Sheshequin  Cemetery

a.k.a. Universalist Church Cemetery

Sheshequin Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

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Photos of Sheshequin  Cemetery by Joyce M. Tice September 18, 1999

Cemetery Read September  by Pat Raymond and Ken and Kevin Chapman and Charlotte Stevens

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Name of Cemetery:    Universalist Cemetery of Sheshequin
Read By:  Ken & Kevin Chapman, Pat Raymond, Charlotte Stevens
Date Read:   September. 1999
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Cross bridge in Ulster off Rte. 220 turn left about 3 miles, next to and behind the Universalist Church
Other comments: Many Vet Markers on wrong graves or dates don't match w/age for that war - Many field stones
Mahon John L. S. 1907 1965    
Mahon Elizabeth Koch 1877 1954    
Mahon James H. 1902 1977    
Mahon Anne Stevens 1904      
Mallory Rufus K. Aug.30.1846 Dec.30.1927    
Mallory Addie Wolfe Nov.7.1848 Mar.27.1918   w/o Rufus Mallory (Addie Wolfe)
Mallory Harvey   Jul.15.1875 60-10-15  
Mallory Catherine M.   May 22.1887 70 yr w/o Harvey Mallory
Mallory Sarah C.   Feb.2.1863 19y 10d  
Mallory Anna   Jun.29.1859 82-5-18 w/o Daniel Mallory
Marshall Thomas   Mar.16.1850 57 yr  
Marshall Aunt Lucy 1796 1868   w/o Thomas Marshall
Marshall Frankie G.   Oct.20.1866 7y 28da s/o T.B. & Sarah A. Marshall
Marshall Freddie M.   Aug.24.1864 13m 15da  
Marshall Wallace G.   Jan.26.1852 16-3-27  
Marshall Samuel   Jan.9.1840 48y 7m  
Marshall Della   Aug.28.1846 22yr d/o Samuel & Hannah Marshall
Marshall Darlisha   Jul.11.1838 20yr d/o Samuel & Hannah Marshall
Marshall Amy L   May 15.1835 14m 15d d/o Samuel & Hannah Marshall
Marshall Lucy   Sep.18.1839 7 yr 7 da d/o Samuel & Hannah Marshall
Marshall Sybyl   May 16.1829 1 mo "Her Sister"
Marshall Josiah 1763 1804    
Marshall Samuel G. Nov.27.1839 Nov.15.1925    
Marshall Sarah Aug.27.1840 Apr.13.1920   w/o Samuel G. Marshall
Martin Charlottie   Oct.28.1879 79-10-3  
Martin Sebil   Jun.9.1851 21-1-27  
Martin Andrew 1868 1948    
Martin Anna 1879 1947   Same stone as Andrew Martin
Maryotte Emma 1862 1928    
Maryotte Alice        Childs stone next to Emma Maryotte
McCarty James Leonard 1896 1987    
McCarty Louise Golden 1896 1983    
McCutcheon Charles F. Nov.11.1918 Dec.27.1966   PA PFC Co. E 106 Inf. WW II
McCutcheon Kelly Ann   1967   Kelly Ann Thurston
McCutcheon Lydia J. 1916 1980    
McCutcheon Harry E. Nov.19.1896 Dec.28.1946   Pv. NY 124 Co. CAC -WW I Marker & flag
McDonald Robert 1843 1916    
McDonald Mary L. 1846 1910   w/o Robert McDonald (Mary L. Payne)
McDonald James L. May 11.1805 Jul.26.1889    
McDonald Mary Jul.14.1809 Feb.27.1885   w/o James McDonald
McDonald Grace 1873 1932   Grace McDonald Golden
McIntosh Williamina 1916 1991    
Merrill Chester S.   Mar.8.1871 41-10-24  
Merrill Colista   May 29.1879 48yr w/o Chester S. Merrill
Merrill Nelly V.   Aug.24.1857 58-4-5 w/o Hiram Merrill
Miller Theodore   May 5.1892 37 yr  
Miller Amanda A.   Jul.6.1943 88 yr w/o Theodore Miller
Miller Perl L. 1892 1933    
Mills Charles E. Jr. 1910 1981   WW II
Mills Josephine P. 1910 1975    
Mills Charles E.  1876 1954    
Mills Katherine F. 1882 1964    
Minier Lodima 1846 1925   w/o S.J. Minier
Minier Elias   May 31.1865 79-1-19  
Minier Judith   Sep.20.1863 67-3-3 w/o Elias Minier
Minier Mary   Apr.2.1855 23-27 d/o Elias & Judith Minier
Minier Lieut.Daniel   Mar.29.1865 31 yr Killed in battle of Gravelly Run, VA. Co. G 165th Reg't N.Y.S.U. 1st Grig. 1st Dw. 5th Corps
Minier Sylvester   May 12.1879 56y 4mo  
Minier Amanda A.   Oct.6.1872 39-7-0 w/o S. G. Minier
Minier Alice I.   Jun.7.1855 1y 12 da  
Minier Charlie L.   Feb.5.1858 8-9-24  
Montgomery Charles W. Nov.27.1924 Sep.13.1971   Penna PFC 17 HQ & HQ Det SP TPP WW II PH
Moody Nathaniel   Jan.29.1853 52-10-25  
