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Compiled by Susan ROCKWELL Austin July 2002
Pages formatted and Photos by Joyce M. TICE
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Miller Cemetery

Oldest Section parallel to Presbyterian Church

Restored in 1953 by the Big Flats Rotary Club

Stones laid flat on ground now in need of re-restoration as stones are now several inches below ground level and overgrown grass and debris encroach the edges of the stones.

‘Read’ and typed July 20, 2002 by Susan ROCKWELL Austin

Row 1 (in ground closest to church)

1 …urge Gard…

2 Margaret (initial? illegible) daughter of David and Sarah Reynolds

d. March 17, 1830 ae 31y. ? mo. 17 d.

3 illegible

4 Hughs…b. Jan. 18, 18… d. …ril 13, 1….

5. illegible

6 ae 35 y ?mo. 16d.

7 9….+ 11 d.

8. Lucy, wife of Martin S… d. Dec. 6, 186… ae 89y. 7….

9 illegible

10 illegible

11 d. …28, 18.. 56 y.

12 illegible

13 Malvin …

14 illegible

15 …ry D. Lov…

16 illegible

17 Elizabeth, wife of …… 16, 184… ae 68 y. 7m. 20 d.

18 John

19 … vint…

20 illegible

21 …ara. Wife…

22 Wm. W. Reynolds, d. Oct. 8, 1848 ae 39y. and 9 d.

23 illegible

24 …Eliz… wife …

25 Emily Adelia, wife of Henri Park, d. April 8, 1849 ae 35 y.

26…d. May…


28 illegible

29 wife if Brougham, d. Sept. 2, ….ae 16y…..

30 …ara… daughter of Daniel and M. Parson, d. 17 … 18. ae 16y. ? m. 18d.

31 Isreal Brigg of Plymouth, Mass. D. Mar. 22, 1846 in the 55 year of his age

32 illegible

33 d. …22, 18…ae 52y. …

34 illegible

35 illegible

36 …ae 30y. 6 m….

37 Esther, wife of …ran Ov..h…., d. … 25, 1878

38 (obelisk standing) William Mapes 5 years … Drum Major in … Continential Line was present at the surrender of Cornwallis and received an honorable discharge written in the hand of Washington d. April 1, 1852 in the 103rd year of his age

History of Tompkins, Schuyler, Chemung, Tioga 1879 Chapter 50 Chapter L - Town of Big Flats, Chemung County, New York

In the Big Flats cemetery a plain, unpretending obelisk marks the last resting-place of William Mapes, a veteran of the Revolutionary war. At its dedication John L. Sexton, formerly a resident of this town, but now in the bureau of statistics at Harrisburg, Pa., delivered an address commemorative of the old veteran and his long life, from which we compile the following sketch:


"William Mapes was born Oct. 28, 1754, on the north branch of the Raritan River, New Jersey. He enlisted in the army of the United States, and soon afterwards was in the battle of Monmouth, and was borne from the field with right arm pierced with a bayonet, and left knee shattered with a bullet. After his recovery he went with General Sullivan, and assisted in destroying the Indian settlements and cornfields through this section. He was one of the heroic remnants of the Continental army, who were gathered together Oct. 19, 1781, to receive a formal discharge from Washington. He received his discharge from Washington’s own hand, and bore that chieftain’s signature. On his way home to New Jersey, he witnessed the parting of Washington and his generals at New York.

"Half a century rolls by. The constitution of the United States had been made, Washington had been called from his home at Mount Vernon by the unanimous suffrage of the people, to act as chief executive of the infant Republic, serving with equal fidelity and zeal in the high capacity of chief magistrate, as he had when in command of the Continental army. He had again retired to the peaceful shade and walks of his loved Mount Vernon to enjoy domestic peace and tranquility, and been succeeded by Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, J.Q. Adams, and the hero of New Orleans. A second war with Great Britain ensued, in which the rights of adopted citizens were more fully understood and defined, developing new powers, and bringing into public notice new men and measures. The population of the country had increased from three to ten millions. The arts and sciences, agriculture and manufactures, were in a flourishing and prosperous condition. Steam had been used as a motive-power, internal commerce had been fostered; the Erie Canal, uniting the great chain of inland seas with the ocean, had been completed; new States had been admitted to the Union, --coequal sovereigns with the original thirteen. The new Republic of Texas had, by the inspiration and influence of our free institutions, been warmed into life, and was contending with Mexico for her independence. The corner-stone of Bunker Hill monument had been laid, and Webster had immortalized the fame of his countrymen; the Star-spangled Banner was known upon every sea and respected in every country.

