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Tioga County PA
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Photos by Elaine Frey 2003
Name of Cemetery: St. Peter & Paul Parish Cemetery
Read By: Sarah Edsell
Date Read: December 2002
Typed By: Elaine Frey
Location: James Street, Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Other comments: Upper Section
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Barrett Shirley A. Ohart 4/23/1934      
Barrett Robert J. 12/24/1926    
Hayes Elizabeth 1855 1935    
Mahoney William J., Sr.       Flag, veteran marker
Mahoney Eleanor C.       Same marker as William
Schaad Charles Paul 10/31/1969 8/6/1688    
Schaad Mary A. 8/27/1904 8/23/1985    
          In memory of the unborn - Knights of Columbus
Whalen         Large Crucifix inscribed: bottom section - Sacred to the memory of Father & Mother J.W., T.C., E & M Whalen - Top section - 1998 Restored in loving memory of our paretns Vincent & Mildred Bahl - Robert, Earl, Edward, Elizabeth, Kathleen
Foder Eugene R. 1947 1949    
Hayes Mary A. 1893 1967    
Hayes Denis 4/1/1863 1/12/1916    
Hayes Julia F. 3/11/1866 10/19/1946    
Grace John 1854 1921    
Grace Mary 1854 1939   Same marker as John
Ross John B. 1891 1977    
Ross Anna J. 1896 1989   Same marker as John
Pyznar Jacqueline 11/25/1939     children - Jeanmarie 1965, Michael 1966, Noelle 1970
Pyznar Robert 2/4/1937     Same marker as Jacqueline
Pyznar Raymond   4/16/1908    
Joyce Kathleen A. 9/2/1950     Kathy
Joyce Francis M. 4/11/1953 2/20/2002   Frank
Hassell Warren N. 12/30/1933 7/20/1997   Fire Dept marker - married 5/16/1954
Hassell Lucille M. 12/4/1933 12/23/2002   Same marker as Warren
Harrigan David J. 12/23/1932 10/4/1993    
Comiskey Jack 1/2/1932      
Comiskey Audrey 9/1/1931 3/4/1996   Same marker as Jack - married 4/28/1956 - Children: Debra 1957, Glenn 1959, Bruce 1960, Tara 1966
Limoli Theresa C. 2/10/1920      
Limoli Thomas E. 6/11/1914     married 7/17/1937 - Same marker as Theresa
Gambal Theodore 3/13/1929      
Gambal Janet S. 3/24/1930 12/7/1997   Same marker as Theodore
Pepper Elton L. 5/6/1913      
Pepper Eileen S. 2/18/1914 2/12/1998   Married 8/21/1937 - Same marker as Elton
Wood Rosemary C. 2/9/1921      
Wood Leonard 9/23/1923 1/17/2003    
Dewan John 11/24/1930      
Dewan Kathleen A. 5/30/1942     Same marker as John
Cunningham Eileen Marie 8/30/1973 4/26/2002    
Smith Wilson N. 3/15/1906 9/1/1962    
Smith Eleanor S. Fox 2/28/1908 1/1/2001   Same marker as Wilson
Fairchild Robert J. 1928 1991    
Fairchild Rita D. 1931     Same marker as Robert
Boyle Francis J. 1914 2002   70th Inf WWII - Flag, veteran marker
Boyle Ruth Dixon 1913     Same marker as Francis
Klein Joseph A. 1929      
Klein A. Patricia 1932 1991   Same marker as Joseph
Stevens Edward E 12/20/1937      
Stevens Joanne I. 11/8/1937     Same marker as Edward - married 4/18/1959
Kelly John L. 1925 1988    
Kelly Dorothy 1922     Same marker as John
Ballard Elaine M. 1942 1989    
Ballard Peter P. 1942     Same marker as Elaine
Thompson Thomas C. 1916 1992   Capt US Army WWII 295th Combat Engineers - Flag, veteran marker
Thompson Ann M. 1921     Same marker as Thomas
Thompson Beloved Infant   11/19/1972   Grandson - Same marker as Thomas
Arnold Edward L. 1930      
Arnold Susan T. 1938 2002   Same marker as Edward
Culkin Victoria B. 3/12/1929 4/14/2002    
Culkin John J. 3/8/1926     Same marker as Victoria
MacInnis Martin B. 1925     Our children - Martin, Catherine, Michael, Maureen
MacInnis A. Esther 1924     Same marker as Martin B.
MacInnis Martin J. 1954 2002   Same marker as Martin B.
Grenell Robert E., Sr. 1926 2001   Veteran WWII - Flag, veteran marker
Grenell Loretta Patricia Bustin 1932     Same marker as Robert
Kugler John Thomas `9/9/1955 4/14/1988    
McGovern William J., Sr. 12/28/1912 4/22/1988    
McGovern Hope H. Caro 8/7/1927 1/3/1988   Same marker as William
Barrett Eugen J. 1923      
Barrett Mary G. 1930     Same marker as Eugene
Miller Marilyn R. Perry 3/13/1934     Same marker as Charles
Miller Charles F. 8/17/1932     "Skip" - Flag, veteran marker - Parents of Mark, Leslie, Stephen, Daniel, Jeffery, Peter

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 08/08/2003
By Joyce M. Tice