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NAME OF CEMETERY:    Wetona Cemetery
READ BY:     Ken Chapman, Charlotte Stevens, Pat Raymond
DATE READ:    June 22, 1999
TYPED BY:      Pat Raymond
LOCATION:  Keir Hill Road T-700 - Sharp Corner off Wetona Rd. Onto Keir Hill Rd. (Dirt Road)  .3 miles on right

McKay Willie July 28.1896 Sept. 6. 1896   s/o J. U. & L. E. McKay
McKay Elizabeth  Sep.10.1874 Sept.14.1909   w/o James U. McKay
McKay Robert Jan.18.1887 Aug. 8.1895   s/o Wm & H.M. McKay
McKay William  1848 1936   I.O.O.F. Marker
McKay Hannah Williams Oct.10.1850 Dec.12.1912   w/o William McKay
McKay Mahlon J. 1870 1946   FATHER w/o Wm. & Hannah
McKay Mae 1876 1947   MOTHER
Morse Ella  1852 1919   w/o Lyman Sargeant
Northrop Ira H. Feb.12.1827 Feb. 1.1914    
Northrop Theodore M. July 5. 1856 May 12.1902    
Northrop Jesse  June 20.1854 July 28.1912    
Northrup Hulda A. Nov. 30.1830 Sep.11.1907    
Northrup Perry   Dec.16.1861 11yr 4m s/o Charles & Hulda Northrup
Ockerman Hugh 1891 1956    
Ockerman Katie Sep.6. 1896 Apr. 13.1987   w/o Hugh Ockerman
Ockerman Frank H. 1862 1938   h/o Minnie Tracy Ockerman
Ockerman Minnie Tracy 1861 1930   h/o Frank H. Ockerman
Ogden William C. 1858 1928    
Packard Mary Sargeant 1891 1919   w/o Albert Packard (Mary Sargeant Cranmer Packard
Parmenter Samuel P. 1851 1921    
Parmenter Brunette Gates 1854 19--   w/o Samuel P. Parmenter
Parmenter Wayne S. 1901 1970    
Parmenter Vern L. 1877 1922    
Parmenter Rose E. 1879 1939    
Peet Julia M. 1874 1930    
Peet Wm.   June 7. 1957 68-9-10 Small plaque-no name (Co.D 132 Pa Inf.)
Pierce Cora B. 1899 1995    
Pierce Lawrence R. 1906 1909    
Pierce Dorcas A. 1868 1956    
Pierce George W. 1860 1907  
Purhamus Abner J.   Sep. 3.1844 11 mos s/o Peter & Polly Purhamus
Purhamus James D.   Sep.10.1841 2y10m26d s/o Peter & Polly Purhamus
Purhamus Peter   June 7.1861 49-11-25 "FATHER"
Reeser Archie R. 1884 1970    
Reeser Ada I. Roesner 1886 1971    
Reeser Clarence E.     13y 2m9d s/o Jeremiah & Martha Reeser
Reeser Macy W. 1881 1915    
Reeser Earnest A. 1873 1935    
Reeser Mattie C. 1876 1970    
Reeser Louise 1903 1997    
Reeser Gladys Irene 1900 1910    
Reeser John N.   1911    
Reeser Marion Ross   1922   w/o John N. Reeser
Reeser Francis   Apr.15.1859   d/o Charles & Sarah Reeser
Reeser Charles    Apr. 1. 1863   s/o Charles & Sarah Reeser
Reeser Elwood M. 1844 1915   Co. I 141st Pa. Inf. GAR Marker
Reeser Lucelia A. 1845 1931    
Reeser Arthur C. Jan. 9.1867 May 10.1882   s/o E.M. & Lucelia Reeser
Reeser Minnie Dec. 5.1860 Dec.28.1881 d/o E. M. & Lucelia Reeser
Reeser Stella May 8.1875 Dec.30.1881   d/o E. M. & Lucelia Reeser
Reeser Alta 1884 1945    
Reeser Myrtie 1870 1952    
Reininghaus Annegret Oct.6.1938 Sep.19.1980   Wife & Mother
Remington Marcus   Jan.10.1847 10yr 4mo. s/o Zeba & Betsey
Rice Fred B. "Moose" 1894 1973    
Rice Edith Fuller 1897     w/o Fred B. Rice
Rice John N. 1853 1918    
Rice Angeline A. Hicks 1855 1926   w/o John N. Rice
Rice Inez B. 1879 1967   MOTHER