Moody Eliza H.   May 11.1851 22-8-11 d/o Nathaniel & Sally Moody
Moody Mary M.   Aug.14.1850 13y 4m  
Moody John L. S.   Mar.28.1847 20-11-8 s/o Nathaniel & Sally Moody
Moody W. Arrem   Jul.21.1845 3-6-2  
Moody Ida May   Feb.25.1857 4mo 14d d/o Dorlisha Moody
Moore Smith P. 1834 1900    
Moore Angeline 1838 1909    
Moore John Jr.   Nov.12.1836 27-1-19  
Morgan Helen R. Mar.9.1924 Jan.26.1980   Helen R. Pousen Morgan
Morley Marie Jun.8.1918 Jun.16.1986   w/o Stanley L. Bidlack
Nichols Frances J.   Sep.14.1860 18 yr w/o Richard J. Nichols d/o Henry & Hmira (?) Segar
Northrup Eliza Jun.16.1810 Apr.2.1876   w/o Richard Johnson 
Northroup Nehemiah   Sep.20.1842 81 yr  
Northroup Sarah   May 19.1844 65 yr w/o Nehemiah Northroup
Northroup Charles   Apr.24.1838    
Northroup William   Jul.30.1844 28 yr  
Northroup James L.   Apr.24.1838 32 yr  
Northroup Nehemiah Clay   Feb.3.1846 10m14d s/o George & Mianoa Northroup
Norton Jared   Jun.2.1842 83-6-0 Rev. Marker & flag
Osborne Snover L.   Nov.9.1889 27 yr  
Osborne Meliora   Jun.28.1884 63y 10m w/o Samual Osborne (Meliora Rogers)
Osborne Samual   Sep.12.1892 76 yr  
Osborne John 1843 1919    
Osborne Mary Jolley 1853 1932    
Osmun Ruth E. 1851 1930    
Palmer Burton W. Apr.30.1925 Mar.1.1972   PA A 2 US Navy WW II
Park Doct.Amos P   Aug.20.1837 32-4-14  
Park Cariffer Miles   Apr.18.1839 6 yr Drowned Apr. 18. 1839
Parks Elmer L. 1857      
Parks Enos T. 1822 1890    
Parks Eliza A. 1824 1897    
Parks Emma A. 1851 1876    
Parks Moses Jr.   Mar.8.1817 13 yr  
Parks Simon S.     1 yr  
Parks Harriet   Jun.19.1803 6 yr  
Parks Rev. Moses   May 30.1817 51 yr  
Parks Mary S.   May 2.1842 66 yr Consort of Rev. Moses Parks
Payne Mary L. 1846 1910   w/o Robert McDonald 
Payne Martin R. Jan.11.1856 Apr.6.1930    
Payne Sylvia L. Sep.8.1850 Jul.10.1910   w/o Martin R. Payne (Sylvia L. Billings)
Payne Silas W. Aug.29.1825 Oct.11.1911    
Payne Elizabeth  May 10.1826 Apr.16.1896   w/o Silas W. Payne (Elizabeth Wagget)
Payne Malina Jan.29.1815 Sep.28.1842   d/o Abraham & Pruda Payne (Same stone as Silas & Elizabeth)
Payne Silas Frederick Mar.2.1863 Feb.27.1872   s/o S.W. & E.W. Payne (Same stone as Silas & Elizabeth)
Perry Shannon Eileen Apr.5.1977 Jul.16.1994    
Perry Roland M. 1922      
Perry Loretta S. 1925 1977   w/o Roland M. Perry
Perry Ray R. 1896 1980    
Perry Rose L. Pipher 1891 1936   w/o Ray R. Perry (Rose L. Pipher)
Perry Mabel M.  1896 1970   w/o Ray R. Perry (Mabel M. Coutant)
Phillips Milton   Sep.20.1874 69y 4mo "Peace Be thy rest"
Phillips Harriet  Nov.14.1820 May 15.1903    
Pipher Calvin 1846 1925    
Pipher Minnie M. 1853 1929   w/o Calvin Pipher (Minnie M. Lewis)
Pipher Maynard T. 1911 1989    
Pipher Ethel B. 1919      
Pipher Rose L.  1891 1936   w/o Ray R. Perry
Powers William        Co. E. 141 St. Reg. Penna. Inf.
Powers Sarah C. 1843 1922   w/o William Powers (Sarah C. Watkens)
Prentice Mallory   Sep.18.1852 2-6-18 s/o J. & W. L. Prentice
Provost Charlotte 1889 1966   Charlotte Wagner Provost
I recently found a site for Sheshequin Cemetery in Pennsylvania.  I have 4 relatives buried there and would like to know if you can update the site to include their names:            Erwin Osgood - Died either 1956 or 58             Charolette Osgood - Died either 1956 or 1958.These are my grandparents, one died when I was 2 and the other when I was 4.  I think my grandmother died first, in 1956.Also:                Clarence Osgood - Not sure of date, he was 10 and drowned in the Sesquehana river.                   Nyle Osgood - who died in 2001, I think.These were brothers, my Uncles.Please let me know if you can add them to the listings or if you need additional information, which I'll gladly try to find for you. Thanks for your time,Debbie OsgoodPublished On Tri-Counties Site On 10/17/99
By Joyce M. Tice