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Additional Burials and information

Name of Cemetery:    Mountain Lake Cemetery, Burlington Twp.
Read By:  Kenneth Chapman, Jr. & Pat Raymond
Date Read:   July 24. 1999
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  East side of County Road 08069 between the east and west intersection of County road T 522
Other comments: Last read by Edna Foster Watson & Ellen R. Glueck in 1979
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A - C D - K L - Sh Si - Z Additional Burials and information
Lampman Chester J. 1900 1978    
Lampman Eleanor A. 1903      
Lampman Addie M.   Jun.26.1856 80 yr (?)  
Lampman Robert M.   Mar.18.1905 29 yr s/o J. F. & Addie Lampman
Lampman Freeland   Dec.16.1885 7 yr s/o J. F. & Addie Lampman
Lampman John F.       Sergt. Co. K 30 N.Y. Inf (Gov't stone, no dates) GAR
Lampman Annie 1852 1932    
Lampman Anna M. 1916 1971   (Anna M. Short)
Lane Edgar W. 1853 1915    
Lane Mary C. 1862 1928   w/o Edgar W. Lane
Lenox Juliet F. 1845 1920    
Lenox David S. 1838 1914   ****Should be 1838??****
Lenox Baby Guy D.   Jul.??1881 ? 1-2-0  
Lenox Lee D. 1883 1962    
Lenox Ione M. 1886 1963    
Lewis John Jul.16.1844 Apr.14.1905    
Lewis Harriet E. Jun.20.1844     w/o John Lewis -Marker with flag. "U.S.", but no war designation
Lewis Charles Dec.17.1835 Mar.23.1887    
Lewis Ellen E. Dec.5.1848 Mar.5.1889   w/o Charles Lewis
Lewis Sybil Jun.17.1864 27 yrs w/o Charles Lewis
Lewis William   Dec.15.1867 5 yrs s/o Charles & Sybil Lewis
Litzelman George  1828 1920    
Litzelman George        
Litzelman Lovina H.   Jul.9.1881 44-9-0 w/o George Litzelmar
Litzelman Emma L. Jun.16.1858 Mar.30.1909   Emma L. Mullan Litzelmar
Litzelman Russell S.   Apr.26.1887 23 yrs  
Litzelman Walter J.   Mar.1.1890 20-6-0  
Loomis Joseph 1842 1926   Co I 29 Wis Inf. Vol.
Loomis Joseph C. 1838 1936    
Loomis Frances P.   1932    
Loomis Geraldine E. 1901 1969    
Loomis Hilda        
Loomis Joseph C. 1896 1985    
Loomis Robert King 1884 1981    
MacDonald Donald 1898 1960    
MacDonald Rita G. 1899 1999    
Madigan Estella Feb.14.1865 Jan.17.1928    
Madigan Frank W. Apr.22.1868 Feb.5.1924    
Madigan Michael B. 1831 1908    
Madigan Maria 1835 1908   w/o Michael B. Madigan
Madigan George W. 1895     Married May 10, 1923
Madigan Lura E. 1897 1976   Married May 10, 1923
Madigan George W. 1895 1985   Married May 10. 1923
Madigan Lura E. 1895 1985   w/o George W. Madigan
Maynard Daisy Mar.23.1888      
McCord Samuel B. May 27.1819 Jul.17.1894    
McCord Mary Ann Jun.15.1831 Dec.15.1910   w/o Samuel B. McCord
McCord Ellen Mar.26.1865 Jan.6.1921   d/o Samuel & Mary McCord
McCord John   Nov.7.1874 83-9-0  
McDonald Margie   Nov.14.1863 1-11-2 d/o Richard & Emma McDonald
McMahan Elizabeth Jun.17.1915 Feb.1.1994    
MCord     Nov.7.1874 33y 9m Old MCord Stone no readable first name
Mead Eli K.   Jun.11.1861 54-5-0 (May be 1864)
Mead Rhea 1886    
Mead Sarah Jane   Jun.29.1849 ? 3-3-1 d/o D.D. & Ann Mead
Mead Fidelia A.   Feb.16.1838 ? 3-7-18 d/o Daniel & Ann Mead
Mead Cally C.   Nov.4.1862 10-2-0 s/o D.D. & Ann Mead
Mead Daniel D.   Jun.10.1882 75-1-6 GAR
Mead H. P. Sep.14.1838 Oct.6.1919   Co I 6th Pa Regt.
