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Neath Cemetery 2008
Pike Township, Bradford County, PA


Photo of Neath Cemetery by Lyle Rockwell April 2008


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Neath Cemetery
Welsh Congregational Cemetery
Pike Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
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Name of Cemetery:    Neath Cemetery, Pike Township, Bradford County, PA
Read By:  Lyle Rockwell
Date Read:   April 2008
Typed By:   Lyle Rockwell
Location:  Next to the Neath Welsh Congregational Church, Pike Township, on the border with Susquehanna County, PA
Other comments: I have many Jones & Dimon relatives here, including my father, Lloyd H. Rockwell, plus my step-grandparents, Omer & Lida Dimon. The tombstone transcriptions were done from the church side, then row by row towards the east side, then the upper section last. I have digital pictures of each stone. If you would like one, e-mail
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Thomas Llewellyn 1889 1954    
Thomas Myrtle L. 1909 1985   Same stone as Llewellyn Thomas
Thomas Llewellyn W. "Bud" Dec 12 1936 Oct 5 2006    
Thomas Thelma J. Jul 13 1931     Married Dec 12 1964 - Same stone as Llewellyn W. "Bud" thomas
Sherbo Bernard Percy 1930 1990    
Thomas Ellyn Marlene 1947     Same stone as Bernard Percy Sherbo (Heart shaped memorial)
Griffiths Daniel   Nov 15 1844 4m9d "Son of Roger & Mary Griffiths" (stone broken and laying in ground)
Morris John   Oct 15 1859 48y5d  
Barnes Anna Jan 23 1819 Dec 2 1896   "His Wife" - Same stone as John Morris 
Morris Rachael Nov 9 1845 Oct 28 1870   Same stone as John Morris
Clark Francis   Mar 21 1828    
Ashton Mary   Feb 15 1847 62y "Wife of Richard Ashton" 
Ashton Richard   Mar 3 1858 81y9m  
Clark Maria   Feb 6, 1843 40y "Wife of Thomas Clark"
Clark Priscilla       Wife of Samuel Clark - (Dates are illegible)
Clark Richard   Mar 7 1853 66y  
Davis Henry 1842 1928   Co. C. 35th Reg. PA. Mil.
Davis Annie Jenkins 1845 1934   (Probably wife of Henry Davis. Same size & design as Henry Davis)
Davis Jeanette 1879 1968    
Davis Robert H. Dec 20 1938 Feb 6 2000    
Davis  Beatrice R. Mar 8 1919 Sep 29 2005   Same stone as Robert H. Davis
Phillips Daniel Apr 22 1822 Sep 23 1867    
Phillips Elizabeth Jun 1 1826 Apr 9 1900   "His Wife" - Same stone as Daniel Phillips
Phillips M.A. Jul 1856 Dec-15   Same stone as Daniel & Elizabeth Phillips
Phillips John Feb 22 1854 Nov 13 1877   "Son of Dan & Elizabeth Phillips" - Same stone as Daniel & Elizabeth Phillips
Phillips Annie       "Our Little Annie" Separate small stone next to Dan & Elizabeth Phillips
Phillips   Dec 29 1861 Mar 8 1881   No visible first name - Same stone as Roger & Carrie E. Phillips
Phillips Roger Nov 17 1832 Apr 7 1883    
Phillips Carrie E. Aug 19 1835 Oct 17 1931   "His Wife" - Same stone as Roger Phillips
Phillips Joseph B.   May 11 1899 49y11m8d "Their Son" - Same stone as Roger & Carrie E. Phillips 
Morris Laura E.   Mar 28 1841    
Morris Lucretia P.   Oct 30 1889 73y6m26d "Wife of David Morris"
Morris David Feb 14 1799 May 8 1881   "Born in Monlyomercy Ca., Wales
Morris Elinor   Mar 15 1835 34y "Wife of David Morris" - same stone as David & Lucinda P. Morris
Thomas David 1807 1882   "Two infant children"
Jones Ann 1813 1897   "His Wife" - Same stone as David Thomas
Howell Evan   Feb 24 1875 73y8m  
Howell Jane   Feb 21 1873 67y3m "His Wife" - Same stone as Evan Howell
Howell Thomas   Feb 13 1811 38y  
Howell Isaac A.   Apr 6 1866 23y8m "Of Co. B.S. Reg. U.S. Infantry"
Howell John   May 29 1847 8y8d "Son of Evan & Jane Howell"
Howell Sarah       "Wife of (____) Howell" (dates illegible)
Jones Lois H. Oct 9 1915 Jun 30 1976    
Jones Margaret May 6 1902 Apr 5 1970    
Jones Elmer 1873 1956    
Jones Mary J. 1872 1965   Same stone as Elmer Jones
Wilkins Harry Morrille 1904 1993    
