Sheshequin  Cemetery

a.k.a. Universalist Church Cemetery

Sheshequin Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

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Photos of Sheshequin  Cemetery by Joyce M. Tice September 18, 1999

Cemetery Read September  by Pat Raymond and Ken and Kevin Chapman and Charlotte Stevens

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Name of Cemetery:    Universalist Cemetery of Sheshequin
Read By:  Ken & Kevin Chapman, Pat Raymond, Charlotte Stevens
Date Read:   September. 1999
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Cross bridge in Ulster off Rte. 220 turn left about 3 miles, next to and behind the Universalist Church
Other comments: Many Vet Markers on wrong graves or dates don't match w/age for that war - Many field stones
Randall Douglas L.   Feb.10.1853 3-4-1 s/o John & Mary J. Randall
Regan John F. 1918 1993    
Regan Marjorie R. 1918      
Regan Gary       s/o John & Marjorie Regan
Rhodes Charles M. Apr.7.1947 Jan.8.1996   YN3 US Army Vietnam -Charles Michael Rhodes
Rifenburg S.S. 1866 1889    
Rifenburg Katie 1869 1889   w/o S.S. Rifenburg
Roberts John W. 1869 1931   "Father"
Roberts Bertha 1874 1961   "Mother"
Roberts Ruth E. Dec.8.1894 Feb.16.1948   "Daughter"
Roberts Morton J. 1899 1982   Sgt. U.S. Army WW I
Roberts M. Eunice 1902 1995   w/o Morton J. Roberts
Rogers Meliora   Jun.28.1884 63y 10m w/o Samual Osborne 
Rogers George P.     Co. F. 6 Reg. Pa. Res. Vol.
Rogers Mathew M.   May 6.1864 19y 6 mo Co. F. 6 Reg. Pa. Rev. Vol. Was killed in the Battle of the Wilderness and was buried in VA
Rogers Matthew   Jun.2.1833 87 yr  
Rogers Lydia   Jul.1857 85 yr w/o Matthew Rogers
Rogers Jane A.   Aug.31.1890 57-4-5 w/o James Rogers
Rogers John S.   Jan.7.1879 83-2-2  
Rogers Maria   Apr.17.1880 78-5-15 w/o John Rogers
Rogers John T. Sr. Feb.15.1922 Aug.16.1999   John Thomas Rogers Sr.
Rogers Dorothy Wagner Jun.15.1938      
Rollingston Uramia   Apr.30.1844 16 yr  
Rounds Herbert W. Jun.1.1898 Jan.22.1986   HA 2 U.S. Navy WW I
Rounds Vera Snyder Dec.19.1903 Dec.7.1981    
Russell Smith R. Jan.19.1890 May 8.1971   Pa Chauffer US Army WW I
Russell Eleanor M. 1904 1986    
Sammons George I 1889 1965    
Sammons Bess L. 1887 1984    
Satterlie Aurella   Sep.17.1869 77 yr w/o Col. Robert Spalding
Schoonover Ralph Harland Jun.4.1915 Nov.8.1986   Married June 26. 1937
Schoonover Virginia  Sep.23.1917     w/o Ralph Schoonover (Virginia Vincent)
Segar Amanda    May 26.1892 86-1-0 w/o John H. Brink 
Segar Sibyl   Aug.22.1851 79y 5m w/o Ebenezer Segar
Segar Ebinezer 1773 1858    
Segar Collins M. 1812 1896    
Segar Charlotte 1814 1901   w/o Collens M. Segar (Charlotte Spalding)
Segar Lawrence W. 1852 1903    
Segar Charles E. 1855 1872    
Segar Leonard J. 1850 1907    
Segar George H. 1858 1937    
Segar John Myers   Sep.25.1868 15-2-5  
Segar Charles E. Mar.16.1810 Dec.3.1887    
Segar Patty M. Dec.4.1824 Oct.1.1904    
Segar William H.   Apr.6.1842 1yr 5 da s/o C.M. & Charlotte Segar
Segar Roderick        
Sexton Nehemiah 1830 1905   Co. C. 82 Reg. Pa. Vol. GAR Marker & flag
Sexton Elizebeth 1837 1902    
Sexton Nettie 1863 Mar.17.1876 13-1-5 d/o N.C. & Elizebeth Sexton
Sexton Iva 1867 1868    
Shaw Clarence B.   May 8.1864 22 yr s/o Hiram & Matiala - Killed in the Battle of Spottsylvania, VA
Shaw Mara Antionetta   Sep.18.1841 10m 18d  
Shaw George Washington   Sep.23.1841 2-2-8  
