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NAME OF CEMETERY:    Wetona Cemetery
READ BY:     Ken Chapman, Charlotte Stevens, Pat Raymond
DATE READ:    June 22, 1999
TYPED BY:      Pat Raymond
LOCATION:  Keir Hill Road T-700 - Sharp Corner off Wetona Rd. Onto Keir Hill Rd. (Dirt Road)  .3 miles on right
Grace Daniel   June 1 1860 26-6-6 s/o Ambrose & M.A. Grace -GAR Marker
Grace Ambrose   July 2.1882 78 yrs  
Grace Martha A.   Apr.13.1892 84y 8 mo w/o Ambrose Grace
Grace A. M. 1838 1919    
Grace Leslie D. 1843 1929    
Grace Lydia Nov.16.1825 1936    
Grace Sarah M.  1869 1898   Asleep in Jesus
Grace C. S. Feb.10.1835 Aug.31.1921   GAR Marker
Grace Mary A. Mar.29.1836 Sep.11.1898   w/o C. S. Grace
Grace Phebe L.   Jan.23.1892 21-9-16  
Grace Mark E.     23 yrs s/o Charles & Mary Grace - No dates
Grace Delia Oct. 9.1905 Nov. 8.1905   d/o S. E. & Henrietta Grace
Grace Daniel H. Apr.25.1862 Mar.17.1864    
Grace Rosalia Mar.12.1861 Jun.14.1884   Same stone as Daniel Grace
Grace Wallace W. Nov.18.1831 Oct. 2.1901   Same stone as Daniel Grace
Grace Ann May 25.1835 Feb.19.1911   Same stone as Daniel Grace
Grace Ensel G. Dec.28.1857 Jan.13.1948   Same stone as Daniel Grace
Grace Lora Aug.29.1872 Apr. 5.1954   Same stone as Daniel Grace
Grace Wallace James 1905 1978   Married Sept. 5. 1929
Grace Eleanor Sargeant 1906 1983   Married Sept. 5. 1929
Grace Aaron E. Dec.19.1866 Mar.16.1914    
Grace George   July 17.1915   s/o A.G. & Lora Grace
Grace ? Nellie       No dates-No last name-Next to George Grace
Grace James O.   Sep. 8.1865 53-8-29  
Grace Charlotte A.   Feb. 8.1878 70y 7da w/o James V. Grace
Grace Lorin 1833 1908   BROTHER
Grace Anna E. 1848 1907   w/o Lorin Grace
Grace J. Elmer 1885 1893   s/o L. & A. E. Grace "AT REST"
Grace Frances E.   Mar.9.1863 3yr 26 Da d/o Lorin & Mable Grace
Grace Edith E.   Feb.18.186? 4y7m2d d/o M.A. & L. R.
Grace Ettie M.   Dec.8.1877 2y9m0d d/o Clark & Mary
Grace Mark E.   Dec.29.1861 5y 3m 0d s/o Clark & Mary
Graves Don R. 1888 1957   Small Marker-d. June 7. 1957 68-9-10
Graves     1922   Marion Ross w/o John N.
Graves Clara VanVliet 1885 1967    
Graves Hiram P. 1857 1924    
Graves Sarepta M. 1857 1926    
Hagerman Philander Feb.16.1836 Feb.18.1902    
Hagerman Mary J. Carpenter July 25.1840     w/o Philander Hagerman
Harkness Martin Sep.12.1836 Mar. 5. 1932   h/o Sophia Bailey
Harkness Sophia Bailey May 22.1849 July 16.1900   w/o Martin Harkness
Harkness Nathaniel Jun.3. 1830 Jan.24.1907    
Harkness Marguerite Sep. 6.1912 Apr.18.1913   d/o Ernest & Nettie Harkness
Hicks Jos. G.       Co. C 207 PA Inf. GAR Marker
Hicks Nancy   Dec.29.1873 34-4-8 w/o J. R. Hicks
Hicks Lew C. Oct.29.1883 Mar.29.1887    
Hicks S. A.       Co. F 6th PA Res. Inf. - GAR Marker
Hicks Perlee C. 1896 1975   h/o Cora M.
Hicks Cora M. 1886 1976   w/o Perlee C.
