Sheshequin  Cemetery

a.k.a. Universalist Church Cemetery

Sheshequin Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

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Photos of Sheshequin  Cemetery by Joyce M. Tice September 18, 1999

Cemetery Read September  by Pat Raymond and Ken and Kevin Chapman and Charlotte Stevens

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Name of Cemetery:    Universalist Cemetery of Sheshequin
Read By:  Ken & Kevin Chapman, Pat Raymond, Charlotte Stevens
Date Read:   September. 1999
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Cross bridge in Ulster off Rte. 220 turn left about 3 miles, next to and behind the Universalist Church
Other comments: Many Vet Markers on wrong graves or dates don't match w/age for that war - Many field stones
Haige Sarah J. Jul. 27.1860 Mar.1.1930   w/o A.G. Chaffee 
Handrick Dayton M. III Feb.22.1937 Jul.2.1998   Sp 4 US Army Vietnam
Harrigan Martha   Nov.26.1865 22-8-0 w/o Martin Harrigan
Harris Polly M.   May 3.1829 26-21-8 w/o B. P. Snyder 
Harrison Verna VanSice 1882 1966    
Hawes Mary  1871 1899   w/o Richard Smith 
Hayward Earl 1890 1927    
Heath Jay M.   Sep.21.1870 23-10-14  
Heath Evva A.   Oct.8.1865 75-7-16 d/o V. & Temperance B. Smith
Heavener Thomas   Jan.4.1894 59 yr  
Heavener Josephine   Feb.14.1897 56-7-0 w/o Thomas Heavener
Heavener Samuel H. May 28.1838 Jan.13.1876    
Heavener Sarah Apr.14.1839 May 14.1909   w/o Samuel H. Heavener (Sarah Dordiska)
Heavner Charles A. Dec.28.1841 Sep.30.1919    
Heavener Fred D. 1866 1944    
Heavener Katherine E. 1867 1938    
Hicks Margret   Jun.14.1830 33-11-0 Carved Field Stone "In Memory of"
Hill Carl W. 1912 1982    
Hill Carolyn E. 1916      
Holcomb Fred B. 1881 1973    
Holcomb Maude B. 1885 1951    
Holcomb Emily L. 1849 1889    
Holcomb Nellie 1876 1884    
Homes Harriet M.   Apr.3.1841 32 yr w/o Richard Homes 
Homes William L.   Mar.28.1849 7y 3d s/o Richard & Harriet M. Homes 
Homes Eliza       Infant d/o R. & H. Homes
Horton Amelia C. Feb.22.1844 Mar.13.1899   w/o Elisha Forbes "Gone But Not Forgotten"
Horton Elizabeth Aug.25.1836 Jul.23.1902   w/o Perle H. Kinney 
Horton George M. Oct.10.1904 May 17.1984    
Horton Harriet A. 1886 1969   w/o George M. Horton (Harriet A. Martin)
Horton Burton Elijah 1869 1963    
Horton Bertha Martin 1873 1962    
Horton Paul Burton May 4.1911 Sep.10.1914    
Horton Fern Evangeline Sep.8.1918      
Horton Rodney B. Jan.31.1898 May 28.1963   PA PFC 302 Ordance Regt. WW II Marker & flag
Horton Jack R. 1920 1940    
Horton Walter B. 1879 1967    
Horton Gertrude M. 1882 1963    
Horton Sterling B. 1904 1986    
Horton Ruby G. 1913 1968   w/o Sterling B. Horton
Horton John Burton 1842 1967    
Horton Francis B. Feb.17.1913 Aug.7.1997    
Horton Edna Crane 1913 1969    
Houseknecht Clara G. 1928 1997   "Our Beloved Mother"
Hoyt Samuel   Dec.21.1842 73-6-0  
Hoyt Mary   Aug.9.1849 70-5-0 w/o Samuel Hoyt
Hughes Della A. 1848 1927   w/o Issac M. Thompson 
Hulse David C.   Aug.28.1840 32-9-1  
Humphrey Joseph G. 1839 Apr.27.1878 39-10-4  
Humphrey Charlotte M. Jan.2.1844 Jan.19.1906   widow of Joseph G. Humphrey/ 2nd w/o Abram Thompson
Iredell Joseph G. 1914      
Iredell Eugenia M. 1908      
Jeffers John C. 1867 1946    
Jeffers Cynthia T. 1871 1939    
Johnson James L. 1834 1914   Co. 114 Reg. Pa. Vol.
Johnson Eunice 1838 1918   w/o James L. Johnson
Johnson Richard Aug.20.1810 Aug.19.1870   GAR Marker & flag
Johnson Eliza Jun.16.1810 Apr.2.1876   w/o Richard Johnson (Eliza Northrup)
Johnson James W. 1928      
Johnson Shirley A. 1927      
Johnson Leonard 1877 1944    
Johnson Ella 1870 1967   w/o Leonard Johnson
Jones Richard L. 1936 1995   US Marker & flag
Jones Clifford R. 1906 1976    
Jones Marion Stevens 1908      
Keir Marjorie E. 1929 1929    
