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Summer 2000


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Name of Cemetery:    South Hill Cemetery 
Read By:  Sarah Edsell 
Date Read:   June. 2000 
Typed By:   Pat Raymond 
Location:  Corner of South Hill Road #705 and Basswood Swail Road #609 Orwell Township, Bradford County, PA 
Other comments: The readings vary from the 1985 reading-Stones embedded, broken, hard to read 
NOTE:  Six Stones cast over wall can only read two - W.R.P.  And H. E. 
 There are broken stones in pile of dirt on side of cemetery in the back.
Last Name
First Name
Date of Birth
Date of Death
Robinson Elsie G.   Jan.23.1885 8y11m15d d/o C.L. & Addie
Robinson Wesley Sep.15.1818 Sep.19.1888    
Robinson Elsie L. May12.1824 Jun.20.1903   Same stone w/Wesley
Robinson Filetus Jun.20.1843 Dec.24.1843   Same stone w/Wesley
Robinson Infant son Apr.7.1846 Apr.7.1846   Same stone w/Wesley
Park Isaac   May 7.1850 65y7m13d  
Park Hannah    Oct.24.1834 42y10m7d w/o Isaac
Park Lucy   Mar.20.1844 24y10m18d d/o Isaac & Hannah
Park Edith M.   Oct.24.1863 11y11m18d d/o N.S (?) & M.A. (?)
Park Willie E.   Mar.21.1861 1y5m11d s/o ??
Park A. Melvin   Jan.27.1871 23y8m21d  
Ross Emeline A.   Apr.22.1853 31y 9m w/o Orrin J.
Buttles Jonathan   Dec.24.1844 11y10m Sons & daughter of Jonathan & Betsey
Buttles Jarvis   Dec.11.1844 10y Same stone w/Jonathan
Buttles Angeline   Dec.11.1844 4y1m Same stone w/Jonathan
Snow Phebe A.   Sep.15.1876 75y6m w/o Amos S.
Buttles Samuel O. Oct.11.1861 Sep.14.1906    
Buttles Esther Sep.8.1900 May10.1908   Same stone w/Samuel O.
Buttles Otis P. Mar.9.1907 May 3.1907   Same stone w/Samuel O.
Buttles Ruth M       Ruth & Infant son buried in Chicago Same stone w/Samuel O.
Buttles Ella Park May 2.1866 Oct.28.1922   w/o S.O. Buttles--Same stone w/Samuel O.
Buttles Harlow J. 1834 1924    
Hill Susan A. 1841 1917   w/o Harlow J.--Same Stone w/Harlow J.
Brink Edward S. 1860 1917   Same stone w/Harlow J. Buttles
Park Isaac A. Oct.26.1814 Mar.16.1892   Capt. Of Co. D 141 Regt. PA Vol. Flag & Marker
Park Melissa A. Dec.28.1827 May 5.1900   w/o Isaac
Robinson James E. 1825 1900    
Barber Mary E. 1826 1896   w/o James E. Robinson
Robinson Nora E.   1861   Same stone w/James E. & Mary E.
Haley Gertrude Barnes 1911 1989    
Barnes Edward J. 1876 1952    
Barnes Gertrude P. 1884 1971   Same stone w/Edward J.
Barnes Edmund Mervel Dec.29.1909 Jan.5.1910    
Pickering Thomas W. Dec.5.1796 Jul.25.1881    
Roberts Anna E. Aug.26.1821 May 24.1853?   d/o Thomas W. Pickering
Pickering Ralph J. Sep.6.1827 Aug.6.1867    
Gibbs Amelia I. Dec.20.1835 Jan.22.1918   w/o Ralph J. Pickering -- Same stone
Pickering A. Jay 1863 1935    
Lloyd Maryette C. Apr.4.1849 22y5m d/o Jarves & Sophronia
Lloyd Sophronie May 9.1795 Dec.26.1891    
Lloyd Jarvis Jun.21.1796 Jul.7.1880   Same stone w/Sophronie
Benjamin Isaac   Nov.28.1847 57y2m4d?  
Waterman Bishop H.   May28.1879 65y11m26d  
Pickering Alfa D.   Feb.4.1873 13y d/o Thomas & Ordensa
Pickering Ordensa A. 1838 1883    
Pickering Thomas R. 1831 1920    
Pickering Arletta A. 1844 1921    
Pickering C. Leon   Feb.26.1885 11y(?)23d s/o O. R. & M. B.
Allis Earl E. 1893 1932    
Allis Dencie L. 1892 1965   Same stone w/Earl E.
Blair George W.   Sep.16.1857 3y3m s/o (?) & Amanda
Blair Thrall   Nov.16.1873   Stone embedded--can't read age
Blair Mary   Apr.10.1867 66y7m w/o Thrall
Dauchy Harriet E.   Dec.12.1859 3y1m8d d/o Jacob L. & Mary
Lyons Jemima   Aug.14.1858 62y5m11d w/o John 
Lyons John   May 21.1861 75y7m  
Waterman W. Robert 1855 1939    
Waterman Eliza S. 1864 1896   Same stone w/W. Robert
Shoup Sherm       Co. D 141 Reg. PA Vol. Flag & Marker--No dates
Shoup M. Angeline   May 1.1863 20y8m11d w/o S. P. Shoup
Gardner John T. 1826 1903    
Gardner Ann M. 1829 1900   w/o John T.
