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Photo by Joyce M. Tice 2001
Cemetery Tombstone Listing submitted
by Pat MOTT Gobea and Pat SMITH Raymond
West Side of Cemetery One Two Three
East Side of Cemetery  One Two Three Four
Name of Cemetery:     Main Street Cemetery
Read By:   Pat Mott Gobea & Pat Smith Raymond
Date Read:    Sept. & Oct. 2001
Typed By:    Pat Mott Gobea & Pat Smith Raymond
Location:   On Rte 414 in Canton, Bradford County, Pa.
Other comments:  This is East of the Central Road in Cemetery
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Loomis Charles E. Apr.12.1842 Nov.8.1869   GAR Marker & flag
Soper Lucinda Jul.9.1810 Apr.6.1891   w/o George Soper - On stone w/Charles Loomis
Loomis Josiah Jun.1.1796 Oct.23.1887   On stone w/Charles Loomis
Loomis Miles Jun.1.1796 Jan.15.1876   On stone w/Charles Loomis -Date is best guess
Loomis Marcus Oct.26.1787 Jan.20.1864   On stone w/Charles Loomis
Bullock Charles Edward Dec.16.1858 Jan.10.1944    
Bullock Georgia Catlin Dec.15.1861 Feb.19.1954   "Wife & Mother"
Bullock Helen C. Sep.26.1892 Feb.9.1977    
Bullock Charles Arthur Aug.1.1896 Sep.20.1966    
Bullock E. Dorothy Dann Apr.7.1906 Apr.2.1999   "Wife & Mother"
Bullock George E. 1898 1969   Fenced in Bullock Lot
Bullock Harriett E. 1855 1917   Fenced in Bullock Lot
Bullock Jesse E. 1878 1945   Fenced in Bullock Lot
Bullock Anna C 1876 1967   Fenced in Bullock Lot
Bullock Kathryn W. 1902 1906   Fenced in Bullock Lot
Bullock George E. Jan15.1844 Mar.10.1902   GAR Marker-Large Bullock Marker in Center of fenced in area
Bullock Jesse E.   Sep.27.1875 70y7m2d Large Bullock Marker in Center of fenced in area
Bullock Betsey G. Aug.21.1822 Jun.22.1890   Large Bullock Marker in Center of fenced in area
Bullock Howard C. 1884 1936    
Bullock Elnora Griffin 1893 1970   Same stone as Howard
Keltz Daniel W. 1864 1951    
Watts Floyd S. Mar.24.1851 Mar.28.1909    
Watts Adelia V. May15.1849 Jan.1.1914    
Leavitt Walter May.30.1825 Nov.20.1894    
Leavitt Emeline Sellard Oct.22.1834 Jul.13.1923   On stone w/Walter Leavitt
Leavitt Walter N. Jan.14.1863 Mar.31.1863   s/o Walter & Emeline- Same stone
Wilcox E. B. 1856 1936   On stone w/Walter Leavitt
Wilcox Harriet R. Leavitt 1856 1928   w/o E.B. Wilcox-On stone w/Walter Leavitt
Andrews Ralph  1875 1936   On stone w/Walter Leavitt
Andrews Laura 1878 1940   On stone w/Walter Leavitt
??? Emerson       One of the side stones on this lot 
Wilcox Edward P. Jun.23.1823 Feb.12.1899    
Wilcox Melissa Mix Feb.1.1824 Nov.5.1899   w/o Edward P.
Warren W. Glenn       Sm. White Lamb stone -s/o W.H. & Helen Warren
Warren Helen M.    1869 30y25d w/o W. H. Warren - Stone down on ground
Warren W. Henry 1837 1924    
Warren A. Augusta Wilcox 1847 1927   w/o W. Henry
Pratt Asa   Sep.29.1867 39 yr  
Pratt Mariamne Harding Aug.3.1826 Jan.29.1908   w/o Asa Pratt
Shrader Flora L.   Dec.5.1871 20y5m14d w/o Burton Shrader
Pratt Lelia M. ?? 1830/50 Unreadable   w/o W. E. Dumond - stone broken & repaired
Dumond Minnie E. Aug.27.1887 Feb.26.1902   d/o W.E. & L.M. Dumond
Dumond William Eugene Nov.12.1845 Jul.28.1913    
Griffin George W. 1820 1896    
Griffin Mary Owen 1820 1901   w/o George W. - On same stone
Bristol George 1845 1930   Co. L. 14 NY Vol.H.A. - GAR Marker & flag
Bristol Philah Griffin 1846 1930   w/o George - On same stone
  No names       Children of George D. & Philah Bristol
Bothwell Jerusha   Dec.9.1863 58y2m?d w/o Justin
Davison Blythe J. 1861 1920    
Davison Jennie L. 1869 1942    
Roberts Harry 1888 1964   "Lover"
Roberts Nelle G. 1891 1984   On stone w/Harry
Rockwell George W. Dec.1.1861 Apr.7.1865   s/o ?? - On large Rockwell stone
Rockwell Jane E. May21.1832 Apr.28.1862   w/o Abel - On large Rockwell stone
Rockwell Mariette Oct.16.1832 Oct.20.1864   w/o Abel - On large Rockwell stone
Rockwell Abel W. Mar.19.1826 Jul.21.1893   On large Rockwell stone
Rockwell Cythera A. Goodspeed Nov.23.1847 Sep.24.1899   w/o Abel - On large Rockwell stone
Rockwell Lucian H. Sep.18.1864 Mar.31.1865   Dates questionable-On large Rockwell stone
Rockwell James A. May26.1856 Jan.20.1866   s/o ?? - On large Rockwell stone
Minard Charles S. Feb.26.1826 Feb.20.1897    
Minard Lamira Jun.1.1831 Mar.1.1905   w/o Charles - On stone w/Charles S.