"General Williamson, with his party of English and German emigrants, had been conducted into the wilds of Southern and Western New York by Benjamin and Robert Patterson, two soldiers of the Revolution. Colonel John Hendy had settled upon the banks of the Chemung, near Ka-na-we-o-la. James Clinton, John Hathorn, and John Cantine, assisted by Moses De Witt, had surveyed this section of the State, and had opened up the former abode of the red man, and the axe of the daring and hardy pioneer had converted this region – the vast wilderness of 1779 – into a country rich in agricultural productions. Thirty-five new counties had been organized west of Montgomery, the mother of counties; hamlets, villages, towns, and cities had sprung up, as if by magic, over the entire region. Fifty years, I say, had passed away since the farewell of Washington to his army on the banks of the Hudson, when an old man, - a veteran of the Revolution, his head silvered with the frost of more than eighty winters, - made his appearance in our midst; fifty years before he had passed over this region in pursuit of the enemies of our country; and took up his abode at Big Flats, and lived here for more than twenty years, and died April 1, 1856, aged one hundred and three years, and was buried in the cemetery at Big Flats."

History of Chemung County 1892 – Towner, PART V. THE TOWNSHIPS.TOWN OF BIG F LATS CHAPTER V.

One of the noticeable cases of longevity was that of William Mapes., who spent the last years of his life in this town. He was a native of New Jersey, enlisted in the Colonial army, served at the battle of Monmouth, where he was twice wounded, was with General Sullivan on his memorable campaign against the Indians, and after several years of honorable service received a formal discharge from General Washington's own hands. Fifty years later he came to Big Flats, where he spent the remainder of his life. He died April 1, 1856, at the age Of 103 years. A marble shaft erected by the generous citizens of Big Flats marks his last resting place in their beautiful cemetery.

  1. llegible
  2. George H. Owen d. June 8, 1852
  3. Clarissa H. Owen, b. Dec. 6, 18…, d. June 30, 188…
  4. Eleazar Owen, b. Aug. 8, 1751, d. …19, 18…
  5. Illegible
  6. Illegible
  7. Illegible
  8. Lucy, daughter of Lovel….
  9. Illegible
  10. Sarah, wife of Wm. H. Reed. Sept. 5, 18…
  11. Illegible
  12. …ewitt, d. Sept. 12, 18… … 14d….
  13. Anna, wife of …Mel…
  14. wife of …evi Love….. d. May 2, 184… ae 46y. 8m.16d
  15. Lorinda, wife of Henry Minie…+ daughter of Abraham and Peggy Bennit, d. Oct. 30, 1857 ae 45y. 6m. 8d.
  16. John Shoemaker, d. Sept. 7, 186…, ae 79y. 5m….d…
  17. Wife of John Shoem…d. …ch 2,….ae 54y. ?m. 18d.
  18. …mad….
  19. ..ary… daughter of …ell…
  20. Illegible
  21. Illegible
  22. …ana…wife of Hanu…, d. Sept. 10, 18… ae.66….
  23. Betsey, wife of ….erick Worm…, d. …g. 18, 18… ae 38y….
  24. Illegible
  25. Illegible
  26. Illegible
  27. Nathan, son of …..Anna Brown
  28. ….Feb.2,….. ae 73 y….4d.
  29. …alett…wife of Solomon Ro…, d. April 24, 1862 ae 63 y. 11m. 12d.
  30. Joel Rowley……
  31. Hannah, wife of Asaph Rowley, d. Aug. 21, 1856 ae 77y. 2m. 24d.
  32. Gordon Selw….died….
  33. …April 30, 189…
  34. …..Mar.20…..
  35. G. O. Green, Sutton’s Co., 19 NY Mil.
  36. ….. b. …r. 23, 18…, d. Aug. 25, 188…
  37. Eleanor, wife of Wm. Milspaugh, d. Dec. 19, 1878, ae 29y. 10m. 17d.
  38. Asaph Rowley, d. June 27, 1855, ae 79y. 6mo.10d.
  39. Sarah, wife of Patrick Haggert, d. Aug. 15, 1860, ae 70y. 9mo. 20d.
  40. Patrick Haggert , b. Feb. 18, 17…, d. Dec. (9?), 1851
  41. Wm. H. Re…, d. Aug. 11….
  42. David Th… d. Jan 23, 18…
  43. illegible
(Obelisk, standing, back middle of cemetery, only surname) Stephens

