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Photo by Joyce M. Tice - July 2001

Name of Cemetery: Oak Hill Cemetery - Section Seven
Read By: Ken Chapman, Sheila KENNEDY Chapman, Connie SIMS Petris
Date Read: July 1, 2001
Typed By: Connie SIMS Petris
Location: Troy Township, Bradford County
Other comments:  Section 7 (audit performed by Ken & Kevin Chapman)
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See also - Bradford County Cemetery Addresses

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Taylor Betsey E May.27.1820 May.7.1893    
Taylor Howard S Apr.6.1818 Jan.11.1894    
Taylor Anna C 1846 1921   Mother
Taylor George F 1842 1930   Father
Taylor Clara B 1872 1946    
Taylor Esther B 1875 1951    
Taylor Maynard H 1877 1949   (same stone as Esther B)
Taylor Robert S Dec.22.1914 Aug.16.1984   married Dec 2, 1936
Taylor Evelyn C Aug.27.1916 Sept.20.1994   (same stone as Robert S)
Taylor Marian Hoagland 1905 1939    
Taylor George Burritt 1899 1943    
KENNEDY MONUMENT         (one listing on monument, several stones adjacent) <this section read by Sheila KENNEDY Chapman>
Kennedy Hosea June.25.1805 April.10.1883   this is inscribed on large monumental stone
Canedy Lettetia   Nov.7.1858 51 yrs 8 mos wife of Hosea Canedy (small stone in front of Hosea Monument)
Canedy Martha   Mar.12.1837 28 yrs 10 mos 8 days wife of Hosea Canedy (small stone in front of Hosea Monument)
Watkins Harriet L 1839 1905   (small stone in front of Hosea Monument)
Watkins Orville E 1826 1888   (small stone in front of Hosea Monument)
Halpin Maude Kennedy 1882 1964   (adjacent to Hosea Monument) DAR marker
VanNoy Daisy Kennedy 1886 1961   (adjacent to Hosea Monument) DAR marker
Kennedy Winifred Soper 1888 1949   (adjacent to Hosea Monument) DAR marker
Kennedy Louis Roy 1886 1952   (adjacent to Hosea Monument)
Kennedy William W 1849 1912   (adjacent to Hosea Monument)
Kennedy Flora H 1860 1935   (adjacent to Hosea Monument) DAR marker
Kennedy MacKay Craig 1881 1963   (adjacent to Hosea Monument)
Kennedy Bowen K 1921 1923   (adjacent to Hosea Monument--small stone next to MacKay Craig Kennedy)
Ward Alice L 1862 1928   (adjacent to Hosea Monument) DAR marker
Ward Edbert L 1858 1925   (adjacent to Hosea Monument) <<end of Kennedy Section>>
Morley Mary Crouch 1838 1925    
Leonard Harry S 1872 1918    
Leonard Eliza 1837 1927    
Leonard Henry S 1828 1905    
Johnson Ann E Leonard 1873 1961    
Johnson Harry S 1874 1943   (same stone as Ann E Leonard)
Johnson Harriet E 1904 1950    
Sherman Nathan H 1848 1921    
Sherman Rosalia E 1853 1911   wife of N H Sherman
Burnham L N 1863 1934    
Sherman Llewllyn 1873 1934   Co H 28th PA Vol (1898-1902 Spanish War marker & flag)
  Bell Dec.30.1841 Apr.5.1892    
Sherman Julia A 1881 1909    
Sherman Origen B 1844 1918    
Sherman Ella M 1853 1940    
Sherman Bessie W 1894 19--    
Sherman Paul M 1883 1946   (same stone as Bessie W)
Sherman S L Dec.26.1839 May.25.1912    
Sherman Emma J July.11.1848 May.20.1938    
Burnham Florence J 1901 1925    
Lyon Lida Belle 1884 1910   wife of Emory J Lyon
Newell Albert Apr.23.1846 June.3.1921   Co C 7th PA Cav GAR marker & flag
Newell Olive S April.8.1850 May.27.1915   wife of Albert Newell
Sherman N Sept.9.1817 June.26.1882   Father
Sherman Lucy G Jan.28.1815 Oct.13.1883   Mother - wife of N Sherman
Sherman Fred L Dec.29.1878 Nov.27.1885   son of S A & E A Sherman
Sherman Walter R May.4.1893 Dec.13.1894    
Buck William R Mar.7.1819 Jan.5.1889   Large Monument
Buck Betsey C Leonard May.18.1824 Aug.3.1888   his wife (same Large Monument as William R)
Kilmer George 1917 no date    
Kilmer Walter 1914 1927    
Kilmer Floyd 1871 1938    
Kilmer Hattie 1881 1951    
Blake Nellie M 1908 1966    
Blake Daniel L 1905 1994   (small bronze marker)

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 07/14/2001
By Joyce M. Tice