Shipman Charles R. Dec.27.1849 Aug.15.1924   Back of Minard stone
Shipman Rose J. Apr14.1853 Jul.26.1930   w/o Charles - On stone w/Charles R.
  Mell     4 mo Side stone
Landon Edward D. Dec.17.1853 Aug.23.1897    
Landon Benjamin Nov.28.1823 Aug.12.1896   On stone w/Edward
Landon Mary A. Barrow Jan.12.1827 Jan.15.1901   w/o Benjamin - On stone w/Edward
Landon Merton 1848 1920   On stone w/Edward
  Howard        Side stone-other side stones--Mother, Father
Landon Augusta B. 1850 1937   Mother
Landon Hiram  1886 1934    
Barnes Melville Jun.24.1848 Feb.5.1903   GAR marker & flag
Barnes Catherine Watts Dec.25.1857 Apr.14.1916   Mother
Hedgland Mary J.   Jun.30.1907 54 yr w/o A. L. Hedgland
Hedgland A. F.   Aug.5.1903 63 yr (Middle initial is different on stones)
Rockwell Reuben H.   Jan.17.1910 36yr  
Krise Charles A. Jan.15.1827 Dec.30.1905   b. in Schorndorf, Ger.--Top "Our Beloved Father"
Krise Christena Gleockler Jul.8.1832 Feb.13.1915   w/o Charles A - "Our Beloved Mother"
Krise Mary C. Dec.22.1855 Dec.3.1945    
Krise Gustavus F. Sep.5.1852 May 22.1942    
Krise Helen M.Bothwell May 22.1855 Sep.17.1928   w/o Gustavus F.
King John W. 1841 1923   Co. D 106th PA Vol--Co. A 5th Reg't Cav.--GAR marker & flag
King Harriett C.  1850 1923   w/o John W.
Strowbridge Axie King 1821 1905   On stone w/John & Harriett
Hickok Thaddeus S. 1866 1929    
Hickok Charlotte H. 1872 1949    
Hickok Elizabeth 1900 1918   Beloved daughter of T.S. & Charlotte
Hickok S. J. 1838 1912   Co. C 132 Reg. PA Vol - GAR marker & flag
Hickok Elizabeth Andrews 1841 1906   w/o S. J.Hickok
Munn Eliza Jane 1813 1902   w/o Rowan Munn
Wilson Frances M. 1847 1926   GAR marker & flag
Wilson Allen M. 1832 1910    
Wilson Marie  1872 1942    
Crippen Helen Louise Dec.26.1893 Aug.13.1900   Beloved d/o J. G. & Minnie Crippen
Crippen Minnie 1866 1945    
Crippen Julius G. 1847 1922    
Biddle Olive M. 1892 1919   w/o Ivan 
Brown Rufus G. 1841 1939   Sgt. Co. C 106th Reg. P.V.--GAR marker & flag
Brown Rebecca Williams 1845 1930   w/o Rufus G. - On same stone
  Uncle Rufus       Homemade concrete marker next to Brown's marker
Fuller C. Freeman 1838 1892   GAR marker & flag
Fuller ? F. L.       Nothing else readable-not sure of initials
          Stone broken off, nothing left
  Cora T.       Marker on ground (unreadable)
  Father Sep.3.1804 Jun.29.1886   No name on marker - In Fuller plot
Spencer G. Adell 1849 1934    
Taylor S. A.   Jun.28.1883 67y7m2d  
Taylor Samantha E. Rockwell   May 2.1908 82y3m w/o S.A. Taylor - On back of same stone
Grantier Robert D. Sep.13.1926 Mar.15.1990   WW 2 marker & flag--S-1 US Navy WW 2
Grantier Olympia I. Apr.25.1996   On stone w/Robert D.--WW 2 Marker & flag -S-1 US Navy WW 2
Owen Katherine 1877 1964    
Owen Allen T. 1842 1930   GAR marker & flag
Owen Emma C. 1850 1929    

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 12/2/2001
By Joyce M. Tice