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Photo by Joyce M. Tice
Cemetery Records Submitted by 
Bob Crouthamel March 2001
Updates March 2002

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See also - Bradford County Cemetery Addresses

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Updates & Corrections
Packard, Anna & child185719177-72
Packard, Anne, E1861187717-
Packard, Arvila1859189915-7
Packard, Darnelle197920068B3A
Packard, Dewitt1863191222-
Packard, Dolly1805189722-
Packard, Donald1916 A-1
Packard, Elizabeth1837191517-174
Packard, Emily & child1828190117-
Packard, Frank185519288-79
Packard, Gary L19531992E-30
Packard, Henrycan'tread22-
Packard, Herdic186919449-97b
Packard, Howard1892195617-174
Packard, Irene189919198-86a
Packard, Irene18931988B-7
Packard, James1863192717-173/174
Packard, Jane & child184219189-97
Packard, Jeanette1885195317-174
Packard, Jerome1822189617-
Packard, Katharine1835186710-
Packard, Kileon1826190315-
Packard, L A184019289-97
Packard, Laura1861188715-
Packard, Libbie1863190817-174
Packard, Loren S1829185222-
Packard, Louise19192004A-1
Packard, Mabel188119626-54
Packard, Matilda1834188715-
Packard, Niles1833186510-
Packard, Phillip187919636-54
Packard, Ralph18891956B-7
Packard, Sallycan'tread16-
Packard, Silas1796186316-
Packard, Stanley189119199-97
Packard, Sylvia1795189017-
Packard, Wm1806188622-
Packard, Wm B185419177-72
Pardo, Ira186719384-32
Pardo, Martha186219494-32
Pelton, Dorothy  B-12C/D
Pelton, Edgar19282001B-12C/D
Pepper, Abbie18901961C-14
Pepper, Edgar19282001B-12B
Pepper, Emma19151993C-15
Pepper, Emmor187919619-94
Pepper, Fred W19132001C-15
Pepper, George1920 C-14
Pepper, Ida188119159-94
Pesto, John M18921959Q-97
Pesto, Ruth H19001963Q=97
Pfaff, Ernest19181998L-71a
Pfaff, Hester19191982L-71a
Phillips, Hannah1847191424-
Phillips, Herbert L Jr1915193218-182
Phillips, Herbert L Sr1888196418-182
Phillips, James1913197417-175
Phillips, Laura1891197918-182
Phillips, Michael1841190524-
Phinney, Annora188219665-47a
Phinney, Dayton187619132-
Phinney, Elsie19091995D-19
Phinney, Emmett187919585-47a
Phinney, Eva & son187919652-
Phinney, Ronald19091976D-19
Pierce, Nora187719537-74a
Pierce, Sam186319347-74a
Porter, A J1852188321-
Porter, Albert1844192019-185
Porter, Amanda1807184222-
Porter, Andrewcan'tread21-
Porter, Anna1780184321-
Porter, Anna1804189522-
Porter, Burton184019018-
Porter, Catherine1831189821-
Porter, Effie1867????10-119
Porter, Elbertcan'tread21-
Porter, Elwin1912193310-110
Porter, Emily181718428-
Porter, Eulah1842186124-
Porter, Fannie1871193810-110
Porter, Fidelia184519258-
Porter, Florence L1848191419-185
Porter, Fred187119445-
Porter, George1814189221-
Porter, Gordon1878193119-186
Porter, Grace1902193610-112
Porter, Grant1864192610-110
Porter, Hannah1817186821-
Porter, Harrietcan'tread21-
Porter, Hattie1856187221-
Porter, Helen1884192924-
Porter, Helen S1850192710-119
Porter, Laurindar182318658-
Porter, Lillian189719759-104
Porter, Lynn189819659-104
Porter, M Alberta190719606-56a
Porter, Major1818189821-
Porter, Marcus181518948-
Porter, Mariah1790181221-
Porter, Matildacan'tread21-
Porter, Mattie & sons186819615-
Porter, Maude & child1882197519-186
Porter, Miltonnodates9-
Porter, Minor1810189322-
Porter, Mirandia?????191921-
Porter, Rachel1836185621-
Porter, Robert C190319379-104
Porter, Seth1808185321-
Porter, Thedore1844191710-119
Porter, Wmcan't read24-
Porter, Zoroaster1773184221-
Preston, Cheney186819525-
Preston, Rose & child186819385-
Pruyne, Charles1954 R-103
Pruyne, Neva J1951 R-103
Rathbun, Anna186519196-59
Rauecher, Clarence1901197313-141
Rauecher, Mildred1913196213-141
Reese, Delwa186019613-18
