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See also - Bradford County Cemetery Addresses

Last Name First Name Died Buried Lot # Section # Age Married Single Place of Birth Late Residence Place of Death Death Remarks
Camp Rev. Philander 3/11/1890 3/14/1890   B 72y1m X   Camptown Camptown Camptown Sick 1 wk Removed to Wysox 5/28/1890
VanNess Mrs. Hattie 4/10/1890 4/13/1890 109 C 31 yr X   Camptown Camptown Camptown Pneumonia w/o Will D. VanNess
Lek (?) Mrs. Amelia 4/11/1890 3/13/1890 4 B 39 yr X   Camptown Camptown Consumption w/o L. C. Lek-Removed to Camptown
Lewis Jackson 8/14/1890 8/16/1890 62 A 65y5m X   Merryall Waterbury, Conn Waterbury,Conn Heart Failure  
Camp Mirand Stevens 9/2/1890 8/5/1890 134 C 52 yr X   Stevensville Camptown Camptown Consumption Dates as given -psr
VanAuken Addie Clare 2/12/1891 2/14/1891 127 C 23 yr X   Roseville, Tioga Co. New Albany New Albany,Pa Typho malarial fever Removed to Camptown 2/27/1892
Thomson Hiram C.   Rem.5/5/1891 129 C 16 yr   X Camptown Camptown Camptown Inflam. Bowels  
Thomson Adaline Taylor   Rem.5/5/1891 129 C 2 yr   X Camptown Camptown Camptown Scarlet Fever  
Fuller Hiram A. (?) 6/22/1891 6/24/1891     51 yr X   Herrick Wyalusing Wyalusing,Pa Rheumatism of Heart  
Camp Stewart Lafferty 9/11/1891 9/12/1891 11 B 25y2m14d   X Camptown Binghamton,NY Binghamton,NY Paralysis Permit to remove body 11/20/1897
Kennedy James 2/9/1892 2/12/1892 130 C 66y8m29d X   Bal ??? Merryall Merryall Heart Failure  
Camp E. Charles 8/8/1892 8/10/1892 134 C 20y2m20d   X Camptown Camptown Camptown   s/o L.B. Camp
Elliott Amanda Stat?? 4/1/1893 4/4/1893 101 C 43y5m14d X   French Town,Pa Herrick Herrick Pneumonia w/o E.J. Elliott
Camp William 8/15/1893 8/18/1893 138 A 84y2m17d     Camptown Camptown Camptown Dropsy  
Elliott Elisha K. 8/22/1893 8/24/1893 3 B 62y4m18d X   Merryall Merryall Merryall Heart Failure  
Hodgins Elenor 12/10/1893 12/11/1893 Old Part   3 mo     Philadelphia,Pa Merryall Merryall Congestion lungs Living w/Mr. & Mrs. Luis Coburn
Shoemaker Sam'l G. 3/19/1894 March.1894 9 B 79y8m16d X   Packgnossie.N.J.? WilkesBarre WilkesBarre Inflam. Bowels  
Lewis Elisha K. 5/2/1894 5/4/1894 41 A 79y6m5d Widower   Merryall Merryall Merryall Pneumonia & Heart Failure s/o Justus & Polly Lewis-Elder in Merryall Church
Camp L. B. 5/5/1895 5/8/1895 134 C 68y6m9d Widower   Camptown Camptown Camptown Heart Failure  
Kennedy Rev. Edward 12/13/1895 12/17/1895 40 A 76y3m28d X   Bal ??? ??? Merryall Inflam.Bladder  
Cleveland Mary Ann 6/28/1896 7/1/1896 19 A   X   Merryall Merryall Merryall Consumption of Bowels d/o Ebenezer & Julia Lewis
Lewis Milton 12/30/1896 1/2/1897 23 A 83y4m28d X   Merryall Spring Hill Spring Hill LaGrippe/Pneumonia s/o Justus & Polly Lewis-Elder in Merryall Church
Wells Margaret Neye? 9/3/1897 9/5/1897 100 A 85y8m8d X   Belvidere, NJ Merryall Merryall Paralysis widow of Able Wells
