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Oak Hill Cemetery, Troy Borough, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
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Photo by Joyce M. Tice - July 2001

Name of Cemetery:    Oak Hill Cemetery - Section One
Read By:  Elaine Frey, Pat Raymond, Brittany Rightmire
Date Read:   July 5. 2001
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Troy, Bradford County, PA - Turn is opposite from Troy Fairgrounds-off Rte 14
Other comments: Section 1 audit performed by Janet Ordway, Glenn Taylor, Ken & Kevin Chapman, Connie Petris
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See also - Bradford County Cemetery Addresses

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Perry Floyd Jr. 1927 1929   s/o F. R. & Mildred Perry
Clark Leon F. 1884 1966    
Clark Christine 1886 1919    
Clarke Rix W. 1858 1936    
Clarke Della S. 1859 1934   on stone w/Rix W.
Davies Rev. B. T. 1832 1905    
Davies Janet 1838 1890    
Davies Richard H. 1859 1930    
Davies Janet   Feb.5.1890 52 yr w/o Rev. B. T. Davies
Davies Rev. B. T.   Dec.1905 73 yr On stone w/Janet
Hulslander Winfield S. 1852 1935   Veteran Marker & Flag
Hulslander Mannie G. 1848 1934   DAR Marker -On stone w/Winfield
Beardsley George N. 1834 1910    
Beardsley Polly L. King 1840 1890   His Wife (same stone as George N)
Beardsley Mary A. 1876 1904   w/o F. W. Reynolds (same stone as George N)
Reynolds Lois A. 1902 1903   (same stone as George N)
Beardsley Oscar K. 1870 1918   (same stone as George N)
Ross Julia Beardsley 1876 1936   (same stone as George N)
Clark James L. Jr. May 29.1868 Jul.14.1908   At Rest
          Clark Monument 3 stones
Clark Albert A. May 15.1848 Nov.10.1931   FATHER - At Rest
Clark Frances Amelia May 10.1844 Nov. 21.1910   MOTHER - Gone but not Forgotten w/o A. A. Clark
Perry Floyd R. 1893 1933    
Perry Mildred E. 1902 1992   On stone w/Floyd
Perry Phillip E. 1928 1956   Frist Class AC 1 US Navy-Korea Marker (NOTE: "First" is spelled incorrectly on marker)
Perry Alma Robinson 1859 1945    
Perry Joseph H. 1857 1939   On stone w/Alma
Coons Ira P. 1868 1942    
Coons Laura May 1879 1959   On stone w/Ira P.
          McKean Tall Monument3 stones
McKean Benjamin Feb.17.1867 Nov.16.1890    
McKean Hannah B. 1828 1911    
McKean C. S. 1821 1898   Charles S. McKean was husband of Hannah B. Budd daughter of  Helon Budd and Adelia Ingals.
Kinyon Stephen W. 1858 1920    
Kinyon Eva Wilson 1856 1937    
Kinyon Mary Louise 1885 1892    
Kinyon Nancy Eve 1889 1893    
Murray Francis Harold 1916 1978    
Murray Aileene Allen 1912 1995   On stone w/Francis
Murray Nellie G. 1893 1975    
Murray Frank H. 1885 1957   On stone w/Nellie
Gernert William A. Apr.15.1861 Oct.8.1920    
Gernert Rosa J. Mar.20.1863 Dec.5.1948    
          MONUMENTGernert on one side - Murray on other
Murray Anna G. 1895 1976    
Murray George L. 1883 1946   On stone w/Anna
Murray Joyce Eloise   1934    
          McLANE LOT 6 stones in lot
Wolfe Lena B. Sep.2.1890 Sep.14.1968    
McLane H. Carson Dec.21.1857 Apr.25.1941   FATHER
McLane Alice A. May 5.1863 Sep.28.1950   MOTHER
McLane Raymon C. Oct.10.1886 May 8.1911    
Young Harry F. Dec.24.1892 Feb.16.1963    
Young Ethel E. Mar.29.1893 Feb.20.1962   <<end of McLane lot>>
Gustin Moses Aug.26.1812 Dec.27.1891   (Vault) [PHOTO]  [Moses Gustin's Tower on Mt. Pisgah]
Strong Florence Rae Sep.23.1903 Oct.25.1909   d/o Foster R. & Lillian K. 
Strong Lillian King Jun.5.1876 Apr.22.1957    
Strong Foster Ray Jun.5.1878 Apr.20.1951    
Rumsey Julia Strong Sep.17.1890 May 7.1973    
Strong William H. Sep.2.1882 Feb.9.1949    
Strong Anna Wolfe Apr.26.1886 Jan.10.1914   w/o William H. Strong
Strong Mary Dell Apr.17.1855 Dec.2.1926    
Strong James H. May 6.1852 Jul.2.1928    
Bullock Charles E. Jun.21.1873 Apr.18.1913    
Bullock Elizabeth Sep.10.1873 Dec.18.1951    
Bates Shirley B. May 30.1899 May 10.1971    
Hogaboom Lauretta 1871 1948    
Hogaboom Charles Edward 1870 1934   On stone w/Lauretta
King Lucinda M. 1852 1935    
Keys Milton F. 1895 1983   US WW Marker & Flag
Keys Marie H. 1902 1979   On stone w/Milton
          BESLEY SQUARE Monument
Besley William W. 1849 1912    
Besley Hiza Fraley 1857 1930   His Wife - On stone w/William
Greenough Grace Besley 1889 1984    
Besley O. Frank 1888 1919    
Post George W. 1898 1980    
Fraley Grace Post 1880 1973    
Fraley Andrew 1868 1930    
Benedict Ellen E. Mar.8.1842 Sep.28.1899    
Benedict P. Sheridan Dec.14.1868 Oct.6.1871   c/o E.D. & Ellen E. Benedict-Same Stone
Benedict Nora A. Oct.13.1874 Oct.6.1880   c/o E.D. & Ellen E. Benedict-Same Stone
          JONES SQUARE - 7 stones
McDowell William A. 1883 1964    
McDowell Frances L. 1895 1951    
Jones Grant M. 1862 1916   FATHER
Jones Ona J. 1861 1904   MOTHER
Jones D. Allen 1885 1922   Jones Monument
Jones Sarah L. 1892 1915   Jones Monument
Joralemon Helen D. 1839 1899   Jones Monument

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 07/12/2001
By Joyce M. Tice