Mead Amanda E. Jul. 28.1844 Aug.18.1893   w/o H. P. Mead
Mead Vinnie E. Aug.26.1878 May 7.1911   d/o H. P. & A. E. Mead
Mead Etta 1878 1911    
Mead Harrison P. 1839 1919   Gov't stone - Co I 6 Pa Reg Inf. GAR
Mead Sarah S. 1882 1944    
Mead John A. 1880 1951    
Melville Franklin W. Oct.8.1819 Aug.25.1887   Hard to read, but believe to be Civil War unit (GAR)
Melville Harry T. 1868 1958    
Melville Jessie O. 1869 1939    
Melville Earl 1898 1900    
Melville Walter E. 1877 1964    
Melville Ethel S. 1880 1975    
Moon Boyd W. 1893 1982   Co. E 109 Inf. Div 28 WW I
Morgan Ralph D. 1926      
Morrison Elizabeth 1829 1901    
Morse Lewis A.   Apr.14.1902 25-5-2  
Mosch E. Marie 1917 1945   E. Marie Strope Mosch
Myers Alfred   Mar.30.1856 6-0-5 s/o J.W. & Hily Lane
Nichols Smith L. Mar.16.1841   Co B 50th N.Y. Eng. 1861-1865
Nichols H. Melissa Feb.2.1841 Aug.5.1912   w/o Smith L. Nichols (H. Melissa Bloom
Nichols     1858   My Little Angel Boy
Nichols Earl Apr.18.1798 Jun.26.1866    
Nichols Ursala Oct.9.1802 Apr.29.1885   w/o Earl Nichols 
Nichols James W. Oct.1.1826 Feb.3.1913    
Nichols Ann Waters Feb.5.1826 Nov.19.1907   w/o J.W. Nichols - born in Wales (Ann Waters)
Nichols J. O. Aug.17.1849 May 31.1916    
Nichols Adalaide Jan.13.1852 Jan.10.1905   w/o J. O. Nichols
Nichols Linnie A. 1853 1928    
Nichols Hon. C. F. 1824 1902    
Nichols Martha S. 1824 1906   w/o C.F. Nichols (Martha S. Smith)
Nichols Ulysses A. 1852 1876    
Nichols Maurice J. 1868 1899    
Nichols Earl G. 1871 1930    
Nichols Maude E. 1871 1943   w/o Earl G. Nichols
Nichols Allene 1896 1915   d/o Earl G. & Maude E. Nichols
Nichols Helen M. 1877 1952    
Nichols Allen P. 1873 1950    
Nichols Charles 1897 1897   s/o Allen & Helen Nichols
Nichols H. O. 1875 1951    
Nichols Cora Ellis 1877 1927   w/o H. O. Nichols
Nichols Ruth B. Oct.7.1902 Feb.10.1988    
Nichols Ann Berwick 1849 1923    
Norton Louis   Oct.28.1886   s/o John & Anna Norton (age buried)
Norton Anna B.   Mar.9.1889 23-6-0 w/o J. W. Norton (Anna B. Lewis)
Norton Frances M. 1902 1983    
Norton Eugene 1895 1977   US Army
Norton B. Stuart 1931      
Norton Phyllis 1933 1981   w/o B. Stuart Norton
Olmstead Frances B. 1863 1920    
Osgood Elma E. Dec.28.1860 Jun.30.1909    
Oswald Raymond C. Jan.19.1916     Married May 27.1939
Oswald Mary E. Feb.14.1918 Oct.20.1992   w/o Raymond C. Oswald
Parks Barbara J. Feb.12.1958 Oct.7.1992   (Barbara J. Lamb)
Patterson Francis E. Nov.20.1843 May 26.1864   s/o E. & M. - a member of Co. C. 141st Pa. Vol. GAR.
Patterson Edward Dec.18.1816 May 19.1953    
Peterson Ruth Naomi Nov.16.1911 Oct.11.1967    
Petrucci Domenic A. Nov.23.1919     married May 2. 1943
Petrucci Angelina Oct.31.1923 May 28.1989   w/o Domenic A. Petrucci
Petrucci Duane L. 1947 1999    
Phillips David H. 1835 1909   Co A 207 Reg Pa Vol.
