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Sylvania Cemetery 2001  , Columbia Township, Bradford County, PA
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Photos by Joyce M. Tice September 2001
This 2001 reading both updates and corrects this 1985 listing
One Two Three Four 1985
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Name of Cemetery:    Sylvania Cemetery
Read By:  Ken & Kevin Chapman, Pat Raymond, Janet Peters Ordway and Glen Taylor
Date Read:   August. 2001.
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Sylvania, Bradford County, PA
Other comments: They are looking for volunteers to help with upkeep of this cemetery
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
  SECTION 2        
Mosher William Sep.10.1804 Sep.29.1881    
Mosher Polly Jun.13.1808 Apr.29.1881    
Mosher Thomas Jun.5.1843 Feb.21.1896    
Mosher Cornelius H. 1832 1908    
Mosher Martha J. 1847 1921    
Mosher Louis C. 1881 1920    
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Alexander Rosa P. Aug.12.1870 Jul.12.1895   w/o L. H.
Preston Essie M. Jul.11.1880 Feb.19.1901   w/o B. E.
Preston Harold L. Jan.26.1899 Aug.16.1952    
Alexander Edith 1879 1961   MOTHER
Alexander Louie L. 1908 1949   S/Sgt. 183rd Ord. Depot Co. WW II Marker & Flag
Dilly Anna A. 1903 1957    
Dilly Clayton 1897 1959    
Alexander David D. Jun.22.1851 Dec.23.1951   FATHER
Alexander Ida Field 1852 1924   MOTHER - w/o David D. Alexander
Alexander Lloyd Husted 1863 1924    
Alexander Maria Husted 1843 1937    
Alexander Horace Smith 1832 1918    
Keyes Russell       Co. C 7th PA Cav. GAR Marker & flag
Keyes C. H. Aug.20.1848 Apr.22.1913    
Keyes Demmon Dec.16.1801 May 1.1881    
Keyes Baby Apr.26.1885   On Stone w/Demmon
  DK       footstone
Keyes Charles   Feb.5.1856 83y6m7d  
Keyes Willie Coggeshall   Jun.14.1860 14y4m5d s/o Stephen & Sophia
Coggeshall Sophia M.   Mar.17.1868 78y6m2d w/o late Dr. John M. Coggeshall of Bristol R.I.
Keyes Freddie C.   Dec.8.1834 2 mo Infant son of Stephen & Sophia
Keyes Russel   Feb.6.1838 34 yr  
Keyes Sophia M. 1818 1892    
Keyes Stephen 1812 1898    
Keyes Nettie C. 1854 1914    
Keyes Charles Jr. Sep.21.1797 Jun.17.1883    
Keyes Philura   Mar.10.1874 76 yr w/o Charles
Keyes Wm. Sep.22.1830      
Keyes Mary A. Feb.21.1838     On Stone w/Wm. Keyes
Keyes W. L. Apr.2.1861 Sep.22.1894   On Stone w/Wm. Keyes -Footstone "WLK"
Keyes Lyman   Jun.25.1852 20y14d s/o Russell & Julia
Keyes Julia   Aug.13.1838 34 yr w/o Russell
Nash Harriette   Aug.10.1861 71y4m?d w/o Reuben Jr.
Nash Reuben, Jr.   Jan.19.1842 49y1m27d  
Nash Louisa   May16.1841 10y8m16d d/o Reuben & Harriette
Nash Rollin P.   Feb.19.1837 21y10m11d s/o Reuben & Harriette
Tabor Mary F.   Jun.18.1863 4y10mo. d/o Leroy & Helen M.
Tabor Leroy 1825 1885    
Tabor Helen M. 1832 1915    
Nash Norton   Jan.4.1865 21y3m22d s/o Reuben & Phebe-Co. M 17th PA Cav.-GAR Marker & flag
Watson Elizabeth   Mar.7.1862 72yr w/o David
Howe George E.   Nov.6.1861 24y9m Co. L 149th PA GAR Marker & flag
Worden J.A. Mar.28.1805 May 2.1896    
Worden Mindwell Dec.17.1809 Mar.1.1885   w/o J. Worden - On stone w/J. A.
Nash Reuben R.   Mar.13.1860 16y4m10d s/o James H. & Frances Jane
Nash Harry H.   Jun.6.1895 8y1m6d d/o J. T. & Lizzie
Nash Elizabeth H. 1864 1951    
Nash James T. 1853 1920    
Nash Frances Jane Dec.29.1823 Jul.8.1898    
Nash James H. Nov.27.1819 Dec.21.1879   On stone w/Frances Jane
Peck Emma   Sep.3.1852 15y11m18d d/o Peleg & Lydia
Robinson Lewis B.   Jun.8.1843 21y7m20d On stone w/Hannah
Robinson Hannah   Sep.12.1857 33y4m3d w/o Lewis B. 
