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Windfall Cemetery, GranvilleTownship, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Photo by Joyce M. Tice
Cemetery Records Submitted by 
Bob Crouthamel March 2001
Updates March 2002

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See also - Bradford County Cemetery Addresses

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Cemetery Records
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Updates & Corrections
Coolbaugh, Amanda1835185214-
Coolbaugh, Emma1840190414-
Coolbaugh, Praxey1838188914-
Coolbaugh, Ruthnonenone14-
Craft, Lawrence19461972E-29a
Crandell, Frances186119036-
Cranmer, George1826189913-
Cranmer, Samantha1841192813-
Crouthamel, Barbara193019946-57b
Crouthamel, Robert R1931 6-57b
Cryer, Cathyeloise19491981G-39
Daggett, Lisle1822190719-185
Davison, Hermina189319835-41
Davison, James189219435-41
Davidson, Herminia192320055-41
Denkenberger, Joseph187619678-85
Denkenberger, Michael190919997-75a
Denkenberger, Nellie191119987-75a
Denkerberger, Amelia188619708-85
Dewey, Judith1941 T-120b
Dewey, Thomas19411993T-120b
Doane, George1880192616-167b
Doane, Margoret1836191622-
Dreste, Anna Mnone18807-
Dreste, Bertha187319495-37
Dreste, Delight189819885-38
Dreste, Herman185619425-44
Dreste, Jennie186418857-
Dreste, John P186619195-44
Dreste, L Delphine186619485-44
Dreste, Mathias182818897-
Dreste, Paul S189219345-38
Dreste, Pauline183219157-
Dreste, Rudolph186119145-37
Duart, Charles1842186210-
Duart, David H1818189110-
Duart, Dean19071996E-27
Duart, Effie1853193910-118
Duart, Emeline1856187110-
Duart, George1858187110-
Duart, Grace1878196110-117
Duart, Henry1875193210-117
Duart, I Hazel19111981D-22
Duart, Idanone185410-
Duart, J W1848191910-118
Duart, James1848186610-
Duart, Jeanie1941 E-28
Duart, John189619685-43
Duart, Mabel189719875-43
Duart, Maude19102001E-27
Duart, Sarah1818189910-
Duart, Thomas19411969E-28
Duart, W Rex19041985D-22
Duart, Wm P1845187010-
Dunbar, Harold C1894191318-178
Dunbar, Howard S1897195618-178
Dunbar, Leah M1897197818-178
Dunbar, Nellie S1874194518-178
Early, Irma1928 N-80
Early, Richard19191976N-80
Eastman, Alexander1838191115-153
Eastman, James1792186323-
Eastman, Jennett1810189823-
Eastman, Sophia1840192815-153
Eaton, Caroline1806189124-
Eaton, David1812188024-
English, Bertha186419186-
English, Chann ?183418726-
English, Florence1915198714-147
English, Harvey185919306-
English, Raymond Jr1937196014-147
English, Raymond Sr1912198614-147
Fassett, Ama189119616-56a
Fassett, John M188319546-56a
Fenton, Biglow1808?189224-
Fenton, Caroline1806189124-
Fenton, David????188024-
Fenton, Elizabeth1826190124-
Fenton, Emeline1835185624-
Fenton, Fannie G188019549-93
Fenton, J S1850193020-
Fenton, Jane1786185624-
Fenton, John W187619739-93
Fenton, Laura1849187124-
Fenton, Martha1806185324-
Fenton, Mary????187724-
Fenton, Mary W1854192920-
Fenton, Rheuenna1811188224-
Fenton, Roena1807187824-
Fenton, Seth Capt1781185824-
Ferguson, Margaret1794186720-
Ferguson, Beatrice190019605-47b
Ferguson, Edward185219228-79
Ferguson, Edward1826189520-
Ferguson, Eliza1848187420-
