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Markers copied by J. Kelsey Jones.

Photo by Joyce M. Tice July  1999

Moore Cemetery

South Creek Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Located in South Creek Township, Bradford County approximately one half mile south of Gillett, east of Route 14 and west of South Creek in a field surrounded by trees and brush on land where Jesse Moore and family settled. Members of the Moore family were the earliest interments. The oldest dated marker is for Charlotte Moore Odell who died in 1825. 
Cemetery read and submitted by J. Kelsey Jones and printed with his permission
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BROWN Hannah, wife of Josiah Brown d. July 30, 1852 Ag’d 73 y’rs 6 m. & 2 d’s. 
GEORGE Annabell daughter of Wm. & Anna George d. Oct. 10, 1872 AGED 1 yr. 1 mo. & 24 d’s.
GOLDSMITH William Goldsmith born Sept 27, 1801 died Jan 26, 1883.
  Phebe, wife of William Goldsmith d. June 7, 187_ aged 60 y’rs 2 mo’s & 3 d’s.
HAVENS Frank Havens Mar 25, 1857 Feb 11, 1913
  Minnie E., his wife June 19, 1863 Sept 8, 1920
  Lutie E., Nov 6, 1885 May 16, 1887
  Iva M., Feb 16, 1890 Sept 18, 1890
  Elbern M., Mar 8, 1891 July 3, 1891
  Iva M., daughter of F. & M. Havens d. Sept 17, 1890 aged 7 mos.
  Elbern M., son of F. & M. Havens d. July 3, 1891 AE 3 mo’s & 25 da’s.
  Lutie E., daughter of F. & M. Havens d. May 16, 1887 aged 2 years 6 m’s & 10 d’s.
MOORE  Hervey Jones Moore DIED Feb 19, 1863 Aged 8 years 5 mo & 1_ d’s. (Marker broken and badly damaged)
MOORE Jesse Moore d. Sept 12, 1844 aged 71 Years 3 months & 12 days
  Lydia wife of Jesse Moore d. July 31, 1855 Ag’d 79 y’rs 11 mo & 11 d’s.
  Jesse Moore d. March 6, 1872 aged 66 y’rs 7 mo’s & 1 d.
  Abigail M., wife of Jesse Moore d. Jan 16, 1886 Aged 66 Yrs 9 Mo & 25 Ds.
  Sarah Ann daughter of Jesse & Abigail Moore d. Sept 3, 1839, Aged 10 months & 9 days.
  Albert Jesse son of Jesse & Abigail Moore d. Aug 7, 1858 aged 8 y’ars & 3 d’s.
  W. H. Moore d. Aug 28, 1879 Aged 39 Y’s 4 M’s & 21 D’s
  Lydia, wife of David R. Moore and dau of David R. & Lucinda Haswell d. July 14, 1861 
  Lucinda Ellen dau of David R. & Lydia Moore d. Sept 13, 1857 AE 7Y.
ODELL Charlotte wife of Moses Odell and daughter of Jesse & Lydia Moore d. July 10, 1825 Aged 
RYAN Ellen M., wife of L. J. Ryan d. July 8, 1878 Aged 23 Y’rs 4 Mo’s & 12 D’s.
SAWDEY William Sawdey May 30, 1813 Aug 15, 1882
  Martha, his wife Nov 29, 1838 May 1, 1924
  A Soldier, Frank S. Sawdey, Co. M. 21. N.Y. Inf. d. Oct 20, 1903 Aged 29 yrs 4 mos 16 
SMITH Albert Jesse son of Charles & Ida Smith (broke and remainder missing)
Caption Below 1) Frank Havens bur. Moore cem. & article
Files sent in low resolution so article too tiny to read
3) Iva. Moore Havens in Moore cem. died at 7mo.old 4) Lutie E. Havens in Moore cem. died 2yrs, 6mo.old
-----Original Message-----
From: Bill & Ruth Thomason []
Sent: Friday, March 25, 2005 12:30 PM
Subject: pics 4 People buried Moore Cemetery(So.Creek)

Hi Kelsey. I've written to you in the past (2001!) about having these pictures. Finally getting around to sending them to you. This explains the 4 pics. I'm sending separately.
1) Frank Havens bur. Moore cem. & article
2) Frank Havens & Minnie Havens couple left hand corner.
    Other family members are:
    on left Ida Moore Smith with dau. Leda Smith. Ida is William Harrison Moore's sister. W.H. Moore is buried in
    Moore cem. Upper rt. is my grandfather Harrison Jesse
    Moore & in front of him, his mother Irene Montanye
    Moore widow of Wm. Harrison Moore. Irene is dau. of
    So. Creek residents J. Montanye & Emily Montanye
    per Federal Census for So. Creek 1880. The census
    shows Nellie Montanye age 21 still at home but Irene
    had moved. Sometime after W.H. Moore died Irene mar.
    Clarence E. Reeder & settled in Milwaukee, Wis. with
    her 2 children Harrison Jesse Moore & Vieva May Moore
    ( Vieva is a female).
3) Iva. Moore Havens in Moore cem. died at 7mo.old
4) Lutie E. Havens in Moore cem. died 2yrs, 6mo.old
Just thought you would like to see these pictures. Maybe they can be put on Joyce Tice website for Moore cem.
 I also have picture of the W.H. Moore referred to in this email but will scan it on another day. Enjoy!
Ruth A. Thomason
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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By Joyce M. Tice
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