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S. S. Peter & Paul Parish Cemetery, 
North Towanda Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
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Tioga County PA
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Photos by Elaine Frey 2003
Name of Cemetery: St. Peter & Paul Parish Cemetery
Read By: Sarah Edsell
Date Read: December 2002
Typed By: Elaine Frey
Location: James Street, Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Other comments: Around Outside starting at Right
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
O'Connor Daniel 12/31/1838 9/23/1902    
O'Connor Catharine 5/3/1847 6/29/1903   w/o Daniel - same marker as Daniel
O'Connor David 3/26/1868 2/18/1902   Same marker as Daniel
O'Connor John 2/17/1874 1/14/1901   Same marker as Daniel
Crowley Timothy   3/27/1891 53y stone lies flat - native of Pennebush Ireland - Stone fallen & Broken
Finnerty Bridget   1/5/1884 90y w/o Owen
Finnerty Owen   1/20/1881 82y same marker as Bridget
McCarthy James 1801 1880    
McCarthy Mary 1802 1886   His wife - same marker as James
Ritter Rose K. Scott 1887 1911   w/o Harold C.
Scott Thomas 1845 1913   Co 1 6th PA Res - Flag, veteran marker
Cummings Stephen J. 1898    
Cummings Ellen S.   1956   same marker as Stephen
Brown Eleanor Laughlin 1898 1963   stone lies flat
Laughlin Mary 1855 1929    
White Francis M. 4/22/1887 11/9/1944   Ohio Cook Camp Hospital 52 WWI - stone lies flat - military marker - Flag, veteran marker
Cummings Margaret Mary       no other information
Cummings Eugene V.   1956  
Cummings Margaret M.   1990   same marker as Eugene
Jordan Anna Scott 12/22/1835 9/30/1913   w/o William
Jordan William   5/20/1901 85y native of Sligo Ireland - same marker as Anna
Costello Jane McKenna   1/1/1905 54y w/o Patrick
Costello Patrick   6/15/1913 72y  
McCarthy Lawrence       native of Askine Co Sligo Ireland
McCarthy Mary   12/8/1901 65y native of Ross Common Ireland - His wife - Same marker as Lawrence
Hurley Kathryn T. 2/3/1913 11/14/1991   Nurse
Slocum John Myron 7/5/1912 3/19/1987   SFC US Army WWII Korea Vietnam - stone lies flat - military marker - Flag, veteran marker
Mancini Adriana P. 8/1/1894 10/28/1986    
Schmeckenbecker Kathryn Hurley 12/9/1954 12/21/1984   stone lies flat
Hurley Paul E. 5/29/1923 5/27/1984   PVT US Army WWII - stone lies flat - military marker - Flag, veteran marker
O'Brien John S. 1/3/1919 11/12/1983    
Burns Francis C. 1888 1970   PVT 1st C1 79 Div Engineers WWI - stone lies flat - Flag, veteran marker
Burke Leo F. 1903 1969   Stone lies flat
Thrasher Ida C. 1908 2003  
Garrity Erwin T. 2/14/1912 10/20/1971   PA A1C US Air Force WWII Korea - military marker - Flag, veteran marker
Garrity John E. 1914 1963   Flag, veteran marker
O'Connor Charles D. 5/6/1897 3/5/1963   PA Pvt US Army WWI - military marker - Flag, veteran marker
Daly Marie Daly Chaffee 1886 1971    
Daly Dennis Walter 1894 1960   Same marker as Marie
McKee Charles F. 5/24/1887 12/13/1960   PA PVT Medical Dept WWI - stone lies flat - military marker - Flag, veteran marker
Lynch Anna 1868 1960    
Mattei Paul 1884 1960    
Haluska Julianna 1899 1960  
Scharff James P. 8/7/1902 12/25/1957   PA PVT HQ Det 1 AA TNG GP CAC WWII - stone lies flat - military marker - Flag, veteran marker
Muller Joseph 1891 1957    
Burrell Vincent A. 1/2/1919 6/11/1999   Tec 4 US Army WWII - stone lies flat - military marker - Flag, veteran marker
Unmarker         no marker - has wooden cross, angel, flowers
Cameron Veronica 10/25/1907 6/11/1913   d/o Samuel E. & Julia V.
