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Photo by Joyce M. Tice - July 2001

Name of Cemetery: Oak Hill Cemetery - Section Nine
Read By: Ken & Kevin Chapman
Date Read: July 7, 2001
Typed By: Connie SIMS Petris
Location: Troy Township, Bradford County
Other comments: Section 9
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See also - Bradford County Cemetery Addresses

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
McMahan W R May.17.1814 Dec.29.1901    
McMahan Sarah July.13.1819 Jan.14.1884   wife of W R McMahan (same stone as W R)
McMahan Hattie M 1869 1941    
Sears Jacob B 1823 1903    
Sears Harriet N 1824 1911    
McMahan Mary E 1847 1934    
McMahan Robert A 1845 1918   Co D 7th P. V. Cav. GAR marker & flag
McMahan Sarah July.13.1819 Jan.14.1884   Mother wife of W R McMahan
          Father--no inscription
McMahan Hurley 1854 1915    
McMahan Willie Sept.18.1866 July.9.1891   son of J C & Lucy A McMahan
McMahan John Clark Nov.8.1842 Oct.27.1904   Co D 132 PA Vol Inf GAR marker & flag
McMahan Lucy A March.20.1844 May.22.1911   wife of J C McMahan
Piatt Blanche E 1904 1945    
Viselli Rickie L 1963 1963    
Sherman Edith M 1878 1957    
Sherman Rollin M 1870 1934   (same stone as Edith M)
Newell Pearl H 1881 1923    
Newell Frederick W 1870 1946    
Newell Sadie M 1871 1921    
Brown Grace B 1876 1937   FLT marker
Brown Milton S 1864 1952   (same stone as Grace B)
Brown Marie A Jan.4.1842 Mar.21.1900   wife of Milton S. Brown
Seymour Wayne W Mar.29.1917 Dec.3.1974   PFC US Army WWII marker & flag
Seymour Harry Green 1884 1944    
Seymour Nina A Wesphal 1890 1973   (same stone as Harry Green)
Voorhis James W 1845 1911   Co M 16th PA Vol
Voorhis Anna A Pepper 1850 1923   his wife (same stone as James W.)
McMahan J Howard 1882 1972    
McMahan Laura N 1886 1956    
Thomas Raymond May.3.1912 Nov.12.1996    
Thomas Lena S Nov.20.1918 Apr.27.1998   (same stone as Raymond)
Seymour Harry E May.16.1913 Dec.26.1976   PFC US Army WWII WWII marker & flag
Seymour Kathleen B Mar.15.1947     married Aug. 18, 1972
Seymour Glenn G April.11.1922 Oct.12.1997   WWII marker & flag (same stone as Kathleen B) Back of stone: Our Family Gary C, Lisa A, Sharyl E, Gregory C, Gavin C. <<bronze marker Glenn C Seymour TEC 5 US Army WW II Apr. 11, 1922 Oct. 12, 1997>>
Dewitt Elizabeth B March.13.1904 July.4.1988    
Dewitt Walter M Oct.18.1900 May.16.1972    
Dewitt Phillip J Aug.26.1938 Feb.7.1960    
Pierce Fred W 1886 1923    
Pierce Elizabeth J 1887 1970   (same stone as Fred W)
Pierce Henrietta E 1897 1968   DAR marker
Pierce Orris C 1863 1949    
Pierce E C 1851 1901    
Jenner William H June.19.1855 Dec.25.1904    
Jenner Mariette Oct.24.1858 Dec.12.1924   his wife (same stone as William H)
Dewitt Frank W Feb.10.1933      
Dewitt Beverly J Apr.19.1933      
Gamble Leo T Aug.3.1936 Feb.26.1978   Korea 1950-1955 marker & flag
Buskirk Harvey Russell 1913 1993    
Stanton Grover C 1886 1930    
Stanton Joseph R Feb.23.1909 Aug.21.1909   son of Grover C & Anna Stanton
Stanton Anna Dillin 1883 1918    
May Achsah March.16.1915 March.15.1998   Mother Troy Firemans Auxiliary Marker
Brown Richard Alonzo 1904 1967   erected by his sons
Brown A Richard 1954 1999   Funeral Home marker
Brown Marie A 1929 1997   Funeral Home marker
Stanton Marvin F Oct.10.1859 Aug.19.1927   Father
Stanton Elora S Ward Apr.15.1863 Mar.12.1954   Mother
Ward Ruth S 1906 1997    
Stanton Herbert E May.12.1889 May.21.1912    
Brown Pauline Warner 1908 1934   erected by her sons
Warner Helen M 1881 1946    
Warner Arthur M 1882 1957   NY Penn Fireman's Assoc marker & flag (same stone as Helen M)
Havens Walter S Feb.28.1865 June.30.1916    
Havens Lillian E Morley Oct.25.1867 Oct.7.1968   (same stone as Walter S)
Cornell Ira   Nov.3.1931    
Cornell Lula Havens June.3.1897 July.28.1987    
Havens T Hugh 1893 1934    
Cummings Edna Havens 1898 1959    
Burnham Bert A 1875 1945    
Burnham Effie A 1871 1940   (same stone as Bert A)
Burnham Millicent K 1907      
Burnham J Wallace 1907 1973   mason symbol (same stone as Millicent K)
Burnham John Wallace June.29.1929      
Burnham Frances M Sargent May.2.1928 Jan.23.1980   (same stone as John Wallace)
Putnam Katherine L Nov.3.1957     married May 25, 1991
Putnam Dale L June.29.1951 Jan.7.1997   (same stone as Katherine L) Back of stone: Our Children: Kathy Jo 1971, Denise 1973, Amy 1989, Matthew 1976, Dennis 1977, Jodi 1979 American Legion marker & Flag
          unmarked grave with flowers and wooden cross
Wood Emory 1881 1946    
Boughton Elsie M 1879 1958    
Boughton Ransom T 1870 1939   (same stone as Elsie M)
Peters Libbie 1876 1939    
Peters George 1879 1958    
Brandt Walter G 1894 1941    
Mitchell L G 1855 1934   Mother

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 07/14/2001
By Joyce M. Tice