Hicks Elisha Bert May 17.1869 Nov. 2.1883    
Hicks Lucy J. Oct.17.1848 Dec. 9.1903    
Hicks Ida E. July 16.1862 Dec.21.1883    
Hicks Ellen 1801 1875    
Hicks Carrie Fannie June 6. 1864 Nov.19.1883    
Hicks Jesse B. 1803 1881    
Hicks Huldah   May 1. 1856 62 yrs w/o John Hicks In the 62 year of her age
Hicks John 1794 1872    
Hicks George L. 1860 1922    
Hicks Anna M. 1858 1948   w/o George Hicks
Hicks Wesley 1830 1906    
Hicks Alma Wood 1819 1891   w/o Wesley Hicks
Hicks James V. 1866 1946   h/o Ida D. Hicks
Hicks Ida D. 1868 1936   w/o James V. Hicks
Hicks Leland G. Aug.25.1919 June 13.1989    
Hicks Angeline A.  1855 1926   w/o John N. Rice
Hicks Clinton E. 1868 1955   h/o Edith A. Hicks
Hicks Edith A. 1883 1953   w/o Clinton E. Hicks
Hicks  Jay 1889 1941    
Hubbard Finley N. Dec.22.1848 June 9.1929   h/o Susie M. Brooks
Hubbard Susie M. Brooks Nov.10.1854 Feb.11.1908   w/o Finley N. Hubbard
Hubbard W. B. Jan.28.1814 Dec.19.1858   h/o Lurena Merritt Hubbard
Hubbard Lurena Merritt Dec.25.1814 Aug.19.1900   w/o W. B. Hubbard
Hubbard Harriet   Feb.22.1854   w/o Elias - In the 19th yr of her age.
Hubbard Achsah   May 26.1879 16y 16da d/o William & Catherine Hubbard
Hubbard Williams   Feb.13.1897 81yr 4mo h/o Caroline
Hubbard Caroline E.   Aug. 18.1884 61-6-0 w/o Williams - Reading questionable
Hubbard (?) Lurena        No other info (Next to Harriet Hubbard)
Hubbard Joyce Ann 1940 1942    
Hubbard Hannah   Mar.4.1863    
Inman John E. Jan.14.1931   Married Aug.18.1950
Inman Mytle Wilston Feb.25.1932   Married Aug.18.1950
Jackson Elizabeth R. 1915 1978    
Jackson Leon A. 1913 1978    
Jackson Thomas Andrew 1836 1901    
Jackson William H. 1879 1921    
Jackson Edith G. Shaylor 1883 1975   w/o William H. Jackson
Jackson L. P. Apr.17.1908 May 3.1995   h/o Lillian B.
Jackson Lillian B. Nov.12.1910 Sep. 5.1998   w/o L. P. Jackson
Jackson Michael Todd 1962 1968    
Jackson Scott W. Jan.20.1905 June 12.1981   Married Apr. 22. 1929
Jackson Helen Ayres Mar.18.1903 Dec. 1. 1979   Married Apr. 22. 1929
Johnson Rachel C. 1874 1943    
Johnson Shirley Decker 1940 1955    
Ketcham Martha Jane   Sep.22.1853 16-9-19 d/o Samuel & Sarah Ketcham
Ketcham John M.   Oct.20.1853 21-7-16 s/o Samuel & Sarah Ketcham
Ketchum Julia M.   Apl.22.1852 29-7-22 w/o Hiram Ketchum
Ketchum Samuel E.   Oct.3.1848 2y 3m 6d s/o Hiram & Julia M. Ketchum
Kuhnle Jacob F. 1855 1936   h/o Ella M.
Kuhnle Ella M. 1851 1936   w/o Jacob F. Kuhnle
Lee Joseph C. 1860 1927   h/o Effie M.
Lee Effie M. 1870 1952   w/o Joseph C. Lee
Leiby Baby Boy   Apr-62    
Leiby Millard B. July 26.1912 Apr. 2.1994   h/o Sarah Y.
Leiby Sarah Y. Jan.26. 1916     w/o Millard B. Leihy
McIlwain Simeon   Nov. 9.1872 46 yrs  
McIlwain Marcus E.   Jan.10.1847 10y 6m. s/o Unreadable
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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 6/27/99
By Joyce M. Tice