Phillips Armena 1850 1914   w/o David H. Phillips (Armena Baxter)
Phillips Berdell 1874 1962    
Phillips Rena 1876 1940   w/o Berdell Phillips (Rena Peters)
Phillips D. Preston 1905 1985    
Phillips Lida May 1877 1971   Lida May Carpenter Phillips
Phillips Florence 1902 1910    
Phillips Bertie D.   Jan.1.1851   s/o David H. & ?? Phillips
Phillips Bertha   Jan.18.1851   d/o David H. & J.M. (or R)
Phillips Margaret  1821 1889   Margaret Tompkins Phillips
Phillips Caleb   Aug.13.1851 58 yrs  
Phillips Charles   Jul.2.1819 11-2-12 s/o Caleb & Jane A. Phillips
Phillips Jane A. Dec.20.1802 Nov.27.1879   w/o C. P. Phillips
Phillips Sarah E.   Mar.15.1876 53-0-26 w/o John M. Phillips
Pierce Elsie C. Mar.16.1883 Mar.21.1917    
Pierce H. Wayne 1878 1969    
Pierce Frankie R. 1890 1970    
          WHITEHEAD & PIERCE "In Memoriam" no other markings
Pierce Henry Richard Jan.30.1908 Jan.4.1991    
Pierce Margaret Baxter Sep.14.1912     w/o Henry R. Pierce
Price Hariet Oct.5.1859 Nov.27.1860   Badly worn stone-d/o Ezra & Hilda Price
Price Ella A. Nov.1864 June 1869   Badly worn stone-d/o Ezra & Hilda Price
Pruyne Phillip Roger Jul.11.1935 Sep.16.1935   "Our little one" No surname
Pruyne David C. Jan.21.1876 Jan.8.1845    
Pruyne Carrie M. Jun.16.1875 Mar.2.1947   w/o David C. Pruyne (Carrie Benjamin)
Pruyne Madelene W. Nov.2.1908 Jun.16.1909    
Pruyne Virginia 1907 1947    
Pruyne Fred H. Dec.9.1896 Aug.23.1948    
Pruyne Royal D. May 17.1854 Dec.12.1937    
Pruyne Wealtha A. Sep.1.1857 Feb.1.1947   w/o Royal D. Pruyne (Wealtha A. Strope)
Pruyne Stella Jan.24.1887 Jan.26.1887    
Pruyne R. D. Jr. Mar.17.1891 Mar.23.1891    
Pruyne Charley H. May 25.1880 Feb.6.1899    
Pruyne Allen L. Mar.19.1878 May 4.1943   Spanish-American War Vet. marker-Phillipine Islands, Puerto Rico
Pruyne Wallace C. Jun.16.1899 Sep.18.1983    
Pruyne Myrtle L. Oct.11.1901 Oct.8.1977    
Raub Charles J. Aug.16.1810 Feb.28.1873   Dates on stone--8th mo 16 1810 - 2nd mo 28 1873
Raub Anna T. Oct.8.1802 Jul.23.1880   Dates on stone--10th mo 8 1802 - 7th mo 23 1880
Raymond Dency S. 1896 1950   Dency S. Rogers
Raymond Lee H. 1881 1968    
Reed Gerald W.   1931   s/o Wm. & Beryl Reed
Reed William A. 1902 1967    
Reed Beryl 1904 1969   Beryl Carman Reed
Rice Charlotte   May 21 ?? 45 yr w/o J. W. Rice (Stone broken)
Robinson Wm. R.   May 26.1883 71-8-7  
Robinson Harriet Jan.13.1816 Feb.1.1889   w/o Wm. R. Robinson
Robinson Ida Ellis 1859 1940    
Rogers Ella 1864 1920   w/o Robert Rogers (Ella Scudder)
Rogers Robert       No stone - open space
Roloson Sarah 1835 1913    
Ross Roy C. 1900 1926   Corp. Co F 68th Regt. A. C. - GAR marker, obviously in error
In checking Bradford County veterans it says Roy C. Ross was in WW1 not Civil War. So possibly this is correct for birth date
Ross Devellum 1849 1924    
Ross Nellie 1856 1917   w/o Devellum (Nellie Camp)
Ross Wm. Finley 1822 1909   "Father"
Ross Clarissa S. 1820 1902   "Mother"
Ross Leigh D. 1892 1943    
Ross Ellen E. 1893 1978    
Ross Richard M. Nov.30.1925 Dec.7.1995   AVN Cadet US Army WW II
