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Photo by Joyce M. Tice - July 2001

Name of Cemetery: Oak Hill Cemetery   - Section Four
Read By: Janet PETERS Ordway & Glenn Taylor
Date Read: July 1, 2001
Typed By: Connie SIMS Petris
Location: Troy Township, Bradford County
Other comments:  Section 4 (audit performed by Ken & Kevin Chapman)
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See also - Bradford County Cemetery Addresses

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS SRGP ID
Saltmarsh Francis Morse 1899 1980    
        REDINGTON MONUMENT the following markers surround Redington Monument
Redington G F   Aug.5.1878 65 yrs  
Redington Martha H   Dec.4.1858 38 yrs wife of G F Redington
Redington Annie   May.27.1848 5 mos infant dau of G F & M H Redington
Redington Helen Louise 1908 1999    
Redington Edmund Bush 1899 1979    
Sarvey Marcella S 1895 1983   Marcella Smith (SRGP 04603) 
Sarvey Dalton V 1889 1952   (SRGP 27422) 
Johnson Frank   Sept.2.1873 11 mo infant son of E F & L R Johnson
Johnson Laura M   Dec.8.1872 21 yrs wife of E F Johnson
Redington George Francis 1867 1941    
Redington Fanny W 1876 1963    
Redington Florence S 1873 1961   Florence Slingerland (SRGP 28603) 
Redington Isaac Strait 1870 1940   (SRGP 80000) 
Mitchell Janice Redington Oct.14.1901 May.3.1987    
Mitchell Thomas Albert II June.19.1961 Nov.10.1979    
Bush Caroline E   Nov.3.1871 77 yrs wife of Edmund Bush
Bush Wm P   June.13.1877 51 yrs  
Bush Melinda H   Oct.29.1861 30 yrs wife of Wm P Bush
Bush Amanda 1835 1910   wife of Wm P Bush
Fowler Anna Bush 1850 1922    
Mitchell Alberta Vandiver Nov.12.1909 Mar.10.1994   "Bert" Ladies Auxiliary Veterans of Foreign Wars marker & flag
Mitchell Henry Kent Jr 1907 1965    
Mitchell Henry Kent 1869 1940    
Mitchell Martha Louise 1903 1904    
Mitchell Martha R 1873 1923   DAR marker
Redington Arthur   Oct.17.1865 17 days infant son of E B & Maria L Redington
Redington Robert F   Mar.28.1883 7 mos 21 days son of E B & M L Redington
Redington Edmund Bush 1843 1919   (srgp 80001) 
Redington Maria Strait 1845 1915   (srgp 80002) 
Doane Lucy Redington 1872 1939    
Redington infant dau   1898   infant dau of G F & F W Redington
Redington infant son   1893   infant son of I S & F S Redinton
Tebbs Grace Wheeler 1877 1969    
Wheeler Clara H 1855 1936    
Hinchcliffe Albert W 1883 1940    
Tebbs Charles E 1870 1962    
Saltmarsh Mary L 1871 1939    
Saltmarsh Caroline 1868 1934    
Saltmarsh O T 1841 1908    
Saltmarsh Mary Redington 1845 1912    
Saltmarsh E R 1876 1930    
Morse Lucy Redington July.28.1841 Nov.25.1889   wife of Stuart Morse
Grant Albert   July.2.1900   infant son of A H & Jenny A Grant
Grant Jenny Redington 1872 1956    
Aspinwall Mary Frances 1891 1913    
Redington R F Feb.1.1840 Jan.10.1900    
Redington Mary J   Sept.24.1876 32 yrs wife of R F Redington
Redington Fanny   Jan.14.1873 3 yrs daughter of Robert & Mary Redington
Redington Frank S   Oct.28.1879 4 yrs 8 mos dau of R F & M J Redington
Aspinwall Edward Paysan 1865 1946    
Aspinwall Laura Redington 1864 1940   <<end of markers in Redington Lot>>
Pierce Stephen   Feb.12.1868 54 yrs (side 1)
Pierce Mary   Mar.1.1884 70 yrs wife of Stephen Pierce (left side)
Pierce Rollin A   Dec.23.1886 44 yrs (left side)
Pierce Clarence Wilmot   May.19.1870 21 yrs (right side)
Pierce John Ransom   June.1.1873 21 yrs (right side)
Ayres Emma Pierce July.3.1839 May.14.1915    
Ayres Robert Nov.22.1836 Feb.22.1905   Late Capt. USA Veteran GAR 61-65 marker & flag
Dewitt Jennie B   May.14.1881 32 yrs wife of W F Dewitt
Dewitt Fanny M   Aug.10.1876 7 mos dau of W F & J B Dewitt (same stone as Jennie B)
Dewitt William F 1848 1922    
Dewitt Blanch L 1851 1933   DAR marker -- Warrior Run Chapter
Dewitt William A MD 1886 1918    
Dewitt Frederick Treat 1915 1916    
Bacon Sadie G 1865 1933    
Herrick Delos F   June.26.1883 61 yrs  
Herrick Delos F 1822 1883    
Herrick Mary Jane Pond 1825 1898   his wife (same stone as Delos F & Minnie)
Herrick Minnie 1855 1861   their dau (same stone as Delos & Mary Jane Pond)
Herrick     Sept.15.1861 6 yrs 7 mos 18 days daug of D F & M J Herrick She Chants the Song once love had God is ever good.
Herrick A MD   March.17.1843 53 years 5 mos 4 days Mexican War marker
Herrick Juliette   Oct.15.1862 30 yrs  
Herrick Lauraette   June.13.1844 12 yrs (same stone as Juliette)
Herrick Helen       no inscription
          OLIVER MONUMENT monument lists Edwin, Eliza, Rebecca; remaining listings surround monument in circle
Oliver Edwin C Feb.19.1816 Aug.1.1881   (front) 77243
Oliver Eliza M Jan.13.1820 Feb.20.1904   (front) 77244
Oliver Rebecca W   July.6.1885 7 yrs dau of L H & S C Oliver (right side) 77248
Oliver Ellen   May.8.1893 51 yrs wife of C G Van Fleet 77246
Gregory Geo W 1854 1915    
Mitchell H S Budd 1914 1989     77236
Mitchell Florence Porter 1913 1995   (same stone as H S Budd) 77237
Nichols Emily M June.18.1934 April.24.1990     11837
Mitchell Frances Dewey Nov.9.1906 April.10.1976     11835
Mitchell Oliver C April.17.1906 Dec.17.1971     11836
Mitchell Emily Oliver Jan.20.1883 Oct.12.1956     77239
Mitchell Harry S July.19.1885 Aug.11.1932     77238
Oliver Lyman H 1844 1923     77241
Oliver Sarah W 1845 1917     77242

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 07/12/2001
By Joyce M. Tice