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Joyce's Search Tip - December 2007 -
Do You Know that you can search just the search just the 860 pages of Chemung County Cemetery Records on on the site by using the Cemeteries -Chemung button in the Partitioned search engine at the bottom of the Current What's New Page? If you use that partition follow these steps to search just one cemetery
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3. Choose the Find ALL Words option. Then it will find just the pages with that surname in the one cemetery you indicated. 

You will also want to search the three county level Obituaries by Cemetery partitions

Office Records 1927 to 1993
Last Name First Name Bur. Date Spouse
Longwell Nancy M. 11/24/1956  
Longwell Richard L. 6/25/1956  
Longwell Sally N. 6/20/1929  
Longwell William L. 12/28/1955  
Look Esther 12/10/1980  
Look Hobart 6/23/1969  
Look Marion 4/6/1993  
Loomis Alpha Loomis 1/18/1958  
Loomis Beatrice E. 1/20/1983  
Loomis Bertha 3/7/1931  
Loomis Dorothy M. 3/18/1982  
Loomis Earl 11/3/1954  
Loomis Edward A. 12/15/1931  
Loomis Edward E. 7/14/1937  
Loomis Edyth 6/28/1950  
Loomis Ella M. 1/25/1955  
Loomis Francis A. 5/21/1929  
Loomis Fred T. 2/1/1967  
Loomis Henry W. 4/14/1986 Clara Eskili
Loomis James Robert 2/13/1962  
Loomis Jay 2/27/1932  
Loomis Jennie M. 12/28/1938  
Loomis Kenneth 4/3/1984  
Loomis Mabel 1/31/1953  
Loomis Marjorie K. 1/20/1983  
Loomis Samuel B. 1/11/1966  
Loop Agnes Elliot 3/2/1963 Dr. Ross G.
Loop Anna 11/20/1972  
Loop Arthur 1/23/1929  
Loop Augusta 8/10/1957 Elmer
Loop Daniel Eric 3/23/1960  
Loop Euvella Dickinson 1/8/1957 Harold D.
Loop Harold D. 5/16/1953  
Loop Harriet E. 3/14/1930  
Loop Harry 12/20/1944  
Loop Harry W. 8/5/1942  
Loop Horace 2/19/1945  
Loop Horace E. 9/12/1949  
Loop Margaret 10/24/1929  
Loop Merle E. 9/13/1958 Evelyn
Loop Ross G. 10/22/1945  
Loop Sarah J. 11/29/1937 J.
Loop William 1/18/1927  
Loosemore Helen B. Bowes 6/5/1972  
Loper Clarence 3/29/1955  
Loper Fern Marie 1/4/1950  
Loper Margaret A. 7/28/1970  
Lopez Inoes 11/24/1987 Naomi
Lopez Lina Switzer 4/22/1993  
Lopez Phillip M. 9/25/1943  
Lopez Sharlett 6/16/1937  
Lorch Anna M. 10/10/1961  
Lorch Christine Elizabeth 5/10/1657  
Lorch Elizabeth K. 10/29/1969  
Lorch Elizabeth M. 11/3/1934  
Lord Inez Smithe 12/4/1970  
Lorgan Peter M. 5/13/1959  
Loring Henry R. 2/25/1939  
Loring William 3/7/1941  
Lormore Frances K. 6/18/1930 William J.
Losey Isaac C. 11/25/1939  
Losey Jospeh M. 10/28/1929  
Losey Laura A. 12/11/1933 Isaac
Losey Sarah L. 5/16/1929  
Losie Anna Miller 7/30/1946  
Losie Craig 8/24/1935  
Losie Gertrude Jennison 3/24/1941  
Losie Linnaeus W. 9/13/1954  
