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S. S. Peter & Paul Parish Cemetery, 
North Towanda Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
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Tioga County PA
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Photos by Elaine Frey 2003
Name of Cemetery: St. Peter & Paul Parish Cemetery
Read By: Sarah Edsell
Date Read: December 2002
Typed By: Elaine Frey
Location: James Street, Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Other comments: Around Outside starting at Right
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Crimmins Nora 1900 1987   Stone lies flat
Oherron Joseph P. 1895 1935   Co H 3rd Cav PV - stone lies flat - Flag, veteran marker - facing opposite direction
Lane Timothy 1868 1927 stone lies flat
Lane Mary A. 1864 1935   his wife - same marker as Timothy
Spring Frances H. 1888 1973   stone lies flat
Dannemann Charles A. 1881 1956   stone lies flat
Dannemann Mary Lyons 1881 1936   stone lies flat
Dannemann David F. 1924 1924   stone lies flat
Williams John Jr.       stone lies flat
Williams Genevieve       stone lies flat
Williams Helen V.       stone lies flat
Williams John J.       stone lies flat
Crimmins Patrick J. 1865 1954    
Crimmins Susan L. 1872 1949   Same marker as Patrick
Mee Michael F. 1878 1960    
Mee Anna B. 1879 1969   Same marker as Michael
Mee  John L. 5/5/1886 4/1/1939    
Bride Ralph J. 1900 1971   stone lies flat
Bride Catherine D. 1922 1995   stone lies flat
Perry John E. 1900 1964    
Rider Mary W.       stone lies flat
Rider William L       stone lies flat
Williams Mary D.       stone lies flat
Acla Howard L. 1929      
Acla Theresa C. 1939 1997   Same marker as Howard
Cotter Paul E. 9/4/1933 4/9/2003    
Cotter Julia 1858 1926   stone lies flat
Cotter John C. 1849 1923   Same marker as Julia
Cook Harige P.   2/13/1886 1y,2m child of Joseph & Hattie
Cook Joseph 2/8/1852 7/25/1926   stone lies flat 
Cook Nettie M. 9/28/1893 4/28/1922    
Hurley Daniel C.   1933    
Hurley Ellen O'H   1923   same marker as Daniel
Hurley Margaret   1952   same marker as Daniel
Cotter Virginia M. 1902 1952    
Cotter Joseph P. 1901 1964   Same marker as Virginia
Lynch Edward F. 1887 1939   stone lies flat
Lynch         stone lies flat - in memory of Mary, Patrick, & Margaret
Wells Sylvia Lynch 1895 1964    
Flynn Harold D. 1904      
Flynn Janet E. 1920 1978   Same marker as Harold
Lynch Charles P.   3/13/1923    
Lynch Anna    2/26/1914   His Wife - same marker as Charles
Flynn David J. 1875 1953    
Flynn Margaret F. 1878 1970   Same marker as David
Flynn James R. 1908 1975   stone lies flat
Volchinsky Kathryn 1/30/1919 5/6/1997    
Lynch William Charles 7/3/1909 5/818/2000    
Lynch Stella Volchinsky 11/27/1917     Same marker as William
Fox John 3/17/1833 5/23/1917   stone lies flat
Fox Catherine D. 5/28/1843 2/18/1916   stone lies flat
McGovern James T. 1886 1946   stone lies flat
Hurley Mary M. 11/30/1911 4/30/1994    
McGovern Lucy K. 1885 1956   stone lies flat
O' Herron John 1856 19--  
O' Herron Bridget Brennan 1854 1926   His Wife - same marker as John
Scanlon John   5/16/1914 62y  
Scanlon Elizabeth 8/4/1865 9/28/1936   His Wife - same marker as John
Scanlon James McGuire   10/20/1914 60y Same marker as John
Fitzgerald John W. 1876 1925   stone lies flat
Clancy Patrick J.   2/2/1906 76y  
Clancy Ellen    3/21/1924 87y His Wife - same marker as Patrick
VanLoon Harland L. 4/26/1890 7/28/1972   PFT Co E 314 Inf 79 Division WWI - stone lies flat - military marker - Flag, veteran marker
Devine Felix   10/17/1907 68y Stones in Front of marker - Mother, Father, Mary, Michael
Devine Michael 1878 1916   Same marker as Felix
Dunphy James J.   2/2/1904 48y  
Dunphy Margaret F.   7/23/1960 87y His Wife - Same marker as James
Fitzgerald Alice Dunphy 1847 1917   Same marker as James Dunphy
Fitzgerald Cornelius  1872 1914   Her Son - Same marker as James Dunphy
VanLoon E.D. Elizabeth       no other information
Garrity Rose D       no other information
Anna       to whom - no other information
Dunphy Cornelia M. 1904 1973    
Sullivan Francis C. 1879 1949    
Sullivan Ellen N. 1876 1955   Same marker as Francis
Mannix John   10/27/1912 80y  
Mannix Margaret   6/16/1904 60y Wife of John - Same marker as John
Mannix Bridget M.   11/2/1910 39y Same marker as John
Mannix Nora A.   2/3/1941 71y Same marker as John
Collins Patrick    1/7/1910 83y  
Collins Catherine A.   1/24/1904 66y Wife of Patrick - Same marker as Patrick
Collins Bridget F. 1877 1956   Same marker as Patrick
Collins John J. 1868 1947   Same marker as Patrick
Buffington Charles A. 1890 1956   stone lies flat
Miller Katherine 1874 1957   stone lies flat
Campbell Madeline B. 1903 1987   stone lies flat
Campbell Walter J. 1899 1985   stone lies flat
Harris Clarence R.  10/28/1911 8/21/1961   stone lies flat - "Sam"
Harris Helen V. 7/29/1915 1/10/1999   stone lies flat
Farley Mary Louise Maloney 10/17/1922 2/17/1964    
Farley Robert Dock 7/6/1922 4/10/1998   BM 1 US Navy WWII - stone lies flat - Military marker - Flag, verteran marker
Dorsey Teresa M. 1895 1977    
Dorsey Margaret M. 1860 1921    
Moore William J. 1863 1921    
Dorsey Patrick D. 1855 1903    
Flynn Dennis A. 1882 1952    
Flynn Charles F. 1886 1960   Same Marker as Dennis A.
Flynn Dennis    6/11/1903 51y Same Marker as Dennis A.
Flynn Ellen   4/11/1905 52y Same Marker as Dennis A.
Thomas George F.  1871 1952   Same Marker as Dennis A. Flynn
Thomas Mary E. Flynn 1873 1957   His Wife - Same marker as Dennis A. Flynn

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 08/08/2003
By Joyce M. Tice