Keir Libbie M. 1887 1978    
Keir George R. 1879 1962    
Keir Janet 1863 1931    
Keir George N. 1912 1982    
Keir Elizabeth S. 1914      
Kellogg George F. 1904 1980    
Kellogg Irene 1895 1984   Same stone as George F. Kellogg
Kellogg Mary 1901 1991   Same stone as George F. Kellogg
Kendrick Clark 1878 1936    
Kendrick May Wagner 1886 1945   w/o Clark Kendrick
Kendrick Clark Jr. 1918 1983    
Kennedy Eliza A. 1862 1916   w/o Abram Gore 
Ketchem Pearl T.   Dec.10.1985    
Kingsbury Alice 1845 1886   w/o Orrin D. Kinney 
Kingsbury Col. J.   Jan.22.1849 74-8-3  
Kingsbury Anna J.   Sep.18.1864 85-y 5mo w/o Col. J. Kingsbury
Kingsbury L. S. Sep.14.1823 May 9.1902    
Kingsbury Sarah Mar.1.1824 Sep.9.1905    
Kingsbury Rev. M.        
Kinner Asa S. 1840 1926    
Kinner Lucy E. 1833 1922    
Kinner L. Walter 1866 1959    
Kinner Charlotte S. 1865 1952    
Kinney Amazilla   Apr.29.1929 88 yr  
Kinney Gorda   Dec.3.1864 3 mo. s/o H. Clay & Annis Kinney
Kinney Horace Horton   Apr.17.1935 66 yr  
Kinney Avery G.   Jul.22.1858 26-19-0  
Kinney Miles F.   Jan.18.1862 32 yr  
Kinney Perle H. Apr.20.1826 Mar.29.1890    
Kinney Elizabeth Aug.25.1836 Jul.23.1902   w/o Perle H. Kinney (Elizabeth Horton)
Kinney Mary Mar.16.1787 Dec.30.1863   w/o George Kinney
Kinney Geo. May 13.1788 Apr.29.1862 71 yr  
Kinney Julia S.   Nov.7.1848 6 yr d/o Lucrelia Kinney
Kinney Thisba A.   Nov.11.1818 4 yr d/o Lucrelia Kinney
Kinney H Clay   Mar.11.1871 31-7-5  
Kinney Orrin D. 1845 1911    
Kinney Alice 1845 1886   w/o Orrin D. Kinney (Alice Kingsbury)
Kinney Guy   Oct.25.1872 73-7-5  
Kinney Matlida   Feb.20.1861 60 yr w/o Guy Kinney
Kinney Maj. Horace   Jul.4.1867 54-5-7  
Kinney Anna P.   Nov.23.1889 72-4-26  
Kinney Willey   May 7.1852 3 da s/o Maj. Horace & Anna P. Kinney
Kinney George W. May 2.1811 May 8.1880    
Kinney Abby M. Sep.18.1811 Feb.25.1891   w/o George W. Kinney
Kinney Emma Aug.11.1848 Apr.20.1912   w/o Wm. Spaugenburg
Kinney Newcomb Sep.4.1840 Jun.12.1864   Killed in battle at Travillian Station, Va. Buried in Unknown Grave
Kinney Perley   Sep.4.1845 43 yr  
Kinney Sarah   Dec.16.1852 52-7-18 w/o Perley Kinney
Kinney Joseph   Jun.3.1841 86 yr  
Kinney Sarah   Jun.9.1840 76-11-9 w/o Joseph Kinney
Kinney Sarah   Mar.14.1856 64 yr d/o Joseph & Sarah Kinney
Kinney Phoebe   Nov.17.1867 60 yr  
Kinney Lucy M.   Jul.12.1844 17 yr d/o George & Mary Kinney
Kinney Ellen H.   Feb.1.1863 29y 1mo d/o Guy & Mattilda Kinney
Kinney Ida A.   Jan.7.1872 29-4-8  
Kintner Ruth Roberts Dec.8.1894 Feb.16.1948   d/o John & Bertha Roberts
Koch Elizabeth 1877 1954   Elizabeth Koch Mahon
Krotzer William M. 1924 1982    
Krotzer Muriel 1923 1978    
Lamareaux Jane   Dec.4.185? 34 yr w/o Wm (?) Lamareaux
Learn Carl S. Sep.15.1937 Aug.15.1994   A3C US Air Force-Korea "Always in our Hearts Husband and Father"
Learn Dodd 1893 1967    
Learn Mary 1904      
Lenox Orace 1889 1895   d/o E.E. & F.C. Lenox
Lenox Mildred 1892 1895    
Lenox Dealmond 1898 1910   "Son"
Lenox Elmer E. 1864 1934    
Lent Joseph   Mar.3.1869 83 yr GAR Marker & flag
Lent Mary Ann   Aug.5.1855 69-7-5 w/o Joseph Lent
Lent Hiram C.   Mar.1.1839 26y 2d s/o Joseph & Mary Ann Lent
Lent Harriet N.   Aug.28.1868 49y 10m w/o William J. Lent
Lent William J. 1815 1907    
Lewis Minnie M. 1853     w/o Calvin Pipher 
Luckey Leafy L.   Feb.8.1863 18-4-22 w/o A.B. Luckey
Luckey Mary   Sep.16.1869 26-4-3 w/o Appin Luckey
Luckey Nancy   May 6.1866 77 yr w/o Elijah Luckey
Luckey Elijah   Jul.10.1857 27y 1mo  
Luckey Retta   Dec.28.1881 17y 25d d/o A.B. & B. Luckley
Lyons Issac Dec.1.1815 Mar.27.1902    
Lyons Minerva May 21.1808 Mar.5.1872   w/o Issac Lyons
Lyons Adelbert G. Jun.17.1838 Aug.27.1840   s/o Issac & Minerva Lyons
Published On Tri-Counties Site On 10/17/99
By Joyce M. Tice