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Cemetery Records Submitted by 
Bob Crouthamel March 2001

Joyce's Search Tip - December 2007 -
Do You Know that you can search just theBradford County Cemetery Records on the site by using the Cemeteries-Bradford button in the Partitioned search engine at the bottom of theCurrent What's New Page? Ifyou use that partition follow these steps to search just one cemetery
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2. Enter part of the cemetery name [ie Ballard or Berrytown] AND a surname.
3. Choose the Find ALL Words option. Then it will find just the pageswith that surname in the one cemetery you indicated. 

See also - Bradford County Cemetery Addresses

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Cemetery Records
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Updates & Corrections
Ackley, Esther1942 R-106b
Ackley, Ray19391997R-106b
Allen, Lawrence1894193815-159
Allen, Sylvester1835189012-
Allyn, John M1869192715-160
Andrus, Lemuel E 186323-
Avery, Wm P1806188323-
Ayers, Adelade1862190419-
Ayers, Bernard187219429-100
Ayers, Esther V1850188818-
Ayers, Jennie187219219-100
Ayers, Jermina184519187-72
Ayers, Lemuel1809187118-
Ayers, Plimptoncan'tread19-
Ayers, W F 183819006-
Ayres, Abyah1762183318-
Ayres, Abyah Jr1787186018-
Ayres, Arthur189419639-95b
Ayres, Augusta184519207-
Ayres, Caroline1867194210-110
Ayers, Charles19262001B-8
Ayres, Daisy C188619626-56b
Ayres, E1928 B-8
Ayres, Elizabeth190119893-12
Ayres, Fannie186619512-8
Ayres, Frank187019322-8
Ayres, Galan1861195110-110
Ayres, Helen M1923 3-13
Ayres, Henry1822189818-
Ayres, John H1817188519-
Ayres, Kate W1848187715-
Ayres, L Thomas19371961B-8
Ayres, Lislea1846189610-
Ayres, Lola18951996B-8
Ayres, Lottie186819353-12
Ayres, Lou18961977B-8
Ayres, Louise1931 B-8
Ayres, Marcus1814189919-
Ayres, Marcus184118987-
Ayres, Mark189319733-12
Ayres, Marvin L19481968M-74a
Ayres, Mary189319859-95b
Ayres, Mary A1817190119-
Ayres, Mary Pepper1832191318-
Ayres, Moses1799186318-
Ayres, O Kenneth19121995M-74b
Ayres, O Lanier192220053-13
Ayres, Ophelia192620024-35a
Ayres, Oscar186519533-12
Ayres,Robert, A192319954-35a
Ayres, Roxana1836192818-
Ayres, Sheeley1830191618-
Ayres, Sheely1859193019-
Ayres, Stella19111989M-74b
Ayres, Susan1814188019-
Ayres, Susannah1820190019-
Ayres, Thersa18011890?18-
Ayres, Thomas C1845190110-
Bagley, Almenda Brown186119422-
Bagley, Sarah189519192-
Bates, Almina1848190911-
Bates, Hyman185218878-
Bates, Luman1846 11-
Bates, Vesta182318968-
Bates, Wm182218898-
Baxter, Ethel1899198310-116
Baxter, Phillips Jr19491967H-43b
Baxter, Sharon19481965H-43b
Becker, Benita190719848-90b
Becker, Charles H190519748-90b
Bellows Jerry M19501983P-93a
Bellows, Madeline192119987-68b
Bellows, Max192219947-68b
Bennett, H J191719994-29a
Bennett, Josephine192020014-29a
Benninger, Emma1857193612-133a
Benninger, Marble1854192912-133a
Bergquist, Bernice19041970E-25
Bergquist, Daniel18941976E-25
Bergquist, Nancy Lee19361999E-25
Best, Ellisnodates4-
Bovier, Allen1839189919-
Bovier, Anna188119378=82
Bovier, Barton????182220-
Bovier, Bernard187319468-82
Bovier, Celestacan'tread20-
Bovier, Diana1834184320-
Bovier, Elmira1806188620-
Bovier, Emma1851193819-
Bovier, Florence1854193411-121
Bovier, Iva H1892197811-125
Bovier, L Earl1881190711-125
Bovier, Nelson1845186320-
Bovier, Schyler????184120-
Bovier, Seeley1843192719-
Bovier, Soloman1850191411-121
Bovier, Soloman1804186420-
Bovier, Thomas1888190711-121
Bovier, Volney M1841189819-
Bowen, Glen1902197212-133b
Bowen, Phyllis1910198612-133b
Bowers, Dane E19791998U-121