Reese, Henry187019343-18
Reid, Martin K1870192610-107b
Rein, Eloise19071991E-29b
Rein, Wm19021980E-29b
Renzi, Leon J194220058B-5CAb
Rice, Elwin19001981C-17b
Rice, Mary J18951974C-17b
Roby, Henrietta185019285-45
Roby, Orson184919225-45
Rockwell, Charles188319626-53b
Rockwell, Helen189319826-53b
Rockwell, Sadie S188919326-53
Roddy, Wmcan'tread24-
Rogers, Burrell F18941976A-5A
Rogers, Edwin????189921-
Rogers, Marvin19041989A-5b
Rogers, Raymond L19171982A-5a
Rundell, Charles W19011975K-62b
Rundell, Naomi19082000K-62b
Sands, Maria182518933-
Schaffenaker, Mary1855189313-
Seeley, Alice19051992N-81
Seeley, Anna18951981I-51a
Seeley, Clarence18951971I-51a
Seeley, Guy E19051979N-81
Seeley, Lewis1920 8G1-3
Seeley, Marie1924 8G1-3
Seeley, Thomas19321982N-81
Shaffer, Edward  8B-1B
Shaffer, Susan  8B-1B
Shanks, David A Sr1881195812-131
Shanks, Mary J1883196612-131
Shedden, Agnes1832192123-
Shedden, Byrce S Sr19361991D-24b
Shedden, Christine1966 D-24b
Shedden, Evelyn192020036-62
Shedden, Evelyn191520019-99
Shedden, Frank1855192921-
Shedden, Fred1887197514-151
Shedden, Harold  S-109B
Shedden, Harold M191319776-62
Shedden, Howard191119629-99
Shedden, James1859192824-
Shedden, James189219536-63
Shedden, Lawrence1898196610-115
Shedden, Lial J19141987J-57
Shedden, Lial J19141987J-57
Shedden, Lloyd19202005J-59
Shedden, Mabel P189619816-63
Shedden, Marcella1923194713-137
Shedden, Marice & baby1904199710-115
Shedden, Millie & child1863195124-
Shedden, Norma1919 J-57
Shedden, Robert1830187223-
Shedden, Rowena  S-109B
Shoemaker, A F183319075-
Shoemaker, Abbie1846190421-
Shoemaker, Arthur L1888190521-
Shoemaker, Asenath & babe182119165-
Shoemaker, Blanche187319335-
Shoemaker, Cecil185919385-46
Shoemaker, Charles186719635-
Shoemaker, Cora186519515-
Shoemaker, Esther1849191116-166
Shoemaker, Floyd190919868-84b
Shoemaker, Francis E186019425-
Shoemaker, George 1838188221-
Shoemaker, Harry1875196212-135b
Shoemaker, John1847190820-
Shoemaker, Joseph1843192416-166
Shoemaker, L D186319195-
Shoemaker, Laurinda1820189720-
Shoemaker, Linnie186519025-
Shoemaker, Lucille19202006H-46
Shoemaker, Lucy186819365-
Shoemaker, Lulu188619698-84a
Shoemaker, M T1843190317-
Shoemaker, Mary1855193517-
Shoemaker, Max19141975H-46
Shoemaker, Mertie1880195512-135b
Shoemaker, Minnie187619545-46
Shoemaker, Mira1848193020-
Shoemaker, Payne1809188421-
Shoemaker, Rachel1814189221-
Shoemaker, Ray188619698-84a
Shoemaker, Sophia184119105-
Shoemaker, Susan1789188021-
Shoemaker, Treat182119055-
Shoemaker, Wm1816190720-
Shoemaker, Wumifred190819948-84b
Shoff, Joseph B19041966K-61a
Slingerland, Betty1921 8F1
Slingerland, Wilbur1918 8F1
Smith, Abnercan'tread11-
Smith, Clara1889?????2-5
Smith, Freda19161969D-24a
Smith, Jennie1865188916-
Smith, Paul19112006D24A
Smith, Roy188619392-5
Smyth, Elizabeth1772184720-
Smyth, Wm1846186820-
Soper, Ann1837190114-
Spacek, Herman1904 9-98b
Spacek, M Jeanette190419589-98b
Spaulding, Allen185319287-73a
Spaulding, Asa, M185419254-27
Spaulding, Florence185519364-27
Spaulding, Harriet187519367-73a
Spaulding, Lewis1826187616-
Spaulding, Lillis1826188510-
Spaulding, Lucinda1828185116-
Spaulding, Milo190319677-73
Spaulding, O F1822188710-
Stanton, Phylis J19292007N-81
Starkweather, Daphne1921196110-116a
Steele, Ida A????188119-
Stevens, Ursula186019286-52
Stevens, Wm185319276-52
Stone, Maude190319855-49/50
Stone, Tray D190219955-49/50
Stotenburr, Angeline1834192016-162
Stotenburr, Archie1870????24-
Stotenburr, Esther1850188318-
Stotenburr, George1849192118-
Stotenburr, Orrin1877192524-
Stotenburr, Rebecca1826190218-
Stotenburr, Seely J1859193018-
Stotenburr, Soloman1850187118-
Stotenburr, Soloman M1824190618-
