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Windfall Cemetery, GranvilleTownship, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
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Photo by Joyce M. Tice
Cemetery Records Submitted by 
Bob Crouthamel March 2001
Updates March 2002

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See also - Bradford County Cemetery Addresses

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Updates & Corrections
Haflett, Agnes188819444-
Haflett, Anna P19202000A-3
Haflett, Arthur1891196615-154
Haflett, Athena184919274-
Haflett, Augusta1893197515-154
Haflett, Bertha187319604-
Haflett, Bessie1886192215-155
Haflett, C Lane194320056-60
Haflett, Cecile192219344-
Haflett, David1859194014-149
Haflett, Delilah1837190314-
Haflett, Diane H19452005B-10
Haflett, Donald1932 I-50
Haflett, Dora186919326-
Haflett, Doris190519896-61
Haflett, Emma187119576-
Haflett, Ernest L19021988Q-98
Haflett, Essie A19431997I-50
Haflett, Frank19051963I-50
Haflett, George184119093-15
Haflett, George19181997A-3
Haflett, George1861192018-
Haflett, Gladys19121995I-50
Haflett, Guy187019224-
Haflett, Helen184319243-15
Haflett, Howard190019726-61
Haflett, John1834191114-
Haflett, Kathrine1863194714-149
Haflett, Lucy1855192917-
Haflett, Mary1863194218-
Haflett, Merton186819286-
Haflett, Mildred19031993Q-98
Haflett, P Lon187119536-
Haflett, Ray W188619594-
Haflett, Rita190819874-
Haflett, Robert1884196015-155
Haflett, Robert193119466-61
Haflett, W.H.184519224-
Haflett, W Wnodate4-
Haflett, Wm1817189217-
Haflett, Wm F189019254-24
Hallings, Cleo Bovier19041998K-62a
Hallings, Ward1933 K-62a
Hamm, Beverly Jean1937 R-107
Hanscom, Alice1863192915-
Hanscom, F Wesley1857192215-
Hanscon, Eliha182618889-
Hanscon, Henry182019029-
Harkness, Harry1920 0-88A
Harkness, Mary1922 0-88A
Harris, Ella186019439-94
Harris, Linas186019299-95
Hawthorn, James1820188619-
Hawthorn, Mary1818189319-
Hawthorne, Benitia1923 G-38
Hawthorne, Charles188319574-28
Hawthorne, Charles185819292-4
Hawthorne, Dent1886195316-161
Hawthorne, Dent Jr1922 G-38
Hawthorne, Eloise 1920 G-39
Hawthorne, Ethel1886197716-161
Hawthorne, George W185819242-4
Hawthorne, Gertrude1847191516-161
Hawthorne, H Leslie1904197816-163
Hawthorne, Hattie S186119435-
Hawthorne, Hugh1878196916-163
Hawthorne, J M184619192-4
Hawthorne, James190419652-4
Hawthorne, James1844192816-161
Hawthorne, Laura188519714-28
Hawthorne, Leigh & son19521971F-32a
Hawthorne, Margaret188619742-4
Hawthorne, Mary1882196416-163
Hawthorne, Mary186419472-4
Hawthorne, O B185619315-
Hawthorne, Orrin19261996F-32
Haxton, Catherine185119262-7
Haxton, Emma186619283-
Haxton, James184919222-7
Haxton, Lauren1839193016-167
Haxton, Lucinda1819188322-
Haxton, Myrton187119252-7
Haxton, Pearl182419053-
Haxton, Peumy1797188322-
Haxton, Russel1796187622-
Haxton, Seth179518571-
Hicks, Catherine19212004D-23
Hicks, Wilbur19151977D-23
Hill, Arthur C19021973L-68b
Hill, Florence W19041972L-68B
Hill, Laura19011993L-68b
Hobart, Charles1867192815-156
Hobart, Julia1872????15-156
Hogland, Nina1896195615-159b
Jarrell, Monica1938 T-117
Jarrell, Paul19291986T-117
Jenkins, Gordon19061984L-70a
Jenkins, Marcia19171998L-70a
Jennings, Fred186419345-
Jennings, Henry182919105-
Jennings, Ida186719425-
Jennings, Jodeane M19421986T-118
Jennings, Therresa182719025-
Jezorski, Margery1921 7-69
Johnson, Frank W18961970I-49b
Johnson, Matilda186919535-41b
Johnston, Thomas1844186619-
Kapichok, Wm19241986T-115`
Karge, Karen L19522000R-107
Kendall, Cola187819667-65
Kendall, Emily1820187421-
Kendall, Ephriam1844193022-
Kendall, Francina185519117-66
Kendall, Harriet1921 0-86B
Kendall, Jack  8-92B
Kendall, Juanita1932 O-87a
Kendall, Lawrence1850191224-
Kendall, Louis P190219850-87b
Kendall, Louis W19311974O-87a
Kendall, Mae19001990O-87b
Kendall, Merle L19232005T-120A
Kendall, Mertie187919407-65
Kendall, O H185119357-66
Kendall, Phillip C192219700-86b
Kendall, Sarah1841189722-
Kendall, Sylvester1817190221-