Rice Almon B. 1879 1946   FATHER
Rockwell Caroline M. 1865 1928   Caroline M. Young Rockwell
Ross Marion    1922   w/o John N. Reeser
Ross Milton M. Sep. 3.1829 Jan. 1.1860    
Ross Rubie L. June 18.1847 Jan.7.1904   w/o R. E. Ross
Ross Harriet N. Dec.30.1830 Oct.16.1885   w/o Milton
Ross Revillo E. Oct. 1.1851 Nov. 5.1901    
Rumsey Juliatt  1847     w/o Franklin Fletcher
Sargeant William Jan.17. 1816 Dec.16.1894    
Sargeant Betsey July 8.1818 Feb.22.1904   Same Stone as William Sargeant
Sargeant Martha Mar.15.1855 Feb.17.1861   Same Stone as William Sargeant
Sargeant Ezra D. 1878 1957    
Sargeant Winifred 1880 1969    
Sargeant Dwight M. 1866 1943   h/o Mary D.
Sargeant Mary D. 1869 1937   w/o Dwight M.
Sargeant Dudley 1842 1918   h/o Thirsea Sargeant
Sargeant Thirsea 1851 1896   w/o Dudley Sargeant
Sargeant Jas.   Dec.2?.1862 11 yrs. d/o Abram & Huldah Ward
Sargeant Betsey E.   Feb.21.1855 37-1-13 w/o James
Sargeant Abigail   Mar.27.1879 58-0-10 2nd w/o James
Sargeant Wm.P.   Dec.11.1861   s/o J & B
Sargeant Caroline E.   Apr.4.1904 61-7-4 w/o James
Sargeant John W. Nov.30.1823 Apr.24.1901    
Sargeant Huldah  Nov.20.1852 Oct.13.1918   w/o Thomas Updegraff
Sargeant Lyman  1850 1927   h/o Ella Morse
Sargeant Ella Morse 1852 1919   w/o Lyman Sargeant
Sargeant Robert 1902 1951    
Sargeant William C. 1877 1960   h/o Jessie L.
Sargeant Jessie L. 1879 1949   w/o William C.
Sargeant Clifford W. 1903 1935    
Sargeant Viola 1849 1941    
Sargeant Madison   Feb. 2.1900 52 yrs  
Sargeant Catherine   June 1.1879 5y2m17da d/o ?? & ?? Sargeant Unreadable
Sargeant Weldon D. 1916 1938   FC Co. A 51 SIG.BN (US Flag)
Sargeant Harold S. 1892 1950    
Sargeant Leola H. 1892 1977    
Sargeant Sam'l       No Dates
Sargeant Mary       No Dates
Sargeant Clarence Jul.20.1845 Feb.17.1848   c/o G. & Adelaide Sargeant 
Sargeant Orpha May 16.1844 May 1.1860   c/o G. & Adelaide Sargeant 
Sargeant Helen Aug.26.1837 Nov.27.1839   c/o G. & Adelaide Sargeant 
Sargeant George Sep.11.1810 Mar.31.1848  
Sargeant Adelaide   Oct.12.1892 84 yrs
Sargeant Samuel S. 1843 1928    
Sargeant Anna E. 1845 1929   w/o Samuel S. Sargeant (Anna E. Cleveland)
Sargeant John F. 1863 1948  
Sargeant Ethlin Shores 1850 1923   w/o John F. Sargeant
Sargeant Gerald H. Sep.24.1913 Feb. 9.1983    
Sergeant Mara Tracy Mar. 28 1918 living   w/o Gerald H. Sargeant
Sargeant Donald C. 1903 1971    
Sargeant Cynthia G. 1906 1997   w/o donald C. Sargeant
 Subj:  Correction on cemetery page
Date:  7/14/2002 5:11:39 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (mara wolfe``````````````````)

Hi there...
I found your site to be very interesting.

I have a correction for the Wetona Cemetery section of your site. Under the last name "Sargeant" the listing for Mara Tracy Sargeant is incorrect. I am
still living although it has a deceased date of 1983. Also, the name is spelled incorrectly as "Sergeant"

Thank you,
Mara Sargeant Wolfe

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 6/27/99
By Joyce M. Tice