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See also - Bradford County Cemetery Addresses

Last Name First Name Died Buried Lot # Section # Age Married Single Place of Birth Late Residence Place of Death Death Remarks
Snover Maud Capitola 05/08/1940 05/11/1940 20 B 71y8m2d   X Wyalusing Wyalusing Homets Ferry Cerebral Embolism d/o John Snover
Keeler Charles Henry 12/31/1940 01/03/1941 110 C 68 yr X   Merryall New Albany New Albany Arterio Sclerosis s/o Elisha & Elizabeth Elliott Keeler
Lewis Amelia Bishop 12/15/1941 12/18/1941 102 C 90y8m18d Widow   Salem, NY Wyalusing Wyalusing Grippe w/o Willis E. Lewis
Elliott Jennie 12/27/1941 12/30/1941 1 B 72y9m17d   X Merryall Camptown Camptown Coronary Thrombosis d/o Hiram Elliott
Lewis Grace A. 01/26/1942 01/29/1942 102 C 66y9m23d   X Merryall Wyalusing Wyalusing Cardiac Compensation Disease d/o Willis & Amelia Bishop Lewis
Lewis Harriet Augusta 03/30/1942 04/01/1942 6 A 78 yr X     Wyalusing Wyalusing Coronary Thrombosis w/o Edgar D. Lewis
Harnes Paul Bernard 12/05/1942 12/06/1942 101 C 2 da   Infant Sayre   Sayre Hosp. Cerebral hemorrhage Infant s/o Bernard & Helen Elliott Harnes
Wood Sarah Frances Cook 11/16/1944 11/20/1944 122 C 52y7m X   Merryall Chatham, NJ Overlook Hosp-Summit, NJ Cerebral hemorrhage w/o Ernest B. Wood & d/o Rev. Lewis & Mary Cook
Fuller Mary Gwendolyn Cook 12/05/1944 04/29/1945 133 C 64y11m19d X   Missoula, Montana Ames, Iowa Ames, Iowa Resperatory Failure w/o Almon Fuller-d/o Rev. Lewis M. & Mary Thomas Cook
Dodge Sarah Cook 01/11/1945 07/15/1945 131 C 88y15d X   Merryall Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Not Given w/o Dimock Dodge-d/o Darwin & Adelia Cook
Elliott William Henry 10/01/1945 10/04/1945 123 C 82y4m26d   X Merryall Merryall Merryall Coronary Thrombosis s/o Jackson & Etna Wells Elliott
Champlain Charlotte B. 12/30/1945 01/03/1946 108 B 75 yr X     Orwell Orwell Arterio Sclerosis w/o F. I. Champlin
Stone Mary Snover 09/03/1946 09/06/1946 126 C 80 yr27d Widow   Wyalusing Boro Camptown Camptown Arterio Sclerosis Widow of Perry Stone
Lewis Edgar Darwin 10/23/1946 10/26/1946 41 A 87 yr Widower   Wyalusing Wyalusing Wyalusing Cerebral Hemorrhage s/o Elisha Lewis
Holmes Mrs. Estella B. 07/17/1947 July.1947 22 B 84 yr X       Sayre   d/o Walker Beaumant
Brown Elmer P. 02/05/1948 03/09/1948 15 B 60 yr         Sayre Urethral ??? s/o Mrs. Estella B. Holmes
Elliott Robert Fuller 07/24/1951 07/27/1951 119 C 53 yr X   Wyalusing Camptown Stevens Twp.   s/o W.H. & Grace Elliott
Cook Rev. W. Thomas 01/15/1952 Jan.1952 132 C 71 yr X   Wyalusing Camptown Meshoppen Acute Coronary Disease s/o Rev. M. L. Cook
Elliott Emma Agusta 09/14/1952 09/17/1952 122 C 87 yr   X Merryall Merryall Merryall Bronchial Pneumonia d/o Jackson & Etna Wells Elliott
Davenport Nancy Jean 02/23/1953 02/25/1953 114 C       Johnson City Johnson City Johnson City Premature d/o Duane & Shirley Strong Davenport
Overfield Helen 05/01/1953 05/04/1953 19 B 65 yr X     W. Pittston W. Pittston Pul.Embolism w/o Moses Overfield
Allen Mary L. 11/03/1954 11/05/1954 107 B 72y4m26d X   Camptown Endicott, NY Endicott, NY Carcinoma of Lung d/o N.A. Fuller
Shaver 04/20/1957 04/22/1957 21 B 76 yr         Sayre, Pa(Packer Hosp) Thrombosis Middle Cerebral Artery    
Elliott Leon M. 03/06/1958 03/08/1958 4 B 89y5m   X Merryall Camptown Towanda Bronchial Pneumonia s/o Elisha Elliott
Elliott George Mark 05/09/1958 05/12/1958 101 C 69y9m8d X   Merryall Camptown Pleasantville, Pa. Acute Coronary Occlusion s/o Edward & Amanda States Elliott 
Cook Philip Lewis 01/02/1958 08/29/1958 120 C 67y4m27d X   Merryall Daytona Beach,Fl Daytona Beach,Fl.   s/o Milton Lewis & Nancy Thomas Cook-h/o Katharine Montgomery Cook
