
Watkins Eleanor C.   Apr.25.1850 2-1-15 d/o Jermiah & Orpha Watkins
Wheeler James D.   Dec.21.1880 30-0-7 s/o J.C. & Catherine Wheeler -broken off
Wheeler Riley   Jan.2.1883 8-4-8 s/o J.C. & Catherine Wheeler -broken off
Wheeler Olive M.   Dec.27.1862 3-10-17 d/o J.C. & Catherine Wheeler
Wheeler Mary   May 2.1853 57-0-31 Stone broken
Wheeler Timothy C.   Mar.3.1890 92-4-2  
Wheeler Sarah   Apr.1.1845 41-0-4 w/o Timothy C. Wheeler
Wheeler James D.   Jun.13.1854 14-1-10 s/o Timothy C. & Sarah Wheeler
Wheeler Maryett   May 17.1865 18-7-21 d/o T.C. & Huldah Wheeler
Wheeler Ensign W. Nov.11.1856 May 31.1923    
Wheeler Hatie Jan.20.1859 Jan.27.1924   w/o Ensign Wheeler
Wheeler Minerva A.   Mar.21.1879 19-10-25 d/o Clark B. & Susan A. Wheeler
Wheeler Clark B. Apr.27.1829 Jun.21.1898   Co. C 188 Regt. N.Y. Vols.
Wheeler Susan A. May 9.1835 Feb.8.1921   w/o Clark B. Wheeler (Susan A. Rundell)
Wilber Elizabeth E.   Oct.10.1862 3-11-8 d/o Charles & Cilicia S. Wilber
Wilber Franklin C.   Feb.2.1859 ? 2 mo s/o Charles & Cilicia Wilber
Wilber Alonzo E.   Jul.5.1859 3-1-16 s/o Charles & Cilicia Wilber
Wilcox Lura A. July 4.1857 Sep. 8.1909   w/o Walter D. Sinclair
Wilcox Wyman Oct.30.1828 Sep.14.1862   Co. C 107 Pa Vol GAR Marker
Wilcox Phebe Oct.22.1833 Feb.23.1892   w/o Wyman Wilcox
Wilcox William W. Nov.16.1856 Sep.22.1859   s/o Wyman & Phebe
Wilcox Morris  Apr.19.1828 Nov.25.1896   Co C 188 N.Y. Vol. GAR Marker
Wilcox Savanna Aug.27.1830 Dec.9.1894   w/o Morris Wilcox
Wilcox James Nov.20.1798 Apr.18.1888    
Wilcox Ruth Apr.7.1799 Apr.15.1861   w/o James Wilcox
Wilcox Ruth A.   Apr.10.1861 62-0-3 In memory of Ruth A. w/o Jas.
Wilcox Mary A.   May 22.1875 19-10-26 d/o Morris & Savanna Wilcox
Wilcox Florence LaBelle   Mar.28.1854 2-9-29 d/o Morris & Savannah Wilcox
Wilcox James L   Jan.23.1852 1-10-5 s/o Morris & Savanna Wilcox
Wilcox Noel B.   Jan.28.1839 9-7-22 s/o James & Ruth A. Wilcox
Wilcox Samuel   Nov.2.1850 3 mo. s/o Miles & Adeline Nelson or Wilson
Wilcox (?) Alice   Mar.12.1??? 29-1-12 Surname buried next to Wilcox & Campbell
Wilhelm Henry   Jul. 14.1844 70th yr. "In the 70th year of his age"
Wilhelm Elizabeth   May 25.1834 84-7-6 Mother of Henry Wilhelm
Wilhelm Isaac C.   Nov.13.1840 26-3-17 s/o Henry & Catharine Wilhelm
Wrisley Jacob S. 1851 1922    
Wrisley Ophilia C 1860 1937    
Wrisley Ruth F. 1893 1939    
Wrisley Wallace W. 1878 1903    
Wrisley J. W. Feb.8.1811 Feb.25.1882    
Wrisley Esther S. 1824 1900   w/o J. W. Wrisley
Wrisley Mahlon L. Mar.6.1899 Feb.15.1975   Married May 8. 1922
Wrisley Ruth K. July 29.1901 Aug.9.1991   w/o Mahlon L. Wrisley
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 07/29/1999
By Joyce M. Tice
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