Ferguson, Ellen1821189520-
Ferguson, Ellen183619036-
Ferguson, Helen1905197017-170b
Ferguson, J Frank1875195617-170a
Ferguson, J L1840191817-169
Ferguson, James182819036-
Ferguson, John1801188820-
Ferguson, Julia A1854None8-79
Ferguson, Lemura1844190817-169
Ferguson, Lewis19071979M-75
Ferguson, Mabel1903198917-170b
Ferguson, Murt186219116-
Ferguson, Olive19101995M-75
Ferguson, Robert C188219108-79
Ferguson, Rose1879195617-170a
Ferguson, Wm1866193617-169
Finnerty, Richard19381998E-26
Finnerty, Sharon1943 E-26
Fitch, Andrew1810188912-
Fitch, C S1834190211-
Fitch, Catharine1810188112-
Fitch, Curtis1840188612-
Fitch, Fannie1880192718-181b
Fitch, Frank186419337-
Fitch, Harriet1827185220-
Fitch, Leslie A19021966A-4A
Fitch, Margaret1838191112-
Fitch, Mary186119267-
Fleming, Alden184219186-
Fleming, Burdette1874194813-142
Fleming, David1849193510-
Fleming, Donald L192019423-21
Fleming, Donna1941 A-2
Fleming, Frank Sr19131992M-78a
Fleming, Freegift1803189210-
Fleming, Harry1895197012-134
Fleming, Helen1918 A-2
Fleming, Joann1834190110-
Fleming, Joseph1832189110-
Fleming, Joseph C189019423-19
Fleming, Lettie187219466-
Fleming, Luther A189519889-105a
Fleming, Marian1877193813-142
Fleming, Marquerite1898192912-134
Fleming, Mary1851189410-
Fleming, Mary1811189710-
Fleming, Mary1855193814-
Fleming, Neva189619723-19
Fleming, Philander1857192114-
Fleming, Philander19151975A-2
Fleming, Robert C19391968A-2
Fleming, Susan187318906-
Fleming, Thelma19201988M-78a
Fleming, Walter1879190110-
Forner, Kate M19081992K-63b
Forner, Kurt19011980K-63b
Foster, Barbara1927195611-127
Foster, John185519388-
Foster, Philander182318658-
Foster, Rebecca183319278-
Foster, Theodore1924 11-127
Foust, Bernice1931 6-64
Foust, Doris1935 7-78
Foust, Ellen1936 8H1-3
Foust, George186719328-87
Foust, Gladys186519318-87
Foust, Ida190619837-71
Foust, James190519847-71
Foust, Joseph189219658-88
Foust, Joseph C1931 *H1-3
Foust, Marleah192019704-25
Foust, Maude189319778-88
Foust, Paul190819707-70b
Foust, Ray1920 4-25
Foust, Richard1931 7-78
Foust, Ruth191619847-70b
Foust, Ruth1932 M-76
Foust, Ted19331999M-76
Foust, Wm192719596-64
Freeman, Freda1898195014-146
Freeman, Gladys1923 7-69
Freeman, Stewart192220057-69
Freeman, Theron1897197014-146
Galpin, Sophia183418648-
Garbrant, Harry1840187019-
Garbrant, Sarah1845190819-
Gatlin, Almina183918788-
Gatlin, Catherine181519083-
Gatlin, George180918933-
Gilliland, Richard Sr193619910-90b
Goodwin, Carlotta19101986T-116B
Goleash, Andrew193520048B2B
Goodwin, Roy19041994T-116b
Gowan, E Celia1917199716-163
Gray, Christain1814186421-
Gray, John1798186421-
Greenaugh, Annabel1901197311-123
Greenaugh, Lawrence1900197811-123
Greenaugh, Philip H1925200311-123
Grist, Andrus186519466-55b
Gustin, Laura1817184019-
Tombstone Reading
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Cemetery Records
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Page Two
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Updates & Corrections
The History Center on Main Street, 83 N. Main Street, Mansfield PA 16933

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 4/2/2001
By Joyce M. Tice