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Last Name First Name Died Buried Lot # Section # Age Married Single Place of Birth Late Residence Place of Death Death Remarks
Cook Adelia A. 02/09/1910 02/12/1910 104 C 86y7m7d     Merryall Hazelton Hazelton   Widow of Rev. Darwin Cook
Lewis Clinton 01/08/1911 04/08/1911 87 A 85y10m8d X   Merryall Wichita Wichita Old Age  
Chaffee Eliza Camp 09/17/1913 09/20/1913 105 C 87y1m18d X   Camptown Camptown Camptown Old Age Widow of D. Dwight Chaffee
Snover Polly E.T. 11/30/1913 12/03/1913 20 B 67 yr Widow   Wyalusing Wyalusing Wyalusing Paralysis  
Lewis James N. 02/28/1914 02/28/1914 69 A 75y4m4d   X Wyalusing Wyalusing Wyalusing   Civil War
Lewis May E.                       Widow of Clinton Lewis
Kennedy Mary Ann 04/14/1915 04/17/1915 6 B 78y4m9d Widow   New Brunswick Camptown Camptown Heart Failure  
Keeler Elizabeth Elliott 04/23/1917 04/26/1917 101 C 61y4m Widow   Merryall New Albany New Albany Carcinoma ? Widow of Elisha Stevens Keeler
Elliott Edward Joseph 05/17/1917 05/19/1917 101 C 68y3m30d Widower   Herrick Herrick Herrick Hemorrage of Brain  
Elliott Etna Welles 11/12/1917 11/15/1917 61 A 78y4m4d Widow   Meshoppen Merryall Merryall Heart Trouble Widow of Andrew Jackson Elliott
Kennedy Mary Lewis 07/05/1917 07/09/1917 40 A 86y1m29d Widow   Merryall Merryall Merryall Neuralgia of Heart Widow of Rev. Edward Kennedy
Hillis Mary Cook 07/17/1917 07/20/1917       Widow   Merryall New York New York Brights Disease  
Elliott Winifred Mellisa 08/04/1918 08/07/1918 34 B 55y23d   X Merryall Merryall Merryall   d/o Elisha K. Elliott
Harris Alma ? 05/12/1920 05/14/1920   A 61y9m8d X   Merryall Pittston Pittston Nephritis  
Coleman Mary E. Elliott 07/14/1920 July.1920 2 B 71y3m26d X   ? Twp, Wyoming Co. Herrick Herrick Heart Failure  
Harvey Julia 01/07/1921 01/09/1921 7 B 67 yr X   Terrytown Camptown Laceyville Bronchopneumonia  
Kennedy Emily Brodhead 01/12/1921 01/14/1921 6 B 48y5m48d   X ??? Camptown Malvern Double Pneumonia d/o Samuel & Mary Kennedy
Fuller Delia 02/22/1921 02/24/1921 13 5 78y9m12d Widow   Homets Ferry Homets Ferry Homets Ferry Cerebral Embolism  
Shoemaker Sarah E. 07/18/1921 07/21/1921 10 B 67y4m12d   X Indian Hill Wollaston, Mass. Wollaston,Mass. Internal Hemorahage  
Shoemaker Margaret 02/09/1907 02/12/1907 10 B 85y3m6d Widow   ?? WilkesBarre WilkesBarre Blood Poisoning  
Verbyck Clarence 02/28/1923 03/03/1921 7 B 68y8m12d   X   Wyalusing Wyalusing Heart Failure Dates as given -psr
Kennedy Martha 03/12/1924 03/15/1924 6 B 55 yr   X Manchunk ? Lime Hill Lime Hill Pneumonia d/o Samuel & Mary A. Kennedy
Elliott Effie S. 09/01/1924 09/03/1924 61 A 65y4m17d   X Merryall Merryall Sayre Myocarditis d/o Jackson & Etna Wells Elliott
Elliott Hannah Marian 11/23/1924 11/28/1924 34 B 83y8m22d Widow   Brooklyn,Susq.C Merryall Merryall Cardiac Dropsy Widow of E.K. Elliott
Kennedy Annie E. 06/21/1925 06/25/1925 6 B 60y10m25d   X Mauck Chunk ? Merryall Merryall Cancer d/o Samuel & Mary A. Kennedy