Shaw Ebenezer   Dec.17.1871    
Shaw Cynthia   Apr.10.1868 83 y (?)  
Shaw Marcy F. 1852 1884    
Shaw E. Percival 1821 1856    
Shaw Emaline 1818 1882   (Emaline Gladding)
Shaw Emma J. 1854 1915   w/o G. A. Parcell
Shaw Polly   Jul.21.1886 78-3-22 w/o Harry Shaw
Shaw Harry   Apr.30.1880 76-4-0  
Shaw W. H.        
Shaw Mary E.       w/o W.H. Shaw
Shaw Lizzie     10m 17d d/o W. H. & Mary E. Shaw
Shaw Jedediah   May 13.1800 37 yr  
Shaw Abigail   Mar.19.1811 64 yr Wife of J.
Shaw Capt. Jeremiah   May 29.1815 85 yr  
Shaw Ebenezer   Dec.17.1871 100-3-12  
Shaw Cynthia   Apr.10.1868 85-0-23 w/o Ebenezer Shaw
Shaw Childs stone       Stone unreadable
Shaw Myra Jun.8.1863 Sep.17.1948    
Shaw Adelia L.   Jul.30.1866 34-1-8 w/o W.B.Campbell & oldest d/o Harry & Polly Shaw
Sheeler Aaron 1825 1907   GAR Marker & flag
Sheeler Sarah   Aug.22.1919   w/o Aaron Sheeler
Sheeler William R. Sep.15.1813 Apr.13.1899    
Sheeler Maria May 16.1825 Dec.4.1904   w/o William R. Sheeler
Sheeler John Apr.17.1847      
Sheeler Mariah Apr.17.1888 36 yr w/o John Sheeler
Sheeler Archie   Nov.25.1874 2y 10m s/o Amaziah & Mary E. Sheeler
Sheeler Archabald A Jul.27.1812 Oct. 1894    
Sheeler Catharine Jan.3.1817 Jun.1.1902    
Sheeler William Sep.17.1901 Apr.25.1982    
Sheeler Frances  Mar.26.1846 Jan.2.1894   w/o John French 
Sheeler Lucy A. 1864 1945    
Sheeler Martha D. 1899     d/o Lucy A. Sheeler
Sheeley Roger S. Oct.9.1935 Jun.25.1996    
Sheeley Carol R. Jul.11.1937     w/o Roger S. Sheeley
Sheeley Steven R. Dec.20.1958 Mar.22.1987    
Sheeley Glen S. Jun.18.1963 Nov.24.1977    
Sheffler Bryce Jul.20.1926      
Sheffler Patricia Nov.1.1925 Feb.8.1996   "Precious Lord Take My Hand" Same stone as Bryce 
Simpson Lillian I   May 12.1880 1-3-12 Only daughter of W.B. & Emma Simpson
Smith Volentine   Sep.16.1873 52-1-2 On stone w/ Evva & Jay Heath -Vet footstone Co. G 185 NY Vol. Next to Smith/Heath stone
Smith Guy L. 1853 1924    
Smith Nettie Childs 1858 1938   w/o Guy L. Smith (Nettie Childs)
Smith Richard 1837 1912    
Smith Mary Hawes 1871 1899   w/o Richard Smith (Mary Hawes)
Smith Mary       Infant Daughter
Smith Elsia M.   Apr.16.1846 18 yr  
Smith Zephon   Dec.15.1832    
Smith Volentine   Sep.16.1873 52-1-2  
Smith Ira 1840 1917    
Smith Julia B. 1841 1913   w/o Ira Smith (Julia B. Watkins)
Smith George M. Jan.30.1810 Mar.27.1834    
Smith Sarah Sep.25.1815 Dec.30.1894   w/o George M. Smith
Smith Estella Oct.23.1855 Dec.17.1903   d/o George M. & Sarah Smith
Smith Guy  May 7.1819 Jul.24.1889   "At Rest"
Smith Eva  1863 1900   w/o Peter Wolfe 
Smith Leone Aug.11.1894 Jun.1.1956   NY Pvt. Med. Div. WW I Marker & flag
Smith Elizabeth Nov.23.1901 Jan.27.1979   w/o Leone Smith
Smith Nancy Jan.8.1835 Apr.28.1860    
Smith Harold Blair 1914 1986   Mason
Smith Jean McCarthy 1923 1989   w/o Harold Smith - Eastern Star
Smith Max O 1922 1953   WW II
Smith Mable P. 1885 1931    
Smith Earl E. 1882 1947    
Smith Susan Y. 1887 1968    
Smith Mildred 1890 1932   Mildred Snyder Smith
Smith George C. 1889 1970    
Smith Dorothy Stevens 1902 1973   Same stone as George C. Smith
Snow Donald J. Jun.20.1902 Jan.18.1916    
Snow Harold F. Sep.14.1910 Sep.19.1910   s/o E.B. & A.C. Snow
Snow Alice C. 1877 1913   w/o E.B. Snow
Snow Esther M.  Mar.8.1790 Apr.3.1874   w/o Reben Thompson 
Snyder Wandal   Jan.26.1862 16-4-26  
Snyder Alice 1852 1939   w/o William Everson
Snyder Mary E. 1854      
