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S. S. Peter & Paul Parish Cemetery, 
North Towanda Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Photos by Elaine Frey 2003
Name of Cemetery: St. Peter & Paul Parish Cemetery
Read By: Sarah Edsell
Date Read: December 2002
Typed By: Elaine Frey
Location: James Street, Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Other comments: Middle Section
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Hebert John 3/2/1825 6/18/1899   Flag, veteran marker - hard to read
Hebert John 1825 1899    
Hebert Armenia 1836 1926   Same marker as John
Hebert Armenia Transue 1871 1892   Same marker as John
Hebert Brant Kinner 1895 1895   Same marker as John
Larkin Michael J., Sr.       no other information
Larkin Catherine       Same marker as Michael
Larkin Elizabeth       Same marker as Michael
Larkin Joachim       Same marker as Michael
Larkin Mary       Same marker as Michael
Larkin Margaret       Same marker as Michael
Murphy Dennis 1857 1933    
Murphy Margaret 1867 1924 w/o Dennis
Stephens Ella M. 1873 1923    
McCarthy Dennis J. 1861 1936    
McCarthy Mary C. 1878 1961   Same marker as Dennis
Crowley David   1/13/1872 62y  
Crowley Ann   6/2/1901 79y his wife - Same marker as David
Crowley James 4/9/1849 2/8/1915   Same marker as David
Crowley Mary   9/13/1886 37y w/o James - Same marker as David
Gilfoyle Alice 1879 1939    
Gilfoyle William M. 1878 1952    
Gilfoyle William   6/22/1900 57y Co G 7th PA Cav Vol - Flag, veteran marker
Gilfoyle Mary Ann Walsh   7/16/1893 48y w/o William - same marker as William
Gilfoyle Margaret   7/20/1899 87y w/o Michael - Same marker as William
Falsey John J.   1/10/1882 29y,7m Hard to read
Falsey James   7/3/1866 50y native of ? Co Clare Ireland - Same marker as John
Lane Theresa S. 10/1/1888 6/13/1976    
Lane William J. 2/20/1898 4/11/1967   PA Sgt Medical Department WWI - stone lies flat - military marker - Flag, veteran marker
Ronan Ellen A. 1871 1942    
Ronan Mary E. 1869 1938    
Sweeney John   10/22/1874 63y Native of Ireland Co Clare - hard to read
Sweeney Mary   10/27/1888 75y Native of Killarney Irelend Co Clare - hard to read
McMahon John W.   1/12/1904 62y  
McMahon Joanna   3/9/1892 46y w/o John - Same marker as John
McMahon Mrs. Mary McMahon   5/15/1891 75y Same marker as John
Quigley William   8/11/1893 68y  
Quigley Bridget   11/21/1875 40y,8m,21d w/o William - same marker as William
Quigley Thomas L. 1867 1912   Same marker as William
Quigley John A.   12/15/1882 24y,2m,6d Same marker as William
Quigley William   8/9/1886 29y,11m,9d Same marker as William
Cangley Thomas   8/14/1874 70y Native of Co Cork Ireland
Cangley Johanna   10/20/1892 95y his wife - Same marker as Thomas
Cangley Hanna   12/7/1858 18y his daughter - Same marker as Thomas
Cangley John   2/18/1884 78y his brother - Same marker as Thomas
Cangley Michael   1/23/1901 54y Same marker as Thomas
Cangley Mary   7/26/1880 28y w/o Michael - Same marker as Thomas
Cangley Josie   9/18/1901 22y  d/o Michael & Mary - Same marker as Thomas
Kirwan Margaret 1849 1923   w/o William
Kirwan William J. 3/20/1851 1/6/1906    
Kinney Margaret   3/31/1889 43y w/o James
Clancy Martin A. 1876 1948    
Clancy Charles F. 1896 1897   s/o Thomas & Margaret
Vallilee William 8/3/1866 8/1/1892    
Vallilee John J. 12/2/1867 12/31/1899   Same marker as William
Higgins Rose Vallilee  4/6/1875 6/1/1900   Same marker as William Vallilee
Vallilee Mary ? 4/10/1844 1/18/1888   ? Of James Valilee - Hard to read - Same marker as William
Clancy William 6/20/1878 9/3/1905    
Clancy Catharine   1/4/1889 47y w/o Thomas - Same marker as William
Clancy Michael Lynch   9/11/1888 30y Same marker as William
Lynch Patrick T.   1/16/1890 35y  Hard to read
Lynch Mary Frances   7/2/1890 1y  d/o Patrick & Matilda - Same marker as Patrick
Gorman Bridget 10/1820 1/1898    
Fitzgerald Mary J. Guinane 1853 1928   w/o John
Fitzgerald John 1843 1936    
Fitzgerald Maggie Harrington 1846 1890   w/o John
Fitzgerald John W., Jr. 1872 1912    
Hogan Ann 1855 1947    
Hogan Hugh 1853 1915    
Fitzgerald William   5/23/1895 76y  
Fitzgerald Catherine   11/24/1895 75y w/o William
Fitzgerald Nellie 1856 1929    
Fitzgerald Katie 1854 1929   Same marker as Nellie
Hogan Margaret F. 1878 1965    
Mulcahy Mary E. 1863 1937    
Mulcahy Agnes G. 1888 1919    
Griffin Maurice   10/19/1874 74y Native of Co Kerry Ireland
Griffin Mary Keeffe   1/13/1883 80y w/o Maurice - Native of Co Waterford Ireland
Mulcahy Bridget Mahoney   3/5/1867 40y  w/o Thomas - Hard to read
Mulcahy Mary Ryan   10/15/1860 65y w/o Morris - Born in Cline Co Cork Ireland - Same marker as Bridget
Mulcahy Thomas   7/11/1897 85y Native of Cline Co Cork Ireland
Gahan Anna 1860 1933    
Gahan John 1857 1933   Same marker as Anna
Lynch Mary Cawley 1881 1962    
Lynch William P. 1868 1947   Same marker as Mary
Lynch Thomas 7/12/1862 3/15/1890    
Lynch Francis M. 5/8/1873 6/14/1894   Same marker as Thomas
Lynch Margaret A. 5/8/1878 2/25/1896   Same marker as Thomas
Lynch Philip   6/17/1904 85y Same marker as Thomas
Lynch Johanna   1/24/1911 75y his wife - Same marker as Thomas
Lynch Edward   8/18/1886 30y,1m,28d s/o Philip & Johanna - Same marker as Thomas
Curran John W.   1/12/1912 79y  
Curran Margaret Delaney   7/9/1918   His wife - Same marker as John
Curran Hugh   9/29/1875 ######## Same marker as John
Curran Ellen 1/16/1888 24y  Same marker as John
Curran John   9/5/1899 29y Same marker as John
Maloney Stephen F. 1873 1939    
Maloney Katherine S. 1873 1955    
Maloney Joseph S. 1905 1955    
English William P.   6/14/1879 7m,14d Hard to read
English Mary Frances   1/17/1880 27y,4m,19d w/o Thomas English - d/o of Thomas & Mary Cottar - Same marker as William
Cotter Mary English    5/24/1879 30y w/o Thomas Cotter - same marker as William English
Cotter Margaret   5/22/1856 3y Hard to read
Cotter Johanna ?   5/21/1856 13m Same marker as Margaret
Cotter Daniel King   8/20/1856 16y,2m,16d Same marker as Margaret

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 08/08/2003
By Joyce M. Tice