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Sylvania Cemetery 2001  , Columbia Township, Bradford County, PA
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Photos by Joyce M. Tice September 2001
This 2001 reading both updates and corrects this 1985 listing
One Two Three Four 1985
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Name of Cemetery:    Sylvania Cemetery
Read By:  Ken & Kevin Chapman, Pat Raymond, Janet Peters Ordway and Glen Taylor
Date Read:   August. 2001.
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Sylvania, Bradford County, PA
Other comments: They are looking for volunteers to help with upkeep of this cemetery
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
  SECTION 3        
Bixby Porter E. 1874 1934    
Bixby Nellie J. 1878 1912   w/o Porter
Embry Lina Hakes 1878 1948   Our Beloved Mother At Rest
Mosher C. N. Apr.4.1835      
Mosher Elizabeth Jun.4.1843 May21.1903   His Wife - On stone w/C. N.
Ludington Perley K. 1852 1938   FLT Marker
Ludington Sarah W. 1872 1939   Rebeckah Marker
Keyes Allene M. 1889 1977    
Keyes George R. 1890 1934    
Keyes Elsye L.   1929    
Keyes Elinor J.   1932    
Ludington Walter Oct.12.1903 Mar.14.1904   s/o P.K. & Sarah
Scouten Mary H. 1867 1903    
Scouten Morris R. 1855 1918    
        Marker missing-Base there
Keyes Margaret Katherine Aug.12.1936 Nov. 3.1936    
          2 Markers missing
Lee Floyd 1896 1977    
Lee Beatrice M. 1904 1935   Rebeckah Marker
Rockwell Ida 1864 1946    
Rockwell Delos 1865 1939    
Rockwell Arthur Elliot 1898 1918    
Woodward Willard H. Mar.22.1906 Sep.4.1989    
Woodward Fannie E. Aug.29.1921 Nov.16.1996   On stone w/Willard H.
Mosher Laura Leeser 1867 1927    
Mosher James Sherman M.D. 1867 1936   American Legion Marker
Mosher Elsie 1892 1892   d/o J.S. & Laura L.--Under Rhododendron bush
Mosher Lillian Pauline 1893 1936   Under Rhododendron bush
Shaw Schuyler G. 1846 1928    
Shaw Helen E. Keyes 1846 1937   w/o Schuyler
Cornell Mary Ann Nov.6.1839 Dec.4.1912    
Hager Frank M. 1879 1915   FLT Marker
Hager Lilian C. 1876 1965   w/o Frank Hager
Moss Carla R. 1962 1999   Vickery Funeral Home Marker
Bailey Lillian G. 1960 1976    
Hager Martin C. 1855 1928   FLT Marker
Hager Emma L. 1859 1946    
Holmes Edmund 1854 1930    
Holmes Minne C. 1867 1955   On stone w/Edmund
Allen Bessie R. 1879 1949    
Allen Frank  1871 1958    
Rogers Nellie Allen 1896 1972   d/o Frank & Bessie Allen
Starr Kirby W. Feb.7.1961 Aug.13.1983    
Fish James E. Sr. 1914 1952    
Fish Margaret Bailey 1881 1957    
Fish Edward Nelson 1873 1937   On stone w/Margaret
Fish Frances Mary 1902 1919    
Dann Caroline B. 1848 1921    
Whitaker Wendell J. 1916 1929    
Smith Delia Whitaker 1880      
Whitaker Judson C. 1867 1930    
Cory Sherman N. 1912 1963    
Smith Hobart M.   Dec.25.1932   PA Pvt. 42 Vol Inf. Spanish American War Marker & flag
  Field Stone       Flat stone w/flowers
Sherman Jennie L. 1879 1967    
Sherman William 1871 1929    
Boyles Sheldon B. 1947 1970   "Sonny"
Boyles Curtis L. Apr.12.1910 Nov.15.1994   Married April 28, 1945
Boyles Betty M. May 10.1923     On stone w/Curtis
Day Bess Kratzer 1896 1953    
Stanton Charles E. Jr. 1900 1970   WW I Marker & Flag
Stanton Pansy Kratzer 1898 1975    
Furmanek Marion L. Feb.1.1932 Apr.9.2000   Married Aug. 14, 1954
Furmanek Francis P. Dec.2.1926 Jan.28.1989   PFC US Army WWII Marker & Flag-On stone w/Marion
Hoagland Franklin George 1886 1971   s/o Barbara Allen & Leon Delos Hoagland
Keyes Ervan L. Sep.27.1877 Jan.2.1965   PA Cpl Trans Corps WW 1 Marker & flag
Thorpe Fred 1895 1965    
Thorpe Ruby 1899 1983    
Thorpe Frederick M. Sep.24.1921      
Thorpe Mildred M. Sep.20.1919      
Card Mary F. Contini 1930     "Back in 10 Min"
Card William Kenneth 1930 1990   Mason symbol - On stone w/Mary
Wisel Baby       No name or stone found-from old reading
  Arianna C. W.       Recent burial - Probably child
Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/27/2001
By Joyce M. Tice