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Photo by Joyce M. Tice - July 2001

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Name of Cemetery: Oak Hill Cemetery - Section Six
Read By: Connie SIMS Petris and Yvonne Castle
Date Read: July 7, 2001
Typed By: Connie SIMS Petris
Location: Troy Township, Bradford County
Other comments: Section 6
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Mason Mary J 1880 1967    
Mason Archie V 1881 1974   (same stone as Mary J)
Mason George H Mar.10.1839 Oct.12.1892   Co C 12 Regt PRVC GAR 1861-1865 marker & flag "Death is swallowed up in victory"
Mason Emma A Jan.21.1848 Feb.27.1921    
GRAY/WILBER MONUMENT         no listing on monument surrounded by 4 separate stones
Gray Rolland D 1859 1898    
Gray Ida H 1857 1928    
Wilber Carrie I 1889 1950    
Wilber Lilley J 1884 1941   mason symbol
BOHLAYER MONUMENT         no listing on monument surrounded by 5 separate stones
Bohlayer Fred 1850 1918    
Bohlayer Laura 1849 1917    
Bohlayer Eloise Nov.9.1877 Oct.14.1933    
Bohlayer Elizabeth Nov.9.1877 Apr.17.1896    
Bohlayer Freda May.9.1884 Nov.22.1969    
PECK/McCOLLUM MONUMENT         surrounded by 8 separate stones (one listing on monument)
Peck William June.16.1803 Mar.17.1881 77 yrs 9 mos "at rest" (this listing on monument)
Peck Lucy A Mar.7.1810 Mar.19.1892   Mother "at rest" "wife of Wm. Peck
McCollum Ann S Peck Nov.9.1834 Apr.9.1899    
McCollum Orrin May.12.1829 Jan.24.1914    
McCollum W F Sept.19.1858 July.18.1919    
McCollum Minnie Lillie May.19.1873 Sept.4.1954    
McCollum Leon Orrin Oct.27.1893 Sept.20.1894   son of Wm F & M McCollum
McCollum Bessie Ann June.29.1895 Oct.6.1898    
JEWELL MONUMENT         surrounded by 9 separate stones (three listings on monument)
Jewell Rev. Joel Feb.11.1803 Sept.14.1895   (on monument)
Jewell Mary J Oct.16.1804 Apr.23.1886   his wife (on monument)
Jewell Laura Abigail   May.29.1836   (on monument)
Jewell Mary Frances   Mar.22.1872 16 yrs dau of Joseph H & Hulda J Jewell "Her sun is gone down while it was yet day, Love Jesus" "Just across the river"
Jewell Huldah Brewer Sept.19.1834 Aug.9.1928    
Jewell Joseph H Dec.7.1827 Mar.25.1906    
Jewell Rev. Joel       FATHER (footstone)
Jewell Mary       MOTHER (footstone)
Jewell William H 1846 1926    
Jewell Kezzie B 1850 1895    
Jewell Nellie 1872 1948    
Jewell Spencer 1872 1904    
SIMS MONUMENT         surrounded by 7 separate stones (no listings on monument)
Sims William R Nov.26.1842 Aug.16.1907   2 Lieut. Co C 7 PA Vet Vol Cav Vet 61-65 marker & flag
Sims Phebe A Brewer Aug.20.1840 Nov.14.1906   wife of William R Sims
Dougherty Anna L Sims 1901 1973    
Combs Jr Joseph C Oct.11.1941 Aug.5.1985    
Sims Frank E 1876 1934   LOOM chapter 429
Sims Ida May 1878 1945   WOML chapter 107 (same stone as Frank E)
Sims Helen 1908 1938    
Combs Emma Sims Oct.3.1910 May.2.2000    
NEWELL MONUMENT         8 separate stones (no listings on monument)
Newell Perry G Dec.21.1862 Apr.13.1911    
Newell Mary L Apr.30.1869 June.16.1935    
Newell Rita E Sept.22.1897 Nov.9.1912    
Newell George T June.9.1896 July.28.1974    
Lester Stephen W Oct.2.1843 May.22.1910   Co M 2 Mich Vol Cav GAR 1861-1865 marker & flag
Lester Cynthia C Rowley Nov.18.1847 Feb.29.1912   wife of S W Lester
Spalding Grace L 1872 1959    
Spalding Hillis 1872 1936    
Sweet Arthur L June.11.1881 Mar.19.1909    
Sweet Liston H June.28.1906 Dec.28.1907   son of Arthur & Lydia Sweet
Andrus Ella E Dec.25.1862 Oct.27.1907   wife of A N Andrus
Andrus Arthur N 1863 1914    
BURT MONUMENT         (no listings on monument)
Burt Mabel Dec.19.1859 Jan.8.1937    
Burt Randolph Feb.2.1860 Sept.9.1913    
Shoemaker L Porter 1885 1910    
Shoemaker Ella 1857 1943    
Shoemaker A W Nov.14.1856 Nov.17.1914    
STRAIT/SUCESE MONUMENT         surrounded by 5 separate stones (no listing on monument)
Strait George B 1865 1944    
Strait Bertha Sucese 1866 1911   wife of Geo B Strait
Sucese John P 1843 1917   Co B 6 Ind V I GAR 1861-1865 marker & flag
Sucese Julie E 1842 1926   Rebekah marker
GrosJean Julia Wood 1877 1948    
GrosJean Howard H 1876 1940   (same stone as Julia Wood)
Aumick Eliga S 1878 1955    
Aumick Sibyl Ballard 1879 1936   his wife (same stone as Eliga S)
Darrow Oakley L 1887 1955   Father
Darrow Bessie E 1887 1951   Mother (same stone as Oakley)
Darrow Dale Dee   1945    
Darrow Harold Eugene Jan.31.1916 Jan.21.1969   Penssylvania SP4 US Army WWII Korea WW 1941-1945 marker & flag
Darrow Robert B Dec.22.1920 Mar.10.1976   TEC 5 US Army WWII WW 1941-1945 marker & flag
Darrow Mary Foster Nov.10.1921 Jan.19.1994   Ladies Aux VFW marker & flag
Watson Walter N Apr.29.1938 Sept.8.1998   married May 16, 1992
Watson Allene C Mar.30.1957     (same stone as Walter N)
Cobb Sarah J Feb.2.1833 May.10.1904   front of stone
Cobb Samuel D Aug.9.1831 Jan.25.1881   right side of stone "I am immortal"
Cunningham Linnie E Aug.7.1857 May.26.1904   left side of stone
Cobb Claude M Apr.26.1861 Nov.19.1892   back of stone
Decker Edward 1855 1910    
Decker Ray 1891 1902   (same stone as Edward)

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 07/14/2001
By Joyce M. Tice