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Sylvania Cemetery 2001  , Columbia Township, Bradford County, PA
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Photos by Joyce M. Tice September 2001
This 2001 reading both updates and corrects this 1985 listing
One Two Three Four 1985
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Name of Cemetery:    Sylvania Cemetery
Read By:  Ken & Kevin Chapman, Pat Raymond, Janet Peters Ordway and Glen Taylor
Date Read:   August. 2001.
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Sylvania, Bradford County, PA
Other comments: They are looking for volunteers to help with upkeep of this cemetery
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
  SECTION 4        
Waldo Charles E. Feb.23.1847 Jul.31.1906     35495
Waldo Fannie C. May28.1857 Jun.19.1924     73432
Waldo W. E. Sep.10.1882 Nov.17.1939    
Waldo Fred C. 1880 1923   Co. B 4th Inf. 3 Div. WW I - FLT Marker 56242
Bixby Olen T. 1877 19??    
Bixby Effie R. 1888 1918    
Hilfiger Isaac 1886 1939    
Hilfiger Hattie 1886 1957    
Ripley James A., Sr. 1917 1963    
Green Wilbur Richard Apr.21.1972 Feb.15.1988   s/o Sharon C. Ripley & Wm. R. Green, Sr.
Ripley Doris 1926 1927    
Ripley Lester 1902 1954    
Worden Charles W. 1875 1941    
Worden Florence R. 1891 1925   On stone w/Charles
Worden James F. 1848 1940    
Worden Jerusha S. 1847 1921   On stone w/James F.
Worden Margaret L. 1842 1924   On stone w/James F.
Kring Daniel Feb.1.1894 Aug.18.1964    
Kring Christina Waldo 1889 1981    
Soper Alice Waldo Jun.3.1878 Apr.3.1946    
Soper Rexford R. Dec.5.1878 Jun.24.1946    
Burke George Edward   1962    
VanMarter Abram 1842 1927   Co. E 9th NY Hev.Art- GAR Marker & flag
VanMarter Emma 1849 1923   w/o Abram
VanMarter George E. 1869 1951    
VanMarter Elsie M. 1893 1964    
Ripley Grace B. 1880 1963   MOTHER
Ripley Alfred W. 1874 1934   FATHER
Dewey Donald G. Sep.10.1910 Nov.2.1984   On Back: Children of Donald G. & Elsie DePew Dewey
Dewey Sandra Jan.20.1940 Jan.20.1940   On Back: Children of Donald G. & Elsie DePew Dewey
Dewey Sallie Jan.11.1942 Jan.11.1942   On Back: Children of Donald G. & Elsie DePew Dewey
Dewey Donna Sep.30.1943 Oct.2.1943   On Back: Children of Donald G. & Elsie DePew Dewey
Johns Samuel E. 1886 1968    
Johns Bertha M. 1889 1926    
Shattuck Eliza Cowan   Feb.12.1870   w/o James
Shattuck Merrick   Sep.13.1867 61y2m25d  
Ludington Ruth A. 1860 1908    
Ludington John G. 1860 1941   On stone w/Ruth A.
Manning Ruth  1906      
Shattuck Mary Ruggles Feb.6.1811 Dec.7.1895   w/o Merrick Shattuck
Shattuck Ettie A.   Jun.18.1878 19y3m27d  
Shattuck Eva May   Sep.1.1882 13y4m22d On stone w/Ettie A.
Shattuck Edie M.   Jun.11.1868 5y7m18d On stone w/Ettie A.
Tabor Elizabeth   Apr.3.1872 66y3m4d w/o Richard H.C.
Tabor Richard H. C.   Apr.30.1860 59th year  
Merritt Gordon J. Oct.6.1871 Apr.1.1911    
Merritt Hugh Dec.5.1860 Oct.22.1938   On stone w/Gordon J.
Merritt Alice C. May11.1869 May19.1929   On stone w/Gordon J.
Slade Florence M. 1865 1948    
Kinnan Grace  1877 1912   Rebeckah Marker
Kinnan Ashley 1871 1931   On stone w/Grace
Dann Ruth Brown Sep.9.1932 Mar.2.1992   Vickery Mortuary Marker
Hale Pearl Brown Jul.2.1902 Jul.3.1931   Vickery Mortuary Marker
Brown Emma Jun.20.1957 Oct.15.1971   Vickery Mortuary Marker
Brown Julius       No marker found at this reading-There is a pipe w/GAR Marker-no name
Schlappi Adolph Merriam Dec.26.1912 Jun.18.1998   FATHER--Cpl. US Air Force WW II 57126
Schlappi Cynthia Bahr Jul.21.1909 Jun.8.1981   MOTHER--Rebeckah Marker--daughter June Eudora b. June 1, 1955 57125
Bahr Bertha V. 1875 1957   Rebeckah Marker 11203
Bahr Daniel W. 1861 1929     77658
Bahr Raymond V. 1901 1927     77659
Vought J. O. Apr.13.1836 Jan.4.1928    
Vought Cynthia L. Jun.28.1845 Nov.27.1911   w/o J. O. Vought--On stone w/J. O. Vought
Bahr Lewis C. Apr.20.1915 May30.1983   On stone w/J. O. Vought - S.Sgt. USMC WWII
Bahr Side stone       FATHER--Co. D 4th NY Art.
Bahr Burton       No other information
Strait Rachel Feb.24.1784 Apr.9.1853   Consort of Burton
Strait Burton, Capt. Sep.4.1781 Jan.5.1858    
Cowan Anna Mason 1902 1932    
Mills Irene A. 1866 1931    
Cowan John  1830 1912    
Cowan Sarah Button 1840     Rebeckah Marker
  Jane       On Cowen Lot
  Willard       FLT Maraker & Flag - On Cowen Lot
Peck Maria E.   Sep.18.1878 25y7m9d w/o George M.
Peck Arthur   Mar.3.1873 9 mo s/o G. M. & M.
Peck Lawrence   Dec.9.1886 20y3m6d s/o G. M. & M.
Peck Mary Jane   Nov.12.1867 26y11d w/o George M.
Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/27/2001
By Joyce M. Tice