Stump, John A19181995L-70b
Stump, Sibyl1920 L-70b
Sturdevan, J Jcan'tread2-
Sturdevan, E Pcan'tread2-
Sturdevant, Anson1836191824-
Sturdevant, Sarah1846190824-
Sturgis, Alice189819655-42
Sturgis, Frank (Bud)192419995-42
Sturgis, Frank W189819725-42
Sturgis, Willis189819725-42
Swain, Garafilia189019706-55
Swain, L Delmar188919596-55
Swain, Louella19241998K-65
Swain, Myers19212002K-65
Swoger, Aletha H19111977G-37
Swoger, James C18991965G-37
Swoger, Mildred19351973G-37
Taylor, Austin1895191221-
Taylor, Mertie1873191221-
Thomas, Hiram1838190818-177
Thomas, Dorothy191520036-53
Thomson, David183919227-
Thomson, Doris 192819686-
Thomson, Margaret180618747-
Thomson, Maria184018997-
Thomson, Wm B181018817-
Tillotson, Emory1870????10-120
Tillotson, Margaret1876191710-120
Tinklepaugh, Betsey1840191612-
Tinklepaugh, Henry1823190612-
Tinklepaugh, Simon1859194212-
Titus, Austin1828188714-
Titus, David1779187014-
Titus, Elizabeth1796187714-
Titus, Frances1860191714-
Titus, Martha1829192014-
Towner, Ethel189419854-33
Towner, Marlea E192220054-33
Towner, Robert P192320024-33
Towner, Thomas189519854-33
Trent, Edward19091982F-31
Trent, Rosa18891977F-31
Trent, Thomas18861962F-31
Tripp, Carl19081997Z-1a
Tripp, Fanney1860192116-
Tripp, Harry1882189716-
Tripp, J O1859192516-
Tripp, Leora19071998Z-1a
Twist, Clarence19041978C-18a
Twist, Grace19061993C-18a
VanHorn, Edgar1849191017-
VanHorn, Ellen1853187817-
VanHorn, Emery185519095-
VanHorn, Esther & kids1822189510-
VanHorn, Laura R186019065-
VanHorn, Luther1821190310-
VanHorn, Lyman182918963-
VanHorn, Margaret1846192017-
VanHorn, Raymond19161995B-11
VanNoy, H L18991972G-40
VanNoy, Lena19061989G-40
VanRoy, Helen V19291987Z-3b
Vermilya, Lyle19302005P-95
Ward wife no name183419106-
Ward, G W182019016-
Ward, Helen1836187311-
Ward, Warren1832188311-
Wardson, Civil War Vetnodate9-
Warren, Amelia1857189111-
Warren, B J186919104-30
Warren, Carrie187419404-30
Warren, Celestia????191611-
Warren, Charles18991975D-21a
Warren, Charles1835190111-
Warren, Hugh188319494-31
Warren, James183819138-
Warren, Joe1846192918-181
Warren, Josiah1809190415-
Warren, Lammar186719158-
Warren, Lytlon189219634-30
Warren, Majorie189719764-31
Warren, Mary1847191818-181
Warren, Maud187819238-
Warren, Maude189119804-31
Warren, Nellie187218968-
Warren, Sarah19001983D-21a
Warren, Sarah1811188115-
Warren, Sarah184619278-
Warren, Virgie1887196611-
Warren, Wm1836190711-
Warren, Wm P192719374-30
Webb, David184019173-11
Webb, Eunice184419293-11
Webster, Almina1894198010-114
Webster, Cora, L186819405-
Webster, Dennis1824189711-
Webster, E W1857194113-137
Webster, Flora1872191214-145
Webster, Hannah183018972-
Webster, Henry182018832-
Webster, Howard1894196810-114
Webster, Katie1871193313-137
Webster, Marion1920 6-57a
Webster, Maryette1833189111-
Webster, Ronald1918 6-57a
Webster, Thomas1870193514-145
Weisbrod, Bernetta1927199012-129
Weisbrod, Harold1931195413-138
Weisbrod, Irene1897196413-138
Weisbrod, Lloyd1925197212-129
Weisbrod, Stephen1894196813-138
Wetherbee, John1891196310-110b
Wetherbee, Mabel1893199110-110b
Wheeler, Scott19252000R-105
White, Hiram185919347-67b
Whitehead, Dorothy1905199516-163
Whiting, Laura1846192618-
Wilcox, Earl1899199520-
Wilcox, H G1880????19-
Wilcox, Hattie1901198720-
Wilcox, Janice1924197720-
Wilcox, Laura19011993L-68a
Wilcox, Lura E1882191319-
Wilson, Mabel1894198916-162
Wing, Delia1843190015-
Wood, J Lucille1901195813-141
Wright, Majorie E1917193513-143
Wright, Marian1898199913-143
Wright, Meylert1897197213-143
Wright, Philip192320028C-1B
Zacharias, Edward A19331992Q-100
Zacharias, Joann1935 Q-100
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By Joyce M. Tice