Kennedy Mary P. 12/05/1925 12/08/1925 40 B 56y2m9d X   Coleraine,Ireland Merryall Merryall Cancer  
Nesbit Harriet 01/20/1928 01/25/1928 1 B 56y4m22d X   Camptown Warren, Ohio Warren, Ohio Pneumonia w/o Cornel Nesbit
Fuller Edgar S. 09/19/1928   133 C 82 yr X   Camptown Seattle, Wash. Seattle, Wash. Paralysis  
Stone Perry 11/05/1928 11/08/1928 126 C 53y11m17d X   Merryall Merryall Merryall Dropsy  
Huffman Elvira 11/10/1929 11/13/1929 13 B 85 yr Widow     Endicott, NY Endicott, NY Myocarditis  
Dodge David D. 04/18/1930 04/21/1930 131 C 78 yr X   Terrytown Wyalusing Wyalusing Sudden Death Husband of Sarah Cook Dodge
Fuller Amanda Stat?? Oct.1930   133 C 82 yr Widow   Camptown Seattle, Wash. Seattle, Wash. Old Age w/o Edgar Fuller
Williams Elnora Marie 10/22/1931 10/25/1931 113 B 9y3m17d     New Albany Black Athens Sugar Diabetis  
Kennedy J. A. 09/09/1932 09/12/1932 130 C 77y2m27d X     Merryall Merryall Heart Failure  
Strong Infant Son 09/25/1932 09/28/1932 110 B 20 da.             Infant son of Ivan Strong
Kennedy W. B. 06/17/1933 06/19/1933 40 B 69y9m17d Widower   Elkland Merryall Merryall Stroke s/o Rev. Edward Kennedy
Black Mrs. Nan 11/21/1933 11/23/1933 1 B 66 yr Widow   Merryall Camptown Sayre Broken leg Widow of John Black-d/o Hiram Elliott
Williams Carl Ivan 11/07/1933 11/09/1933 113 B 18 da   Infant New Era New Era Pneumonia    
Champlin Alice K. 02/01/1934 02/03/1934 108 B 69y1m X   Elkland Orwell Orwell Pneumonia w/o F. I. Champlin
Dodge ?? 03/04/1934 03/07/1934 131 C 47y8m X   Hazelton Catonsville, Md. Catonsville, Md Pneumonia s/o D. Dimock Dodge
  Unreadable                 Wyalusing, Pa. Sayre Intestinal Obstruction  
Elliott Unreadable                 Herrick Sayre Cerebral Hemorrhage s/o Mark Elliott
Elliott Mary A. 12/09/1934 Dec.1934 3 B 69y18d   X Merryall Merryall Sayre Peritonitis d/o Elisha Elliott
Cook Milton Lewis 01/10/1935 01/14/1935 132 C 83y7m8d Widower   Rome Merryall New Haven, CT. Pneumonia & Diabetes s/o Rev.Darwin Cook/Husb. Of Mary Thomas Cook
Stone Ethel 01/19/1935 01/21/1935 125 C 34 yr X     WilkesBarre WilkesBarre Intestinal obstruction w/o Claude Stone
Brown Harriet 06/21/1935 06/24/1935 124 C 75y1m Widow   Merryall Merryall Merryall Stroke w/o J. Miles Brown/d/o Jackson Elliott
Titus Amy Junk 02/01/1938 02/05/1938 14 B 42 yr X   Wyalusing Wyalusing Twp. Sayre Hosp. Pneumacoccemia Type VIII w/o Perry Titus
Lewis Willis Elisha 05/25/1938 05/28/1938 102 C 86 yr X   Wyalusing Wyalusing Wyalusing Arterial Selerosis s/o Elisha Lewis
Kennedy Mrs. Martha 11/03/1938 11/05/1938 130 C 76 yr Widow   Coleraine,Ireland? Erie, Pa. Sayre Hosp. Parkinson's Disease w/o James A. Kennedy
Elliott Wickham Newell 01/31/1940 02/03/1940 123 C 66y4m1d X   Merryall Merryall Merryall Organic Heart Disease Husband of Grace Fuller Elliott/s/o Jackson Elliott

Published on Tri-Counties Site on 04/28/2006
By Joyce M. Tice