Snyder Nancy Jun.29.1792 May 21.1868 77-10-22  
Snyder Harriet   Feb.18.1863 29-3-9 w/o John Trout & d/o John & Eve - Died at Williamsport
Snyder Eve   Jan.25.1858 55-7-3 w/o John 
Snyder Polly M.   Jan.13.1842 2-9-11 d/o John & Eve
Snyder Orrin D.   May 20.1863 27-11-13 s/o John & Eve - Killed in the Battle of Chancellorsville Pvt. Co. I - 141st
Snyder Mildred 1890 1932   Mildred Snyder Smith
Snyder Jennie M. 1862 1955    
Snyder William M. 1860 1832    
Snyder Hazel Donlon 1898 1985   d/o Wm. & Jennie Snyder 
Snyder William   Oct.12.1860 77-8-22  
Snyder Hannah   Jun.19.1881 89-11-0  
Snyder William Nov.24.1826 Jan.22.1906    
Snyder Laura  Jun.17.1833 Oct.30.1915   w/o William Snyder (Laura Elsbree)
Snyder W. Alonzo 1843 1919    
Snyder Hannah 1853 1922   w/o W. Alonzo Snyder
Snyder Myrtie 1872 1879   d/o W. Alonzo & Hannah Snyder
Snyder Wright May 19.1814 Jun.20.1892    
Snyder Delilah Sep.20.1813 Sep.22.1906   w/o Wright Snyder
Snyder Burton E. 1869 1939    
Snyder Laura  Jun.17.1833 Oct.30.1915   w/o Wright Snyder (Laura Elsbue?)
Snyder Polly M.   May 3.1829 26-21-8 w/o B. P. Snyder (Polly M. Harris)
Snyder Harris     1-6-22 s/o Benj. & Polly Snyder
Snyder Miner   Apr.15.1829 4y 20d s/o Benj. & Polly Snyder
Snyder Mary   Jun.7.1847 93-10-28 w/o Peter Snyder
Snyder Peter   Jan.14.1822 77-9-12  
Snyder John P.   Nov.17.186?   Died defending his country (Rest of date unreadable)
Snyder Infant son       s/o John P. Snyder
Spabling Rachel M. Aug.10.1832 May 3.1854    
Spalding Charlotte 1814 1901   w/o Collens M. Segar 
Spalding George   May 26.1800 18 yr  
Spalding Ruth E.   Oct.1.1806 65 yr Consort of Gen. S. Spalding
Spalding John   Feb.19.1828 64 yr  
Spalding Wealthy Ann   Jan.2.1854 87 yr w/o Col. John Spalding
Spalding Mary Anna   Oct.26.1831 19 yr d/o Col. John & W. Anna Spalding
Spalding Genl. S.   Jan.24.1814 72y 8d Rev. War Soldier
Spalding Col. Robert Jul.1.1790 Oct.6.1853 63-3-5 b. In Sheshequin / d. In Wysox
Spaulding Zebulon   Nov.19.1870 63-11-19  
Spaulding Kesia B.   May 15.1871 50y 15da w/o Zebulon Spaulding
Spaulding Mary Adell   Apr.6.1842 4 yr d/o Zebulon & Kesia Spaulding
Spaulding Aurella   Sep.17.1869 77 yr w/o Col. Robert Spalding (Aurella Satterlie)
Spaulding Major Wm. W.   Oct.16.1845 77-11-0  
Spina Andrew 1898 1986    
Spina Mildred 1908      
Stephens Frederick K. 1863 1904    
Stephens Mother 1835 1915    
Stephens Father 1837 1915    
Stephens Margaret M. 1864 1937   Margaret Stephens Wagner
Stevens Anne 1904     Anne Stevens Mahon
Stevens Oscar J. 1873 1958    
Stevens George J. 1874 1964    
Stevens Paul 1900 1993    
Stevens Marion 1908     Marion Stevens Jones
Stevens Dorothy 1902 1973   Same stone as George C. Smith
Stone Ellis       No other information
Straub Susan M. 1892 1963   Same stone as Perl L. Miller
Stroud Howard Ellis 1922 1999    
Stroud Mary Amanda 1918 1994    
Sweet John 1881 1963    
Sweet Jennie 1891 1979    
Sweet Gladys N. 1908 1917   "Our Daughter"
Sweet Jennie B. 1888 1933   d/o C.H. & L. A. Sweet
Sweet C.H. 1853 1904    
Sweet Eliza  1858 1883   w/o C.H. Sweet (Eliza Thomkin)
Sweet Lida 1866 1947   w/o C.H. Sweet (Lida Alliger)
Sweet Samal E. 1857 1930    
Sweet Carrie B. 1864     w/o Samal E. Sweet (Carrie B. Thompkins)
Sweet Festus P. May 29.1918 Oct.10.1998    
Sweet Esther C. Mar.29.1920 Nov.11.1990   s/o Festus P. Sweet - Married Dec.25.1937
Published On Tri-Counties Site On 10/17/99
By Joyce M. Tice