Sheshequin  Cemetery

a.k.a. Universalist Church Cemetery

Sheshequin Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

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Photos of Sheshequin  Cemetery by Joyce M. Tice September 18, 1999

Cemetery Read September  by Pat Raymond and Ken and Kevin Chapman and Charlotte Stevens

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Name of Cemetery:    Universalist Cemetery of Sheshequin
Read By:  Ken & Kevin Chapman, Pat Raymond, Charlotte Stevens
Date Read:   September. 1999
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Cross bridge in Ulster off Rte. 220 turn left about 3 miles, next to and behind the Universalist Church
Other comments: Many Vet Markers on wrong graves or dates don't match w/age for that war - Many field stones
Eiklor Burton 1919 1934   "Powers Service"
Ellis Belle E.   Jun.1.1887 9-1-1 d/o E. & S. Ellies
Ellis Nancy Sep.27.1926 Aug.5.1967   Nancy Frances Harris Ellis
Elsbree Laura  Jun.17.1833 Oct.30.1915   w/o William Snyder 
Estey Letha Clark 1881 1968    
Evangeline Fern Sep.8.1918      
Everson Floyd   Nov.23.1879 1 yr s/o William & Alice Everson
Everson William  1846 1923    
Everson Alice 1852 1939   "His wife" (Alice Snyder)
Everson Infant son   Feb.3.1873   Infant son of William & Alice Everson
Everson Infant son   Oct.16.1873   Infant son of William & Alice Everson
Farnham Cynthia M. Mar.16.1837 Jun.16.1913   w/o Maj. William H.H. Gore
Fiester Lulu  1883 1963   Same stone as Edward Fish
Fish George M. 1868 1930    
Fish Jaby Jr.   Apr.28.1855 23 yr  
Fish Capt. J.   Apr.16.1816    
Fish Susan   Apr.1.1811 83 yr w/o Capt. J. Fish
Fish Ruth A.   Mar.5.1869 37 yr w/o George W. Fish
Fish Ruth A.   Apr.5.1867 3-4-0 d/o Loyd & Lucy A. Fish
Fish Jabez Aug.3.1799 Mar.15.1876    
Fish Amanda  Nov.24.1799 Jul.7.1891    
Fish Susan A. Aug.18.1826 Feb.2.1895    
Fish Clara M. 1875 1876    
Fish Edwin C. 1877 1880    
Fish Lloyd 1834 1907    
Fish Lucy 1838 1920    
Fish Edward Clayton 1880 1943    
Fish Lulu Fiester 1883 1963   Same stone as Edward Fish
Fletcher Rachel 1792 1861    
Follan Stephen    Aug.16.1856 66-3-12  
Forbes Archibald   Dec.18.1883 79 yr  
Forbes Hester   Mar.8.1901 94-2-13 w/o Archibald Forbes
Forbes Esther   Jan.27.1882 36 yr d/o Archibald & Hester Forbes
Forbes Henry 1843 1920   Co. H. 57 Regt. Pa. Vol.
Forbes Mary A. 1853 1930    
Forbes Emma   Nov.1.1881 4y 7mo c/o H.S. & M.A. Forbes
Forbes Bessie D.   Nov.17.1881 3 mo. c/o H.S. & M.A. Forbes
Forbes Nellie 1893 1958    
Forbes Harry C.   Sep.28.1884   Baby
Forbes Elisha May 26.1836 Apr.24.1912    
Forbes Amelia C. Feb.22.1844 Mar.13.1899   w/o Elisha Forbes (Amelia C. Horton)
French Jeremiah J. 1837 1918   Co. F 6th Reg. Pa. R.C. Vol.
French Ophelia  1843 1919   Aphelia Vangorder w/o Jeremiah French