Peck Peleg   Feb.22.1875 76y2m11d  
Peck Lydia C.   May.22.1873 73y6m On stone w/Peleg (Ref.old reading-d/o Daniel & Lydia Hunter of Bristol, RI)
Peck Thomas   Dec.14.1889 45y7m  
Ripley Lester Nov.15.1828 May14.1898   FATHER - GAR Marker & Flag
Ripley Helen  Nov.22.1840 Jan.21.1913   MOTHER 
Strait John W. 1839 1898    
Strait M. Louise Mosher 1841 19??   w/o J. W. Strait
Strait Gertrude Hager 1870 1901   w/o E. B. Strait
Smith Stella S. 1855 1891    
Smith Adelbert L. 1849 1937    
Gray T. D., M.D. Feb.15.1852 Apr.27.1885    
Gray Evaline Apr. 1.1853 Aug.29.1935   w/o T.D., "Died in Seattle"
Scouten Harriet R.   May.10.1857 28y7m5d d/o Samuel & Phebe
Scouten Phebe   Jan.9.18??   w/o Samuel - Stone broken
DIED In Sylvania Jan 9th of old age Phebe Scouten aged 83 years (Northern Tier Gazette, Troy, Pennsylvania, January 18, 1872).
Scouten Samuel   Mar.15.1859 76y11m12d Stone broken and hard to read
Scouten John    Sep.27.1847 67y1m22d  
Soper Levi   Sep.30.1847 79 yr  
Soper Naomi   Apr.3.1852 75y9m20d w/o Levi
Soper Diana   Feb.8.1855 36y5m13d w/o Levi
Woodworth Sally A.   Sep.21.1853 28y5m13d w/o Linus
Bristol Franklin 1799 1866   "Father"
Bristol Marena R. 1802 1885   "Mother"
Bristol Daniel H. 1831 1869   Co. G 1st NY Eng. GAR Marker & flag
Strait Bennett   Jul.27.1862 23y10m8d s/o Wm. & Mary Ann
Strait Eva A.   Dec.30.1867 2m 14d d/o John C. & Helen J.
Strait Jane Oct.9.1833 Nov.4.1913    
Strait William   May 22.1878 71y10m9d  
Strait Mary Ann   Jan.16.1871 59y1m3d  
Bailey James W. Feb.11.1851 Jul.5.1898    
Bixby Diantha   Mar.14.1899 72 yr  
Bailey Etta 1852 1926    
Wood W. W. May25.1852 Dec.15.1927   Side stone says William
Wood Mary A. Feb.10.1856 Apr.7.1902   w/o W. W.
Demun Mina A. Sep.29.1876 Sep.20.1900   w/o Walter Demun
Worden Lovena J. Miller Apr.22.1822 Sep.8.1902   w/o A. F. Worden
Bixby Otis C. 1841 1912    
Bixby Sarah 1847 1911   w/o Otis
Williams James Rice May 8.1838 Oct.11.1930   On stone w/Anne E.
Williams Anne E. Keyes Jul.23.1847 Sep.8.1898   Back/Our Children: Addie May 1866-1904; Hazel Eliza 1885-1904; Mildred Sophia 1894-1971
Crandle Arthur 1875 1944    
Crandle Bertha Canedy 1875 1937   Rebeckah Marker
Crandle Modessa N. 1898 1979   FLT Marker
Shaddick E. D. 1853 1922    
Shaddick Ellen O. 1853 1917   Rebeckah Marker
Dickerson Hannah Williams Aug.9.1883 70y7m9d w/o J. B.
Dickerson J. B.   Nov.18.1883 76y2m15d On stone w/Hannah Williams Dickerson
Spalding Charles T. 1867 1925    
Spalding Belle 1871 1931    
Packard Fred S. 1846 1905    
Packard Almira J. 1848 1900   On stone w/Fred
Packard Sheldon E. 1872 1919   On stone w/Fred
Kenyon Lena D. 1888 1978    
Kenyon Horace J. 1885 1957    
Kenyon James F. 1854 1910    
Kenyon Florida E. 1857 1936   w/o James F.
Kenyon Charles M. 1917 1918    
Hewitt Horace 1823 1899   Co. C 50 Reg. NY Vol. EN Co.
