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by Joyce M. Tice 02 JUNE 2001
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Name of Cemetery: Park Cemetery
Read By:  Pat Mott Gobea and Pat Smith Raymond
Date Read:   September. 2001
Typed By:   Pat Mott Gobea and Pat Smith Raymond
Location:  Bradford County, Canton, PA
Other comments: Very Well Maintained
Section  3
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Scott Myra M.   Mar.29.1882 1y10m d/o Horace & Mary Scott
Scott George H.   Feb.15.18?? 15y5m15d Reading questionable-Stone deteriorated--s/o H & M Scott
Scott Horace H. 1837 1916   Co. D 106 Regt. P.V. -GAR Marker & flag
Davis Samuel S. Aug.8.1851 Apr.10.1894    
Davis Sarah J. 1858 1917   w/o S. S. Davis / On stone w/Samuel
Davis Emma E.   Oct.3.1881 25yr On stone w/Samuel S.
Brann Daisy F.   Jan.18.1952   w/o J. A. Brann/ On stone w/ Samuel S.
Locke L. W.   Jun.30.1879 20 yr.  
Locke Wm. H.   Feb.9.1879 54 yr On stone w/L.W. Locke
Locke Wealthy Bronson   Jan.29.1900 67 yr w/o Wm. H.Locke - On stone w/L.W. Locke
Locke         Next stones - Lewis,Mother,Father
Frank Fredrick Oct.1.1828 Oct.23.1904    
Frank Phebe J. Jun.9.1830 Dec.22.1895   w/o Fred Frank
Beardslee Alice D. 1849 1921   w/o I. N. Beardslee
VanDyke Helen G. Sep.11.1851 Feb.22.1875    
VanDyke Frances Kellogg Jul.31.1814 May28.1885   On stone w/Helen G.
VanDyke William H. Jun.23.1816 Jan.29.1829   On stone w/Helen G.
VanDyke         Sm.Side stones: Henry - Frances - Helen
Hawkins Edwin 1836 1904    
Hawkins Ann 1846 1914    
McIntosh Emma  1859 1923   MOTHER
Sweet E.W. Aug.9.1835 Feb.27.1893    
Sweet Juliet Aug.15.1867 Apr.8.1906   w/o Dr. W.T.Davison -On stone w/E.W.Sweet
Sweet Sweet May   Mar.23.1881 18yr d/o E.W. & E.J.Sweet-On stone w/E.W.Sweet
Sweet Mackie   Oct.25.1862 1y3m s/o E.W.& E.J.Sweet-On stone w/E.W.Sweet
Sweet Indiv.Stones       E.W.S. - Juliet - E.J.S. - May
Doane Samuel S.   Sep.4.1899 81y  
Doane Letitia N.   May 7.1877 52 yr w/o Samuel Doane - On same stone
Sheldon Henry Sep.9.1815 Dec.14.1905   "Buried in SanDiego, Calif."
Sheldon Diantha Martin Aug.2.1822 May 2.1879   w/o Henry Sheldon
Baldwin Katherine 1860 1942    
Baldwin Dorothy B. 1892 1965   On stone w/Katherine
Perry Lulu Montanye 1876 1966    
Perry William Armstrong 1877 1938    
Perry Romanzo N. 1848 1930    
Perry Mary N. Fenderson 1853 1939    
  Jennie       Child/Baby Marker-No surname
Hackett Catherine Mee Feb.15.1837 May31.1907   w/o O.S. Hackett
Hackett O. S. May16.1833 Mar.10.1884   On stone w/Catherine
Hackett Hiram Janes Jan.2.1897 Feb.13.1897   s/o Fred S. & Dell M.-On stone w/Catherine
  Side Stones       Shepard - Catherine - Baby
Hackett Dell M. 1865 1948   "At Rest"
Braddock Elizabeth Jan.25.1816 Aug.12.1892    
Braddock John C.   Feb.13.1883 73 y On stone w/Elizabeth
Braddock Sarah J. 1854 1933    
Lyon Robert C. Aug.21.1873 Apr.25.1895    
Doty Mary M. Cummings May 4.1856 Mar.31.1886   w/o Edmund Doty
Cummings Thomas Jul.21.1845 Feb.15.1863   Member of 15 Regt. US Inf. Buried at Fort Pickering, Memphis, Tenn.-GAR Marker
Cummings Charles W. Mar.23.1852 Aug.6.1874   Buried in Armenia Township, PA-On stone w/Thomas
Cummings John  Nov.16.1820 Jan.6.1892   GAR Marker & Flag
Cummings Mary G. Feb.22.1822 Feb.27.1890    
Landon Robert  1874 1916    
Goff Hiram M. Nov.13.1822 Feb.26.1890    
Goff Catharine Horton Mar.3.1822 Dec.10.1906   w/o H.M. Goff - On stone w/Hiram M.
  Side Stones       Mother - Father
Innes Colin A. 1858 1913    
Innes Alethea E. 1858 1942    
Innes Maud A. 1885 1929    
Innes Charlotte 1893 1961    
Loomis Monimia 1827 1896    
Loomis J. H. 1823 1916    
Loomis Rose R. 1863 1953    
Loomis Myron 1849 1930    
Wright Charles  1878 1881    
Wright Roy 1883 1883   On stone w/Charles
Wright Lester P. 1881 1940    
Wright Merritt E. 1861 1889    
Smith Eugene Aug.16.1851 Apr.24.1884   c/o E.&A. Smith-On stone w/Nellie
Smith Nellie Apr.14.1883 Mar.24.1884   On stone w/Eugene Mother name Annitte (?)
Wilcox H. R.   July 21.1893 71 yr  
Wilcox Polly E. Jan.1.1832 Jan.14.1907   w/o H.R. Wilcox
Wilcox Henry R. 1857 1948    
Wilcox Edna I. 1881 1958   On stone w/Henry R.
Wilcox Lee L. 1860 1907    
Taber William L. Apr.29.1864 Feb.20.1866    
Taber William  Jul.23.1821 Jan.4.1885   On stone w/William L.
Tillotson Blanche A. 1898 1964    
Tillotson Wilbur H. 1900 1964   On stone w/Blanche
Allen Harriet 1874 1967    
Allen Wallace 1871 1936    
Wentz Phebe J. Sep.12.1812 Aug.21.1885   MOTHER -w/o Dr. P. Wentz
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