French Myra V       No other information
French Maynard G. 1874 1949    
French Dellie   Apr.27.1879 4m 18d d/o Joseph & Rebecca French
French John 1844 1906   Co. A 8 U.S. Inf. GAR Marker & flag
French Donald J. Jun.29.1902 Jan.15.1916   s/o John French
French Harold Sep.14.1910 Sep.19.1910   s/o John French
French Henrietta   Aug.5.1881 29-6-0 w/o Walter H. French
French Eugene   Feb.29.1876 3-2-0 s/o Walter & Henrietta French
French Abrazina 1841 1908    
French Martha A.   Mar.28.1874 25 yr w/o Abrazina French
French Frances  Mar.26.1846 Jan.2.1894   w/o John French (Frances Shuler)
French Melvin H. 1863 1911    
French Anna J. 1870 1937   w/o Melvin H. French
French Asa   May 25.1883 34 yr GAR Marker & flag
French Abisha   Nov.26.1882 68 yr  
French Lottie May   May 26.1879 1-3-10 d/o George B. & Jennie L. French
French Ernest C. 1879      
French Lucy M. 1871 1939   Same stone as Ernest French
French Howard E. Jul.22.1876 Sep.16.1965    
French Harry W. 1881 1951   "Father"
French Lottie P. 1882 1944    
French Helen T. 1880 1966    
French Maynard G. 1879 1946    
French Gladys 1908 1977    
French Lee 1887 1940    
French Etta M. 1887 1969   w/o Lee French
French Nellie M. 1914 1992   w/o Charles Montgomery
Frisbie Leon W. Jan.21.1888 Jun.28.1959   PA PFC Co. F 33 Engineers WW I Marker & flag
Frisbie Frances C. 1887 1977    
Fuller Stephen,Capt   May 24.1813 82yr Rev. War Marker & flag
Fuller C.Wilson 1861 1929   "Father"
Fuller Emma D. 1871      
Fuller Claude Feb.23.1892 Jul.29.1982    
Fuller Kenneth E. May 1.1949 Nov.27.1970   PA A1C US Airforce, Vietnam
Fuller Sandra Kay 1950 1960    
Fuller Sarah M. Oct.3.1896 Jan.10.1972    
Fuller Samuel Oct.2.1890 Oct.25.1964    
G.A.R.         In Memory of Comrades in Unknown Graves
Gallup Bernice Smith 1927      
Gaylord Blanch 1890 1909   Blanch Watkins Gaylord
Gibson Schuyler J. Dec.25.1816 Nov.13.1864 47-10-18 Rev. Schuyler J. Gibson
Gibson Sarah Eliza Sep.1.1822 Mar.23.1897   w/o Rev. S.J. Gibson
Gillett Martie   Jun.23.1872 14 mo  
Gillett Fred L. 1873 1930    
Gillett Lucy E. 1876     w/o Fred L. Gillett
Gillette Martha   Aug.4.1855 74-5-13 w/o Warren Gillette
Gillette Rebeca   Oct.23.1840 82 yr  
Gillette Myron E.   Jun.11.1852 12 yr s/o E.S. & Sarah E. Gillette
Gillette Warren   Sep.29.1840 57 yr  
Gillette Addison R. 1847 1929    
Gillette Henretta 1845 1902   w/o Addison R. Gillette
Gillette Martin 1871 1872    
Gillette Charlotte 1892 1894    
Gillette Laugretia   Mar.15.1846 2 yr d/o Benj. & Sarah Gillette
Gillette Ronald E. Jan.19.1944 Apr.10.1987   Pvt. US Army Vietnam (flag)
Gillette Stuart B. Jul.30.1957 Aug.4.1979   SRA US Air Force (flag)
Gillette Williamina 1916 1991   (Williamina McIntosh)
Gillette Martin Rossiter 1918 1999    
Gladding Emaline 1818 1882    
