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Photo by Joyce M. Tice - July 2001

Name of Cemetery: Oak Hill Cemetery - Section Five
Read By: Janet Ordway, Elaine Frey
Date Read: July 1, 2001
Typed By: Connie SIMS Petris
Location: Troy Township, Bradford County
Other comments:  Section 5 (audit performed by Connie Petris)
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See also - Bradford County Cemetery Addresses

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS SRGP ID
Case C J        
Case Sarah J 1855 1919   foot markers
Case Charles J 1853 1922   foot markers
Ballard Guy S 1839 1931    
Ballard Julia L 1842 1927   (Same stone as Guy S)
Ballard Lert 1876 1911    
Ballard Minnie 1909 1912   daughter (same stone as Lert)
Mix William Thomas   May.7.1927   infant
Baldwin Pearl A May.24.1902 April.2.1988    
Baldwin Lawrence May.17.1896 Feb.14.1980   (same stone as Pearl A)
Baldwin Nellie L 1863 1961    
Baldwin Manuel G 1861 1925   (same stone as Nellie L)
Young Celinda G July.11.1815 Dec.20.1898   wife of Edward Young
Young Edward May.8.1798 Feb.26.1867   born in Lincoln, England
Fanning Pauline Frances 1890 1893   dau of A. C. & J. L. Fanning
Fanning James Roberts Jan.13.1920 Jan.15.1920   son of A. Carl & Helen P. Fanning
Long Alonzo Mar.4.1806 Mar..27.1866   (front side)
Long Mary Tyler Sept.25.1811 Mar.16.1890   (front side)
Long Martha Jane Dec.4.1837 Aug.9.1896   (left side)
Long Fanny E F Nov.20.1855 Mar.24.1905   (right side)
  F A L       footstone (not on large stone)
Long Annie   Apr.14.1854 5 mo 10 days dau of Alonzo & Mary Long
Long Mary   March.13.1852 age 1 yr dau of Alonzo & Mary Long
Long Francis T   Feb.16.1838 age 3 yrs son of Alonzo & Mary Long
Ballard Mary A Brooks 1877 1974    
Ballard Denton G 1878 1963   (same stone as Mary A Brooks)
Ballard Fred G 1867 1942    
Ballard Mary Landon 1877 1927    
Young Amelia Sophia   July.4.1868 age 30 yrs 1 mo 23 days wife of W J Young
Young Edward L   July.24.1869 age 1 yr 3 mo 11 days  
Young Harriet Feb.15.1864 Oct.31.1925   wife of John Young
Young John M June.24.1841 July.6.1900    
Young Edward James May.22.1880 Oct.17.1925    
Young Mary Bell   Feb.2.1875 aged 4 yrs 9 mos dau of John M & Harriet A Young
Loomis Marie A 1856 1953    
Loomis Frank 1856 1903    
Loomis Ralph A 1883 1974    
Loomis Lawrence K Aug.17.1912 Oct.25.1980   Lt US Navy World War II (World War 1941-1945 marker & flag)
Ferguson Cato May.17.1805 May.20.1883   born a slave
Guthrie Henry M May.2.1887 Sept.8.1896    
Guthrie Margerett C Aug.31.1863 Jan.29.1892    
Young H E March.3.1839 July.1.1882    
Young Olivia S Aug.8.1841 Mar.7.1921   wife of H E Young
Fanning Adelbert Carl Aug.12.1886 May.5.1951   Pennsylvania 2nd LT ORD-DEPT-RES World War I (World War marker & flag)
          blank stone between Adelbert Carl & Adelbert Canedy Fanning
Fanning Adelbert Canedy July.25.1851 Jan.6.1935    
Fanning Jennie Loomis Oct.18.1858 June.18.1930   wife of A C Fanning
Loomis Edith M        
Shaylor Ted 1904 1999    
Shaylor Helen B 1910      
Strong Helena Sept.14.1885 Dec.13.1918   wife of William H Strong (Rebekah marker)
Atwood Edna 1878 1909   wife of L M Atwood
King Adda G 1870 1962    
King Addie Giles 1847 1898   (DAR marker)
King Wilde E 1837 1891   Co C 12th Reg PRVC (GAR 1861-1865 flag holder)
King Mary Louise 1872 1879    
Pollen Frederick H 1886 1943    
Pollen Helena A 1886 1979   (same stone as Frederick H)
Mix William Albert 1902 1977    
Mix Almeda Baldwin 1903 1991   (same stone as William Albert)
Conrad Katharine 1872 1951   Dau
Conrad Johannetta H 1840 1923   Mother
Conrad Henry C Sept.11.1838 Jan.14.1904   Father
Quinn Mary April.20.1857 Feb.17.1939    
Bradford Daniel Mar.16.1831 Apr.5.1902   (on front of stone with Malinda F) 09524
Bradford Malinda F May.17.1832 Aug.21.1917   (on front of stone with Daniel) 07873
Bradford Frederick D       (on back of stone with Nettie) 09529
Bradford Nettie Dec.12.1854 May.6.1883   his wife (on back of stone with Frederick D) 10950
Shaylor Gerald L 1933      
Bradford  George D 1876 1943    
Bradford Harriet 1865 1948   (Rebekah marker)
Bradford Fred D 1855 1929    
Morris Walter A Aug.16.1911 May.1.1978   TEC 4 US Army World War II (World War II marker & flag) (Veteran of Foreign Wars)
Morris Cynthia K 1955 1972    
King Cynthia D 1883 1952   (DAR flag holder)
King Percy S 1876 1972   (NY Penn Firemens Assoc Flag Holder)
Miller Charles E 1861 1934   (same stone as Mary Louise Miller & Sarah Miller Middaugh)
Miller Mary Louise 1840 1934   (same stone as Charles E & Sarah Miller Middaugh
Middaugh Sarah Miller 1835 1916   (same stone as Charles E & Mary Louise Miller)
Carrier Charles Weaver MD 1841 1914   (GAR flag holder)
Carrier Emma Ritchie 1844 1920   wife of C W Carrier
Carrier Louise 1872 1937    
Carrier Charles Weaver Jr 1864 1902    

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 07/12/2001
By Joyce M. Tice