Obelisk middle (standing)

Tuttle, Lauren A., b. Dec. 1, 1803, d. Mar. 19. 1875

Mary A., wife of Lauren A. Tuttle, b. Apr. 20, 1816, d. Feb. 8, 1838

(reverse side)

Tuttle, Addison P., b. Mar. 3, 1833, d. July 19, 1833

Volney A., b. Apr. 26, 1834, d. Aug. 7, 1834

Lauren B., b. Jan. 9, 1838, d. May 31, 1838

Children of L. A. and M. A. Tuttle buried at Windham, Green Co., NY

Rumsey (Obelisk, standing right side middle of cemetery)

Hotchkiss, Nelson, d. Feb. 11, 1859, ae 48y.

David, d. May 3, 1859, ae 18y.

Albert E., d. Nov. 25, 1860, ae 23y. 10m.

(second side)

Hotchkiss, Albaginda R., d. Apr. 15, 1853. ae 36y. 5m.

Rumsey, Elma, d. Feb. 20, 1854, ae 25y. 1m.

Rumsey, Horace S., d. Jul. 11, 1855, ae 32 y.

(third side)

Hotchkiss, Della E., d. May 22, 1859, ae 2m. 22d.

Hotchkiss, Horace W., Killed at Chancellorsville, May 3, 1863, ae 19y.

(fourth side blank)

Obelisk weathered + illegible

Reynolds obelisk

Reynolds, Nathan 1790 – 1869

[Elmira Deaths 1867-1881, Chemung County NY

Reynolds Nathan widower Oct. 24, 1869 78y 11m 16d David & Sarah Pennsylvania 80 Lake St. Farmer Big Flats]

DeArmond, Matilda, wife of Nathan Reynolds, 1799 – 1857

(second side)

Reynolds, Matilda C., 1831 – 1855

Isabel M., 1835 – 1856

Frances D., 1838 - 1862

(third side)

Reynolds, Margaret D., 1821 – 1844

Elizabeth M., 1825 – 1849

James D., 1833 – 1852

(fourth side blank)

Row 2 (farthest from Church)

1 Susan M., wife of N. D. Gardiner

2 Judson M. Park, d. July 22, 1862, ae 62…. "Our Fred", d. July 11, 1846….

3 Nancy, wife of ….Lovell, d…..1877….

4 Adaline Smith, d. Oct. 14, 1871

5 illegible

6 Elizabeth, wife of George Gardiner, d. July 10, 1824, ae 40y. 8m. 20d.

7 Elizabeth… wife of R…. Miller, d. Nov. 7, …1829, ae 41y. 6m. 7d.

8 illegible

9 Rufus King …..

10 many more stone here illegible due to debris covering and overgrown edges

wife of Ebenezer Brown, d. Sept. 18, 183…, ae 63y……

Margaret, wife of Eleazer Owen, d. Nov. 14, 1843, ae 61y.5m.4d.

Margaret, daughter of Eleazer + Margaret Owen, d. July 21, 1841, ae 26y. 8?m. 8?d.

Sarah, wife of David Reynolds

Mary, wife of John Rhea, widow of James McNulty, d. Sept. 28, 1844

Jeremiah Rhodes

Annis, wife of Jeremiah Rhodes, d. Oct. 21, 1858, ae 68y.10m. 10d. their son Thoms, d. at sea Oct. 28, 1856 in his 33 year

Hannah, wife of John L. Sexton, d. Aug. 16, 1857, ae 57y. ….

Nicholas D. Gardiner, d. Apr. 8, 186…ae 61y. 7m…

George D. Winters, d. Aug. 16, 1876, ae 67y.

Elizabeth, wife of …(last in row 2)

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