Hewitt Hannah A. 1834 1910   w/o Horace Hewitt
Stevens Horace A. 1859 1902    
Stevens J. W.       Co. I 141st NY Inf.-GAR Marker & flag
Ripley Howard E. "Rip" 1907 1981    
Ripley Clifford D. Sr. "Tip" Jul.18.1933 Jun.5.1994    
Ripley Clifford Dale Jr. 1957 1958    
Ripley Ralph Henry 1941 1942    
Ripley Helen M. 1915 1987   MOTHER
Kenyon Walter L.   Nov.17.1889 24 d. s/o C. L. & C. E.
Kenyon Norma A.   Sep.30.1891 2m12d d/o C. L. & C. E.
Kenyon Clarence C.   Jun.18.1887 5m16d s/o C. L. & C. E.
Kenyon James Dec.11.1816 Nov.13.1898    
Kenyon Amy Sep.30.1817 Feb.5.1884    
Hill Frank Hudson   Jan.31.1891 15y11m  
Hill Clarence T. 1865 1929    
Hill Minnie M. 1872 1956   On stone w/Clarence
Woodruff John E. 1889 1982    
Woodruff Fanny J. 1904 1967   On stone w/John E.
Ruggles Orrin Dec.10.1799 Aug.21.1880    
Ruggles Sally Feb.18.1805 Mar.11.1887   w/o Orrin - On Stone w/Orrin
Lay James Feb.22.1837 Jan.30.1929   On stone w/Orrin Ruggles 5664
Lay Hannah Jun.19.1837 Mar.3.1907   w/o James - On stone w/Orrin Ruggles 5663
Lay Hannah R. 1866 1962   (Hannah Rosina Smith) 5072
Lay George L. 1863 1929     5667
Gregory Sally M. Aug.11.1816 Feb.21.1877    
Gregory Leander L. Mar.14.1836 Apr.21.1920   GAR Marker--On stone w/Sally M.
Gregory Estelle E. Dec.20.1837 Jun.19.1899   w/o Leander--On stone w/Sally M.
McCollum Julia M. Jan.31.1834 Mar.7.1896    
McCollum Thomas F. Feb.2.1825 Nov.15.1903    
Courtney Perry E. 1875 1961    
Courtney Edith D. 1879 1963   On stone w/Perry
Tinkham Samuel P. Nov.12.1816 Feb.27.1892    
Tinkham Clark Nov.11.1829 Feb.15.1910    
Tinkham Eliza J.   Apr.29.1895 70 yr w/o Clark
Tinkham Florence T.   May 22.1876 7y5m18d d/o Clark & Eliza
Alexander Isabel   Feb.15.1877 41y10m23d w/o J. B.
Alexander Darwin S. 1810 1895    
Alexander Ruth B. 1808 1887   On stone w/Darwin
Dann Eddie   Dec.26.1897 20y3m s/o James & Mary
Dann J. M. 1836      
Dann Mary E. 1845      
Mott Emily Apr.1.1842 Feb.7.1899    
Tomlinson DeWitt C. Mar.1851 Apr.1944    
Tomlinson Sarah A. Aug.1852 Dec. 1928   On stone w/DeWitt
Cornell Henry S. 1870 1949    
Morse Carrie A. 1873 1947   On stone w/Henry S. Cornell
Shaw Fred H. Feb.17.1871 Mar.15.1897    
Courtney Doris 1902 1914    
Simerson W. T.   Mar.23.1885 44y4m  
Simerson Elizabeth   Dec.29.1901 56y4m w/o W. T.
Simerson Infant Son   Sep.16.1872 4 days s/o W. T. & S. L.
Simerson Nora A. Apr.19.1879 3m2d d/o W. T. & S. L.
According to Thomas McIntosh this may be Nora Watkins d/o Frank Watkins and Grace Simerson.
Tomlinson John   Aug.22.1875 57 yr  
Tomlinson Lydia C.   Sep.15.1887 59 yr w/o John
Tomlinson Gertrude L. 1884 1953    
Tomlinson         Stone missing-base only
Tomlinson Fred 1880 1933    
Tomlinson Bertha  1882 1942   On stone w/Fred
Lee Minnie Adams 1864 1903    
Lee Albert S. 1858 1931   On stone w/Minnie
Lee Francis Jun.25.1888 Jun.29.1903    
Lee Louis Nov.10.1900 Apr.3.1901   On stone w/Francis
Bush Jonathan   Mar.10.1861 80y8d  
Blake C. G.   Mar.11.1929 77y FATHER - Homemade concrete marker
York Alice Jun.4.1902 Oct.29.1903   d/o D. B. & Lizzie K.
