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Photo by Joyce M. Tice 2001
Cemetery Tombstone Listing submitted
by Pat MOTT Gobea and Pat SMITH Raymond
West Side of Cemetery One Two Three
East Side of Cemetery  One Two Three Four
Name of Cemetery:     Main Street Cemetery
Read By:   Pat Mott Gobea & Pat Smith Raymond
Date Read:    Sept. & Oct. 2001
Typed By:    Pat Mott Gobea & Pat Smith Raymond
Location:   On Rte 414 in Canton, Bradford County, Pa.
Other comments:  This is East of the Central Road in Cemetery
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See also - Bradford County Cemetery Addresses

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Soper Melinda   Jun.20.1846 56y w/o Roger Soper
Locke James    Jun.14.1850 84y?  
Locke George W.   Sep,.11.1851 29y11m11d Stone badly eroded
Hall Frederick Cone Nov.8.1829 Jan.??1856    
Black William 1846 1924   Co. D 106 Reg. P.V.-GAR marker & flag
Black Lillian S.Minard 1851 1939   w/o William - same stone
Black Nelle M. 1876 1956    
Black Side stones       Mother - Father - Nelle 
Westgate Nelle  1876 1956    
Westgate Benjamin H. 1866 1947    
Black Harry G. Jan.3.1881 Aug.15.1906    
Black Frank P. Apr.27.1882 Mar.26.1909    
Colwell Large Stone Marker       Metal fence enclosure--10 markers
Colwell Edward Rose Apr.22.1859 Nov.7.1886    
Colwell Fannie M. Lindley Mar.24.1861 May 17.1928   w/o E. R. Colwell
Colwell Sheldon Lindley 1885 1943    
Colwell Pearl Barnes 1885 1983    
Colwell Edward W. Feb.4.1829 May 15.1885    
Rose Jane E. May 29.1840 Mar.28.1883   w/o E. W. Colwell
Rose Kate D. Apr.25.1838 Sep.25.1859   w/o E. W. Colwell
Colwell Rosa Sep.6.1857 Mar.4.1859    
Rose Sophia Feb.22.1813 Jun.3.1845   w/o John C.
Rose John C. Jan.21.1801 Mar.13.1843    
Owen Philah   May24.1842 46y5m w/o Thomas Owen
Owen Adaline       w/o Samuel & d/o Solomon Morse- On ground grass growing across dates
Owen Laura A.       Infant d/o Samuel & Adaline Owen -on stone w/Adaline--dates not readable
Warren William   May 1.1834 3y5m s/o James & Caroline Warren
Howe Henry B Apr.26.1819 Jul.22.1856   Was killed by a discharge of rifle
Greenman Mark H.   Sep.12.1857 83y11m15d "My Husband" In a fenced in area
Hurlburt Orlo B (?)   Oct.15.1853? 10 m ? s/o Harriss (?) & Sarah Hurlburt--Stone in bad condidtion, leaning on above.
Saxton Edgar   Mar.12.1813? 8y7m3d s/o C.H. & Betsy Saxton-Leaning against above two stones
Greenman Helen Aug.28.1811 Aug.24.1888   w/o Mark Greenman? -Stone badly eroded
Emerson Florence G. M.D. 1854 1906    
Gardner Emma M. 1887 1942    
Gardner Walter S. 1881 1950    
Faulkner Bess F. 1882 1958    
Harding Abbie W. 1832 1887   w/o P. H. Harding
Harding P. H. 1830 1884    
Harding Theodore 1799 1870    
Harding Rosalinda 1803 1878    
Dann Abijah 1796 1880    
Dann Phebe 1796 1859    
Rennells Benj.       2 Ct. Regt. Rev. War--Rev. War Marker & Flag
Mandeville Sylvia Chapman Jan.24.1819 Dec.19.1900   w/o S. A. A. C.
Loomis R. S.       Co. 1 203 PA Inf. (?)--GAR Marker & Flag
Loomis Eliza Feb.23.1815 Oct.13.1896    
Palmer Rachel E.   Aug.1.1861 27y2m w/o Valhan (?) Palmer & d/o Russ & M Murray (?) Stone on ground very hard to read-Best guess
Palmer Libbie       Infant daughter (Can't read rest)-On stone w/Rachel
Palmer Matilda   Sep.7.1858 52y7m11d w/o Nathan Palmer
Palmer Lafayette Feb.18.1831 Apr.26.1834   s/o Nathan & Matilda
Palmer ??? Jul.22.1843 Aug.9.1844   s/o Nathan & Matilda
Palmer Russell Feb.16.1845 Feb.16.1845   s/o Nathan & Matilda
Sellard Stephen   Sep.27.1832 22y16d s/o ???--Badly eroded. There is another line think it tells where he died?
