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Photo by Joyce M. Tice 2001
Cemetery Tombstone Listing submitted
by Pat MOTT Gobea and Pat SMITH Raymond
West Side of Cemetery One Two Three
East Side of Cemetery  One Two Three Four
Name of Cemetery:     Main Street Cemetery
Read By:   Pat Mott Gobea & Pat Smith Raymond
Date Read:    Sept. & Oct. 2001
Typed By:    Pat Mott Gobea & Pat Smith Raymond
Location:   On Rte 414 in Canton, Bradford County, Pa.
Other comments:  This is East of the Central Road in Cemetery
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Turner James C. Oct.14.1827 Jan.30.1901   GAR marker & flag - side stone "Husband"
Turner Juliet W. Jun.21.1838 May 11.1918   w/o James C. - Same stone --Side stone "Wife"
Carpenter Mary Osborne Aug.17.1871 May 12.1931   On Turner lot
Carpenter Nancy W. Feb.10.1840 Dec.22.1893   On Turner lot - w/o William Carpenter
Black Charles E. 1858 1927    
Black May Bristol 1867 1945   w/o Charles E.- Same stone
Griffin E. Percy Apr.8.1884 Apr.13.1899    
Griffin May Canfield 1862 1903   w/o H.E. Griffin
  Virginia A.       2 white sandstones-unreadable-propped up against Pratt stone
  Willie   1866   This is all that was readable on one of the propped up stones
Pratt T. L., M.D. 1827 1882   GAR marker & flag - (doctor)
Pratt Ann Brann 1830 1869   w/o T.L.--Same stone
Pratt Celia   Dec.25.1862 68y9m9d w/o Asa Pratt--Age questionable
Pratt Asa   Apr.5.1860 67y9m2d On stone w/Celia--Age questionable
Newman Frank W.   Jan.11.1881 10y5m Newman Lot - s/o Walter S. & ??
Newman Carrie (?)       Newman Lot - Stone unreadable
Newman Artemissa   Jun.29.1911 75 yr Newman Lot - "In Memory Of"
Newman Walter S.   Mar.9.1917 100 yr Newman Lot
Andrews Helen Feb.18.1909 Dec.31.1909   d/o S.L. & E. B. Andrews--Newman Lot
Sellard Newton   Aug.18.1861 16y6m16d s/o Calvin S. & Rosina
Sellard Harriet S.   Jul.2.1868 25y(?) d/o Calvin & Rosina
Sellard Rosina Jun.15.1808 May.17.1881   w/o C.S. Sellard
Sellard Calvin S. Feb.28.1803 Aug.14.1886   On stone w/Rosina
Palmer Augusta D.   May 30.1896 48 yr w/o Henry G. Palmer
Palmer Henry G   Nov.10.1870 6? Yr On stone w/Augusta--GAR marker & flag
Smith Anne O. 1895 1972    
Smith Olen 1887 1964   On stone w/Anne
Smith Richard Dennis 1945 1963   "Son"
Carrozza Frank S. 1912 1961   WW 2 Marker & flag
Carrozza Katherine K. 1918     On stone w/Frank
Spalding Horace A. 1891 1981    
Spalding Madeline 1891 1977   On stone w/Horace A.
Saxe Walter A. 1900 1967    
Saxe Hazel B. 1905 1993   On stone w/Walter
Hickok Thaddeus S. 1909 1972   NY-PA Firemans Assn. Marker & Flag
Hickok Marion C. 1911 1965   Beloved Wife of T. S. Hickok
Fassett Truman Milton 1844 1920    
Fassett Eva Thomas 1855 1923    
Putnam Erastus 1827 1913   Co. I 15th NY Eng.--GAR Marker & flag
Putnam Mariette Roberts 1833 1912   His wife--Same stone
Baldwin Valeria R. 1840 1917   w/o Francis M. Baldwin
Roberts Mary J. Dec.1.1831 Feb.8.1901    
Roberts Freddie M.   May 25.1865 2y6m6d s/o D.P. & E.M. Roberts
Roberts Julius P.   Jun.9.1850 27y10m29d s/o William & Betsey Roberts
Roberts Lyman C.   Jan.11.1851 22y8m22d s/o William & Betsey Roberts
Roberts Betsey Jun.29.1799 Mar.15.1865   w/o William Roberts
Roberts William Jan.29.1796 Mar.13.1865   On other side of Betsey Roberts stone
Cole W. W.   Jan.11.1898 57y8m11d Co. F 11th PA (Can't read rest)--GAR marker & flag
Cole Nettie A. Apr.13.1842 Jul.25.1929   w/o W. W.On stone w/ W.W.