Golden Thomas Francis 1870 1963    
Golden Grace McDonald 1873 1932    
Golden Louise 1896 1983   Louise Golden McCarty
Goodin Dorothy M. 1900 1996    
Goodin Jimmie G. 1925      
Goodin Ruth Roberts 1926      
Gore Sarah E.   Oct.8.1891 4m 7d d/o J.O. & A.M. Gore
Gore Martha E.   Jul.16.1855 5m 3d d/o C.S. & Crelia M. Gore
Gore Abraham 1822 1905    
Gore Eliza J. Feb.22.1827 May 31.1878   w/o Abraham Gore
Gore Reed     12 yr c/o Abraham & Eliza J. Gore
Gore Charlotte     2 yr c/o Abraham & Eliza J. Gore
Gore Ceelia A.   Jul.3.1856 28-4-25 w/o Comfort C. Gore
Gore Ralph 1811 1889    
Gore Jayne 1816 1890   w/o Ralph Gore
Gore Mahlon H. 1844 1912    
Gore Theresa 1847 1940   w/o Mahlon H. Gore
Gore James 1842 1852    
Gore Emma A. 1849 1850    
Gore Mary S. 1852 1862    
Gore Rebecca 1820 1895   (Rebecca Spaulding)
Gore Silas P.   Dec.19.1857 43 yr  
Gore Samuel   May 2.1834 73 yr  
Gore Sarah   Nov.17.1815 81-7-7 w/o Samuel Gore
Gore Oeadiah Oct.8.1809 Oct.10.1893    
Gore Matilda Jun.15.1814 Jan.30.1895   w/o Oeadiah Gore
Gore Amelia V. Jul.30.1837 Oct.23.1839   Same stone as Obediah Gore
Gore Marion A. Oct.8.1841 Nov.25.1843   Same stone as Obediah Gore
Gore Charles M. Jan.16.1845 Dec.13.1847   Same stone as Obediah Gore
Gore Mortimer May 21.1849 Aug.20.1852   Same stone as Obediah Gore
Gore Mary M.   Jan.10.1883 40y 4m w/o D. W. Gore
Gore Capt. D.W. 1839 1927   Co. A 57 Reg. Pa. Vol.
Gore Anna  1870 1931    
Gore Allie 1866 1868    
Gore Abram 1861 1930    
Gore Eliza A. 1862 1916   w/o Abram Gore (Eliza A. Kennedy)
Gore Anna E. Mar.24.1827 Apr.4.1880   w/o C.C. (or G.G.) Gore
Gore Albert B. 1859 1917    
Gore William H.H. Sep.16.1835 May 23.1922   Maj. 6th Pa. Reserves
Gore Cynthia M. Mar.16.1837 Jun.16.1913   w/o William H.H. Gore (Cynthia M Farnham)
Gore Edwin   Nov.24.1890 83-2-6 
Gore Danial 1821 1904    
Gore Anna J. 1827 1888   w/o C.C. Gore
Gore Abraham B.   Sep.5.1840 48 yr  
Gore (?) Harold Kilmer       No other information
Gore M. Louis 1877 1967    
Gore Genevieve W. 1887 1965    
Griffin John Feb.28.1812 Jan.28.1883    
Griffin Sarissam Apr.25.1824 Jun.29.1897    
Griffin Angenora Mar.15.1816 Aug.31.1850    
Griffin Reuben   Mar.22.1862 80 yr  
Griffin Sarah Oct.2.1788 Jul.31.1884   w/o Reuben Griffin
Griffin Samuel Jan.12.1822 Aug.2.1857    
Griffin Susan M. Apr.24.1828 Feb.2.1905   w/o Samuel Griffin
Griffin Samuel, Jr. 1856 1929   Same stone as Samuel & Susan M. Griffin
Grotsley John   Aug.21.1874 49-2-4  
Grotsley Louisa M. Oct.2.1831 Sep.26.1903    
Grotsley John   Aug.15.1820 ?yr 8m s/o John & L. M. Grotsley
Grotsley Harriet   Nov.1.1851 19-3-26? w/o John Grotsley
Gure Amelia J.   Apr.19.1847 1y 28 d. d/o J. & Sarah
Gure Eduard H.   Aug.30.1853 1-3-29  
Published On Tri-Counties Site On 10/17/99
By Joyce M. Tice