Sellard Sybil   May 6.1835 2y11m5d s/o Calvin & Rosina 
Sellard ???       Stone so bad can't read anything 
Loomis Deborah   Aug.8.1855 ? ???? w/o George Hard to read--Best guess
Andrews Nellie M. 1882 1950    
Andrews Forrest E. 1873 1948   Spanish American War Marker & Flag
Andrews Solon L. 1864 1928    
Andrews Belle Sellard 1865 1919   w/o Solon L.
Westgate Ora Andrews 1871 1924    
Andrews Urania Brigham 1834 1902   w/o Lathan --"Mother"
Andrews Lathan 1829 1907   Co. I 15 Reg. NY Vol. Eng. "Father"--GAR Marker & flag
Holcomb Hattie A. Aug.22.1861 Jan.11.1826    
Williams Thomas J. 1847 1927    
Williams Lillian V. 1855 1932    
Williams Galen L. 1879 1933   Flag lying beside stone but no marker?
Williams Mary L. 1873 1952    
Rockwell Estella 1842 1880    
Rockwell Justus 1838 1868    
Rockwell Jeremiah   Feb.8.1876 34y5m GAR marker & flag
Rockwell Lovina   Feb.8.1862 22y?? d/o Jeremiah & Susannah
Rockwell Julia Ann   Jan.9.1860 19y2m5d d/o Jeremiah & Susannah
Rockwell Susannah   Jan.22.1884 77yr w/o Jeremiah "Our Mother"
Rockwell Jeremiah Feb.20.1802     Rest of this is buried-Can't read death date
Rockwell Martha   May 2.1835 11mo d/o Jeremiah & Susannah
Rockwell Jane    Jul.4.1837 5y5m4d d/o Jeremiah & Susannah
Sellard Sybil   Apr.11.1842 3y7m19d 2nd d/o Calvin & Rosina
          Stone has no legible writing left
Sellard Lydia   Jul.31.183? 76y1m w/o ??? Stone badly eroded
Sellard James   Sep.5.1821   Stone broken right on age line
Sellard Stephen   Mar.11.1830 1y3m?d s/o Calvin & Rosina 
Sellard Polly   Jan.28.1869 71y1m?? w/o S. D. Sellard
Sellard Stephen   ?May13.185?   Stone badly eroded--War of 1812 Marker 
Black Mary   Feb.13.1854 ???? w/o E. Black
Black Freddie   Feb.12.1853 1 yr On stone w/Mary Black
          Stone totally buried
          Stone buried--War of 1812 Marker & Flag
Rockwell       57y10m28d Stone broken & mostly buried
          Stone on ground--writing totally gone
?? Olive   Nov.11.1847 72yr Stone badly eroded
Beals Emma       d/o A. & O. Beals--Can't read anything else
  Judson       Nothing else readable
Beals Addison Mar.31.1829 Sep.10.1917    
Beals Olive Jan.8.1842 Dec.4.1902   w/o Addison-On same stone
Bardwell Myra A. Apr.2.1885 Apr.10.1887   d/o O.C. & M.R. (Parents initials are best guess
McKee John    ???   s/o John & Rebecca Mekee or McKee???
          2 bases with no markers
          Pile of broken stones next to shed-pieces scattered
Peterson Burton A. Dec.29.1873 Feb.22.1894    
Robison ??   Jan.26.1867 53y11m?d w/o John Robison
Robison ??   Aug.21.1861 16y2m7d Year and age are best guess-Stone badly eroded
Robison Charlotte   Oct.6.1861 10y5m24d On stone w/above
          Stone--Nothing readable-
Morse Joel 1832 1901    
McIntosh George 1818 1899   Co. C. ?? Regt. Inf.--GAR Marker & flag
          Broken off & missing
Sparks V. C.   Feb.10.1896 58 yr Co. I. 17th Reg. Pennsylvania Vol.
Seely Eliza   Feb.11.18??   w/o Henry--Stone down on ground-badly eroded

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 12/2/2001
By Joyce M. Tice