Tucker Emily 1847 1940   Leaning against another stone
Tucker George W. 1851 1922   Behind another stone
Gage Charles H. 1867 1937    
Gage Alma D. 1866 1948   Same stone w/Charles H.
Gage Harriett 1894 1894   Same stone w/Charles H.
Gage Karl B. 1899 1900   Same stone w/Charles H.
Gage M. Eugenia 1896 1941   Same stone w/Charles H.
Whipple John A. 1893 1977    
Whipple Pauline B. 1896 1979   Same stone w/John A.
Whipple Eloise Mae 1926 1927   d/o J. A. & P. B.
Buttles Elihu 1854 1902    
French George S.   Apr.5.1862 7y8m s/o Abraham & Harriett
French Harriett M. 1832 1891   w/o Abraham
Barnes Ulysses       Co. D 141 Reg. PA Vol. Flag & Marker--No dates
Barnes Ulysses 1841 1923    
Everson Sarah M. 1847 1914   w/o Ulysses Barnes
Barnes Jennie M.       Their daughter--No dates
Pickering Cora M. 1867 1935    
Pickering Samuel E. 1861 1921    
Barber Isaac   Jul.9.1865 65y6m  
Barber Olive   Jun.12.1888 88y4m w/o Isaac
Smith Mary Baldwin Jun.22.1816 Jan.17.1904   w/o Clark--Born in Southeast Putnam Co. NY
Smith Clark May18.1814 Oct.12.1891   Born in North Salem, Westchester Co., NY
Smith Catharine J.   Apr.25.1864 16y2m d/o Clark & Mary
Wells S. M. Nov.11.1834 Jun.9.1898   Co. F. 5 PA Reserves--Flag & Vet Marker
Wells Anna  Feb.22.1835 Aug.8.1889   w/o S. M.
Wells Murton B.   Feb.22.1875 9y 11m s/o S.M. & A.M.
Wells Freddie C.   Jan.11.1870? 4y10m6d? s/o S.M. & A.M.
Wells Orra M. Jan.31.1872 Mar.27.1900    
Tucker Walter Feb.14.1797 May 5.1869    
Green Andrew       Unreadable; embedded
Walker Ira S.   Feb.16.1875 4y5m5d s/o B.F. & Marry
Tucker Lona   Apr.16.1895 41y1m18d w/o Andrew
Tucker Mary   Dec.1.1883 21y w/o Andrew
Dixon Freeman N. Sep.10.1926     Marriage June 24, 1950
Dixon Doris M. Jun.18.1932 Jul.4.1994   Marriage June 24, 1950
Ross Lydia Crawford 1850 1896   w/o Perrin
Ross Lydia F. 1862 1929    
Ross William O. 1856 1937   Same stone w/Lydia F.
Allis Edwin I. Jun.25.1821 Mar.14.1903    
Allis Lovina M. Dec.14.1826 Aug.16.1892   Same stone w/Edwin I
Smith Thomas B. Aug.30.1835 Nov.15.1906    
Smith Melissa E. Oct.20.1838 Nov.26.1894   w/o Thomas B.- same stone
Allis Grant G. 1866 1934    
Allis Elma F. 1866 1948   Same stone w/Grant G.
Wells Lee 1893 1971    
Wells Wilma 1900 1936   Same stone w/Lee
Wells Bert 1864 1938   Dates questionable
Wells Lillie 1879 1918   Dates questionable
Maynard George L. 1850 1907    
Maynard Catherine Otis 1849     w/o George L. - Same stone
Maynard W. B. Nov.9.1869 Feb.20.1923    
Dougherty H. W. 1853 1938    
Maynard Henry P. 1842 1919    
Otis Nancy 1844 1919   w/o Henry P. Maynard
Otis Mary J. 1855 1933    
Hine Silas 1846 1926    
Hine Emma 1849 1930   Same stone w/Silas
Ross John Ward Oct.22.1945 Jan.7.1993    
Allis Claire C. 1901 1990    
Allis Retha M. 1900 1992   Same stone as Claire C.
Cooley Lyle C. Jan.23.1920 Oct.3.1995   Cpl. US Army WW2--Flag & Vet. Marker
Cooley Anna E. 1916 1993   On same stone as Lyle C. Cooley(He has 2 stones)
Andrew H.         Broken Stone
Gibbs Lorenzo J.   May 17.1812 21y10m20d  
Hardy Daughter   Mar.15.1861 1m12d d/o Charlotte Hardy (No name)
  Maria       w/o ??
Pickering Ralph J.   Aug.6.1867 89y Could be same as Row 5 #102
Published On Tri-Counties Site On 03/10/2001
By Joyce M. Tice