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Photo by Joyce M. Tice
July 2001

Name of Cemetery:   Oak Hill Cemetery - Section 8
Read By:  Elaine Frey, Pat Raymond, Brittany Rightmire
Date Read:   July 5. 2001
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Troy, PA, Bradford County
Other comments: Section 8 (audit performed by Janet Ordway)
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See also - Bradford County Cemetery Addresses

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Prutsman Lenora H. 1881 1948    
Prutsman Jefferson W. 1880 1946   On stone w/Lenora
VanHorn Thomas A. 1885 1953    
VanHorn Rachel B. 1889 1986   On stone w/Thomas
VanHorn Verna M. 1922 1943   On stone w/Thomas
Rought Thelma M. 1906 1948    
Wilson Tracy G. 1875 1960    
Wilson Lucy A. 1887 1944   On stone w/Tracy G.
Wilson Loren E. 1914 1937   On stone w/Tracy G.
Benson Fannie M. 1890 1980    
Benson Lewis H. 1884 1957    
Kennedy James W. Jun.30.1829 Nov.28.1914   FATHER
Kennedy Lydia M. Jan.28.1835 Feb.15.1919   MOTHER
Kennedy Elmer J. Aug.3.1861 Feb.20.1935    
Vandiver Albert Sep.18.1875 Sep.8.1956   Spanish War Vet
Vandiver Florence Apr.17.1884 Apr.13.1961    
Vandiver Roberta R.   Apr.1.1985    
Miller Elda S. 1895 1943   On stone w/Norman D.
Miller Norman D. 1893 1965   Moose Marker
Miller Lena Y. 1905 1982    
Miller Elizabeth S. 1917 1930    
Mattocks Clay W. 1899 1948    
Mattocks Elora W. 1898 1992   On stone w/Clay W.
Mattocks Ray A. 1871 1953    
Mattocks Bertha A. 1873 1953   On stone w/Ray A.
Ferris  Harry 1892 1968    
Ferris  Ruth 1896 1965   On stone w/Harry
Morgridge Howard       NO DATES
Morgridge Pauline 1904 1952   MOTHER
Brown Agnes B. 1901 1962    
Brown Harold M. 1902 1952   On stone w/Agnes B.
Wooster Afton M. Feb.5.1849 Jul.11.1904    
Wooster Philena S. Jan.20.1850 Apr.21.1906   w/o Afton - Same stone
Wooster Eleanor Jul.17.1880 Mar.10.1914   w/o Frank A. Wooster
Cornell Merle 1889 1951    
Cornell Eva 1889 1953    
Elliott E. Nichols 1828 1918    
Dilts I. N. Mar.17.1849      
Dilts Mary A. Jan.15.1851 Jan.27.1917   His wife - On stone w/ I. N.
Campbell Chester 1853 1908   GAR Marker
Campbell Emeline Benson 1853 19__   w/o Chester
Campbell John F. 1874 1930   On back of Chester Campbell stone
Campbell Mertie Oldroyd 1874 1947   w/o John - On back of Chester Campbell stone
Rundell William J. May31.1932 Apr.22.1999    
Rundell William S. Nov.6.1895 Nov.17.1942    
Dimock Olivia C.Rundell Aug.28.1897 Feb.4.1955    
Stout Shirley Jean Apr.27.1937 Oct.4.1978    
Packard Carson B. 1925      
Packard Thelma M. 1939     On stone w/Carson B.
  Bradford Square        
Bradford Levi D. Apr.8.1825 Feb.25.1891   On monument
Bradford Caroline L. Jan.28.1927 Aug.3.1895   w/o Levi - On monument
Bradford George E.       On monument
Bradford Stella M.       w/o George - On monument
Bradford George E. Oct.2.1861 Jul.15.1929    
Bradford Stella M. Dec.17.1867 Dec.3.1942    
Wagner Joseph C. 1851 1903    
Wagner Augusta 1859 1916    
Megie Hattie M. Jun.13.1867 Dec.25.1942    
Miller Albert A. 1888 1960   Mason symbol
Miller Pauline W. 1885 1960   On stone w/Albert - DAR Marker
Snedeker Mary C. 1886 1975    
Snedeker John E. 1891 1969   On stone w/Mary C.
Waldron Theodore Sep.27.1831 Sep.17.1908    
Waldron Sarah P. Feb.14.1835 Sep.2.1914   On stone w/Theodore
Perry Eliza H. 1819 1896   On stone w/Theodore
Perry Harriet E. 1832 1900   On stone w/Theodore
Snedeker Jessie F. 1855 1875   w/o S. L. Thompson
Snedeker Eliza 1822 1902    
Snedeker W. H. 1817 1909    
Snedeker Wm. H. III 1895 1902    
Mitchell Charles W. 1850 1924    
Mitchell Cora S. 1857 1931   Note by JMT:Cora Snedeker, daughter of W. H. Snedeker for whom Snedekerville was named 
Snedeker Wm. H. Jr. 1864 1918    
Hackett Mary J. Sep.8.1842 Feb.8.1899    
Rolison Nora B. 1872 1941   On stone w/Charles W. DAR Marker
Rolison Charles W. 1873 1964    
Rolison Earle U. 1900 1979   NY Penn Firemans Assn. Marker 
Rolison Nellie Spencer 1907 1991   w/o Earle - Same stone
Rolison Harold U. Nov.26.1927 Apr.7.1997    
Rolison Toni A. May26.1937     On stone w/Harold
Spencer Isabel Morrison 1871 1942   w/o H. Will - same stone
Spencer H. Will 1872 1968   US Vet Marker
DePew Eugene F. Jun.13.1925 Jan.22.1995   Tec 4 US Army WW II - Korea Marker
DePew Eric Page Jan.22.1950 Oct.9.1993   Vietnam marker
DePew Faith May 6.1952     On stone w/Eric Page
High Laverne J. Aug.12.1940 Jun.5.1996    
High Pamela A. Dec.11.1941     On stone w/Laverne J.
Cowl Howard Merton   1909    
Cowl Ada B. Kennedy 1874 1937   On stone w/Howard Cowl
Cowl Hattie May 1893 1893   On stone w/Howard Cowl
Cowl Leslie Arthur 1898 1918   On stone w/Howard Cowl
Cowl Eloise 1902 1904   On stone w/Howard Cowl
Piatt George E. 1867 1924    
Clinton Donald A. Oct.3.1915 Jun.10.1982    
Clinton Hazel O. Apr.13.1932     On stone w/Donald A.
Ashton Neil T. Sep.19.1919 Jan.27.1993   PFC US Army WW II - Purple Heart-WW II Vet Marker

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 07/14/2001
By Joyce M. Tice