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Windham Summit Cemetery, Windham Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
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Windham Summit Cemetery

Windham Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

Name of Cemetery:    Windham Summit Union Church Cemetery
Read By:  Florence Ellis
Date Read:   October. 2001
Typed By:   Pat SMITH Raymond
Location:  Behind the Windham Summit Bible Church of S. R. 1055
Other comments: Small Cemetery with a few broken stones along north side of cemetery.
 Many spaces that may have been burial areas-Markers read left to right.

Photo of Windham Summit Cemetery by Joyce M. Tice September 06, 1999

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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Row 1          
B B       Civil War Marker-Small broken unreadable stone
Weeks Loula Maud   Aug.7.1880 5m 28d Adopted daughter
Weeks Lou M. Mar.14.1850 Oct.25.1881   w/o Frank / d/o Robert & Rebecca Richards
Richards Robert Jun.13.1814 Dec.29.1897   162 Reg. 17 Cav.--Civil War Marker
Richards Rebecca Jun.19.1822 Jul.30.1904   w/o Robert//On same stone
Rockefeller Robert 1824 1907   Co. D Pa. Cav.--Civil War Marker
Rockefeller Olive M.   Feb. 1863 9m 20d d/o Robert & Emeline Rockefeller
Rockefeller Olive G. Dec.30.1860 Oct.20.1864 3y10m3d  
Row 2          
Hartshorn William L.   Jun.8.1866 74y1m25d War of 1812
Hartshorn Nancy    Apr.10.1860   w/o William--Married Nov.20.1813
Hartshorn Jedediah   Sep.5.1864   "FATHER" - Engraved on top of stone
Row 3          
Kinyon Pardon   Jun.15.1856 55y1m4d  
Towner Betsy Ann   Oct.8.1851 23y2m w/o Joseph Towner 2/Top says "MY MOTHER"
Allen Isacc   Feb.19.1858 33y6m28d  
Vosburgh Minnie   Mar.16.1862   d/o T. S. & A. Vosburgh
Row 4          
Crandall Vasco N.   Sep.17.1883 39y10m19d Mason symbol engraving
Crandall Lucy C. 1820 1906   Top "MOTHER"
Crandall Alonzo C. 1810 1888   Top "FATHER"/Mason symbol on stone
Keely Harriet A.   Jul.17.1862 28y2m17d w/o Joseph Keely
Jakway Elgy   Mar.2.1861 69 yr w/o Samuel
Jakway Samuel R.   Oct.13.1870 74y6m Husband of Elgy--On same stone
Dunham Louisa   Oct.30.1873 33y3m20d w/o David D. Dunham
Dunham Sarah   Mar.10.1864 22m 17d d/o David & Louisa Dunham
Row 5          
Main James   Sep.19.1840 30y5m22d  
Carner Esther Dec.12.1804 Feb.19.1885    
Jakway George W.   Dec.16.1868 39 yr Private in Civil War
Jakway Edward B.   Jul.9.1858 22y4m25d  
Hoyt Emma   Feb.11.1862 2 m. d/o ???? Hoyt
Demorest Lester J.   Feb.18.1872   s/o John & Mary Demorest
Demorest John   Feb.2.1873 33y10m7d Husband of Mary
Demorest Mary A.   Sep.5.1892 57y11m21d w/o John
Demorest Nicholas   Jul.19.1871 78 yr  
Row 6          
Crandall Permelia   May 10.1858 17y9m d/o Henry & Betsy Crandall
Crandall Henry   Jun.8.1874 69y8m
Crandall Betsy Ann       Broken stone--w/o Henry Crandall
Hines James 1831 1909   Co. D 17th Pa. Cav. --Civil War Marker
Hines Monument        
Hines Cynthia   Jan.24.1899 59y5m13d w/o James S. Hines
Hines Edward B.   Sep.30.1889 23 yr  
Hines Willis   Aug.11.1876 20y2m  
Hines Porter S.   Nov.17.1897 30y3m10d  
Hines Dollie   Jul.16.1890 9m4d  
Hines Mary A.   Feb. 26.1875 4m10d  
Hines Susie M.   Mar.26.1879 6 mo.  
Hines Martha P.   Aug.27.1868 36y5m  
Bixby Amanda   Jan.18.1861 8y8d d/o R. & T. Bixby
Bixby Avis   Jul.16.1876 1y13d d/o Luther & Mary Bixby
Bixby Richard 1820 1898   Elizabeth's husband
Bixby Elizabeth 1822 1895   Richard's wife--On same stone
Bixby Linda E.   Jul.6.1862 21 m. d/o Chester & Mary E. Bixby
NOTE:         Stones from previous listings--not seen at present
Underwood Judson 1846 1928   Alicia's husband
Underwood Alicia 1858 1904   Judson's wife
Jakway George       Broken stone--off to side
Wood Sarah   Nov.8.1853 61y9m w/o Milton Wood
Palmer Phebe   Aug.28.1835 1 day d/o John & Phebe Palmer
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/27/2001
By Joyce M. Tice
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