Kennedy, Frank1901194314-150
Kennedy, Fredrick1875192014-150
Kennedy, Ida1874195914-150
Kinner, Debra, 3 Babes19561981D-23
Kithcart, Dorothy192420058-92B
Kithcart, Howard191920048-92B
Kittle, Fannie1866194915-157
Kittle, George1885195515-158
Kittle, Hugh1865191714-
Kittle, Ina1865193814-
Kittle, Lois1910199015-158
Kittle, Ruby1884197215-158
Kittle, Ward1908198515-158
Kittle, Willis1859191915-157
Kobbe, Francis1921 5-38b
Kobbe, Wilmer192119905-38b
LaComb, Arthur1902 5-48
LaComb, Cecil D190819555-48
Landon , Hathi187119513-14
Landon, Betty192020073-22
Landon, Fred B186319083-14
Landon, George B190119573-22
LeBlanc, Kay  8I-1A
Lee Lois19111998I-52
Lee, Rufus19001963I-52
Lewis, Adaline1887197810-108
Lewis, Clyde1884196410-108
Lewis, E J1861193610-107
Lewis, Earl1881none10-107
Lewis, Marrian1858193710-107
Lilley, Ann184119348-
Lilley, Madeline188419028-
Lilley, R B183719138-
Loomis, Adaline180218692-
Loomis, Ann183819076-
Loomis, Cora & child188019625-
Loomis, Elwin C19261975K-63a
Loomis, Hulda1805187717-
Loomis, John1801186717-
Loomis, John180118672-
Loomis, John B187119295-
Loomis, Lloyd189419104-23
Loomis, Lucy1845189518-
Loomis, Lydianonenone17-
Loomis, Margaret184219035-
Loomis, Noah183519165-
Loomis, Seth183319186-
Loomis, Sherman183818732-
Lynn, James Rev1790187612-
Lynn, Jane1801186912-
Lynn, John1789186912-
Lynn, Mary1795186612-
Maher, Elizabeth186919413-17
Malin, Helen1932 F-35
Malin, James P19211987F-35
Mallory, Dorothy191019990-88b
Mallory, Herbert A190319980-88b
Mapes, Frederick189319453-18b
Mapes, Hazel189019413-18b
Mason, Edward1881195118-
Mason, Flora & Babe1880196918-
Matson Anna & Babe1866190319-
Matter, Hilda189119408-91
Matter, Ward187519708-91
May, Daniel1823189316-
May, Ellanonenone7-
May, Eugene1921200313-159
May, Eva188619063-
May, Filianonenone7-
May, Garafilia1827190316-
May, John C1835191317-
May, Lucy18981999H-44
May, Lydia1836192517-
May, Martin18971964H-44
May, Mary183819087-
May, Sobrina1851188515-
May, Wm H183319067-
McClure, Lola187719655-45b
McClure, Thad187619455-45b
McCroy, Johncan'tread9-
McKerrow, Deette186519244-
McKerrow, Delight1886191222-
McKerrow, Emma1856187822-
McKerrow, James185819044-
McKerrow, Jane1827185522-
McKerrow, Thomas1862187922-
McKerrow, Wm1823188022-
McMurray, Blanche1883196812-135a
McMurray, George1884195312-135a
McMurray, Helen184718717-
McMurray, Neva19132006J-56
McMurray, Percy A19131983J-56
McMurray, Samuel184119093-
McMurray, Susan184519223-
McNeary, Iva B18921989L-70b
McWilliams, Jean19261974M-73b
McWilliams, Louis189819547-70a
McWilliams, Louise189819827-70a
McWilliams, Maureen 19471994M-73a
McWilliams, Robert Jr19481967M-73a
McWilliams, Robert Sr19241989M-73b
Mekeel, L T1902195912-
Mekeel, Laura1828none12-
Mekeel, Phillip1823188512-
Merritt, Bessie188919388-90a
Merritt, Claire1883192014-
Merritt, Harold J1894196813-
Merritt, James1930194413-
Merritt, James1817189414-
Merritt, James1856193014-
Merritt, Janice19211991K-64
Merritt, Jennie1859192814-
Merritt, John1842190114-
Merritt, Mark188819678-90a
Merritt, Mary1825187014-
Merritt, Mary183019039-
Merritt, Maude L1887194513-
Merritt, Miles19141978K-64
Merritt, Ruth1903198913-
Merritt, Ruth1913198913-
Merritt, Samuel182218979-
Merritt, Sarah1852192114-
Meyer, Henry C1868192812-130b
Millheim, Edward1851191812-130a
Millheim, Louesia1866193912-130a
Moore, Beatrice191119919-106
Moore, Simon189119779-106
Morse, Alburn1846191317-
Morse, Mary1820189017-
Moses, W Anonenone9-
Muszynski, Teressa19601970N-79b
Myers, Lisa J19651999L-69
Myers, Ryan J19842003L-69
Nett, Lester1852189011-
Newell, Helen1924 I-49
Newell, Merle19302004I-49
Owen, Elizabethcan'tread19-
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Cemetery Records
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Updates & Corrections
The History Center on Main Street, 83 N. Main Street, Mansfield PA 16933

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 4/2/2001
By Joyce M. Tice