Titus Perry 08/28/1958 08/31/1958 14 B 62 yr X   Herrick Twp. Hillsboro Twp, NJ Hillsboro Twp,NJ Cerebral Hemorrhage h/o Airey Junk Titus
Childs Elizabeth Elliott 10/10/1958 10/13/1958 124 C 79 yr X   Merryall Merryall Towanda Acute Myocardial Infarction Husband-David Childs-d/o Jackson & Etna Wells Elliott
Overfield Moses E. 02/18/1960 02/20/1960 19 B 75y10m8d Widower   Southport, NY W. Pittston W. Pittston Cerebral Hemorrhage h/o Helen Overfield
Champlain Frank  05/24/1960 05/26/1960 108 B   Widower     Tunkhannock Tunkhannock Senility h/o Charlotte B. Champlain
Fuller Almon H. 03/31/1961 06/06/1961 133 C 89y3m2d Widower   Camptown Des Moines, Wash DesMoines,Wash. Heart Failure s/o E.S. & A.C. Fuller-h/o Nancy G. Cook
Stone Claude A. 09/30/1961 10/03/1961 125 C 70y8m23d X   Wyalusing Twp. Kingston, Pa Vet.Hosp.,WilkesBarre,Pa Coronary Thrombosis s/o Perry Stone
Elliott Ralph S. 04/15/1963 04/18/1963 101 B 78 yr   X Wyalusing Twp. Sayre, Pa  Sayre Cerebral Anoxia s/o Edward & Amanda States Elliott 
Willner Dr. Otto 10/02/1963 10/06/1963 18 B 73 yr X     New Haven, Ct. New Haven, CT. Cancer h/o Alice Cook Willner
Strong Grace M. 05/12/1964 05/14/1964 115 B 50 yr X     Homets Ferry N.Towanda Twp. Uremia w/o Ivan Strong
Shaver Florence 06/20/1965 06/22/1965 21 B 81 yr Widow     Sayre, Pa. Packer Hosp.Sayre, Pa Pneumonoccol Meningitis w/o Harry Shaver (assumed)
Elliott Mary M. 05/15/1966 05/18/1966 101 C 76 yr Widow   Herrick Twp. Herrick Twp. N. Towanda Twp. Sclecemia? Widow of Mark Elliott
Stannett Unreadable 06/19/1966 ?? 17 B 76 yr X     Petersborough, NH Petersborough Coronary  Husband of Adelia Dodge Stannett'
Elliott Unreadable                 Ft.Lauderdale,FL Ft. Lauderdale, Fl w/o Wickham Elliott
Goodwin Polly F   07/17/1968                   Ashes spread by granddaughter
Dodge John F. 01/24/1969 08/16/1969 16   75 yr X     New Hartford, Conn. Torrington, Conn. Congestive heart failure Wife-Thelma - Veteran
Wood Ernest B. 07/27/1970 07/31/1970 122 C 81 yr X   Herrick Twp. Summit, NJ Summit, NJ Acute left ventricular heart failure Veteran
Malvitz Louis 09/26/1970 09/29/1970 23 A 76 yr X Phila. Wyalusing, Pa. Wyalusing Stroke Veteran
Cook Maude Rose Hemphill 06/08/1971 07/10/1971 132   91 yr X   New Jersey Duarte, Calif. Duarte, Calif   Ashes 
Willner Dr. Alice C.  10/30/1973 11/03/1973 18   87 yr X   Penna. New Haven, Ct. Rockville, Md. Pulmonary Obstruction Ashes-Widow of Dr. Otto Willlner-d/o Rev. & Mrs. M.L. Cook
Fuller Emilie Stone 08/07/1973 06/08/1974         X     Sea.K Co.Wash   Ashes
Kennedy Alice  08/01/1976 08/20/1976 40   80 yr   X Merryall Florida     Ashes
Dodge Thelma Petree 10/29/1976 06/19/1977 16   75 yr X   Missouri Michigan Detroit, Mich. Carcinoma of Breast Ashes - w/o John F. - Teacher
Kennedy Edward Porter 07/05/1978 07/08/1978 106 B 84 yr X   Merryall Merryall Merryall Cardiac Arrest  
Dodge Katherine Morrissy 01/15/1978 07/17/1978 131 C 92 yr X   Baltimore, Md. Baltimore, Md. Baltimore, Md.   Ashes-w/o Lincoln Cook Dodge
Dodge Peter Cook 05/31/1977 07/17/1978 131 C 57   X Baltimore, Md. Baltimore, Md. Baltimore, Md. Heart Attack Ashes-s/o Katherine & Lincoln Cook Dodge
Dodge Kathrine   03/28/1981 131 C         Brooklyn, NY     Ashes-d/o Katherine & Lincoln Cook Dodge
Reinhart Helen Elliott 10/21/1981 10/24/1981 119 C 83 yr Widow     Towanda, Pa. Mem.Hosp.,Towanda,Pa Organ Failure Ashes-w/o Robert Elliott who died 1953/w/o Thomas Reinhart
Kennedy Mary E. Elliott 08/30/1983                      
Wood Cordelia S. 02/24/1986 05/17/1986 122   87 yr X   N.Y. State Medford, NJ Medford, NJ Heart Failure Ashes-w/o Ernest Wood

Published on Tri-Counties Site on 04/28/2006
By Joyce M. Tice