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Dutchtown Cemetery, Town of Chemung, Chemung County, NY
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Dutchtown Cemetery

Town of Chemung, Chemung County, New York 

Dutchtown Cemetery is located 4.2 miles from Wellsburg, NY on Rt. 427 going east. The cemetery sits on a hill on the left side of road. It is in very bad shape with lots of weeds and broken stones. The stones were read in Jan. 1998 by Sharon Nichols and her daughters Stacy and Chrissy. 

Arnold, Catharine (wife of F.H.D.) d. Mar. 12, 1872 age 64 yrs

Batterson, Eleanor (dau of Jeptha&Polly) d.June 28,1843 age 16yrs-10dys-19dys

Batterson, George (son of Jacob&Harriet) d.Mar.1, 1863 age 13yrs-7mnths-28 dys

Jerusha (dau of Jacob&Harriet)d.Mar.14,1858 age 20yrs-10mnths-5dys

Clarissa (dau of Jacob&Hariet)d.Feb.24, 1863 age 16yrs-5mnths-19dys

Clark, Eva age 5

Clark, Lewis age 7 (names on one stone)

Clark, Louise age 10

Converse, Sarah (wife of Joshua) d.Aug. 31, 1871 age 73

Davidson, Louisa M. 1821-1866

Dailey,Thomas d. Apr. 13, 1865 age 49 yrs-8mths-19dys

Ann Drusilla (dau.of Thomas&Della Ann)

McDuffee, Charles D. d.Aug.2, 1875 age 57

McDuffee, Eleanor (wife of Daniel) d.Dec.24,1871 age 45 yrs-2mths-24dys

McDuffee, Neal d.Sept. 20, 1866 age 85yrs

Anna(wife of Neal) d.May 7,1862 age 84

McDuffee, Sarah d.Feb. 11, 1899 age 77

Middaugh, Cyntha d.Mar. 19, 1855 age 30yrs-6mths

Middaugh, Elias d. Nov. 17, 1819 age 63 (Rev. soldier)

Middaugh, Elijah B. d.Oct.6, 1837 age 19yrs-10mths-5dys

Middaugh, Frank age 6 ( on stone with Clarks)

Middaugh, Henry d.Dec.26, 1837 age 42yrs-3mths-20dys

Middaugh, John age 88 (soldier of Rev.)

Elizabeth(wife of John) age 91

Isadore age 32

Miami age 68

Orcutt, Daniel d. Oct. 28, 1848 age 83yrs-2mths-25dys (Rev. soldier)

Deborah(wife of Daniel) d. June 5, 1850 age 82yrs-10mths-29dys

Orcutt, John L. d. Apr. 14, 1855 age 62 yrs-1mth-24dys

Elizabeth (wife of John) b.May 17, 1812 d.Oct 29, 1885

Randall, Little Goldie (dau.of Truman&Josi) d.Mar.21, 1882 age 2yrs-3mths-17dys

Randall, Wm.A. (son of Wm.H.&C.J.) d.May 18,1879 age 13yrs-1mth-4dys

Ribble, George d. Dec. 20,1877 age 58

Charles (son of George&Mary) d. Aug. 5, 1842 age 1yr-2dys

Ribble, son of G.G.&Florence d. Jan. 5, 1872 age 18dys.

son of G.G. &Florence d. Sept. 20, 1857 age 11mths

Smith, Phinea (son of James&Adah) d.July 3, 1858 age 23yrs-10mths

Thomas, Drusilla (wife of Isaac) d.Mar.28,1849 age 51yrs-2mths-6dys

stone broken

Thomas, Louise(wife of George W.) d.May 29, 1854 age 24yrs-2dys-20dys

Thomas, John (son of John&Jane) d.Sept.28,1851 age 1yr-5mths-3dys

VanGorder, John N. 1815-1903

Edith N. Sharp(wife of John) b.Jan.22, 1850 d.Aug.1,1872

VanGorder, Lawrence d.Apr. 10, 1857 age 83yrs-5mths-12dys

Sarah (wife of Lawrence) d.Mar. 28, 1870 age 89

VanGorder, Lawrence C. d.Dec. 12, 1844 age 1yr-3mths

VanGorder, Lenah L. (dau.John&Jemina) d.June 21,1878 age 4yrs-3mths-9dys

VanGorder, Rachel J. d.Oct.5, 1851 age 2 yrs-5mths

Westbrook, Benjamin d. Sept.17,1835 age 58yrs-8mths-17dys

Westbrook, Benjamin d.May 18, 1871 age 71yrs-1mths-29dys

Sally(wife of Benjamin) d. Jan. 18,1850 age 42yrs-7mths-4dys

Westbrook, John d. Jan. 18, 1843 age 80 (soldier of Rev.)

Elizabeth (wife of John) d. Apr.6, 1846 age 71

Westbrook, Lanor (wife of Elias) d.Apr. 20,1820 age 21

Westbrook, Samuel d.Jan.16,1811 age 84 (soldier of Rev.)

Mary (wife of Samuel) d. Aug.16, 1819 age 82yrs-4mths

These stones had no last name.

Henry W. d.Apr. 11, 1878 age 64yrs-7mths-27dys

Ella M. d.Mar. 24, 1878 age 3yrs-3mths-25dys

This stone was next to McDuffee

William W. b.Jan. 26, 1868 d.Mar. 16, 1863

Helen Ann b.Nov. 8, 1850 d. Nov. 12, 1851

Sally Ann b. June 17, 1848 d.Oct. 20, 1849 

Photo submitted by Mary Ellen Patterson 2005
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