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Photo by Joyce M. Tice - July 2001

Name of Cemetery: Oak Hill Cemetery - Section Seven
Read By: Ken Chapman, Sheila KENNEDY Chapman, Connie SIMS Petris
Date Read: July 1, 2001
Typed By: Connie SIMS Petris
Location: Troy Township, Bradford County
Other comments:  Section 7 (audit performed by Ken & Kevin Chapman)
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See also - Bradford County Cemetery Addresses

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Bohlayer J J July.25.1834 Feb.29.1912    
Bohlayer Elsie Jan.9.1822 Apr.23.1898    
Steneback Theodore L July.3.1829 Apr.18.1898    
Steneback Rose A Mar.27.1838 June.4.1916   (same stone as Steneback)
Crocker John S Nov.23.1911 Apr.16.1984   Maj US Army World War II (1941-1945 marker & flag)
Nearing Robert Sept.12.1914      
Nearing Jeanne Will Dec.31.1919     (same stone as Robert)
          VIELE MONUMENT (large monument surrounded by the following stones)
Viele Giles Mar.1.1832 Aug.26.1917    
Viele Florence T Oct.28.1843 Oct.9.1903    
Perine E P   Apr.20.1865    
Faulkner Verna Mosch 1913 1985    
Faulkner David B Jr 1911 1961    
Faulkner Elizabeth V 1873 1961    
Faulkner David B 1876 1947   (same stone as Elizabeth V)
Palmer Francis L 1877 1964    
Palmer Julia Viele 1879 1974   (same stone as Francis L) <<end of Viele lot>>
Palmer Edward S 1863 1940   (In same lot as Belle Woodard Palmer & Bertha C Young Palmer)
Palmer Belle Woodard 1866 1907   his wife (In same lot as Edward S Palmer & Bertha C Young Palmer)
Palmer Bertha C Young 1865 1926   His wife (In same lot as Edward S Palmer & Belle Woodard Palmer)
Smiley Charles D 1862 1933    
Smiley Louise 1865 1920   wife of Charles D
Smiley Lurenda Putnam 1823 1906   Mother
Smiley Benjamin S 1815 1906   Father
Smiley Ruth O 1905 1929   wife of W L Smiley
Smiley Willis L 1896 1954   mason marker
Smiley Marie L 1890 1957    
Smiley Benj S 1889 1963   (same stone as Marie L)
Scott Mark P Oct.31.1918      
Scott Mae Louise Smiley Jan.27.1921 Feb.15.2000   (same stone as Mark P)
Lamont Darwin A 1840 1923   FLT marker
Lamont Minnie E 1855 no date   his wife (same stone as Darwin A & Fannie A)
Lamont Fannie A 1841 1894   his wife (same stone as Darwin A & Minnie E)
Beardsley Alice 1858 1910   wife of George G Beardsley
Beardsley George G 1849 1923    
Beardsley Effie J no dates     wife of George G Beardsley
Pomeroy Anna Dartt 1858 1939    
Pomeroy Paul W 1856 1923    
Dartt Ellen L 1842 1930    
Wortendyke Peter Jan.27.1836 May.25.1895    
Wortendyke Susan A Dartt Jun.7.1844 July.25.1917    
Wortendyke Frank C Apr.29.1867 Mar.10.1876   son of Peter & Susan Wortendyke
Ballard Shepard H Jun.11.1833 Feb.28.1898    
Ballard Lucena E Sept.24.1840 Jun.16.1909   (same stone as Shepard H)
Ballard Ray S Jan-26-1869 Aug.22.1909    
Bohlayer Clara 1888 1922    
Bohlayer William F 1882 1948    
Bohlayer Rosa K 1891 1946    
Cooley Rodney H 1830 1906    
Cooley Elsie A 1841 1885    
Cooley Helen   May.19.1863 1 mo 9 days daughter of Rodney H & Elsie A Cooley (old stone)
Cooley Elsie A   Feb.3.1885 43 yrs 11 mos 23 days wife of Rodney H Cooley (old stone, with Helen)
Budd Anna P 1870 1930   DAR marker
Budd Albion L 1867 1944    
Conklin Febie 1838 1912    
Conklin Robert 1836 1908   Co B 1st NY Vet Cav Vol GAR marker & flag
Conklin Mary S 1873 1961    
Conklin Tim 1870 1945    
Dewitt John W 1850 1918   father
Dewitt Julia L 1851 1912   mother
Dewitt John M 1903 1973   mason marker
Skelton Alvera E Dewitt 1913 2000   (same stone as John M Dewitt)
Cutler Jr Arthur Thomas June.26.1941 Sept.9.1995   son of Alvera E Dunn & Arthur Thomas Cutler husband of Gertrude E Dent--Love Forever, brother of Claudia B Barnes--miss you Love Sister--(on back of stone: father of Kimberly Candace, Arthur T Cutler II, Charles Mitchell, Audra Marie. May the Lord Bless you and keep you in his care till we meet again. You will be remembered each and every day by your loving family and sorely missed by all--Love you honey--Mom
Dewitt Fern M 1880 1936    
Dewitt Claude W 1880 1952    
Dewitt Elizabeth A 1873 1943    
Dewitt Ray J 1874 1957    
Colony Charles 1809 1864    
Colony Alice   Mar.13.1852 4 yrs 1 mo 22 days daughter of Charles & Julia Colony
Colony Julia Ferguson 1822 1903    
Colony Thomas Apr.3.1853 Jan.14.1938    
Colony Josephine Kennedy May.24.1858 Aug.30.1937   DAR marker
Colony Viola Kelly Dec.17.1882 Oct.12.1954    
Colony Fred A Mar.30.1883 Oct.5.1973    
Bourne Marguerite A Sept.18.1917 Dec.24.1990    
Birk Alice Colony July.9.1888 July.21.1980   DAR marker
Birk Jacob Martin May.30.1880 Aug.11.1939    
Goodell Laura Leonard 1862 1943    
Leonard R W        
Leonard Louise Alvord 1840 1915    
Goodell Helen 1901 1987    
Leonard Wrexie Louise 1867 1937    
Ballard Dix A July.18.1860 Nov.30.1910    
Ballard Helen M Aug.19.1860 Feb.14.1952   his wife (same stone as Dix A)
  Laurence Dix 1895 1933   Co D 7th Div Amm Train (assume that his last name is Ballard, not listed on stone)
Ballard Mary McGee Sept.17.1898 Jan.6.1992    
Ballard Lucy   Aug.25.1890 2 mos 25 days daughter of Dix A & Helen M
Ballard Willis D 1909 1956   S/Sgt 311th Inf 78 Div WWII marker & flag
Ballard Jennie Parke 1890 1983    
Ballard Harry S 1885 1961    

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 07/14/2001
By Joyce M. Tice