Dingman Ida E. 1912 1982   Same stone as Harry Wilkins
Clouse Tiffany Dew May 17 1996 Jan 13 2000   "Daughter of Suzanne and Bruce"
Clearwater George D. Sep 7 1895 Jan 6 1968   Pennsylvania Pvt. Co. A 15 Engineers World War I
Cornell Alice   Mar 3 1863   "Little Alice" "dau of John & Mary Cornell" (small stone)
Howell John   Mar 31 1862 28y10m Same stone as Wm. & Rachel Howell
Howell Wm. 1826 1880    
Howell Rachel   1842 37y "His wife" - same stone as Wm. Howell"
Howell Rachel   Apr 15 1842 37y "Left Wales Jun 16 1832" - Separate stone next to Wm. Howell
Howell John   Oct 18 1834 67y3m  
Howell Mary   Mar 13 1853 86y "His Wife" "Left Wales Jun 22, 1831" - Same stone as John Howell
Howell Roger   May 10 1838 27y "Left Wales Jun 22, 1831"
Davies Elizabeth   Mar 27 1856 61y "Wife of David Davies"
Davies David   Mar 30 1882 85y  
Davies John D. 1822 1896    
Davies Ann Ellis 1829 1899   Same stone as John D. & William P. Davies
Davies William P. 1852 1875    
Davies Bella   Apr 28 1881   Daughter of I.R. & M Davies
Williams David S. 1870 1957    
Williams Margaret 1875 1956   Same stone as David S. Williams
Williams Harriet    1888   (No other markings on stone)(Stone is separate and next to Williams stone)
Williams John   Feb 27 1860 52y10m  
Williams Elizabeth   Jan 27 1885 65y10m23d  
Williams Margaret J.   Jan 27 1863 17y5m  
Williams Mary A.   Jul 191865 23y7m11d "Daughters of John & Elizabeth Williams" - Same stone
Davies Philip 1826 1899    
Davies Catherine 1830 1911    
Davies Edward P. 1862 1864   Same stone as Philip & Catherine Davies
Evans Evan W. Jan 6 1827 May 22 1874   "Here lies buried Evan W. Evans, a graduate of Yale, a Professor and Dean in Cornell University"
Evans Catherine   Oct 10 1867 69y6m "Wife of William Evans"
Evans William   Aug 2 1874 77y10m8d "A native of Wales"
Owens  Mary E.   May 18 1835   Daughter of John & Jane Owens 
Knowlton Donald R. 1928 1983   "Beloved Husband and Father"
Knowlton Donald R. Sep 9 1928 Jul 31 1983   (Military bronze marker) SFC US Army Korea (On back side of granite stone)
Davis Joseph 1885 1968    
Davis Vina M. 1891 1978   Stone next to Joseph Davis & same style & size
Boardman George 1896 1975    
Boardman Florence G. 1896 1973   Same stone as George Boardman
Evans Gwennie R. 1852 1875    
Evans Infant    1878   (Small stone with no other markings)(Next to other Evans memorials)
Evans William H. 1837 1928    
Evans Wm. Howell   Jul 21 1920   Co. I 104th Pa. Inf. Vol.
Evans Annie B. 1846 1935   "Wife of William H. Evans"
Evans Alice C. 1881 1975    
Adams Sarah Mar 13 1877 Feb 21 1883   "Our Little Sarah""Daughter of Arthur H. & Sarah Adams" Born in Osaka Japan
Williams Archie L. 1933      
Williams Mary E. 1934 2005   Same stone as Archie Williams
Williams Elizabeth   Jul 30 1888 46y6m13d "Wife of Jenkin Williams""Death is certain, the hour unseen" (Nice cast metal memorial)
Williams George 1874 1926    
Williams EstherJ. 1880 1911   "His Wife" - Same stone as George Williams
Williams Wendell J. 1899 1973    
Williams Cora E. 1906 1999   Same stone as Wendell J. Williams
Williams Carlton C. 1927      
Williams Ellen M. 1929 2002   Same stone as Carlton C. Williams
Williams Raymond F. Jul 17 1921 Dec 22 1991    
Williams Fremont  1891 1977    
Williams Marion G. 1899 1971    
Davis Mary J. Jun 27 1847 Oct 7 1891   "Wife of S.J. Davis"
Davis S.J. Jul 23 1842 Oct 28 1891   Same stone as Mary J. Davis
Jones Bessie Jun 4 1889 Jun 24 1889    
Jones E. Bert 1862 1935   Same stone as Helen D. & Emma D. Jones
Jones Helen D. 1860 1922    
Jones Emma D. 1860 1889    
Jones Agnes 1896 1973    
Smith Infant   Feb 11 1975   "Infant son of David & Louise U. Smith"
Upham Edwin Apr 14 1919 Jan 26 1998   "Married June 26 1940" Our children Marjorie, Marleah, Rose Marie, Louise, Laura
Upham Harriet L. Aug 22 1921 Dec 14 1994   Same stone as Edwin Upham
Upham L. Wesley Nov 2 1837 Jan 25 1893   Co. D 25th Reg Mass Vol. 