Ross Mildred L. Jan.28.1902 Mar.20.1989   w/o Roy C. Ross (Mildred L. Henry)
Rubert Norma G. 1931 1997    
Rubert Gerald E. 1932      
Rubert Shirley K. 1962 1976    
Samans Harriet   Mar.27.1872 48 yrs w/o Edmon Sammons
Sammons Edmund E. Apr.2.1814 May 22.1885   "Father" GAR
Schouten John W. 1910 1954   Tec 3 WW II
Schouten Murray 1870 1941    
Schouten Lydia M. 1883 1962    
Scouten C. R. Apr.25.1808 Jul.26.1900    
Scouten Chloe May 7.1816 May 26.1853   w/o C. R. Scouten
Scouten Elvaira M. Aug.16.1823 Apr.11.1902   w/o C. R. Scouten
Scouten Ira M. Mar.20.1834 May 13.1846    
Scouten Wm. P. Aug.4.1855 Apr.26.1860    
Scouten Inf. Dau   Aug.26.1865    
Scouten Ira M.   May 13.1846 12-1-23 s/o C. R. & Chloe Scouten
Scouten Wm. Perry   Apr.26.1860 4/9/22 s/o C. R. & Elvira Scouten
Scouten Inf. Dau   Aug.26.1865   d/o C. R. & Elvira M. Scouten
Scouten Chloe   May 26.1853 37-0-19 w/o Chas. R. Scouten
Scouten Jacob   Mar.15.1842 87 yrs Rev. War & DAR markers
Scouten Lula Jan.13.1887 Aug.23.1887   Our baby Lula E. D/o A.O. & J.A.
Scouten Eugene G.   Mar.3.1911 26 yr died at Pasadena, Calif.
Scouten Allen O. May 18.1853 Sep.1.1896    
Selleck Theron H. Apr.18.1861 Oct.11.1929    
Selleck Almeda A. Apr.17.1860 Sep.26.1922   w/o Theron H. Selleck (Almeda A. Granger)
  Little Howard   Sep.23.1919   "Little Howard born dead Sep. 23. 1919 (a cement faced cinder block)
Selleck Lyman S. 1850 1928    
Selleck Melissa A. 1853 1930   w/o Lyman S. Selleck (Melissa A. Morrison)
Selleck Cyrus A. 1882 1884    
Selleck Cora Ida 1885 1897    
Selleck Katherine E. Sep.29.1885 Jan.14.1966    
Selleck Ezra B. May 30.1887 Feb.18.1985    
Selleck Lorrin A. Jan.1.1861 Nov.9.1958    
Selleck Edsall J. Mar.27.1856 Jan.29.1941    
Selleck Mark D. 1866 1940  
Selleck Hattie 1879 1950    
Selleck Allene M. 1895 1918   Allene M. Allen
Selleck Myrtle M. 1899 1984    
Selleck Martin A. 1894 1972    
Selleck Matilda E. 1872 1942   "Mother"
Selleck George G. 1857 1932   "Father"
Selleck Abel E. Mar.9.1831 Jun.1.1890    
Selleck Mary Ann Jul.5.1827 Apr.15.1903   w/o Abel E. Selleck (Mary Ann Grist)
Selleck Daniel D. 1823 1913   Co. B 207 Reg. Pa Vol.
Selleck Elizabeth Ann 1829 1901   w/o Daniel D. Selleck
Selleck Horace Edward 1862 1864    
Selleck Judith Esther 1852 1864    
Selleck Riley   Mar.11.1851 57-1-2  
Selleck Cortland Darrow Jan.16.1849 Jan.21.1897    
Selleck Eliza M. Oct.25.1853 Dec.22.1883   w/o Cortland Darrow
Selleck Riley C. Oct.5.1856 May 7.1921    
Selleck G. Sherman Jan.4.1865 Apr.5.1937    
Sheridan Thomas H. 1866 1947    
Sheridan Leslie T. Sr. 1921 1984    
Sheridan Linda S. 1961 1983    
Sheridan Emeline 1924      
Shiner Jennie L. 1862 1921    
Shults Frank G. Jun.29.1945 Apr.24.1980   MM3 US Navy Viet Nam
Shults Lyle C. May 26.1932 Nov.25.1992   "Corky" "Dearly loved by Judy, Scott, Todd, Wendy Jo & Michael
Shults Patrick W. Jul.30.1943 Feb.17.1979   AIC US Air Force Vietnam
Shults Frank L. Feb.28.1907 Apr.9.1984   "Father"
Shults Pauline S. May 28.1911 May 1.1995   "Mother"
Shumway Kristy Lynn   Mar.12.1977    

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 7/25/99
By Joyce M. Tice