Cole Eddie J. Dec.18.1871 Mar.3.1872   s/o W.W. & N. A. Cole
Cole Glenn Jun.17.1878 May24.1902   s/o W.W. & N. A. Cole
Wirth Mart H. Jan.28.1857 Mar.3.1913    
Wirth Aletta C. Nov.6.1865 Jun.8.1931    
Wirth Colin A. Feb.23.1894 Nov.10.1921    
Terry Lill W. 1861 1907    
Terry Alice 1858 1942   On stone w/ Lill W.
Rockwell John E. 1840 1929   Co. D 106 Reg. P.V.--GAR marker & flag
Rockwell Jane W. 1840 1916   w/o John E. -- on same stone
Jennison Maria       w/o Capt. A. J. Swart
VanDyke John   Jan.26.1897 77y GAR Marker & flag
VanDyke Electa Watts   Apr.21.1891 71 yr w/o John--on same stone
VanDyke E. T.   Nov.30.1899 52 yr On stone w/John & Electa
VanDyke Isadore   Sep.4.1841   Infant c/o John & Electa VanDyke-On same stone
VanDyke Floyd   Sep.8.1852   Infant c/o John & Electa VanDyke-On same stone
VanDyke Geo. Manning   May23.1865 23 yr s/o John & Electa--On stone w/John & Electa--GAR marker & flag
VanDyke         Side stones-John, Electa, and Manning
Scudder John H. Aug.24.1848 Jun.11.1892   GAR marker & flag
Scudder Albert L. Jan.30.1850 Dec.23.1876    
Scudder         Stone missing
Scudder Mehetable B. Oct.6.1816 May 2.1893   "Mother"
Scudder James G. Jul.26.1817 Jan.8.1887    
Newman Ezekiel Nov.15.1820   58y5m15d No death date--GAR marker & flag
Newman Mary B. Apr.3.1868   1y10m17d No death date --On stone w/Ezekiel
Newman Ella M. Mar.4.1870   2y4m2d No death date --On stone w/Ezekiel
Hulslander Celia Dann 1851 1950    
Newman Samuel H. Jr. 1847 1913   Pvt. Co. D NY Eng.-GAR marker & flag
Newman Orris M. 1878 1917    
Newman Helen M. Sep.23.1897 Dec.21.1905   d/o S. H. Jr. & Orris M.
Newman Helen M. Jan.19.1859 Feb.17.1866    
Newman Abby A. Jun.23.1819 May24.1862    
Newman Samuel H.  Sep.2.1818 Apr.25.1892   GAR marker & flag
Hooper John A. 1829 1888    
Hooper Anne Grantier 1831 1915    
Brooks Walter H. 1894 1958    
Brooks Ethel L. 1892 1979    
Grantier Ellen S.   Mar.8.1871 31y17d w/o LeRoy 
Granteer D.S.       No dates--stone leaning on another one
Granteer LeRoy W.   Apr.23.1897 62 yr Stones badly eroded & leaning-Info from records
Pomeroy Katherine 1868 1952    
Keagle Eleanor Parsons 1896 1971    
Keagle Leon John 1894 1973   On stone w/Eleanor
Parsons Helen Pomeroy 1860 1921   w/o Charles E. Parsons
Parsons Charles E. 1867 1941    
Dann Judson Oct.23.1825 Dec.23.1902    
Dann Harriet  Sep.6.1824 Apr.23.1905    
Dann Harding   Mar.20.1869 15y28d s/o Judson & ???-badly eroded stone
Dann Ella    Jun.11.1865? 15y8m5d d/o Judson & Harriet -Stone partly buried in ground
Scudder Thos. B. 1840 1912   Co. H 50th NY Eng. - GAR marker & flag
Scudder Sophronia 1834 1919    
Scudder Harry   Oct.21.1893 19yr s/o T.B. & Sophronia
Luther May B. 1861 1913   w/o D. S. Luther
Andrus Ettie 1867 1947    
Fagins ??   Dec.29.1844 25y(?) w/o Cezar Fagins--Can't read -Slate stone on ground
Smiley John   Jun.4.1822 39y4d  
Whitman Frances M. Dec.1.1846 May20.1934    
Whitman William W. Aug.5.1844 Dec.8.1908   GAR marker & flag
Whitman John H. Sep.2.1879 Jan.18.1941    
Ammon Fred L. 1890 1974    
Ammon Linda W. 1885 1965   On stone w/Fred L.
Whitman Fred E. 1870 1918    
Donovan Meca L. 1871 1962    
Gleason George R.   Dec.10.1815 28y10m11d  
Gleason Marianne   Dec.1.1845 23y7m21d w/o George R
Harding Cynthia    Mar.5.1851 17y7m6d d/o Theodore & Rosalinda

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 12/2/2001
By Joyce M. Tice