Losie Thomas M. 3/13/1945  
Lott Agard 12/24/1929  
Lott Altia Clay 5/30/1975  
Loucks Aubrey 9/30/1982  
Loucks Carrie 5/19/1928  
Lougher Sarah 10/7/1939  
Lougher William 7/1/1929  
Loughhead Harold C. 4/16/1993  
Loughhead Leda M. 1/10/1970 Harold C.
Loughridge James H. 11/25/1931  
Loughridge Kate 4/18/1928  
Lounsbury Marion M. 8/27/1940  
Lounsbury Mary 3/1/1952  
Lounsbury Orlando H. 3/21/1963  
Love Harlow B. 11/21/1945  
Love Leon J. 1/28/1948  
Love Maude E. 1/25/1977  
Love Nathaniel 3/13/1940  
Love Theressia C. 8/1/1964  
Love William L. 9/4/1935  
Lovejoy Bessie 3/12/1956  
Lovejoy Charles M. 5/22/1953  
Lovejoy Clifford D. 11/4/1953  
Lovejoy Clifford E. 12/23/1964 Ethel Rush
Lovejoy Clyde L. 5/3/1962 Ethel I. Kellogg
Lovejoy Ethel A. Rush 9/4/1979  
Lovejoy Ethel I. Kellogg 2/1/1972 Clyde L.
Lovejoy Fannie K. 11/12/1965  
Lovejoy Florence E. 12/27/1989 Frank
Lovejoy Francis A. (Dick) 3/3/1973 Julia
Lovejoy Frank B. 8/17/1953  
Lovejoy Frank S. 9/27/1962 Florence
Lovejoy Hazel I. 11/13/1979  
Lovejoy Julia E. 12/8/1979 Francis Sr.
Lovejoy Robert Franklin 1/30/1987 Frances
Loveless Edwin B. 3/16/1980 Vera L. Stevens
Loveless Lelia Beman 11/16/1962 Smith S.
Loveless Sharon Frances 1/23/1952  
Loveless Smith S. 4/3/1964  
Loveless Thomas 1/13/1953  
Lovell Arthur L. 12/28/1971 Hazel Johnson
Lovell Bessie M. 4/9/1931 W.P.
Lovell Charles W. 11/5/1953  
Lovell Clinton W. 1/9/1943  
Lovell Edward J. 4/15/1942  
Lovell Effie May 3/27/1947  
Lovell Estella Cramer 12/15/1956 Charles W.
Lovell Frank N. 3/17/1942  
Lovell Gertrude B. 6/6/1966  
Lovell Harry C. 7/6/1973  
Lovell Hazel L. 2/18/1975 Arthur
Lovell Hiram A. 3/12/1931  
Lovell Isabella 2/21/1953  
Lovell Jennie Hatch 4/18/1969  
Lovell John M. 1/8/1945  
Lovell Leon R. 7/14/1989 Margaret
Lovell Leona M. Clark 10/22/1969 Roland C.
Lovell Lorraine I. 7/16/1955  
Lovell Margaret Ryan 7/20/1990 Leon R.
Lovell Martha A. 8/20/1930  
Lovell Mary Evans 4/25/1974  
Lovell Nettie C. 11/2/1942  
Lovell Richard 7/15/1971 Laura
Lovell Roland C. (Red) 7/18/1970  
Lovell Ross M. 3/16/1935  
Lovell Samuel 11/16/1944  
Lovell Theodore W. 10/13/1978  
Lovell Vallrey J. 4/15/1940  
Lovell William M. (Bucky) 10/1/1965  
Lovell William P. 2/7/1940  
Lovett Jennie 5/28/1993 John
Lovett Joseph 5/17/1984  
Lovett Rowena T. 11/12/1976 Joseph E.
Lovett Ted Clayton 1/4/1969  
Lovitch Ronald James 8/31/1966  
Lovless Gerald 6/30/1942  
Lowe Carrie 4/16/1951  
Lowe Florence Garthwaite 8/9/1972 Wellington, Sr.
Lowe Infant 8/29/1968  
Lowe Marjorie B. 7/15/1985  
Lowe Robert B. 4/5/1978  
Lowe, Sr. Wellington M. 7/6/1965 Florence G.

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 5/26/2003
By Joyce M. Tice