York David B. 1872 1933    
York Elizabeth Keyes 1870 1959    
Buck Dorothy York 1900 1982    
Buck Leo'nard 1894 1967   USN WWI
Keyes Abbie 1840 1931    
Keyes Alden Dec.16.1832 Apr.1.1910    
Lay Orilla   May12.1879 73y w/o Edward Lay//NOTE: From Old Reading--Unable to read
Lay Edward   Nov.25.1850 43y20d  
Lay George L.   Jan.7.1866 32y3m23d s/o Edward & Aurelia 
Mauwidska Charles   Mar.11.1858 5m13d Can't read parents names
  Delighty   May 1.1863 38y9m7d w/o Anthony (Husband's name may be wrong-hard to read)
Tinkham Theodotia   Dec.5.1870 89y7m23d w/o Calvin
Tinkham Calvin   Nov.12.1871 87 yr  
Tinkham Lora A.   Jan.4.1892 78y4m Age from old reading-stone partially buried at this reading
Phillips Jennie Waldo   May 12.1867 22y6m9d w/o S. D.; d/o Charles & Lydia Waldo 78299
Waldo Louisa J.   Mar.1.1844 1y1m d/o Charles & Lydia 79524
Waldo Lydia C.   Aug.10.1876 62y6m28d w/o Charles 78298
Waldo Charles Sr.   Feb.5.1884 71 yr   73431
Waldo Clarence   Sep.15.1887 1y8m15d s/o E. C. & F. G. Waldo 73436
Waldo Stella M.   Sep.30.1884 1 mo. d/o E. C. & F. G. Waldo 73437
Furman Rachel A.   May21.1878 34y8m24d MOTHER - w/o Finley
Furman Fenton   Jul.4.1867 9m4d BROTHER - s/o Finley & R. A. - On stone w/Rachel Furman
Furman Finley 1842 1916   FATHER On stone w/Rachel Furman
Merritt Cynthia   Dec.26.1868 69y23d w/o Curtis "GMOTHER" on stone w/Rachel Furman
Merritt Curtis   Jan.5.1879 81y4m14d "GFATHER" - on stone w/Rachel Furman
Furman Diana B.   Jul.19.1844 21y7m22d MOTHER-w/o J. H. Furman - On stone w/Rachel Furman
Furman James   Aug.2.1844 28d BROTHER - s/o J. H. & Diana B. - On stone w/Rachel Furman
Sands Edna May 1869 1917   SISTER -On stone w/Rachel Furman
Furman Caroline B. 1858 1935   On stone w/Rachel Furman
          NOTE: Edna May Sands & Caroline B. Furman on monument side says TINKHAM
Soper Amos L.   Jul.20.1844 3y7m5d s/o Amos & Lorrin
Soper Amos R.   Aug.5.1847 43y1m11d  
Furman Ida   Jun.16.1850 3 da d/o Orrin & Elizabeth E.
Furman Elizabeth       w/o Orrin - Dates buried
Scouten Abram Sep.10.1810 May 16.1895   ON SCOUTEN MONUMENT
Scouten Lois B. May 8.1812 Dec.7.1884   ON SCOUTEN MONUMENT
Scouten W. Leroy Oct.28.1835 Jan.3.1902   ON SCOUTEN MONUMENT
Scouten Martha S. Sep.5.1844 Jan.25.1928   ON SCOUTEN MONUMENT
Scouten Lovisa P. Oct.10.1839 Mar.9.1873   ON SCOUTEN MONUMENT
Scouten Fanny J. Dec.19.1844 Mar.2.1929   ON SCOUTEN MONUMENT
Smith Eunice   Sep.30.1858 93y3m2d w/o Isaac
Smith Silas Oct.15.1802 Oct.6.1885    
Smith Lydia  Jan.7.1820 Jul.8.1909    
Smith Lorinda M. Jul.30.1821 May6.1857 35y10m24d w/o Silas
Smith Cilia Clarissa   Aug.7.1839 8m10d d/o Silas & Marietta
Jacklin Emma P.   Nov.17.1856 5y9m11d d/o S. & Ruamia
Jacklin Katie   Feb.26.1888 27y d/o S. & R.
Jacklin Samuel    Feb.12.1887 66y  
Bradford Luther   Jan.20.1877 11m10d "Our Lewie" s/o Wm. & Mary
Bradford William H. 1853 1920    
Bradford Mary J. 1856 1929    
Strait Ida L. Dec.15.1842 May 9.1904    
Strait Churchill B. Jun.27.1842 Dec.3.1891    
Strait Laura E.   Mar.8.1865 12y8m11d d/o Isaac & Elizabeth
Strait Elizabeth   Oct.22.1868 50y9m14d w/o Isaac
Strait Isaac   Oct.14.1876 74y8m15d  
Published On Tri-Counties Site On 9/23/2001
By Joyce M. Tice