Guiry David   1/16/1873 20y,8m native of Parish of Fethard Co Tipperary Ireland
Guiry Robert   12/19/1882 21y native of Fethard Co Tipperary Ireland - hard to read
O'Keeffe Dennis   1953   Infant - stone lies flat
Gorman Joseph       no other information
Gorman John       no other information - Same marker as Joseph
Gorman Mary       no other information - Same marker as Joseph
Gorman Anna       no other information - Same marker as Joseph
Gorman Hanorah       no other information - Same marker as Joseph
Gorman James       no other information - Same marker as Joseph
Saxon Yong Sin 7/10/1951 11/22/1993    
Saxon John M. 12/25/1951     Same marker as Yong Sin
Pankuch Mary 12/19/1894 6/9/1989    
Shay J. Paul 1904 1973    
Gorman Maurice 1833 2/1/1918   13 Ind Bat'y NY L't Arty - Flag, veteran marker
Brown William   7/28/1888 99y native of Parish of Killala Co Mayo Ireland
Brown Catherine       w/o William - native of Parish of Killala Co Mayo Ireland - same marker as William
Hogan James   3/30/1888    
Hogan Bridget   11/4/1896   his wife - same marker as James
Splan James 3/27/1863 6/9/1903   same marker as James Hogan
Splan Margaret E. Hogan 11/11/1866 7/24/1911   his wife - same marker as James Hogan
Moran Mary   9/26/1872 60y w/o Patrick - other stone on the foundation missing, possibly Patrick
Burke Michael   10/4/1897 65y COM 15 NY Cal & Co M2 NY PVC Provisional Vol Cav - Flag, veteran marker
Burke Margaret 1840 1926   w/o Michael - same marker as Michael
Burke Margaret 2/26/1872 9/12/1944   same marker as Michael
Moran Daniel   4/14/1887 72y native of Ireland
Moran Bridget   7/19/1897 75y his wife - same marker as Daniel - native of Ireland
Touhey Mary 1849 1928    
Murphy Dennis 6/2/1892 7/21/1895   Footstone - Edward
Pendergast David   10/21/1897 82y Father - native of Co Clare Ireland
Pendergast Mary Ann   1/21/1897 77y Mother - native of Co Clare Ireland - same marker as David
Heath Bartholomew       no other information
Heath Julia     his wife - no other information - same marker as Bartholomew
Heath Mary       their daughter - no other information - same marker as Bartholomew
O'Halloran Lawrence   4/22/1886 56y Co F Pv Reserve - Co R 141 Regt PV - Co G 31 Regt USA - Enlisted June ll, 1961, Dischargerd March 1969, having served 7y, 9m - stone lies flat, Flag, veteran marker
Scott Mary Carroll   12/22/1872 56y w/o Henry - stone broken, hard to read
Burke Martin   12/19/1889 82y Flag, veteran marker - hard to read
Burke Ellen   10/3/1876 58y native of Tipperary Ireland - w/o Martin - same marker as Martin
Schultz John       no other information - foot stone
Scott Michael 4/1/1846 3/10/1889   Co C 188 NY Vol - Flag, veteran marker
Burk Edward   4/14/1890 46y native of Tipperary Ireland
Ragen Mary   3/31/1893 75y  
June Cortland J.       no other information - Flag, veteran marker
June Honora   1/6/1898 70y w/o Cortland J. - same marker as Cortland
Paszkowski Martin Mariae Mark 10/5/1960 7/24/1978    
Coyle Lucy   9/1900 22y stone fallen over
Coyle Jennie   9/25/1897 17y,1m,9d d/o Michael & Lizzie J. - stone fallen over
Miles William H.   8/17/1902 50y  
Consedine Dennis 7/4/1914    
Beecher Rose 9/7/1907 10/8/1908   d/o Michael & Rose - stone sits alone in far back left corner of the cemetery
Kirwan Bessie Groover 1891 1929    
Moscatello Mary Rose 1925 1925    
Pauokopius Maiko   8/8/1919    
Frigo Carmella 1921 3/27/1922    
Joshinna, Genevieve 1920 1929   d/o Tony
Sullivan Michael 1851 1930    
Mazzocchi Luciano 1880 1935   "erected in memory of" rest embedded
Comfort Michael 1887 1934   stone lies flat
Allen Mary J. 1889 1935    
Fox John A.   3/4/1910 20y  

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 08/08/2003
By Joyce M. Tice