Cleveland Rufus D. 1/1/1898 1/3/1898 19 A 82y7m8d Widower   Eskerance, NY Merryall Merryall Old Age   
Brewer Liona 2/4/1898 2/6/1898 11 B 11y7m12d   X Merryall Merryall Merryall Bronchial Pneumonia d/o Jay S. Brewer
Elliott Lois Pickett 02/03/1900 02/06/1900 67 A 71 yr Widow    Jessup,Sus.Co.Pa Herrick Herrick Diahrea Widow of G.W. Elliott
Kennedy Margaret Neye? 10/19/1900 10/22/1900 40 A 1y28d   Infant Merryall Merryall Merryall Marasmius d/o W.B & M.E. Kennedy
Elliott Ellen 06/29/1901 07/01/1901 90 A     X Merryall Towner Hill Towner Hill, Rome Paralysis d/o Harry & Euphemia Elliott
Beaumont Walker 04/18/1902 04/20/1902 22 B 85y10m14d Widower   West Riding, England Silvara Silvara Old Age  
Verbeyck Henry 06/25/1902 06/27/1902 7 B   Widower     Wyalusing Wyalusing,Pa Old Age  
Hinkley Henry 08/14/1902 08/16/1902 56 A     X   Merryall Rummerfield Railroad accident  
Wylie Jane Nesbit 10/26/1902 10/29/1902     82y4m17d Widow   BallyBay, Ireland Camptown Camptown Stroke/Paralysis Relict of John Wylie
Bradley George R. 10/28/1902 10/30/1902 4 B 13y11m21d       Merryall   Typhoid Ward of Leon Elliott
Elliott A. J. 12/28/1902 12/31/1902 61 A 74y14d X   Merryall Merryall Merryall Paralysis Husband of Etna Wells Elliott/s/o John Elliott
Camp Wayne D. 11/11/1903 11/14/1903 134 C 29y6m12d X   Camptown Camptown Camptown Tubercular laryngitis s/o L.B. Camp
Camp Margaret Elizabeth 01/10/1904   134 C 9m16d   Infant Camptown Camptown Camptown Tubercular laryngitis d/o Wayne ??? Camp
Patterson Thomas 12/16/1903 12/21/1903 6 B 25y1m24d   X Port Rush, Ireland Philadelphia Philadelphia Typhoid Pneumonia Relative of ??? Kennedy
Conover Betsy 04/05/1904 04/07/1904 68 A 73 yr   X   Camptown Camptown Old Age d/o Wm. Conover
Bramhall Annie E. 09/13/1905 09/16/1904 32 A 57y5m2d X   Wyalusing Twp. Camptown Camptown Consumption w/o Walter Bramhall
Kennedy Samuel     6 B   X   Ireland Lime Hill Lime Hill Apoplexy  
Ackroyd Lorinda 01/19/1906 01/22/1906 67 A 76y9m Widow   Jessup,Susq.Twp.Pa Wyalusing Wyalusing,Pa Paralysis w/o George Ackroyd deceased
Cook Mary Delphine 10/23/1906 10/27/1906 132 A 52y5m12d X   Friendsville Merryall Lewisburg Apoplexy w/o Rev. M.S. Cook
Camp Mary                        
Fuller Unreadable                 Washington DC Washington Accidental s/o N.A. Fuller
Lewis Unreadable                 Wyalusing WilkesBarre Plem.Pneumonia s/o E.D. Lewis
Keeler Elisha Stevens 04/25/1908 04/28/1908 111 C 61 X   Merryall New Albany New Albany Heart Trouble Husb. Of Elizabeth Elliott Keeler
Brown Joseph Niles 08/12/1908 08/14/1908 60 A 73 yr X   Wysox Wyalusing Wyalusing Catarrah of Bowels  
Hollis Elisha Lewis 01/17/1908       62 yr X            
?? Lucy Apr.1910       72y6m              
Saxer Lydia Buck 09/14/1909 Sep.1909 10 A 72y11m29d X   Scholarie Co.,NY Culley Culley Apoplexy  

Published on Tri-Counties Site on 04/28/2006
By Joyce M. Tice