Bowman, Lovenue1854192820-
Bowman, Marlan1857192920-
Boyce, Glenn E1925200110-115
Brackman, Charles187219467-75b
Brackman, Hazel190219777-76
Brackman, Ina187419377-75b
Brackman, John190519807-76
Brackman, Nancy G194719957-75
Brackman, Paul1936 7-75
Bredbinner, David184419225-37
Britt, John F191219898-91b
Britt, Mary O1921 8-91b
Brooks, Bernice187119629-98
Brown, Asa C18861970I-51b
Brown, Delbert1865192117-171
Brown, Helen191719824-34
Brown, Ira1879195310-109
Brown, Iva1873194017-171
Brown, John19061962B-9
Brown, Mildred1888193110-109
Brown, Thalia1921193610-109
Brown, Vivian19011974B-9
Brown, Vrillo,L1912197110-109b
Brown, Willard191719894-34
Bruce, Anna187219666-58
Bruce, George186319156-58
Bruce, Merton189619736-58
Bryant, Cordella1834188114-
Bullock, Mame1876190717-
Bunyan, Jennie187019399-
Bunyan, John D186819499-
Bunyan, Mildred189319039-
Burbage, Walter19251985S-110
Burk, Harold19091985Q-99
Burk, J Franklin185118829-
Burke, George182218989-
Burnham, Jason19712001A-3
Bush, Altheda184519053-
Bush, Thomas183919123-
Buxby, Fred C187219415-39
Buxby, Frederic190519835-39
Buxby, MaryJane190319355-39
Buxby, Nyle188218535-40
Calkins, Layton J19271980N-82
Calkins, Nelle1929 N-82
Card, George C193120078F2A2
Carl, Eva19201974P-92a
Carl, Lloyd A Sr19192004P-82a
Case, Betsey1811189915-
Case, Carrie188119659-101
Case, Claude187919649-101
Case, Hattie185919238-
Case, Herbert185219289-101
Case, Isabelle180418733-
Case, Lillie ?1860189316-
Case, Lydia183518553-
Case, Mary185219389-101
Case, Myers1856192616-
Case, Philander1809188115-
Case, Thomas179818723-
Chaapel, Alma190919728-83
Chaapel, Robert Jr194619558-83
Chaapel, Robert Sr190419708-83
Chapin, Mattie A187619144-26
Chapin, S E 187219474-26
Chapman, Rosa1857194217-
Chattle, Anna1814191714-
Chesley, A Newton183719084-
Chesley, Eliza183919084-
Chesley, Elizabeth178818691-
Chesley, Elizabeth181018703-
Chesley, Henrynodates1or2-
Chesley, M H183818902-
Chesley, Oscar186319044-
Chesley, Rolla188719207-67a
Chesley, Roy188919577-67
Chesley, Saddie186419414-
Chesley, Saphrahia187719637-67
Chesley, Simon176118531-
Chesley, Simon P181518653-
Chesley, Susie186619428-86b
Clark, Courtland1833190113-
Clark, Elizabeth1836183113-
Clark, Ellen1840189314-
Clark, Elmer W19171991T-118b
Clark, Ephraim1839188714-
Clark, Grant1866190813-
Clark, Huldal1777184219-
Clark, Luther1807187420-
Clark, Marian (consort)1809184219-
Clark, Nathaniel1770184119-
Clark, Sally1813188820-
Clark, Woodfortcan'tread19-
Clarke, Ephriamnone18258-
Clarke, Experiencenone18728-
Clarke, Mary1835none13-
Clarke, W W1831190913-
Clayson, Eustace1854192313-
Clayson, Josephine1856193913-
Cleverly, Howard G19081986P-96a
Cleverly, Mary19152006P-96a
Coe, David1808188620-
Coe, Edward1849191622-
Coe, Elery1885194922-
Coe, Ellen1851190922-
Coe, Luther1839186720-
Coe, Sally1809189320-
Cole, Don G19441982J-58b
Cole, G1920 J-58b
Cole, Lillian19182005J-58b
Collins, Elsie191419868-81b
Collins, James191019738-81b
Collins, Margaret188319368-81b
Collins, Stephen190919608-81b
Colton, Carmella1919 S-114
Colton, Frankie1866189115-
Colton, Guy Dettie187219306-
Colton, Lorelei1953 H-46b
Colton, Nina18971962K-61b
Colton, Ron1953 H-46b
Colton, S C186519516-
Colton, Samuel18891975K-61b
Colton, Walter1859192415-
Colton, Wilbur19141984S-114
Conklin, Ruth1937 D-20a
Conklin, Wm19401961D-20a
Tombstone Reading
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Cemetery Records
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Updates & Corrections

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 4/2/2001
By Joyce M. Tice