Thomas Catherine 1839 1918   "His Wife" - Same stone as L. Wesley Upham
Upham John Mar 20 1881 Mar 14 1883   "Son of L.W. & C. Upham" - Same stone as L.W. & C. Upham
Upham Walter 1872 1955    
Upham Ruth D. 1881 1977   Same stone as Walter Upham
Upham Richard W. 1916 2003    
Upham Dorothy A. 1918 1994   Same stone as Richard W. Upham
Davis  William S. Jr. Aug 1 1927 May 6 1991   Our daughters Susan, Marianne, Catherine, Martha, Jamie, Jeanette
Weber Jean E. Aug 5 1927     Same stone as William S. Davis Jr.
Davis  Cecilia L. 1899 1961    
Davis William S. 1898 1979   Separate stone from Cecilia L. Davis
Southwick Frank 1861 1939    
Southwick Nathan   Oct 25 1887 62y4m  
Jones Clarence L. 1888      
Bosworth Ruth A. 1894 1913   "His Wife" - Same stone as Clarence L. Jones
Jones Anna May 1913 1913   "Infant daughter" - Same stone as Clarence L. Jones
Jones Powell 1858 1910    
Baldwin Candance E. 1854     Same stone as Powell Jones
Youngs Amos E. 1889 1975    
Youngs Amy 1888 1976   Same memorial as Amos E. Youngs
Roberts Owen 1852 1929    
Roberts Amy A. 1851 1939   Same style stone and shape as Owen roberts
Roberts Albert 1878 1924   Same style stone and shape as Owen roberts
Roberts Guy  1883 1940   Same style stone and shape as Owen roberts
Jones Nathan 1840 1914    
Jones Henrietta 1852 1906   "His Wife" - Same stone as Nathan Jones
Tyrrell James Monroe 1850 1919    
Tyrrell Alce E. 1859 1929   "His Wife" - Same stone as James Monroe Tyrrell
Tyrrell Arthur 1887 1906   Same stone as James Monroe Tyrrell
Tyrrell Harry  1890 1892   Same stone as James Monroe Tyrrell
Tyrrell Guy S. 1899 1969    
Tyrrell LeeElla L. 1905 1992   Same stone as Guy Tyrrell
Newman Hartwell W. 1907 1989   "Husband"
Jones Murill  1912 1992   "Wife" - Same stone as Hartwell W. Newman
Newman Hartwell W. Dec 27 1907 Feb 12 1989   Pvt. U.S. Army (Military bronze memorial on ground)
Powell Thomas C. 1848 1926    
Powell Margaret  Jun 28 1852 Feb 12 1934   "His Wife" - Same stone as Thomas C. Powell
Powell Mary Elizabeth   Feb 4 1892 20y6m "Daughter of T.C. & Margaret Powell - Same stone as Thomas C. Powell
In a message dated 9/13/2010 5:00:43 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
Hello, I very much enjoy that you have taken the time and made the effort to go through the Neath Cemetary and do your best to interpret and present the information upon the headstones for anyone interestested to appreciate. I would like to however suggest a few facts which would put myself and my family at ease. On the very top of page 4, LLewellyn Thomas was my Grandfather, and I'd like to simply request that a few changes be made as to the comments about his stone as well as my Fathers. First, it's Llewellyn, not the double capitals as you have it spelled. Additionally, the reason he and my Grandmother have a tree next to there stone is that he was a presiding Minister of the church, and our family settled there in 1825. The original farm is still in our name. There are no other trees planted within the cemetary, and this is of note as his contributions were appreciated enough that the community planted two trees aside his stone. The other fact upon
which I would ask for you to correct or otherwise make a note of, is that Llewellyn W. "Bud" Thomas was his son, as well as my Father. Ellyn Marlene Sherbo is my Aunt, and a Daughter of Llewellyn and Myrtle Thomas. It is not my intent to scrutinise all you have done, or otherwise critique you in any way. I am so very thrilled that this site exists and it warms me very much that such a rural cemetary was not forgotten and you have taken the time to document it. I would simply ask that you "fill in the blanks" on both my Grandfather and Father as they were truly extrodinary and deserving of more than simply a name and a date.

   Sincerely, thank you so much for your time.
Tracy N. Thomas

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